Liberals and media bash ‘Sound of Freedom’ as a QAnon-driven theory about cabal of global child traffickers


As the documentary movie “Sound of Freedom” turned out to be the surprise box-office hit of the summer, liberals and the media that represent them are calling child trafficking, as represented by the film, a “QAnon-worthy theory.”

Even the Anchorage Daily News had to sideswipe the movie as a “faith-based child trafficking film,” instead of saying it is a film exposing crimes against children.

The ADN also gave a stink-eye to Attorney General Treg Taylor for offering to buy tickets for anyone on his staff to see the film. Instead of pursuing the success of the film, the newspaper focused on insinuating that Taylor made an ethical blunder.

The blunder? The state’s top law officer offering movie tickets for his employees to see a film about …. wait for it … law and justice.

This, from a newspaper that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the difficulty of justice in rural Alaska, which it labeled “Lawless.”

Rural Alaskan Native girls are known to be targets of sex traffickers in Anchorage and the world beyond, because they can be marketed as various races to pedophiles. But the newspaper finds fault with the film because it is faith-based.

Mexican Eduardo Verástegui is the producer and Jim Caviezel plays the lead character in “Sound of Freedom,” which tells of the real-life story of Tim Ballard, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent who is credited with saving numerous children from traffickers who control prostitution rings that service pedophiles. Most of these children were rescued in other countries, where child trafficking is known to be lucrative. The storyline in “Sound of Freedom” involves a rescue in the jungle of Colombia.

Thousands of Alaskans have seen this non-Hollywood movie that reaped $19.7 million last weekend, according to tracking site Box Office Mojo, and has now crossed over the $50 million mark. It’s the third-most popular movie in the country currently, after “Insidious: The Red Door,” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”

But many in the media have targeted the film and labeled it QAnon, a conspiracy theory dreamed up by conspiracy theorists on the Left.

The media doesn’t just say it’s a “conspiracy theory,” but decides for viewers that the film is “controversial.”

“The anti-child sex trafficking film that’s faced criticism over its QAnon ties has grossed more than $50 million at the domestic box office, Deadline reported, making it one of the top 25 highest grossing domestic films of 2023 so far,” Forbes wrote.

“The idea that elite cabals of child sex traffickers lurk everywhere is a core QAnon idea. But the company behind the film denies it’s fueling conspiratorial thinking,” wrote the BBC.

“It should be noted that the real-life Ballard has been accused of exaggerating his rescue narratives,” wrote the New York Times, quoting the aptly-named “Vice” publication.

“A partially crowdfunded religious drama has become an unlikely summer hit among moviegoers (at least, among those who can contend with its ingrained QAnon conspiracies),” wrote the culture reporter for The Daily Beast.

Why does the Left and the media hate the movie so much?

Ballard, who started Operation Underground Railroad, was an informal advisor on sex-trafficking issues to President Donald Trump in 2019. Ballard’s organization has been targeted by left-stream media, which had taken no notice of Operation Underground Railroad before, ever since Ballard advised Trump.

On Fox News, Ballard addressed the multiple instances of the media linking the film to QAnon:

I can’t explain, and neither can they. They just like to throw the word out, QAnon. They make zero connection to the actual story. It’s very difficult to make that connection when it’s actually based on a true story.”

The filmmaker Verástegui says that child trafficking is the fastest growing illegal trade in the world: “You can sell a bag of cocaine one time, but a child five to 10 times a day.”

“Sound of Freedom,” which premiered on July 4, is showing in several places in Alaska this week, including multiple showings at Cinemark Century Anchorage on 36th Avenue, Regal Totem on Muldoon Road, and Valley Cinema in Wasilla.

In Juneau, it’s playing at Glacier Cinema on Cinema Drive, in Kenai it’s still listed at the Kenai Cinema, and in Fairbanks it is on the screen at the Regal Goldstream.

Angel Studios, the production company behind “Sound of Freedom,” reports that more than 450 new theaters would screen “Sound of Freedom” starting July 14.


