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R-rated drag queen shows return to Soldotna Creek Park on Saturday

Pride Month is in full swing across the state. After a burlesque performance for children in Soldotna last year upset many in the community, the Pride in the Park event returns on June 3, for another year of queer expression, including drag queen performances “for all ages.”

Last year’s performance drew outrage from those who felt it was inappropriate to have burlesque shows that targeted children, which the event did, according to video and photos taken by residents. Parents tried to have the Soldotna City Council set up some guidelines, but the council refused to take action, in spite of an overwhelming number of people who pleaded with the city to establish standards for public park performances.

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During last year’s event, one drag queen performer was dressed in a nude-colored pair of leggings, with a thong over it, and a skirt that barely covered his bottom, giving him the appearance of near nudity. Dressed as a woman or pre-teen, he bent over suggestively and shook his thonged bottom at the audience. The drag queen performers drew the children closer to the state.

Watch the segment of the drag queen show on our Facebook link.

The June 3 event appears to be doubling down on drag and other festivities celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexuals, and other forms of sexuality and gender expression. The events start at 11 am.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • There is an even hotter place in hell for “Christians” who believe in Christ but deny his power. The ones who look good and done good works in churches, yet Christ wasn’t in them. Their reasons for their good works they did it out of their own fleshy will. I think about that for my own self, reminding me be humble knowing what I am and recognize I need Jesus no matter how many ways he was able to work through me, cause I am broken even if I look like a perfect clay pot to others. Look closely and they will see cracks and chips through out me, as a learned critical spirit I picked up from my unchristian family that I am currently unlearning and I hadn’t laid it all down at the cross just bits and pieces through every devotion bible study one at a time. It’s good God has patience with us. Downing would know, she thrown some my comments in the trash bin especially the earlier ones- the rude ones and incoherent long winded ones (the incoherent ones it’s because of I didn’t have the best public education and would consider 9th grade my last full completed year, and with that I was still behind) . Hahaha. Oh dear. she’s got dirt about some of us . the ones she discarded our bad responses. It takes knowing God’s wisdom to know which comments get thrown away after living through how Facebook and old twitter thought they had wisdom in throwing away well thought out ideas of its more educated users just because they were of a different opinion than radical democrats. Anyway Christian life it’s about giving your whole life over to Jesus, after all he gave his life up for us, he left his position next to God for a time to be with us in order he can bring us back to God. Some “Christians” are only living for themselves.

    • Hell only exists in the fanciful minds of those who believe there is a hell. Neither Jesus, nor the Hebrew Bible he interpreted, endorsed the view that departed souls go to paradise or everlasting pain. Sheol, aka hell, is simply a synonym for “tomb” or “grave.” It’s not a place where someone actually goes.

        • “Lincoln” is using talking points. Jesus tells of a time when people will be separated into two groups, one entering into his presence, the other banished to “eternal fire” in Matthew 25:31-46.
          Jesus describes hell in great detail: a place of eternal torment (Luke 16:23); unquenchable fire (Mark 9:43); where “the worm does not die” (Mark 9:48); where people will gnash their teeth in anguish and regret (Matt. 13:42); from which there is no return (Luke 16:19–31); compares it to “Gehenna”, which was a trash dump outside the walls of Jerusalem where garbage seemingly eternally burned (Matt. 10:28).
          Paul teaches on the fate of the wicked when he says that people who reject Jesus are condemned and will suffer God’s wrath: “all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” John speaks of hell in Revelation. Peter speaks of hell. To say that the Bible and Jesus don’t speak of hell is utterly ridiculous.

          • Speaking of ridiculous, what’s the latest on the magical dead jew? Anyone figured out how if humans have been on earth for somewhere between 100,000 years and 250,000 years, why did the magical jew watch humans kill and maim each other for at least 98,000 years and then decide that it was probably time to do something about it?

            God: “Yeah, maybe I’ll send my boy down there and let them kill him, too. That’ll set those heathens to right”.

            I hope none of you goofballs work in a field that requires objective reasoning.

  1. What an oxymoron. “Nobody can drag us down”. They already put themselves there. Sordidness and sexual depravity are about as low as one can get. Forcing it upon children is evil. Autogynephilia is not something to celebrate, it is something to be treated with intensive counseling. Healthy people get help, with dignity. Drag shows belong in adult entertainment venues and not in public parks with children present.

    • “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!“ Matthew 18:6-7

    • Ms. Henry, so you’re right! Nonetheless, this wouldn’t be occurring if the “moral majority” of Soldotna didn’t support drag events! The moral majority in Soldotna may pack the churches every Sunday, but that must be for the mere appearance of godliness: they really are who they are, and they like what they like!

  2. So, I guess we can expect the Anchorage police officers to be there to dance around in lipstick, dresses and high heels while shoving their genitals in the faces of little kids?

    Because I haven’t seen any officers speaking out against Facebook posts made on all their behalf on being accepting of the pedophilic agenda of the ABCZ’s.

