Department of Defense bans drag shows on military bases


At the start of Pride Month, the Department of Defense has canceled drag queen shows on bases across the world.

Shows that had been previously scheduled at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and Ramstein Air Base in Germany are now canceled, according to military officials who spoke to various members of the media. The directions came down from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin,

The show at Nellis Air Force Base was first reported by NBC News.

Austin was grilled by the House Armed Services Committee earlier this year, when news of the drag queen shows became known.

On Thursday, Austin issued a statement in support of Pride Month: “As secretary of defense, I remain dedicated to making sure that our LGBTQ+ personnel across the joint force can continue to serve the country that we all love with dignity and pride — this month and every other one.”


  1. Dignity —- Key word. The alphabet cult has a serious lack of dignity. The entire cult agenda is about normalizing sexual sordidness and then forcing it upon anyone who does not desire to imbibe. The drag queen guys suffer from autogynephilia. This is a mental disorder. Keep the related activities in nightclubs as adult entertainment and away from children and our armed forces.

    • Not only that, Elizabeth, but how profoundly disgusting and animalistic is it to base one’s identity largely or completely on sexuality? Not on any uplifting, refined or higher-reasoning attributes, but on pure animal lust. That is a profoundly degrading, degraded and anti-human stance, as I see it.

  2. I’m sick to death of these “shock value behaviors!” I will Never ever accept the “trans” BS!!!!!!

  3. Lloyd Austin is an imbecile. He needs to be court-martialled for the withdrawal of Afghanistan. And homosexuality is the epitome of selfishness.

  4. I am thankful other u.s states have leaders who do the right thing, and they know the way they follow is right way. I am sorry I don’t live in a state whose leaders don’t know how to live right. Even though my Alaskan leaders think they know how to live right. If it wasn’t for those state’s leaders there’d be no challenges to other leaders incorrect thinking. Those states whoms senators grilled the defense secretary past recent months , their grandparents and parents didn’t neglect teaching God’s Word to their now adult children. I don’t know if Alaska has the time to turn-around where one day it can see todays gen z youth turn Alaska around if we adults who are parents, grandparents, or guardians today invested God’s Word into their lives where our children can see the change God does in our own lives improving our own parenting skills and work ethic. We could at least try and see some Alaskans lives turned around by teaching God’s Word is not some dead religion that we made up out but a living Word giving new life. A bright note is there is encouragement when you meet a young missionary family sent to Dillingham AK 7 years ago to reteach God’s Word. My prayer for them is they can teach it in such a way it raises up a generation of younger Yupik Christian leaders so they can teach it to their own kids and people.

  5. I wonder if our military might become more effective and efficient by concentrating on readiness and recruiting, rather than promoting the LGBTPQRSTUVWYZ+ agenda?

  6. Finally they woke up to OUR REAL enemy, right in our own back yard, Seeking to destroy everything held dear to our hearts and lives. SANITY..

  7. Boycott LGBTQ alphabet people. Don’t let them work for you, don’t promote their sickness, make life hard for them… Watch em run

  8. Alaska has so much to offer, where nature prevails untethered. It doesn’t need verbose, maligned groups (i.e.Anchorage Assembly, lbtlkixs-# groupees) espousing counter productive temporal rubbish.
    Moose, bear and others simply turn an ear and walk away, avoiding drama naturally.

  9. I remember Obama on winning the election night—saying he would TRANSform America. He covered the White House in GAY Light. Men could go into Women’s restrooms. Sexuality issues where beginning to be taught in schools and libraries. Don’t ask, don’t Tell was still part of the Military Conduct, however the EXPULSION part was dropped. A Rainbow flag is just as controversial as a Rebel flag, as could be said for all flags and the groups who are standing under them, on the hills they are standing on. The hills and flags they are willing to die for.. As for me—I’m a Stars and Stripes guy.. America doesn’t need to be TlRANSformed. It does need to be protected.

  10. Lol , I guess the Days of Gomer Pyle were not kinky enough entertainment for the few fruit cakes that serve , tell me what kinda disciplined environment (like the military is suppose to be) would allow such debauchery unless Guys like Loyd Austin and others are cashing in on this so called diversity/ inclusionary nonsense they seem to be pushing, I’d say follow the money trail and see who’s collecting these checks the government is writing for all this nonsense , Loyd Austin’s and Mark Milly ( others)probably are somewhere on the chain of the Diversified Inclusionary Division of the Military Industrial Complex , folks this is all related and totally inline with wealth their redistribution plans , apparently the red light district in this cesspool liberal cities don’t pay these people well enough to act like deviants, so now they want government contracts, and they want job security. So obviously someone or group in the chain figured a way to cash in. I guessing the the GI”S of today prefer this kinda entertainment over Marilyn Monroe or Joan Jett, but i sure hope not , if that is the case we a really in trouble !

  11. Yep, nothing says “national defense” like mentally ill men parading around as caricatures of women. I can’t understand how anyone can’t see that.

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