Snapshot: Alaskans are surviving Covid far better than national average


Of the over 54,282 cases of Covid-19 that have been diagnosed in Alaskans, only one-half of a percent of them have died from the illness or conditions caused by the illness.

According to the State’s Covid-19 data dashboard, 280 Alaskans have died from the virus. 1,196 have been hospitalized because of the severity of their experience with Covid-19. That means about 23.5 percent of those who are hospitalized with Covid-19 end up dying.

That number can be misleading, because some of those hospitalizations were for people who were already near the end of their lives due to other illnesses or age. Because of privacy laws, it’s unknown just how many, however.

This is not to say the virus isn’t dangerous or life-changing. Some of those who have survived Covid-19 say that they have lingering maladies, such as loss of taste and smell, joint pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty thinking with clarity.

Alaska’s death rate from or with Covid-19 is significantly better than the national average. Of the more than 23 million people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the United States, some 473,699 have died, or 1.74 percent of known cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As for vaccinations, 175,135 vaccines have been administered to Alaskans, which is 24 percent of the entire population (of all ages) of the state.

Adding together those who have been vaccinated and those who have had the virus, some 229,417 Alaskans should now have greater immunity to Covid. That equates to over 31 percent of the entire population.


  1. This is exactly why Forrest Dunbar and Felix Rivera and the other Progressive Assembly members have no science to back up their draconian lockdowns. These people are fools. They’ve done such a bad job that they should all be immediately retired.

  2. Seems like the emergency phase of this Wuhan Flu is over…what will the next Black Swan event be for America?

  3. That figure of 23.5% of the Alaskans “hospitalized” is a number designed to scare people and is misleading. Craig Medred recently reported that at least 90% of people who die WITH COVID have about 3 other serious comorbidities such as heart disease, etc. That means that 10% or less of those 280 people died with ONLY COVID. That means that only 28 people actually died FROM COVID. That is less than deaths from the common flu.
    The reported deaths are now at what? 500,000? So, 10% of that is 50,000 which is about the average death rate nationally for the flu.
    The COVID scam is a lie of mislabeling deaths. 2.4 million to 2.8 million people die in this country every year. The hospitals, because they are getting paid additional “emergency” money for deaths labeled as COVID, are putting COVID on the last line of of the death certificates which is the line that is said to be “the cause of death”.
    Look up on the CDC website, “Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due To Corona Virus”. There is so much leeway for interpretation on how to certify a death that it is ridiculous. Our hospital institutions ought to be ashamed of themselves.
    The WHO is in the pocket of the CCP Chinese government and the CDC is too.
    Oh, better send the brownshirts out after me, dox me, cancel me!
    The vast majority of the public knows in their guts this is a big lie. Facemasks? Why aren’t people dropping dead in Kenai and in the Mat-Su Valley where they are not wearing facemasks? Because this is a lie. The people in the Mat-Su and in Kenai are not idiots. They know BS when they read and hear it.

  4. “Adding together those who have been vaccinated and those who have had the virus, some 229,417 Alaskans should now have greater immunity to Covid. That equates to over 31 percent of the entire population.”

    Let’s hope the other 69% have a greater immunity to FEAR.

  5. Perhaps the headline is true, but judging from all the mindless, sheepishly conformist and corporate media-induced hysteria that I am seeing from people in Anchorage, such as hiking or driving alone in their cars while wearing their ineffective security blankets, er, masks, Alaskans are not surviving the corporate media fearmongering campaign against this very mild pandemic any better than any other part of the country, and significantly worse than many of them.
    Our national as well as individual extreme overreactions to this pandemic are akin to preemptively chopping off one’s arm in order to avoid being stung by a bee. It is a national psychosis, induced by those who desire to destroy our economy and independence, and strip us of our remaining freedoms, at which they are succeeding admirably.

  6. The 23.5 I bet they were ALL on a ventilators, then they got pulled off. The ventilator weaken the Lungs. Like all muscles it has to be excercised. The ventilator makes the Lung lazy when it needs to be worked especially when its healing.
    Bevelyn Beatty when she got stabbed in D.C, Georgetown Hospital tried to put her on a ventilator, but being a naturalist she made her lungs work hard, and she walked out of the hospital, eventhough earlier she was being set up to die before the hospital administrator learned too many people knew her and got their good act on real quick.

    Yeah… everything about Covid stinks, it dont smell right.

  7. Starting the gather. Closing in on herd immunity. Yay.
    Remember when that was something the alleged experts were hoping for? And, all these foolish measures were to “flatten the curve”?
    Flattened curve, vaccinations, herd immunity; none of which matters to the life-controlling marxists.

    • My answer to those who ask why I don’t wear a mask, is that I prefer to go with the science instead of the crowd hysteria.

  8. Math & Science … so factual, logical, reasonable, and common sense. Bottom line is that both science and math applied to Covid has been absent. What’s taken its place has been emotion and politics.
    When you’re ready to get back to ‘normal’ then open up ‘all’ businesses and drop the masks, quarantines, mandatory vaccinations, and travel restrictions. Only then, can the road to economic and social recovery begin.
    What are you waiting for, as per Nike … “Just Do It” and, start living life now.

  9. There are three groups of people on this covid hoax. Those who know it’s a fraud and a scam being
    perpetrated on man on a global scale, and are not drinking the kool-aid.
    Those who know it’s fraud and a scam and are still perpetuating. These are guilty of crimes against humanity..
    And then there are those don’t know, don’t want to know, and will happily follow the other sheep right
    off the cliff to their own destruction

  10. Yeah, no problem at all. Five people dead in Alaska since Friday, and about 5000 still dying daily in the country. The sheer stupidity of some people staggers the imagination.

    Darwin’s Theory at work…

    • No, there IS a problem, indeed — -with all the hysterical overreaction to a bad flu season (and nothing more) from all your corporate-media-brainwashed sheep and zombies, and from all the hysterical Branch Covidian Karens with their utter and innumerate lack of perspective and understanding of statistics. You and your statist, conformist ilk are the REAL problem here, Whidbey the Cur, along with the ragingly authoritarian and power-mad politicians who get their kicks by issuing random unscientifically sound mandates and dictates and enforcing them with their jackbooted fascist minions.
      Try growing up, turning off the TV propaganda, and thinking for yourself (for once). I know, any one of those is asking a lot of you, and most probably too much.

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