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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Biden starts ‘common sense’ campaign for gun control

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Heaven help us all. The Biden administration is beginning its drive for the “common sense” gun control he threatened during the election.

The centerpiece for the effort is the heady notion of expanded, universal background checks, something that sounds good, but any rational person knows would have absolutely no affect on gun violence.

The idea is to curb private sales of firearms, channeling those sales, instead, through licensed dealers so buyers would be subject to the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

But what about the millions of firearms already in circulation? Gee, gun control backers will say, to make background checks work we must have registration of firearms. And registration, no matter what anybody says, is the first step toward mandatory buyback or confiscation, something several Democrats were promising during the elections.

So it begins. The Biden administration, according to the Wall Street Journal, has started outreach to gun control advocates.

Activists, the newspaper says, are pushing for legislation, including expanded background checks and items Biden could pursue without the closely divided Congress – read, executive orders – including appointing a senior aide tasked with gun-policy oversight and pursuing stricter enforcement of existing rules.

Biden during the campaign pledged to ban AR-15 style firearms and seek background check legislation. Biden, instrumental in passage of the failed Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, also supports mandatory buy-back programs. The vice president, Kamala Harris, wants to use executive orders to accomplish the administration’s goals if Congress does not act within 100 days.

This administration is perhaps the most anti-gun in this nation’s history and presents a serious and determined threat to Americans’ Second Amendment rights and their very freedoms.

Make no mistake, when the Second Amendment is gutted, the rest of the Constitution will not be worth the paper it is written on.

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Latest comments

  • They can try and nobody will comply.

  • Resist.

  • You elected him America. You asked for this because Orange Man is so mean.

    He’s going for your guns, your jobs, your wallets, your daughters, your cars, your basic (former) right to speak your mind.

    And now you’re unhappy? Buyers remorse? Too late.

    Choke on it. This is what you wanted.

    • And he is STILL leagues better than Orange Man. Even doing a few things I don’t agree with.

      Thank you for reminding me that all the actions Biden has taken to save lives and keep the earth habitable for my great grand children are absolutely much better than the earth ruining money stealing corrupt actions of Trump.

      Biden is genuinely trying to do what he thinks is right. Trump genuinely tries to do what he thinks is right for himself and all his criminal billionaire pals.

      Research how Trump closed our remote CDC offices when taking office, the same offices that saved us from SARS and Ebola taking over our country like Covid. Research the dollar amount he slashed from the CDC’s budget, specifically to the department that researches preventions and cures for diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Trump is the direct reason we are in the mess, and he lied to us all about it.

      • TDS is a powerful drug. But as bad as it is, it is not nearly as bad and powerful as the blind gullibility of trusting the self-serving propaganda dished up daily by the corporate media. And you, Bill, have apparently swallowed many dishes of it.

    • WRONG masked one! This is what happens when they install a chosen candidate against the voters will. Why do they resist any meaningful audit of the votes? He who has nothing to hide hides nothing.
      Now we have total lawlessness, we need to be very concerned! During 45’s tenure the scrutiny was extremely high, that was not all bad. Now we must step up, there are few pushing back. Be involved in any way. Call a elected official, go to a meeting or spread the truth. Donate to this news source. If we all do something we’ve not done in the past, it could make a difference.
      Unfortunately Bill is not alone in his thinking. When his type finally realize there is no free bubble up or rainbow stew, we can settle in for the great reset. And I’m sure of one thing it won’t be great.

  • Short answer? If Beijing Biden attempts an unconstitutional EO to attack the 2nd Amendment, he will single handedly propel this nation into a second Civil War. This would be the proverbial “line in the sand”. Any American with an once of common sense knows that if the 2nd Amendment falls, so does the Constitution as these tyrant’s will run roughshod over any remaining rights we have. If you just listen to what comes out of their mouths, they don’t give a damn about you or your families futures. This is about power and control, period! America, you have your back to the wall. What are you prepared to do for the sake of liberty? Are you willing to give up your lives and fortunes as our Fore Fathers did to protect it for future generations? Time will tell.

  • 100% true. National/Federal Gun registration or even owner registration/licensing is the necessary step to be able to impose draconian taxation, special licensing fees, executive orders, ammo restrictions & confiscation etc etc. on gun owners. It is very clear. Sure, you’ll have the 2nd A. But you’ll have to pay dearly to exercise it legally. And if you ignore the registration you’ll always be at peril for felony prosecution. Even if you keep all your firearms buried in the backyard. The sweet smell of freedom is still here in Alaska. If you’ve ever lived in a state that is anti 2nd A, even if you never had occasion to carry a firearm but wanted to be able to if you felt it necessary, you’ll understand it will be conspicuous in it’s absence.

  • If it is dysfunctional, degenerate, dystopian, damaging, deceitful, demoralizing, deconstructive, discriminatory, disingenuous, dangerous, devious, denormalizing, destabilizing, domineering, draconian, or destructive of freedom and liberty, then you can be sure that it is embraced by the current crop of Democrats.

  • When will we finally ever get a “common sense’ campaign for tyrant control?

  • Gosh, the way things are going, we should expect Senator Murkowski to get behind these efforts any day now.

  • Locked and Loaded
    Please knock

    • Yep, you should have your guns taken away with this kind of comment. Its people like you, so ready to shoot a stranger, that are the cause of them wanting to take away our guns.

      Discussion on how to stop our innocent children from getting shot up in our underfunded schools? Nope, I will shoot you if you try!

      You are so smart!

