Gov. Dunleavy in Berlin to speak at heavy-hitter conference with David Rubenstein, Kim Kardashian


Gov. Mike Dunleavy is one of the highlighted speakers at a major private equity investment conference in Berlin, Germany. The details of the trip have been kept under wraps.

Among the other notable speakers — and there are many — are David Rubenstein, the co-founder of the Carlyle Group, and Ellie Rubenstein, his daughter, who was appointed by Dunleavy to the Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees. Ellie Rubenstein is shown on the agenda in her capacity as a founder of an investment group called Manna Trees.

The conference is a mega-gathering of private equity investors and others. Kim Kardashian is one of the speakers a what is promoted as “the leading gathering in private capital.
“It’s the most senior. The most global. And with the most LPs. 4,000+ decision-makers. 1,300+ LPs. 2,000+ GPs. From 70+ countries,” the agenda says.

Interestingly, while many speakers are from Carlyle and Blackrock, Dunleavy is the only state governor listed as a speaker and is the only elected leader on the speaker list. There are no Chinese or Saudis listed on the agenda. All of the speakers are from Western entities.

Key topics include impact/ESG (environmental, social, governance social scoring), growth, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion social scoring), tech, returns, value, innovation and much more. See agenda highlights here.

“Nowhere else will you will hear from so many CEOs of leading private capital firms. Leading speakers for 2023 will include: KKR, Carlyle, Investcorp, Blackstone, General Atlantic, Bain Capital, EQT, Silver Lake, Vista, Ares Management, Blackrock and many more,” the website declares.

View the conference details at this link.

David Rubenstein made his first millions of dollars in Alaska in the 1980s by exploiting a tax loophole that allowed him to make huge deals on net operating losses with Alaska Native Corporations.

The Rubenstein family has been expanding their influence in the 49th state ever since. In 2014, Rubenstein’s then-wife [Alice Rogoff] helped elect a governor in Alaska who in turn opened up the state’s $80 billion Permanent Fund, a fraction of which is managed by the Carlyle Group, to special interests. Rubenstein’s daughter was appointed to the board of that fund last month,” wrote the New York Post in 2022.

Rubenstein’s wife (now ex-wife) purchased the Anchorage Daily News, and then ran it into the ground financially, but also engaged in king-making politics, as she helped get Gov. Bill Walker elected in 2014. By 2017, the newspaper was sold during bankruptcy proceedings.

Dunleavy has much to talk about regarding Alaska — carbon credits and a possible natural gas line.


  1. Huge mistake we made in electing this guy. Selling Alaska out to these globalist scum.
    Now might be a good time to sell everything and get out of Alaska.

    • Jeremy, let me confirm I hear you right. We have millions and millions of trees on inaccessible mountain locations that will never be harvested for any purpose–ever. It will never be feasible. Now, we have some idiots in other states requiring the private sector to buy so-called “carbon credits” in order to conduct business in those states. Consequently, the businesses will pay Alaska $millions to not harvest timber we will never harvest anyway. However, you contend we should thumb our nose at this free money?

      • When is the last time “free money”, as you put it, came without serious strings?

      • If you think this has nothing to do with ESG and that alaskans will not pay for this then you are fooling yourself.
        Everywhere this crap has been implemented it has increased the cost of everything. No I do not want to do anything with all those trees if it is going to cost Alaska an arm and a leg to do it.
        Free money my behind. Nothing is free.

      • I’m with you Coogan, people need to realize that we little people live on the tail end of the dog. When the animal starts to shake, we have only to hang on tight and wait for it to stop. Then pick up the pieces and continue forward.
        Sorry, that is the reality we live with.

        I suppose, because we tend to live closer to unintended disaster, we find it easier to lean on Jesus

  2. They should record the whole meeting so we can hear what’s going on. Didn’t the Clintons have something to do with the Carlyle Group? Sounds fishy to me.

  3. Metaphorically speaking; birds of a feather always flock together. Why is Dunleavy flocking with buzzards? Alaska should be soaring with eagles. The buzzards are circling around Blackrock and Vanguard. Many stockholders are waking up and selling off their stock for bad decisions based on ESG/DEI beholden companies. Look what is happening to Target, Budweiser, North Face and many others which are getting black eyes for their evil dealings. It is time to run away from the globalists and not run to them! Wake up Dunleavy and do what is best for Alaskans and not for the globalists.

