Nearly 20 percent of Alaskan adults now vaccinated



Of the 593,000 adults over the age of 18 in Alaska, 114,117 have already received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. That’s a vaccination rate of nearly 20 percent.

Over 48,000 Alaskans have received both the initial vaccine and booster shot, and over 82 percent of residents of congregant care facilities, such as Pioneer Homes, have been vaccinated.

The State of Alaska has been the vanguard in getting vaccines out in an orderly fashion, and now is vaccinating those over 50 years old who have any underlying health condition that puts them at greater risk of complications or death from Covid-19.

Interestingly, all teachers are eligible, but only police officers over 50 are eligible for a vaccine at this time in Alaska. Most other states have prioritized police officers.

Those who are qualified for what is called the Phase 1b Tier 2, high-risk medical conditions include:

  • cancer
  • chronic kidney disease
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Down Syndrome
  • heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies
  • immunocompromised state (weakened immune system) from solid organ transplant
  • obesity or severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] greater than 30 kg/m2) (see calculator)
  • sickle cell disease
  • smoking
  • type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • pregnancy
  • Frontline essential workers 50 years and above who must work within 6 feet of others
  • Education staff, limited to:
  • Childcare workers and support staff (e.g. custodial, food service, transportation);
  • Pre K–12 grade educators and support staff (e.g. custodial, food service, transportation);
  • Indigenous language and culture bearers
  • People living or working in congregate settings not covered in Phase 1a, limited to:
  • Acute psychiatric facilities;
  • Correctional settings, both inmates and officers;
  • Group homes for individuals with disabilities or mental and behavioral health conditions;
  • Homeless and domestic violence shelters;
  • Substance misuse and treatment residential facilities; and
  • Transitional living homes
  • Pandemic response staff who may come into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus during outbreak response activities

The State Health and Social Services Department announced the expansion of eligibility on Wednesday.


  1. Police are essential workers who cannot “social distance!” They should have been amongst the first in line with health care workers.

  2. That’s why I no longer kiss the female cops when they let me go without a ticket. I sure do miss those days.

  3. Police not on the list, WTF?
    That’s it, REFUSE ARREST, until they’re vaccinated…….. hell, they’re not even wearing two masks yet, come on, follow the bloody science. 😉 #publicsafety #superspreadercopps

  4. With a ‘recovery rate’ of 99%, why would you want to take the vaccine? As I take a personal health self-assessment, I’ve not contracted the Covid virus, all of which, tells me that I am ‘thee’ epitome of: Health, Vitality, Strength, Good Looks, Humor, and Brains!
    Therefore, I’ll skip the vaccine for now.

    • Come on man! Rob your missing the front of the line for this experimental shot. This jewel will forever change your DNA, what could go wrong? And the best part is you have no idea how it will react with future inputs to your body. Join the lemmings, were in this together. All for one and one for all. Its a scamdemic and we are being played.
      Frightening how easily the masses fall into line. And the shame if you don’t mask up!

      • Thank you Reed for words well typed! I mean you tell people the truth instead of the MSM brainwashing and they give you the Deer in the headlights look. America is being pummeled with censorship and lies from the “experts”, even though the so called experts are not backing anything they say with clinical facts. Thank God for America’s Frontline Doctors who have refused to fall in line with the Big Pharma lie machine.

    • This website, the comments sections of which are heavily filtered, curated, and occasionally censored, does a huge public disservice by posting anti-vax points of view.

      One must wonder how many people have been influenced by such commentary, rejected vaccination, and thereby become seriously ill, or dead as a result.

      Other major websites and social media outlets, in an effort to reclaim their reputations and avoid regulation and potential prosecution, have started to reign in unsubstantiated and discredited anti-vax speech, and MRAK should be doing the same if it intends to be a reputable and socially-upstanding news source.

      One need only look at the events of 6 January to understand how heavily people’s actions can be influenced by what they hear and read, and the promulgation of anti-vax viewpoints, as frequently appear in these pages, damages the health of the public at large, and also potentially that of individual MRAK readers.

