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Dunleavy gets support from 20 Democrats for new emergency declaration

They may oppose the governor in every other way, but all 20 House Democrats (including the two undeclared representatives and one Republican who caucuses with Democrats) signed and sent a letter to the governor today in support of a new disaster declaration.

The letter to Gov. Mike Dunleavy said that although the House doesn’t have a governing majority, the group believes it’s imperative “to formally express our support for continuing the disaster declaration for an additional 30 days.”

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The letter signals to the governor that half of the House will not buck him if he goes ahead to declare a new disaster, the more likely outcome, since he alone cannot extend the current disaster declaration.

He has stated that he is not prepared to declare a new disaster without the Legislature’s support.

Many Republicans in the House and Senate are not in favor of extending the current disaster declaration through the fall, as requested by the governor. But Democrats want the disaster declaration.

When it expires on Sunday night at midnight, Dunleavy could file a new disaster declaration, which would only last 30 days before either expiring, or being extended by the Legislature.

Signers of the letter include Speaker Pro Tem Josiah Patkotak, who is undeclared of Utqiagvik, and Daniel Ortiz, also undeclared, of Ketchikan. Louise Stutes of Kodiak is the Republican who left the Republican caucus years ago and shows no sign of returning.

The House is split 20-20 between Republicans and the “other” category.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Some of these folks strike me as capable of signing the letter and the signing on as plaintiffs in litigation to stop the emergency declaration. Or otherwise using their support as leverage. That would be consistent with trends in Alaska politics.

  2. The emergency orders need to stop, we have hurt enough businesses and people already. Our kids need to be back in school full-time and getting the education we pay for.

  3. The party of republicans in Alaska is a joke. Why is Louise Stutes of Kodiak still in the republican party, she is not a republican. They say if you don’t vote republican your voting democrat, but these days it looks like voting republican means your still voting for the democrats. Let the declaration expire and have the governor start a new one.

  4. Welcome to the Never-Ending ‘Emergency’. Because emergency (real or fictitious), along with war, is the health of the state, i.e. government and those in power.

  5. Of course Democrats want it. They have control over the population, they can keep us scared, they have all these programs to skim from. Those that own hotels can fill them with the homeless and bill the cities in the name of COVID relief. They can target businesses and religious organizations they don’t like with impunity and keep schools closed. Why would they ever want to give this up?

  6. Seems house democrats are ratcheting up the pressure in hopes to peel off one or two republicans, so Bryce Edgmon get his speaker seat back. Maybe it is time to take them at their word and gavel in solely to pass a 30 day extension. If it is such an emergency then a little trivial thing like being organized should not matter!

  7. I read all the signatures on the letter halfway expecting to see that Kelly Merrick had signed it also. She is my representative, but I have no confidence that she will hold the line. I have a feeling she is the prime target for the Dems to pull her over to the dark side. I really hope I am wrong.

  8. Follow the federal money flow into the state while under ’emergency’ orders. It’s the bait on the hook – just ask the hospitals.
    Say… how many ways are there to creatively use Covid Funds???????
    Ahum. (excuse me I had a cough…but it’s not COVID!!)

  9. What emergency? The self induced one Alaska and America is suffering from now? The wuhan v and all it’s “dangers”? The only true emergency Alaskans face is leftism. I hate to say it but a good many ‘citizens’ believe leftism is the way to the future. Truly, leftism is the way to disaster. Politically, economically and Constitutionally. Leftism is leading Alaska down the ‘road to perdition’. Get a vaccine. One of 6 or 8 being ‘offered’. The game is up. Become the pawn for ‘globalism’. Get all the ‘vaccines’ offered now and to be offered soon. By the time you get done (never), your arm will look like a pincushion. You will also be ‘property’ of the state, courtesy of ‘vaccination’ (and don’t forget to wear two masks). Communism/socialism immediately purges (kills) all opposition or sends them to prison. Democrats are calling for exactly that.
    Alaska could be historical in the annals of freedom it our Governor said “enough false emergencies”, let Alaskan get on with life as freedom loving Americans. “Away, damn spot” (leftists) You don’t need any more ‘power’, Governor. Alaska is not your old school stomping grounds with the need for more supervision from you or the democrats. Before the leftist invasion, Alaskans were remarkably able to take care of business, on our own. Life is a series of challenges. How you deal with them is your future and your own business.

  10. Does ANYONE outside of those who have something to gain believe there is still an emergency? Conviction follows self interest.

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