Senate president’s fundraiser abruptly cancelled


The campaign kickoff fundraiser for Senate President Cathy Giessel was abruptly cancelled Monday. Must Read Alaska has not been able to determine a reason other than “logistics,” as it was explained by a person close to the campaign.

The fundraiser was set for 11:30 am in the basement of the Enstar Building in Spenard. One block away, at the Legislative Information Offices on Benson Blvd, a rally for the Permanent Fund Dividend was being held at the same time.

There may have been concerns about the protesters coming over to the utility’s building and causing bad publicity. Giessel is at odds with some in the Republican Party over her stance on the Permanent Fund dividend, and her growing alliances with Democrats.

Protesters rally at the Legislative Information Offices in Anchorage during the noon hour on Monday.

Sponsors of the fundraiser included John Sims, Kyle Parker, Jon Katchen, Janet Weiss, Tali Birch-Kindred, Chad Gerondale, Carl Brady Jr., and Perry Green.


    • Her initial failed entry into politics pretty much obliterates her dad’s legacy. Dumb move by a girl with no talent of her own.

  1. Someone from the Giessel camp, maybe Giessel herself, figured out there is going to be a strong, concerted effort to dump her sorry a$$.

  2. Perry Green? Com’on man! If I would have received my FULL PFD, I would have bought a new fur! What are you thinking, Perry?

  3. No kidding about the PFD and Fur Purchase! I was in C concourse at Ted Stevens International just yesterday eyeballing mink moccasins at David Greens little boutique. At $250 a pop I would have been able to purchase quite a few for my girls with a full dividend!

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