    This is how you know that law enforcement officers will say anything, be anything and do anything to keep their jobs. Anything you want.

    • It’s probably a statement put out by the radical democrat police union through its radical democrat union reps employed in staffing and officer positions within the dept like when it endorsed Forrest Dunbar. Then officers shortly later put out a more delicately careful written public announcement showing there a difference opinion between Police union representatives and its officers opinion, yet they still didn’t come out directly who most officers would endorse, the public would have to make an inferred opinion most officers lean conservative more traditional biblical values. I think the unions talk too much. Heheheheh. Ahem. Still, we living in a time our silence on matters won’t be tolerated nor respected when we must tell and show what side we stand with. The force of these people being so vocal probably is not only the church’s preparation time but also everyone else not compliant with the radical democrats that we are on the eve when Jesus comes and performs another miraculous sign he parts the eastern sky and takes his church, his people, along with his spirit -the restrainer. If he could do that with Enoch and Elijah and Philip (Philip went sideways) and himself then he can take up his church. Now is the time to choose our side not just go along, cause if one can’t stand against these activities, they never will stand with christ, nor will they be able to stand against what comes after.

  3. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. This is why there can be NO tolerance of homosexuality. It’s plain as day.

    • Yeah. I am beginning to understand why across time and cultures it is usually very much on the down low. Not conducive to civilization.

  4. I am confused. What kind of parents would allow their young children to even be in a public park where homosexually-provocative burlesque acts are occurring? Even a moron knows the innocence of young children is a sacred thing to be protected. Violating that principal is an act of child abuse. Decent men must stand in opposition to this abomination.

    • Are you suggesting that a few gals from the Bush should saunter down to Soldotna? Maybe snatch those queer’s attention back to something more holesome?

      Where is the money coming from to put this kind of nonsense on? Is there a sponsor of all things salaciously homosexual or are these boys hoping to make a buck on Soldotnans before they slide out of their costumes? Or maybe by sliding out of their costumes? Are there enough social deviants in Soldotna to make this seem worthwhile? Something about this seems odd even in the context of men dressed as women hoping to be sodomized by a bearded local that smells of fish, meth and budweiser. Too strange.

      Double wrap, ye liberal minded Soldotnans!

      Fire in the hole probability is high. Very high.

  5. The flyer’s title ‘nobody can drag us down’ its mocking last year’s responses to them. The whole pride lifestyle, the misappropriated use of the rainbow, and its movement mocks God the living of God of Israel. The spirit behind them isn’t against the opposition they received last year, it’s always been against God. The Lord is the one who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for its immorality, corruption, and depravity that even the rocks cried out what it witnessed, just as today sodom children would had been raped by immoral and desensitized adults that only the environment witnessed. we heard of stories reporting this crime by victims among the present day courts. People are no different than those people living during Abraham’s days in that B.c period. That’s what makes God’s Word so applicable to Every generation.

  6. Why would any parent bring their child – of any age – to this? What’s going on today in Soldotna is no secret, so I can’t believe there will be many parents who inadvertently bring their kids to that park and let them watch the show. Maybe Child Protective Services should be there to have a little chat with those parents who do.

  7. I still don’t get the 2 Spirit thing. Somehow you can be gay, trans, nogender, multiple spirits….

  8. Oh I see Slowdotna has a queer assembly that thinks this is all a healthy family event just like Anchorage? Wont be slowing down in this town either. Maybe they are catering to the drunken/hungover fishermen/fisherwomen who are looking for afternoon entertainment between tides. The “new” competition for Goodtime Charlies. What did those tee shirts used to say? A queer little town with a fishing problem? Tourists come to Alaska to see wildlife so lets give it to em easy!

  9. Obviously the city council doesn’t represent the majority of the people. I’m so glad I moved out of Soldotna, the council members are just like the Anchorage assembly!

  10. There’s probably still some fine people down there, but I will no longer visit. It’s a large state. If I desire this kind of entertainment I would go to Frisco.

  11. Ah, “progress”.

    Soldotna needs a new city motto. Instead of great fishing, we groom kids.

  12. Tolerance is acceptance, and if the police departments are turning a blind eye to this level of lunacy and deviant lawless behavior, they themselves are spineless cowards who are obviously in law enforcement for the job and the benefits, just like so many others who work public sector jobs nation wide. Obviously the have no desire to enforce laws to the lawless, only to those who do live by laws and ethical behavior, other wise they would protest and strike by the thousands nation wide. As far as I’m concerned most of them are worthless hacks nowdays who would sale out for anything that will cost them a buck, and the few left who are decent hard working people and to afraid to stand up for any principals and decency , too hell with you all aswell, you are sell outs , you are part of the problem! It’s amazing how They choose to apply the laws to those who are willing to abide by the law. So after years of supporting all law enforcement, I would say Maybe it is time to defund them all and let the people deal with these problems. Why you would say, because selective and opportunistic law enforcement can be handled by the general public at zero cost to the taxpayers. So actually If they are not willing to do their dam jobs, what good are they! To all Public sector employees who have apparently forgotten, you are suppose to serve the majority of the tax paying people, not a small group deviant sexual predators who should actually be in some mental hospital or jail! I’ll say it again, Tolerance is acceptance! This is owned by any and all public Sector Parasites who have zero moral credibility , to the many who are nothing more then drains on the American tax paying public many of you are flat out worthless nowdays!

