Soldotna LGBTQ+ pride fest didn’t draw a crowd this year


Last year’s LGBTQ Pride parade and festival in Soldotna was far better attended than this year’s event on Saturday at the Soldotna Creek Park, even though the weather cooperated and there was plenty of advertising.

Although drag queen performers were brought in from Anchorage, their performances weren’t as overtly lewd this year. Last year’s raunchiness was dialed back. There was no twerking at the children in attendance. In fact, the number of children attending the LGBTQ event dropped by 75% this year.

Isaac Kolesar attended to observe the event, and he wore a shirt that proclaimed, “GROOM DOGS, NOT KIDS,” which brought many people into an uncomfortable dialogue with him.

Kolesar, who is the owner of Redemption MMA, a mixed-martial arts studio, said he bought the shirt from a company called “Gays Against Groomers,” and that his intention was to simply observe and record the LGBTQ advocacy event, which has been the subject of much controversy on the Kenai Peninsula.

Kolesar said that a couple of people became confrontational with him, and some used their bodies to physically block him so no one could see him, but for the most part people just spoke plainly to him their disapproval of his shirt’s message. He sat in a chair that the festival organizers had set up for elected lawmakers — no elected lawmakers were in attendance, however.

In an interview with Must Read Alaska, Kolesar said he often gets confused with the owners of St. Elias Brewing Company, which is what many LGBTQ activists were posting on social media during and after the event. He’s not an owner, he said. “I have no authority there, I own Redemption MMA.”

Kolesar says he agrees with many gay individuals who believe their community has been hijacked by a radical transgender agenda. He said he respects gay people and know that most of them just want to live in freedom and peace, like everyone else.

Kolesar says that the grooming of children is something that everyone should be able to agree is wrong, but many of those who approached him were hostile to him being at the event. They told him he should leave because his presence was disrespectful. And soon they started posting lies about him on Facebook. But he has everything on film, because he was really just there to document it all and bear witness on behalf of children.

Although there were several booths, including Planned Parenthood, most of them were brought in from Anchorage, and attendance was somewhat about half of what it was in 2022.

A couple of members of the Queens Guard, another group from Anchorage, allowed their firearms to be seen and were keeping an eye on Kolesar, who had left all his firearms at home. He had no intention to have his presence escalate anything except respectful exchanges of ideas.


  1. Glad to hear the crowds were not there. Like I’ve said before, don’t participate in this BS and support their disgraceful life style.

  2. Hopefully the power of the free market will end this madness in Soldotna.
    BIGups to Kolesar for going out there and standing up for children!

    • The American judicial system will end the neocon hysteria over drag shows. Newsflash . . . A federal judge, appointed by Trump, ruled on Friday that a Tennessee law banning drag shows in public or in places where children could view them is unconstitutional, finding that it violates freedom of speech protections.

      • Your freedom of speech ends when it violates basic human morality and decency and results in the victimization of a child Lincoln. You find joy in the ability to engage in grooming? Then you can legally roll with the court’s ruling but don’t expect love in return. Simple enough?

        • Well, if you hate drag so much, better start burning all those Bugs Bunny cartoons, and classic films like “Some Like It Hot.” As the fire blazes higher, make sure you throw almost every opera and musical theater score into the inferno because they’re cross-dressing fests from overture to finale.

          Last, but certainly not least: Burn all the SHAKESPEARE! From Macbeth to King Lear, all were written for performance by MALE-ONLY casts. Make sure you double-down on the burning for:

          Two Gentlemen of Verona
          The Merchant of Venice
          As You Like It
          Twelfth Night
          (Male actors in male roles who pretend to be women!)

          But make that fire crucible-hot for
          Midsummer Night’s Dream where — wait for it — Men play women cross-dressing as men AND men playing men cross-dressing as women!

          American democracy will NOT die in the dark heart of your nightmarish “You only have the freedom I say you have” authoritarian fantasy. There are far more of us than you.

          Have a good day

          • Hi Sophie.
            Long time since I saw your leftist/statist comments. Was wondering if something happened to you.
            So… let me see if I understand your comment correctly. A cartoon character in drag, acting in drag in an age appropriate way (G rated), is somehow the equivalent of a drag queen knowingly and deliberately putting on a R/NC-17 rated performance for a pre-schooler.
            You do not see the difference?

      • Did you read the law? It only restricted drag shows and such to places where children could not see them. Since you are so pleased with this judges ruling, it’s safe to say that you are in favor of drag shows FOR kids.