  4. Why is our governor attending this leftist event rather than using his red pen to veto certain items in the approved legislative budget? My guess is that he is really a RINO who no longer feels the need to hide the agenda provided to him by his puppet masters.

  5. Hanging out with the ESG crowd? Selling carbon credits? Hard pass on both. How about vetoing the budget, and protecting those families and kids you were talking about from life to indoctrination to sport.

  6. Kim Kardasian is a “heavy hitter”?

    Every time I think this man has hit bottom, he finds new ways to be useless.

  7. I genuinely believe if the Democrats were capable of running someone remotely sane, this man would have been soundly defeated.

    • I understand your theory (I don’t agree with it but understand the logic) but must ask: Who in the Democrat stable could be considered “remotely sane?” The only thing that stops the Left from burning everything down is the prospect of spending and giving away all the money the government has as well as everyone else’s. When that is done, they will come for me.

  8. How about Dunleavy talking about how every Alaskan is a shareholder and a stakeholder in the Permanent Fund, and his is going to advocate a full PFD of $3500 regardless of the Alaska Legislature, which purposely ignored the statutory payout this year.

  9. Go where the money is to attract new investment in Alaska. Hardly a leftist idea. Hope it pays off. Good luck, Gov!

    • Should he visit the Mafia next?
      How about the drug cartels?

      They can bring in money.

      • My degree is in Business Administration, so I tend to look at things from a slightly different way than many I have read here. Alaska needs investment and the more competing investment it can attract, the higher the prices for the permissions to drill and utilize these resources, and the more money collected for the state. That can mean less or no taxes for Alaskans to pay and more high-paying jobs, especially if these investors are from Europe as opposed to Canada. It also might mean more international pressure on the Biden Administration to let some mining and resource exploration really happen. Alaska needs to get out from under the radical environmentalists. This is one way to do it.

  10. What they are doing there is dividing up the world for the one world communist dictatorship. But first they have to eliminate white Christians and the Bill of Rights.

  11. Yeah. Please give us the lowdown when you return. Please publish his required trip report. Should make for inspired reading as we make our rhubarb cakes for our husbands.

    • Yup. There is no reason to court the Carlyle Group or Blackrock. They are among the current propagators of the societal destruction we are seeing.

  12. Gov. Walker tried to sell our natural gas to the Chi-Comm’s with no long-term benefit to Alaskan’s, thank the Lord the sand ran out of that hour-glass! Gov. Dunleavy is just following suit, the sell-out of Alaskan’s, and the sell-off of Alaska resource’s to outside predators! Dunleavy’s recent energy summit brought Rham Emanual no less, and the snake-pit that surrounds him to Alaska to do what he does… “never let a crisis go to waste”. Gov. Dunleavy has left Alaskan Citizens in the lurch and he’s wallowing with the buzzards and jackals here to spoil our home. A short list of his fumbles and failures over the last few years, is actually a long list. *He endorsed “free jabs” of the toxic gene therapy for visitors to Alaska to bolster the Chamber of Commerce’s bottom line; *He heard from many of us that Ivermectin MUST be made highly available to Alaskan’s for early onset treatment of infection-he totally ignored us; We told him to fire Anne Zink for holding our Medical Freedom hostage – not done, promoted her instead, and so on. Bottom Line = Gov. Dunleavy has betrayed us on Medical Freedom, Energy Freedom, and National Sovereignty. NOW he’s meeting with “Woke” scumbags over ESG, DEI, and the sell-off of our Alaskan Freedom!

    • Exactly! There is video circulating today made 2017. BlackRock Larry Finks discusses his plan of “force behaviors” onto the people. BlackRock is the world’s biggest money manager, and they wield tremendous power as major shareholders in various companies. They have been actively using this power to shape and impact the behavior of all these companies. We have unelected communist-leaning CEO’s changing the political landscape of the United States with intimidation and blackmail
      These are the organizations that Dunleavy dances with.

  13. Wierd,,,,,,,Dunleavy speaking????? I have not heard a peep from our governor for quite some time. You would think we would hear him say something, anything,,,,especially with our legislative Bravo Sierra session going on and all. What up wit dat?