  1. They do this because they approve of the practice and don’t want it impugned.

    QAnon is like MAGA or racist. Can’t offer a coherent argument? Yell QAnon.

  2. My wife and I went to ‘The Sound of Freedom, we were speechless at the end. To us it makes no difference who is making the film and bringing this disgusting practice into the mainstream or what their motivations are, the mere that this practice of kidnapping children and selling them into life as sex slaves is nothing less than downright disgusting and the saddest commentary on our civilization.

    The fact that there are now more people in sex slavery today than there ever were slave in the past, when slavery was legal, is a terrible comment on our civilization. We can do better than this. We must remain vigil and watch for this sort of thing and report it to authorities whenever we see it.

    Go see the movie don’t let some left-wing loonies try to tell you how to live your life. Be a great American and go get informed. See for yourself how such a thing as the sex slave industry is done. As disgusting as this subject is it is we should be informed about.

    • The ADN has become a full-on pervert rag. Full of pedophile protectors. Has publisher Ryan Binkley lost his mind with his piece of garbage newspaper?
      (note*….Ryan Binkley’s wife runs a large commercial daycare facility up in Fairbanks.)

      • I haven’t seen a single story about Biden’s bribery accusations from whistleblowers in the ADN.

        • Nor should you expect to, Pepe.

          The ADN is not a real news source, nor do they make any money even ostensibly being such — they are almost purely a globalist-funded propaganda arm, with a smattering of still mostly woke-spun local news to make them appear otherwise.

          • Yes Jefferson you are correct. The ADN should be censored for disinformation and failure to tell both sides of the story.

  3. The Mayor of Bethel is on social media blasting this film. Bethel – native village. Alaska native women are many times more likely to be trafficked. And there is a whole group dedicated to missing and murdered indigenous women. And yet the uber progressives cannot help themselves. They must denigrate anything conservatives support.

    • You would think that he has enough to keep his daily docket filled in Bethel. Hub city that feels like its 90 seconds from chaos 24/7. I’ve traveled all over the state in 30 years and Bethel is the worst town I think I’ve been to

  4. Most child sex trafficking is with homeless youth here in America. Homelessness starts with poor education and addictions which lead to abuse. Governor Dunleavy cut education funding because he did not get his way on big PF checks.

    • That’s like people say all Alaska’s or Anchorage homeless are Native Alaskans when only less than 15% of Alaska’s population is Alaska Native. They don’t spend considerable time in the homeless population to not know that’s not true. Most of the homeless population are white mixed with others. People are just laser focused to notice the Alaska Natives on the streets. I tell you trafficked kids across America aren’t there because of running away from home. You’re right about it starts with poor delivered education. The traffickers ,and even parents, if they were not so ignorant because of have dum teachers or no chance to finish school they wouldn’t had been enticed into a lucrative life of crime buying, selling, and stealing children.

    • Again Frank, another low for you. Sex trafficking is a global issue and your insinuation that cutting $87 million (from a total $154 million EXTRA increase) from an already bloated budget is to blame for this hideous crime here in the state, is ludicrous on its face. Interestingly, I always thought liberals care and fight for the victims, yet here they bash a film that does exactly that….fight for the victims! We should all be appalled and stand against it. By taking a political swipe at a guy you do not like, you have made it about yourself, not about those poor souls being trafficked. Shame on you!

    • Homeless teens have nothing to do with education, particularly the sort of garbage education leftists want to teach. Sexual abuse by teachers upon students is rampant, drugs are easily available, and poverty, driven by inflation and taxes, is everywhere. Get an education yourself, Frank, and quit throwing darts at people who are not involved in your little peccadillos.

  5. Leftists and the media (sorry to repeat myself here) are really just children in adult sized bodies. And, children are attracted to other children. Is it any wonder that leftists support pedophalia? When a vote comes up in the legislature to make penalties for child trafficking or child sexual abuse stricter, who votes against those laws? The leftists, who are children themselves.
    What else do children do? When they hear something they do not like, they cover their ears and scream “LALALALALLA” really loudly so no one else can hear it. Is this effort by the media any different? Obviously, they cannot come out and try to prevent you from seeing the movie, but they will do their damnedest to ensure your opinion is tainted.

