Dunleavy: ‘Do your research’ on misinformation being spread about virus


Gov. Dunleavy made a passionate plea to Alaskans to help stop the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 virus.

In a press conference broadcast on Facebook, said he has never contemplated martial law, and there will be no forced vaccinations under his watch.

Dunleavy’s emergency declaration runs out on Sunday night and the House of Representatives is unorganized, so the Legislature cannot extend it with SB 56, the governor’s proposed emergency declaration extension. But he also seems reluctant to declare a new disaster.

He said that Alaska is a state that represents freedom and that the spirit of the people is what has made the state successful so far in combatting the coronavirus.

It was a direct blow to messages being relayed by Sen. Lora Reinbold, who suggested in her Senate Judiciary Committee that the governor might declare martial law.

Dunleavy also said that without an extension of the emergency declaration, the State would not have all the tools it now has to mitigate the spread of the virus, but that he anticipated everyone would continue to work to get the virus “behind us sooner rather than later.”

But he also said the virus will be with Alaska for many years, and that the state will need to deal with it as it has other problems in the past.

The State, he said, will lose some tools on Feb. 15, when the emergency declaration expires at midnight.

About 200 regulations that were eased to make decision making more responsive will be back in place. Many of these deal with how health care can be managed. It likely means the Alaska Airlines Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus will not be available as hospital overflow. Curbside pickup of beverages, pop-up vaccination sites, and even regulations eased for commercial fishing will go back to the way it was before.

Finally, the governor called upon Anchorage and Juneau to open their economies back up. Looking at the camera, he said the State has based its decisions on data, and first-class cities need to also look at the data, and open their businesses and schools back up.


  1. Yeah we really need the University and the Alaska Airlines Center for the overflow! The overflow of what ? Hospitals need to run at near capacity because they are a business and as the business model works you need business to make your profits! I am so sick of this crap! The reason they call everything Covid is that they made money doing that because they are not operating at anywhere near normal! They need to pay their bills And this is how they are doing it. Wait until people start getting very very ill from this so-called vaccine. You are going to see illnesses that are unimaginable. Do your homework people and do not put this poison in your body. Go to Dr Shari Tenpenny’s website Baxter.com and start to educate yourselves. She is a leader in vaccine knowledge. She is a leader in vaccine education. She is just one of many doctors who actually understand what is in the death shot. When people start getting ill and dropping like flies Mr. Dunlevy then you can declare your Flippin emergency!

    • Spot on!
      If I was running a hospital and was told 20% or more of the beds were empty, I would fire the manager.
      An empty bed is lost revenue. Even a non-profit hospital needs to generate sufficient revenue to pay expenses, and empty beds do not do that.

  2. World Wide hoax to usher in World Wide Communism and a Pavlovian psyop to prepare the unwashed masses for the Mark of the Beast.

    • Nothing like a “crisis” to awaken the petty tyrant in everyone.
      If we allow politicians to break the law because of a crisis, politicians will invent a crisis in order to break the law.

  3. Good for you Dunleavy
    Looking into the camera, enough with the Bull ?
    Open up are state. No more masks stop the lies anchorage
    That’s what I want in a governor some balls

    • I fear you are correct,
      Want to travel outside Alaska? Get the shot
      Kids in school? Get the shot
      Kids in sports? Get the shot
      Work in construction/want to work on certain jobs? Get the shot
      It’s coming…..

        • Bill, do you understand what this shot is, how it works, is it even effective? It’s a no-brainer IMHO to not get it. Especially if you are concerned about getting sick.

          • Robert, for one thing there are so far two different vaccines with 2 shots each and one more coming with only one shot. It’s efficacy rate is approximately 95% for the two approved so far so that’s pretty effective IMO. And further, you are less likely to get sick if you still get taken by that 5% that slips through. You aren’t willing to get the shots for what reason now? Heheh! Of course we will discount the situation where Bill Gates is installing a chip into our brains that makes us all want to join QAnon, but you can see the reasoning here. Tough noogies to you Robert, as you will be needing them.

    • Won’t it still be a choice? I don’t need to fly and I don’t need to travel through Canada. If I choose not to fly or choose not to travel through Canada I am not subject to whatever possible maybe could be possibly mandatory anything.

  4. Everyone needs to ask why isn’t more actual medical information regarding COVID, PCR testing, COVID vaccine side effects being shared? Why are medical doctors being censored regarding therapeutics and other treatments. Knowledge gives us power to make correct decisions. We all are entitled to this knowledge and being denied the information is in violation of our Constitutional Rights. Perhaps if everyone knows all the facts and can weigh pros against cons they might be able to make better decisions. This includes politicians too.

  5. I find that those who are the most strident in warning of the spread of “misinformation” are those doing the most to spread actual misinformation themselves. In our Orwellian 1984 world, truth is more and more officially becoming ‘misinformation’.