      • Slick interjecting the kid card in there with the Underfunded schools remark…….That’s funny, because they really aren’t.
        None of these unconstitutional bills or executive orders will stop your school shootings, because it isn’t about the weapon. It’s about parents throwing their kids into government schools, and not getting to heart of what drives certain kids to do these things. Take care of that problem and then you’ll actually help the kids.
        You take away the guns, they’ll use knives, you take away knives, they’ll use a bomb. We’ll be like England soon, to where they’ve even contemplated outlawing kitchen knifes in your own kitchen. Good luck cutting your tofu.
        Note: Comparing the right defend your life and property to school shootings is a poor jump there Bill, pull yourself up out of the mud puddle.

      • See, Bill, the irrationality, intolerance and blind hatred that riddles the authoritarian radical left is clearly on display in your post above.
        Nowhere does “Proud Alaskan” indicate, suggest or imply that he desires or would be willing to shoot ‘a stranger’ — merely that he would shoot a criminal trespasser. And any federal agent attempting to enforce an unconstitutional, illegal and immoral gun control measure would certainly count as a criminal trespasser. On that I am in full agreement with said poster.

  • “Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” ( article on “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”).

    If you want to make it impossible for average citizens to own guns, you’ll need to pass a Constitutional Amendment. Until then, pound sand.

    • You don’t understand the amendment.

      • You can own a gun in your home for defense. That’s it. Nothing else is implied.

        • Greg, I am afraid there is much you do not understandabout the second amendment. Sorry pal, but obviously history and legal precedent were not you strong suits.

        • Really? I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

          I confess, I’m not a lawyer and my legal opinion isn’t worth the paper upon which I am typing this opinion. However, I am very, very curious what mental gymnastics allow you to so confidently opine that, “…the right of the people to keep and *BEAR* arms *SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Seems to me that restricting my lawful ability to carry (i.e., “bear”) a firearm when I leave my house (as people are sometimes wont to do) would certainly constitute an “infringement,” but hey, I’m always open to learning something new. Please show me the error of my ways.

      • And you, Greg, do not understand the US Constitution.

  • Notice how church shootings quieted down right after the first crazy got gunned down by the congregation?
    Want to be crazy? Be ready to be treated like a mad-dog.
    Want to be an ordinary responsible citizen? Then there shouldn’t be a multitude of ineffective obstacles.

  • The Left doesn’t want ordinary citizens to be armed well enough to be able to defend themselves because that would put a damper on the crazies. The Left needs the crazies shooting gun free zones to shreds, to bolster their anti-gun agenda.
    The Left’s anti-gun agenda isn’t to make it easier to turn America into another failed Communist country. They’re simply too cowardly to defend their own selves, so they have to rely completely on the police to protect them.
    They’re so cowardly that simply seeing an ordinary citizen carrying a gun makes them want to pee into their own boots.
    I remember being able to walk into a restaurant in Fairbanks, with a loaded 12 gauge and 44 magnum Blackhawk … with nobody paying any mind, not even the LEO’s.
    Can’t do that anymore without smelling pee all over the place.

  • I can’t answer for Fairbanks, as I live in Anchorage, but I was chatting with an APD officer not quite two years ago, and he was telling me about a call he received. A number of people had called 911 because a man had walked into a gas station with an AR-15 over his shoulder, bought a few items, and was now walking down the street. The APD officer pulled up to the man, asked if the man would tell him why he was walking around with an AR-15. The man said he was not willing to chat with police, so the officer told him to have a nice day, and left. No crime was committed, so the officer left.

    Open carry in places where it’s not expected may indeed cause the anti-gun crowd to pee themselves, but it’s (so far…) still legal in AK.

  • H.R.127 — 117th Congress
    Now, That’s some scary stuff right there, going to need a second job just be able to pay for all the evals for yourself, and your friends and family, some useless training, all the fees, plus the $800 or so insurance. No need to worry though, if you don’t want to comply, the fines are only going to be in between $10,000 to $150,000 accompanied by 5-40 years of jail time.
    “Yeah, this is totally going to teach them criminals” ~Sarcasm

  • So you voted forBiden to disarm you! Too bad you lose!

  • No “Common Sense” in the Biden admin. So let’s take guns from law abiding citizens but let people who have actually “done the crime” out of jail! So the will go out and get a gun off the street and do another gun crime since there is no problem with that! If it wasn’t so very sad it would be funny because all these “smart” people are just so dumb!

  • Biden hasn’t a clue what he’s doing. A spiffy suit does not constitute gravitas.
    He is a living puppet.

  • Any machinist knows that making a sub-machine gun is easier than a revolver or auto-loader. A full-auto assault rifle is slightly more difficult. Building reliable ones is harder, takes practice. Converting civilian semi-autos can be done by anyone who knows how.
    American and Russian military ammo has been coming in through Mexico for decades already. The so called ammo shortage is only at the legal retail.
    Need 9mm, 7.62nato, 7.62×39, 5.56? With the firearm to go with it? If you quietly look for them, you will quietly find them. All this “gun-control” nonsense has only driven an ever increasing black-market.
    Personally, I’ve been into muzzle loaders lately. It’s how well you shoot, not how fast.

  • There is nothing “common sense about Biden-President Biden probably just spoke the worst policy words since 1950 by failing to criticize the treatment of the Chinese Political prisoners

    Biden said;“If you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been, the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home . . . So the central—well, vastly overstated—the central principle of [Chinese leader] Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that.”

    Meaning I guess that he’s OK with live human organ harvesting or the rape of Muslim women in Chinese political custody.

    He’s also OK with government “tight control”.

    The 2nd Amendment is in exact opposition to that tight control!!

    • The Mongols conquered N. China, and intermarried, which is why China doesn’t invade Mongolia. China today is nothing more than the Mongol horde, writ large.
      Their only goal is to once again be the horde which conquerors. They want their 11 time zones back, and more.

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