  13. I think the next time I’m on Anchorage I’ll put on a wig, borrow my wife’s handbag, then go have the most expensive things on the menu at Sullivans. Maybe twerk a bit.

    Then refuse to pay.

    I’ll declare I already have. If they make an issue of it I’ll sue them for transphobia, drag Queen discrimination, and overcharging for food. Once I’ve walked away with a full stomach and a bottle of JD for my inconvenience, I’ll suddenly discover I’m not trans anymore.

    If these are the rules of the game, let’s outplay them.

    • I’ve been only half-jokingly thinking of engaging in similar tactics, TMA.
      What a hoot it would be if even a handful of sane people started fighting back against all the ‘woke’ insanity in that way!

  14. DM, the show is being allowed by the city of Soldotna. What the drag queens are doing is not against the law, its revolting for sure, but its legal. Why blame the police and unions? Besides, if they were to act they would face the wrath of the crooked mainstream media. As a member of a union, I do not take offense to your comment. You are angry and with good reason, just vent on those responsible.

    • Jim, the legality of their actions depends upon how far they take it. Acting lewd and lascivious towards children is illegal. The only question would be: at what point does overt, sexually-provocative, dancing directed at children cross the line into illegality? I know, at some point, it does.

  15. Objections to these perverse public displays are not based upon the homosexual nature of them. Rather, it is the shameless, sexually-provocative, thematics. If women were acting out this way, rather than men, it would be equally reprehensible. The constitution indeed allows this brazen behavior; but only in controlled settings, such as strip clubs, where exposure to children is not possible. Doing this in public in front of children is lewd, lascivious and illegal. Officials allowing it are irresponsible and should be impeached. Let’s pray for, and insist upon, common sense to prevail.

  16. I miss the 50’s. Back then these mentally sick and sexually perverted people, that can’t figure out their own sex, would be rounded up and sent to the nearest insane asylum.

  17. JimCalman, if this is not a crime or a form of child abuse and indecent exposer then what the hell is, and as far as the police and other public officials who are allowing it to go on, they are 100 percent willfully dis regarding public safety. If I worked at a private sector job that allowed this to go on even in a private setting. I would tell my boss to go pound sand despite the risk of being fired or canceled! If these public officials and the police had one ounce of courage they all would walk off the job tomorrow , the problem is all these public sector parisites have zero principles and are all in it for a Cush job and huge benifit and retirement plans. So they are not at all public servants. They are self serving parasites as far as I’m concerned. meanwhile they will without doubt stop some working stiff for a minor traffic offense and write citations to people just driving home from work, the who pay all the taxes that pay for their wages. They will without a doubt go to serve a eviction notice to some who may have not paid their house payment, hell Anyone can sit at a desk or in a police car and play the role of as public officials, but the real truth is they all are not doing their dam jobs. They are sitting on their asses and allowing these deviant freaks to systematically pollute a civil society. Every day that passes and this nonsense is allowed to go on, more and more people will feel as I do and say, defund Police, Defund City Counciils, Defund it all. Ultimately they are 100 percent responsible for this BS, and they are getting paid to do a meaningless job. people
    Should stop paying all their property taxes and all other taxes and see how many of these spineless bastards would show up to evict them from their own houses, if half the people did that they wouldn’t have money to pay all these useless deadbeats , it’s complete and total BS!

      • Paying property taxes is not the same thing as making a house payment, W.
        (Although, in essence, it is not so very different, either.)

        I fully support the mass withholding of taxes as a way to fight against tyranny, however. I once used the simple threat of an organized neighborhood boycott of electricity payments to get MEA to get off their collective butts and restore proper service to my area. Just imagine the impact if even a small fraction of Anchorage property owners did the same to corral the assembly’s rogue and tyrannical Marxist Nine.

        • Jefferson, I was referring to DM’s statement, “They will without a doubt go to serve an eviction notice to some who may have not paid their house payment….” This particular statement has nothing to do with taxes but rather a promise to repay a personal debt–its a moral obligation.

  18. And they will soon demand we celebrate this pervited show as a great achievement moving our society forward…

  19. Coogan, merely suggesting, why pay your taxes and bills if all you’re doing is feeding a bunch of parasites for fleecing the people who pay their way. But you can read it however you choose , I’m guessing I offended one of the leeches among us!!

    • DM, I quote you, “They will without a doubt go to serve a eviction notice to some who may have not paid their house payment….” This particular statement has nothing to do with taxes but rather a promissory note that people sign to repay their personal debts. Its a moral obligation to repay your debts.

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