      • Whidbey The Cur,
        Your argument against free speech and free expression is disgusting, outrageous and completely un-American. Your intolerance and hatred of free expression marks you as a willing destroyer of this country and its legacy of liberty.
        If those who oppose vaccinations, or those who hold any opinions or beliefs differing from your own, do not hold the truth, then you should have nothing to fear from them. Only a totalitarian wishes to suppress the opinions of others, regardless of the nature of those opinions.
        Please move to China, which ideologically would be much more to your liking.

        • Dear sir, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts, especially when they pose a clear and present danger to others.

          So feel free to put on your Bunny Boots and head out to Minnesota and Benson, and shout out your opinions as loudly as you like. But please don’t attempt to poison the minds of other gullible people with unsubstantiated claims via mass distribution sites such as MRAK.

          As a private enterprise, this website is free chose to air irresponsible opinions or not. But any journalism site that operates in an ethical manner should do their duty, and squelch claims and opinions that are demonstrably false, and dangerous to the public.

          Now, go fetch those boots and get out there!

          • So if people disagree with your planted opinionated facts, then the only reason is because they are gullible, and mislead.
            Well, don’t worry because I think they’ve brainwashed you rather successfully whidbey, hook, line and sinker, and your still allowed to comment on here and spread your propaganda.

      • Witless, keep swallowing that salty kool- aid , dished out by your masters. Don’t bother to look at any evidence to counter your indoctrinated programed non- thinking. Keep grabbing for the trigger that silences any dissent. Be a good little Party member and remember to report all those who are not lock step with the programming. You can do this Witless, just like so many did in Russia, Germany and China.

      • Whidbey: you can care less what happens to the individual MRAK reader. You are more likely like most neighbors don’t even know the neighbors living around you, if one of your neighbors died alone, their body will rot before anyone goes looking for them. If anyone of your neighbors were a Republican you will shun them; even if they needed your help with medical, food, comfort, and mobility transport help. A Democrat they will say you are not my problem.

        • My Dear Jen, you know nothing about me. But if I’m as horrible as you say, then I hope that you, as a good Christian, see fit to offer up your most earnest prayers for the redemption of my poor liberal soul.

      • Ha! You’d love if they didn’t publish “points of view”!

        Being allowed to have one is the antithesis of your whole philosophy..

    • I haven’t had the covid either and none within my family have. But I met plenty of Alaskans who said they recovered from covid ONLY after they or a close relative got tested or went into a hospital. So!? What does that lead me to natually think about covid? Hahaha
      I wonder if President Trump got the vaccine.

    • Smart man! Why pump an experimental vaccine that has verifiably killed people with a 99% recovery rate and effective medications like HCQ and Regeneron. I can’t understand why people will not use their brains and understand the harm this vaccine will wreck upon their bodies. It is an experimental m-rna vaccine that has never been used in humans with the exception of the trials where hand picked guinea pigs were asked if they had any allergies to anything. The vaccine actually modifies your DNA, which is your core chain of life within every cell in your body. Taking this vaccine reminds me of a line in a movie, “Stupid is as stupid does”. This stuff is poison and Bill Gates (the eugenics freak) helped fund the Moderna Vaccine. Americans really need to snap out of the hypnotic trance they are in.

  5. Thank you Jefferson! I couldn’t have said that better myself! I hope the dog Whidbey is a fictitious critter, if it ain’t God help that dog.

  6. Suzanne. Just Curious could you find out why in almost all the COVID clinics I’ve seen on the news and some on Facebook people are giving shots without gloves???

  7. If we follow the “science” then teachers would be low priority for the vaccine as, statistically speaking, it is very rare for a child to infect an adult with Covid. Police officers, however, interact with adults who are more likely to be infected with Covid then children. Guess whose Union is stronger?

  8. Nope, not taking a experimental substance. Mrna will cause an autoimmune disease if it doesn’t kill you first.

  9. While I would never make a critical medical decision as important as taking the experimental covid-19 vaccination based on what I might read on a public post, I think the truth is not far away for those willing to study a bit. And for those who have already taken the vaccination, I just hope they are correct. There are an abundance of highly qualified experts warning not to receive this injection under any circumstance.

  10. Biden, one thing you can do is, Just go and vaccinate all the teachers so the high powered unions have no leg to stand and get these kids going to school 5 days a week like normal. Teachers need to get the Fuck back to school!

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