School of Government speaker is Tyson Wright, director at renown Operation Underground Railroad


The School of Government, a public interest group that meets at King’s Chapel in Wasilla, will host Tyson Wright, director Of Outreach at Operation Underground Railroad on Oct. 7. Operation Underground Railroad is the child rescue organization featured in the documentary “Sound of Freedom.” Wright will be in person on Oct. 7, from 5:30-7:30 pm, to talk about the group’s work at freeing young victims of the control of massive global child trafficking rings.

Founded by Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad has conducted multiple sting operations, some outside the United States, and donated technological and monetary resources to law-enforcement agencies across the planet that combat sex trafficking.

Since becoming famous after the film was made about the group’s work, the organization has come under increasing attack by leftwing media members who accuse it of overestimating the number of rescues it was involved in.

Ballard, who founded the organization, has also been accused by the leftist Vice news organization of sexually harassing women. He is no longer with the organization and has denied the accusations.

School of Government is organized by Edna and Noel DeVries and features speakers on political and social issues that are of interest to Alaskans. There is no cost for the programs.


  1. I always get the sinking feeling I live in a state where child and young adult for sex trafficking is Alaska’s secret big operation here and the big secret Alaska’s community leaders (political and government) know about and won’t disown or disassociate one another over it. Here on Alaska we hadn’t been all that great at taking care of and protecting Alaskan children through the current generations. If we were, Alaskan children and young adults wouldn’t look the way they do including old millennials-GenX-Boomer do today.

  2. Another thing I been questioning is how many private house parties Alaska democrat dignitaries hosted for Biden and his White House team when they came to Alaska through this summer. How many of the guests got set-up on dates with Alaskan sex trafficked young adults either male or female. Cause you be naive or stupid to believe they were only here for business when DC shut Alaska down.

    • Look back into when OBummer was in Alaska and the owner of ADN hosted a party at her house, Marky B won a senate race, who else was at that party?

      Now the daughter in law heads the PFD board!?!

      Who really thinks Biden is running this administration? Who’s talking into the earphone?

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