  14. Frank Murkowski fights off a jealous rage at the thought of it… Mike Dunleavy joins him in backroom dealing right in front of everyone…

    • I have my own problems, North. I’m still trying to figure out who Lisa’s daddy really is.

      • Lisa has her Uncle Joe who sends her millions. In return, she allows our oil, gas, and fishing industries to be shut down. She hands out a few thousand to pay those affected not to work.

      • Regarding “Lisa the Baby Killer’s” Real Daddy, may I suggest:
        From the old “Church Lady” skit of Saturday Night Live fame, “CAN YOU SAY SATAN!

  15. WTF! This moron has got to go! The optics of this is soooo bad. Carlyle Group (aka CIA), Blackstone and Berlin? Who would have guessed this idiot was a Globalist? Alaska is screwed.

  16. The attendees are among the group of private investment firms (except Kardashian) who provide the financing for multi-billion dollar projects such as the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. The Asian market and Alaska consumers need this project to guarantee reliable and affordable energy for many decades. Would the critics rather be dealing with China like Walker did? I think not. Let’s support our Governor and see what happens.

    • He has lost the “right” to expect support (via massive inaction). At this point he has to start earning it. If he can.

      Going to a group of people who are hip deep in DEI/ESG to pursue fools gold is not the way.

      Especially since he should be in Juneau with his red pen.

    • You said, “Alaska consumers need this project to guarantee reliable and affordable energy for many decades.” You’re asleep at the switch here, “THE WOKE” have shut down financing for larger oil and gas development.

    • There is absolutely no chance that a gas line from the North Slope will be constructed. If construction began today, by the time the gas line was completed the oil pipeline would have less than 5 years of life left. How can a gas line be amortized over such a short period of time?

      • Who lent the US money to buy the Russian interests in Alaska? I believe the traders may have been China assisted. The US had the arts of deals then. I wonder if everyone got repaid. The deal is never done anyway in the cultural transaction perspective of that large Asian nation. A deal is never done. The west sees deals as over and done immediately. Some large Asian conglomerates see reopeners everywhere. Inconvenient. Should we do deals with people who never see a deal as “done”? One hundred years later: “Oh wait a minute…We don’t like (this part of the ancient) deal. We must do over”. Inconvenient. Inefficient.

    • Thank you. Exactly my point. Dunleavy is doing his job as governor to try to bring investment to the state so Alaskans will have the high-paying jobs they need. So many here insist that all of the investors are bad. This is just insanity. Most investors are still looking for the great bottom line. I repeat – good luck, gov! And no, I am not in investment. Just a retired business administration grad seeing a state getting ahead with sound business investments and practices.

      • Your said, “seeing a state getting ahead with sound business investments and practices.” Alaska’s Legislative history shows unrelenting tax increases and fees on resource development, not a sound business practice, per se, unless that’s your goal-what the Green New Deal Marxist’s have been doing to us for years. Driving out development of any kind is their long-term goal. Here’s a thought – do it ourselves! Take a large portion the $80 some billion left in the Permanent Fund and leverage it for economic projects that benefit ALASKANS FIRST, before the Alaska Legislature Vultures and Judiciary finally lock us out of it’s proceeds. A NEW REFINERY in FBX, a NEW RAILROAD TO NOME/NORTON SOUND with a NEW DEEPWATER PORT in Norton Sound area, and NEW PIPELINE from a refinery in FBX to Anchorage on the AKRR ROW. That’s a real vision for Alaskan’s job future, day-to-day needs and necessities, and providing new economic access to profitable development in Alaska.

      • Doing his job would be him being here with his red pen vetoing item after item of the not so special legislative session.

        Or fighting for our girls rights.

  17. Question to everyone commenting on the issue of use or non-use of resources in this Great State when considering (Carbon Credits), ownership & opportunities of “We Alaska’s People” as/ is in the best interest of us in a world of Climate changes!
    Not even our Permanent Fund Investors care about us benefitting from the 80 billion of asset we own with less than 1% invested here at home. I, for one, believe that the spirit of the last frontier is being lost / sold off to everyone else globally & we Alaskans will in the near future be left with the crumbs of the one world Capitalists & their benefiting of polluting this world at the same time ultimately making us pay as consumers in our own state. Reality is who are the winners & who are the losers! Think about it ALASKANS. ESG seems to be a Political Agenda that everyone loses in the long run :(.