  6. I saw Sound of Freedom in the Homer Theater on July 5th. It is probably the most important movie I have seen in the past 10 years and is a movie that should transcend politics. The plot is about one man’s fight against child exploitation. I encourage everyone to go and see the movie. It is a profound movie that will inspire you to help fight against the evils of child sex trafficking.

  7. Despite the fact that our country made these practices illegal 150 years ago, people would like to focus on the past instead of fighting for human rights violations that continue legally in many countries and illegally in our own. Slavery has many names, but it is the same. And it is not isolated to any one race. Any immigrant who is working in our country off the books is probably being victimized. The practice has no political ties, unless one party chooses to support it and claim it doesn’t exist. And has open trade with countries that practice it as part of its culture.

  8. Anyone who is against this movie tells the world where they are with God. Satanic-Demonic filth, the Bible calls them Reprobates. Read the first two chapters of Romans, and use the KJV.

  9. Police Commander Targeted Reporter Who Exposed Political Pedophile Network, Say Mexican Investigators.
    Authorities tortured her for 30 hours before she finally bonded out.


  10. I’ve seen the show and I am disgusted, is it no wonder the left are stepping all over it? I believe it’s safe to assume those who scream the loudest are complicit, and yeah you’d think something like this would unite all people and parties against it, but no it doesn’t. I do not support drag queen story time, adult pornographic books for children or anything that somehow pushes an adults perverse desire upon children, you people who do are sick.

  11. Leftist media has to discredit trafficking. It’s to keep their base gullible and simple minded to continue voting for Democrats. The Democrats can’t afford to lose their voters, whom’s simple minded childlike gullibility is what continues America’s corruption and immorality like OCS, Law enforcement, courts, and behavioral health from ever seeing accountability regarding its interaction and communication with families. For everyone else who knows better keeping doing the good work and fighting the good fight we are each called. If the Democrat voters want to be dumb and blind, then let them in peace and quiet. We waste time arguing with a fool.

  12. Children are trafficked. It is horrific. Look to the southern border of the US to find the most prolific offenders. Kids crossing the border with people who are certainly not their parents, only to disappear because we don’t have the sense to track them. Now look at who opened that border to this horrible scourge, and tell me who it is that benefits from child sex trafficking, and therefore who is attacking this movie.

  13. My wife and I saw the movie last night and as expected, were pleased with the messaging and informative theme of the movie. We expected it to be a partially filled theater, but there wasn’t a vacant seat in the theater. We both have careers in law enforcement and were not surprised by the criminal theme and message, rather only by the left’s attempt to label it as promoting a conspiracy of their own making. This movie simply kicks the legs out of the left’s agenda. They have eliminated our southern border and in so doing, have opened a pedophelio storefront in the seedier streets of American nightclub districts. Another prong of their agenda is the re-naming of pedophiles to “Minor Attracted Persons” to distract from the stigma of being classified as a pervert, all the while the left is “coming for your children” as was vocally threatened by recent Pride parade promoters. This, along with the Drag Queen Story Hour, and the left’s incessant undermining of the culture with the promotion of last minute, late term abortions, and as usual the person they focus on is the one least able to defend themselves. I hope that this film awakes a sleeping giant in the American family and that we unite in a way that scares hell out of anyone thinking of laying a finger on the unborn, or the innocent youth just trying to grow up in this evil culture.
    I especially liked the movie’s biblical reference to Christ’s Matthew 18:6 admonition to, “WHOEVER causes one of these little ones who believes in Me to sin, it would be better that a millstone were hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Our children are not for sale!

  14. The people and media who are denouncing this film and it’s message, have something to hide, and that is that they are on the side of the groomers and pedophiles.
    Why else would they come out against this film?