    • I’m sorry. I’m conservative, but won’t be listening to the My Pillow Guy when it comes to COVID. I will, however, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

      • Fine, don’t listen to the “My Pillow Guy” (whatever that is in reference to), if you chose not to do so. But you nor anyone else has any right, moral, legal or intellectual, to deny others the right to hear what he or anyone else has to say, no matter how right or wrong you personally deem it to be.

  6. Its about time. Let it run out and get us back to normal. At risk people know who they are and vaccines are available for those wanting it. Open up and get rid of these senseless Burka masks.

  7. Knock off the scare tactics. The Alaska Airlines Center for hospital overflow? That was sure used a lot. A good idea is letting the state go back to the way it was before. All of these mandates and ‘hunker down’ orders have done and will do nothing. If you look at the positive test graphs of all the states the curve on each is nearly identical. You won’t stop the virus. Herd immunity is the only way and the quicker the better.

    • I agree- but the only statewide mandate I’m aware of is the travel/airport testing, which is essentially on the honor system.

  8. Thank you Governor, I have done my research for countless hours since this thing started and know that the majority of Cities and States in this country have it completely wrong as to how they are dealing with it. Stop listening to the MSM and the CDC Bureaucrats. Start listening to the frontline doctors that have the REAL data and have your best interest in mind minus the politics! No more fear mongering to the brainwashed population. Americans need to start thinking for themselves and stop blindly following the ridiculous edicts that are not using science and REAL data (meaning not the pumped up CDC data that has been proven false). The facts:

    1. Cloth masks do not stop a virus particle and actually concentrate a higher amount of whatever is bad in the air around your face! Do not wear them!
    2. The Vaccine is experimental and will not protect you from the virus! It is the first r-mna vaccine ever used in humans and alters your DNA!
    3. Hydroxychloroquine with a Z-pak is very effective in stopping the virus from replicating in your body allowing your body to naturally fight off the virus.
    4. The sick bastards that want you to fear so they can control your life are not your friends!
    5. The unconstitutional restrictions placed on Americans is wrecking havoc on families mental health.
    6. Open everything 100% now and protect those who have prior medical conditions or compromised immune systems.
    7. Turn off the shrills on your TV.

    We can return to a normal life in America if we can get the dictator’s out of the way. Liberty is fragile, let’s protect it!

    • Thinking for ourselves means putting everyone’s views, including yours, in perspective … citing doctors opinions is useless because no two doctors have agreed on many of the details of Covid19.
      What Covid19 has brought us is a barrel full of unknowns, through which the entire world has been trying to muddle through.
      Dealing with unknowns is more difficult than just clutching everything that sounds good at the moment.
      Being able to say to yourself that everyone is trying their best, and then hope for the best is about the only reasonable course of action.
      In the S. America the common cold killed whole villages because they had no prior exposure to it. In N. America, whole tribes were killed off for the same reason.
      Centuries ago, when both were new to Europe, they had also killed off many there.
      Covid19 may be a new virus, but such things are nothing new to the planet.
      Thankfully, Covid19 hasn’t killed such a huge percentage of the world’s population as to turn it from a lot of individual tragedies, into a numberless statistic.
      Use social distancing, masks, vaccines, whatever you personally believe will at least mitigate Covid19 … and ignore all of the shrill voices … there is no end to them.

      • “Use social distancing, masks, vaccines, whatever you personally believe will at least mitigate Covid19 … and ignore all of the shrill voices … there is no end to them.”

        Clinical Studies and actual data from Doctors on the frontlines of the China Virus are not shrills! The fact you can’t discern truth from media lies and medical bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, who never uses real data to back up his constantly changing opinion is not my problem. I will speak the truth to all that are willing to listen because innocent people are being harmed by blatantly evil people. The Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany did the same thing, spreading lies and censoring the truth to win the people’s favor and then taking them to war. Americans that do not think we are currently at war with deep corruption within our government and corporate institutions are asleep and need to wake up before it’s too late.

        • Michael: You seem to have accumulated some knowledge, sufficient for your own use, but you’re lacking in charisma.
          Without charisma, you won’t be able to persuade anyone of anything.
          Become people friendly if you really want to help improve some little part of the world.
          I would take my own advice but sometimes IJDGAF.

  9. Quote from South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem:

    “Instead, we must show voters what a principled, dynamic and unapologetic GOP looks like by offering a real alternative, standing on principle, and delivering on our promises.

    That’s been my focus in South Dakota, where instead of embracing mandates and lockdowns in the fight against COVID-19, we treated our citizens as adults and defended their right to earn a living. As a result, we are thriving, and Americans are flocking here from all over the country.”

  10. Senator Reinbold from Chugiak Eagle River has got to go. She is the most abrasive nut job in the Legislature.
    She goes through staff like Carter goes through pills. Untrustworthy. The Governor refuses to speak with this out of control Power crazy Lady.
    I am as Conservative as you can get and Lora has got to go.