  18. Disappointing. If asked, I could have geared up and served as a translator and guide. But then he will probably not get beyond Ku’Dam and Mitte with Rubenstein’s people. Perhaps he is staying at the Adlon (I would…). I could show him some other stuff that might be interesting.

    • Sadly, the folks guiding the Governor will probably have him convinced that Currywurst is authentic German food and that most Germans, particularly Ossis and Wessies are about the same.

    • Sid – conservatives do vote, they just haven’t mastered the trick of voting multiple times like the Dems!

    • Sadly, in this time, “Non-Communist-Leaning Voters” ARE disenfranchised and apathetic about the voting booth; thank you for pointing this out. Decades of lies from the GOP, RNC, AKGOP, RINO’s and other so-called Conservatives have used the “true conservative voters” to maintain the UNIPARTY! “Lisa the Baby Killer” and her buddy Scott Kellog used nefarious “ballot tactics” to pass RCV on unwitting Alaskans. Furthering the apathy among voters was last-minute re-districting by the Alaskan Courts. Many of us are determined to get out the vote with these reclusive Alaskan Patriots, Conservatives, and Veterans before the next election cycle. We won’t depend on or support the AKGOP, or it’s RNC representatives who re-elected “Romney-McDaniels” to oversee continuing election cycle losses, inline with UNIPARTY goals to maintain the status quo. Actual Alaskan Conservatives are on notice to STAND UP AND VOTE; it’s already late in the game of “Convert America to Marxism/Globalism” and it’s dire outcome.

      • While I am critical of people who sit out elections, I actually understand it.

        One can only get lied to and sold out so many times before getting burnt out. It gets tougher and tougher to go to the polls every election. This is what gave us Trump-the fecklessness of the GOP.

        Choosing not to vote, much as I personally don’t like it, IS a vote for none of the above.

    • Or he can be Mr Kardashian #9.

      He’s good at being the passive partner in a relationship.

  19. Year 5. Promised full PFD both elections. 1/2 PFD again. No Red Ink. What words describe our Governor? Liar?, Coward?. If he can’t keep his promises, that means his Word is no good. How can we Trust him with our Resources—-Permanent Fund Resources—With hostile corporations, when he can’t keep his Word to us here in Alaska. He looks more like Bill Walker every year.

    • Naive. Emasculated. Ineffective. Inconsequential. Rudderless. Follower. Pointless. Delusional. Clueless. Scared. Broken. Cuckholded (in the political sense). Vacuous. Failure.

      I don’t necessarily believe he lied, per se, I think he stupidly underestimated the will of the legislature to protect themselves and their entitlements.

      In Wasilla the legislature and Giessel in particular took the measure of the man and exposed him as an empty suit. She emasculated him, he ran and hid behind Ben Stevens, and has been running ever since.

  20. I worry about the millions here and millions there being thrown around by the State of AK for various pet projects. Example: Alyeska Reading Academy to be located in Anchorage to bring the reading levels up.
    AND THERE IT IS: “Deena Bishop, the former Anchorage schools superintendent who now serves as Dunleavy’s special assistant for education issues and a point person for the [ALYESKA] reading academy, did not respond to an interview request.”

    $5,000,000. Under a budget plan submitted by the [State of Alaska] education department [and early development], the program would fund 12 new positions (I assume it will be the standard 180 day teachin days school year. if not, then count on it being less not more days]:
    A Director $190,000,
    An Education Associate II $97,171
    An Administrative Officer $110,000
    FOUR Alaskan Teachers $440,000 [$110,000]
    FOUR Coaches/Trainers (Education Specialist II)$ 484,104 [$121,026 ea.]
    AN IT Support (Data Processing Manager) $150,000

    Plus I LOVE this last LINE ITEM GRANT: 7000 Grants, Benefits 7003 Sub-Recipient Pass-Through Grants $1,000,000 TRAVEL STIPENDS for [THE FOUR?] teachers (THAT’S $20,833/mo. per teacher to travel. AREN’T THESE 4 teachers supposed to be teaching kids-all 100 of them, to READ BETTER? Where do they have to go for $1,000,000/180 days of teaching?]

    ‘ More information on the Alyeska Reading Academy and Institute coming soon. okey doke!

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