      • Wow, really, does that mean that the state laws requiring age limits on entering a strip club then is unconstitutional? even when that club does not serve alcoholic beverages? The State also puts age restrictions on magazines that contain that content. so why then is it OK to show that stuff in the classrooms now? Government has age restrictions on many things, and behaviors, so i guess that government trying to regulate morality is unconstitutional, who would have guessed.

      • Drag is (can be) a legitimate art form.
        However, there is no version of it that is anything less then PG-13 at best. Most is rated for adult viewing, not children.
        And, just because a law was found to be unconstitutional does not make it OK to have children watching material that is way more adult than they are. Just because you can do it, does not mean you should do it.

  3. Of course. Only the groomers, pedophiles, and homosexuals attended the event. Anyone see someone that they recognize?

  4. Thank you men who decide to leave his t.v do his duty to protect his community. There only so much a woman can do and say, after all we meant to be helpers. men are made for leading the charge. You know that leading community is a full time job, to know what’s happening around you, just not enough have enough time to watch t.v. The feminists liked raising a generation of boys and girls on this behind every great man is a greater woman, however they left out the second half, she is greater Because she allows her man to lead, While she takes care of the homefront. Many women today don’t let their husbands lead everything has to be about her. We need our men to see their leadership again and have patience with the women who will challenge it, and they not loses his focus and not back away from his assignment.

    • Many women today abandon their primary relationship, their own husband, because they disrespect his leadership to stay at home gently watching TV together minding their own business (s) instead of taking over the world together as she denounces all other women along the way. Typically.

    • Helpers,? Didn’t you read the biblical part where Lilith, the first woman and Adams mate, preferred to do things her own way? She doesn’t sound like a follower.

  5. What’s wrong with being a Christian? I guess the gays don’t like the idea there exists a living holy God the Creator who created genders and consequent opportunity for humans to participate in procreation. For best results it is best to obey the commandments as provided in the Holy Scripture..

  6. Wow! By the looks of things, this year there was only 1 child in the crowd compared to 4 children attending last year. What a drop! In the bucket. Sounds like someone forgot to publish the actual numbers. Next year, probably none. Trans grooming phobia hysteria is truly a dis – ease invented by neocons.

  7. Go Isaac Kolesar! Excellent job. Let it inspire all of us in our communities to be witnesses for kids during these events.

  8. Most gay people I know are appalled by the behavior of the Alphabet gang. They stay silent for fear of reprisal.

  9. Surprised firearms were allowed in city park. Was it because they felt the need to protect themselves or to try to intimidate ?

  10. We all need to join Kolesar next year, if they have one, wearing the shirts that look like his. I’m in.

  11. Excellent!!!! Drive these nuts back to the swamp they came from. Godless child groomers… We don’t want your kind around! Groom DOGS NOT KIDS!!! Love it!

  12. Interesting that the radical left continues to ignore the idea that it’s perfectly legal for them to put on drag shows. Any number of them and as outrageous as they want. Just as long as they DO NOT include kids in the audience.

  13. In some ways I do feel sorry for legitimate members of the gay community. Their movement has been hijacked by radicals. They should be angry, especially when kids were involved.

  14. The real losers in this s**tshow circus the sleeping assembly members arent protecting are the business owners.
    Every one I know is avoiding that community just because of the sick display of freaks in a public park designated for families with children. Nobody in their right mind is going to want to spend time and money in a town that thinks its ok for this BS in a family park.

    I encounter hundreds of tourists every summer from everywhere and they all want to know where the best places to visit and spend money and I am obligated to tell them everything I know about each destination. If Soldotna wants to be known for its freak shows in the downtown city park thats where all the freaks will go and everyone else will spend their time and money elsewhere. My advice goes a LONG way with people who count on me to guide them and I gladly tell them like it is. Downtown Anchorage and Soldotna is NOT family friendly! Personal safety is at risk around freaks and mentally ill drug users.

    Maybe Soldotna thinks the big spenders are the freak show participants? Anheuser Busch has the same stupid ideas! Luckily its easy to hit the lights just right and sail right through and gas is even cheaper in Kasilof. The nickname “Slowdotna” has bounced around for years and now people are finally realizing it is a term earned by the local leaders there.

  15. Good on Kolesar for pointing out that the gay community has been hi-jacked by a bunch of predators. Lot of folks don’t understand that the whole trans thing is a side effect of the gobalist government’s trans-human ideology.

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