  11. Who is to decide what is misinformation? That is what really scares me here.
    When contacting my Anchorage Assembly member, I was informed that my opinion did not carry as much weight as that from the medical professionals. A very curious statement since this particular Assembly member has no idea what my profession is. Yet, they are sure my opinion is misinformation, and the medical professionals opinion is not.
    Reminder that experts are just as human as you or I. They make mistakes just as often, and they are subject to bias, prejudice, and ego just like everyone else. It is vital and important that their opinions are questioned before establishing government policy. It is even more important their opinions are challenged before setting policy that will result in severe adverse impacts on tens of thousands of people.

  12. I did my research Governor.
    I took a look at the per capita rates of infection in areas with strict mask requirements and business restrictions, and compared that to per capita infection rates where prevention measures are voluntary. Turns out the areas where mandates are in place generally have a higher rate of infection.
    I took a look at the side effects of lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates. And, I found out (using publicly available data) that suicide ideation is up, significantly, that children are failing, and masks are not really stopping the spread much at all. (If they were, the CDC would not be pushing for double masking….)
    I took a look at average number of deaths across the nation. Turns out there are about 2.8M deaths from all causes every year. In 2020, with the pandemic, the total number of deaths (including the 450K COVID deaths) is expected to be right around 2.8M. If those deaths were really “excess” the total number of deaths should be well over 3M, but…
    Yes people. Do your research. Realize that science is the art of questioning everything. Constantly. Be a scientist. Every time you are told a fact, ask whether that is really a fact, and why. Worst case scenario, you learn something new.

    • Update…
      Latest death numbers for 2020 are in the 3M range, but that includes and estimated amount for the last two months. (And remember, there was supposed to be a massive surge in deaths over that timeframe. I would not be surprised if that estimated drops significantly. Time will tell)
      And, that is proof that science is never settled. Keep questioning, always.

  13. Good for the Guv to step out and show some brass…….but……the left is going to use this to further the recall garbage or blame him for the COVID numbers or the price of gas or why we don’t have chik-fil-a, somehow they will use this against him

  14. So, I am wondering why Merck pulled out of the so called Covid Vax game. Merck claims that their drugs to treat covid-19 are more effective then the m- RNA vax being pushed by the Government. Interesting to say the least. Are we being mislead here?

    • Whatever you do here Robert, stay away from the vaccines! Heheh! You’ve already had this position and now you are thinking you might be being mislead here? You are quite the tool but keep em coming because we all can use the laughs.
      Be sure to keep us informed in Merk’s take on all this as they surely won’t have any bias like you. Heheh!

    • Merck, in a surprising display of honesty, publicly admitted the following facts:
      1. The trial was showing that its drug was only about 70% “effective.” So people were not likely to use it (i.e., Merck’s potential profits did not justify the costs it would incur to obtain even “emergency use” approval from the FDA).
      2. People would fare better in the long run, if they were infected with the virus and recovered, and acquired natural immunity, rather than take the Merck vaccine.

      • Thanks for that Disgusted and Robert can take your information along with him as he searches for his doses of “hydrochloroquine” to go with his bleach. And he is easily misled.

  15. Go Tell that to the politicians around you Dunleavy to take their own advice and stop spreading misinformation. Their feely facts just about made everyone into scaredy cats. Hahaha

  16. The whole response was idiotic and saved not one individual. The number of lives destroyed or forever changed far outweigh the lives that were “saved” by the suspension of personal freedoms guaranteed under the constitution. To continue to perepetuate this idiocy is to admit the goal is to suck up as much federal largess as possible, regardless of the cost to the individual.

  17. As of 2/6/2021 435,846 people have died with the COVID virus present in their bodies. The CDC analyzed the ICD-10 codes describing cause of death, and found that 6% of this count died with only COVID present. The rest of the deaths involved about three additional causes of death, including high blood pressure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s … diseases that take decades to kill.

    So nationwide 26,150 people have died from COVID alone.

    409,695 people have died “with” COVID.

  18. Yes. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The spread of disinformation has been coming from the state of Alaska HHS office, the CDC, “dr. fauci, the WHO, NBC, CBS, ABC, and fake book.

    The vaccine is still experimental and there are a lot of issues and cases of anaphylactic shock, blood disorders, long term side effects, or death.

    Remember the term “my body, my choice”? It’s your body and your choice to take this or not.

    • I was offered the vaccine three times, which I refused three times.
      I’ve never had any version of the flue in my 75 years, or if I did, the symptoms were no worse than the common cold.
      Now they want samples of my blood to see if there’s anything that can be isolated and replicated.
      “The Medicine Man” 1992 … this tree got cut down long ago, by evil people who’s agendas were only to advance their careers.

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