Murkowski and four GOP senators vote to call witnesses in Trump trial


Although many expected the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump would end today with a vote to acquit, this morning brought a surprise: There will be witnesses.

Five Republican senators — Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, and Lindsey Graham, voted for a last-minute change in the trial, to include sworn testimony from Republican Rep. Jamie Herrera Buetler of Washington State, who says she overheard a conversation between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Trump during the invasion of the Capitol by protestors of the certification of the Electoral College. There would likely be others who would be also called to provide sworn testimony.

The Trump defense team said that if the trial is going that route, they will call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a witness.

CNN reported, “In an expletive-laced phone call with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy while the Capitol was under attack, then-President Donald Trump said the rioters cared more about the election results than McCarthy did.”

“‘Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,’ Trump is reported to have said. There are as many as 10 GOP lawmakers who were witness to the McCarthy side of the call, CNN reported.

The indication from Senate Democrats is that McCarthy and those with him that day will all be called as witnesses.

Also today, Sen. Mitch McConnell said he is probably going to vote to acquit Trump, although his comments came before the surprise announcement about witnesses.


  1. Alaska’s prize Senator Murkowoski, should be removed from office for supporting unconstitutional acts. Alaskas republican party needs to strengthen their rules so representatives like her can be removed from office. And Graham made millions begging for money on Trumps shirtails a grifting Judas for sure.

  2. Stick a fork in Murkowski because she is done. Oh, did I just threaten her? No, that is a commonly used phrase, “Stick a fork in” just like “fight like hell” is. Murkowski is done though. She has “jumped the shark” this time and gone full-leftwing extremist. Oh, did I just threaten to “through her to the sharks”. The sharks are us voters. Lisa is garbage. She is chaff. The money she supposedly brings into Alaska would come in with or without her. She and the democrats in office have virtually destroyed Alaska.

  3. Wow!!! I mean only if Alaskans have the same hatred for Murkowski as she has for President Trump. This impeachment is unconstitutional. President Trump is not the sitting president to be removed from office and Chief Justice Robert isn’t presiding over this impeachment. I guess what the house and senate are trying to tell Americans is that, President Donald Trump did in fact win the election and he is in fact the current president!!! That’s the only reason why impeachment trial is going on.

  4. When will Alaskans finally reject this corrupt, arrogant, self-serving and out-of-touch dried-up skeleton, who is little more than the nepotistic legacy of her equally corrupt, arrogant, self-serving and out-of-touch father?

    • Well, If I remember right, we tried it on her last election…Joe Miller, He actually won,. She returned with write-ins and lied to the remote villages with I hope this next time.. I hope alot of people have been awakened to all her lies and they will join the rest of us.

  5. I really hope someone worthwhile challenges her in the 2022 primary. I would think Trump would fly up here just to help boot her out.

  6. Maybe someone can alert the senators that our national GDP is a falling knife & our national debt will outpace GDP in 2021 (without the 2 Trillion in further handouts).
    China is quickly advancing their clout in the NWO and all our politicians can do is continue to disagree?
    With the value of the U.S. dollar approaching an all time low & cryptocurrencies (60% which are mined in China) on the rise, I wonder if the U.S. as we know it today will be around in another 50 years?

    • Steve you are incorrect about US dollar approaching an all time low. After our problems in 2008 it was much lower than today. Look it up!

        • The issue is with Steve’s BS initially and not with any forecast of where it’s going CapnBiff. And dollar has been in the toilet since July-you thinking this is a Biden thing? Heheh! Get yourself a grip here Cap. and start your thinking cap up. And further, dollar was about where it is now from 2005 to 2015 with the low being fully 20% below where it is now. Shall I go on or do you still think you are on to anything?

          • Billy, since you have established yourself as an expert on monetary policy, kindly explain the value of a reserve currency to a commodity. Let’s start with Oil?

          • Kingsley, what does your question have to do with anything about this post? Do you just randomly bring up BS? Why don’t you answer your own question, not that anyone cares. Tough noogies to a fool IMO.

  7. There’s a lot to be said for keeping the congress critters following the laser light around the floor.
    It keeps them from passing legislation to further their communist agenda.

  8. Yes, please Trump come to Alaska
    To help us Vote this LOSER Lisa OUT
    She’s such a snake just like the Slim she leaves behind

  9. I’d suggest writing to the Alaskan Republican Party to censure and/or defund her should she run for re-election but, they don’t reply to emails. I emailed Glenn Clary and, after no response in two weeks, the next in line with an available email address. Nothing in response. Maybe they’re establishment hacks as well. ??
    As for Prop 2, I voted correctly although some that I’ve talked to did not due to the legalese involved in the description. Regardless of that Prop, Lisa would simply cater to the unions and native organizations as she did during her infamous write-in campaign and nothing would change. Thus, my request submitted to the ARP to wash their hands of her.

    • Glenn Clary was on the Dan Fagan radio show a few weeks ago praising Murkowski. So don’t even bother to try to get him to move on censuring her. That’s the problem with the republicans party, when the leaders at the top don’t listen to their base, the whole party will fall. That’s why in Alaska and quite frankly around the country the Democrat and Republican Party is one in the same. That’s why there’s this growing movement of wanting a third party. I suggest instead of starting a new party we should replace leaders from the top and move on down and take the party back. There’s no need to break up the base, instead let’s do a better vetting of future candidates.

  10. Lisa failed the bar four times, then enlisted a consulting firm who specializes is helping people pass the bar, then went to work for them later on. A few years after that, they went down under a scandal of giving students the answers. So in reality, you have a corrupt and stupid politician, who more than likely cheated to get her law license, deciding issues of law and ethics.

    I guess That makes sense in today’s world.

  11. Trump not guilty; An impeachment trial requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

    Anti-Trump Republicans such as Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse all voted guilty. I want the state GOP to punish her or they can go to hell.

  12. The democrat dog and pony show just concluded with MURKOWSKI voting to convict President Trump. She is untouchable now that ranked choice voting was ‘supposedly’ voted in by Alaskans. It’s time to expose Alaska election fraud and re-count the machine votes from 2020 as I doubt ranked choice really ‘passed’ and I doubt she was re-elected ‘legitimately’. Welcome to fake Independents like creepy al gross and the woman (can’t remember her name) who tried to take down Don Young as they will be your ‘voice’ in the future.

  13. “Sockeye” Murkowski is once again on the wrong side of history as President Trump is acquitted once again!

  14. I also have written to the Republican Party of Alaska to get them to censure Lisa as did the Wyoming Republican Party censured Liz Cheney. Bravo to them, and shame on the RINO Party of Alaska!

  15. Any Senator who already deduced that Former President Trump is guilty should be excused not allow to be involved in the impeachment proceedings. If you can not be impartial you need to excuse yourself.

  16. These five are going to find themselves in no man’s land real soon. They go against the GOP but the Liberal Dems will never accept them as their own and invite them into the club. The Squad will have nothing to do with them. They may try to get in but to take a line from the movie Shrek, “Get out of my swamp!”

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