  15. If the media and liberals didn’t discredit this movie then all the kids that Biden needs to sniff their hair would dry up!

  16. An example of how the left implement the illusory truth effect – the illusion of truth by saying something they make up, typically for the purpose of discrediting, over and over and over until the gullible and unsuspecting think it is truth. Who exactly is QAnon? Where is the evidence this supposed organization that no one can really identify or trace has any ties to this movie? Where’s the money trail, the promotion, the affiliation? All fabrication. Lastly, why would the left want so badly to discredit? That has been answered numerous times by many astute readers above.

  17. My wife and I – and two other couples – saw the movie. Parts are difficult to watch. Afterwards, one of my first thoughts was about how Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein’s cohort in crime) can be in prison but no one’s been arrested and charged with utilizing her/their services. She can’t be guilty of trafficking young women and children to no one.

    • We can’t make todays local communities and states leaderships do what they should had been doing. As men with their wives if they are married you all can look into New Life’s Every Man’s Battle, Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk cause he been and still on the nation’s frontlines standing against porn and child trafficking to help the church ministries see your community is active in men’s groups for bible study or New Life’s Every Man’s Battle because when men can get together they can help one another be accountable to their own thoughts and actions hopefully one another find each other mature and without judgement when a brother comes into the group admitting he struggles porn and sexual addiction. The men can help one another overcome the struggles they face from finances, marriage issues, children issues, alcoholism, porn, anger and criticism, high unrealistic expectations or low expectations, to caregiving for a sick spouse or child. The churches were meant for this kind of community building and fellowship. That’s what the couples and individuals who watched this second earth shaking film can do cause the stakes are too high for any man and woman in leadership. They ain’t going to do anything. Trafficking will lesson when the peoples lose interest to the labor or the kids or to the entertainment they being bought, sold, or stolen for us because of as a community we hold one another, our neighbors more accountable to their lusts or greed.

  18. The movie was enjoyable enough, a little slow, barely a mention of religion, and sex trafficking is a major problem like the movie implies. Hardly “faith based” or “conspiratorial”. I call BS. I doubt the critics even saw it.

  19. Truth of the matter it stares you in the face every day and we all do t want to see? If you can’t see! You are a professional problem

  20. There is something dodgy about Ballard…he just resigned from OUR. Recent looks into his stories and claims about his efforts into child sex trafficking – by conservative organizations – have shown brought up discrepancies and sometimes straight up misinformation in his actions.

  21. Just More solid proof many of the liberal progressives movement and left leaning media and Hollywood elites in general are sick and disgusting people, yes something went whacko in their upbringing or their education that lead them all to their severe mental illness’s and perversions. Then when they get slapped in the face with the cold hard truths with a film like this( which rarely comes along anymore), they lash out and twist things like an immature teenagers. They can never be confronted , and they can never be wrong, because when they are proven wrong their entire vision of life goes up in smoke. We sure do have some severely mentally I’ll people living among us thanks mainly to a educational system that was dismantled and indoctrinated in the last 15 years and prior inntje universities, , just another bye product of the obama/ Biden tenure folks, the warning signs were pointed out when it started and the people slept and allowed it all to happen!

  22. Liberals also believe it’s ok to be a pedophile. I know this because they will outright defend pedophilia.

    The only thing pedophiles and traffickers deserve is a millstone around their neck and a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

  23. Is justice all about the “deal” and not about truth? Sovereignty, politics, money, family/community connections should never protect perpetrators in any jurisdiction of Alaska. Human Sex trafficking in Alaska is not about what political party one belongs to. Sex trafficking is affecting many and statistics show that Alaska Natives are prime groomed targets.

    AG Treg Taylor and several Senators and Representatives that have paid for anyone to attend the movie Sound of Freedom is commendable. February 15, 2021 Governor Dunleavy launched the People First Initiative to address several public safety issues which include Human/sex trafficking.

    During the 2023 legislative session I attended a committee meeting where two brave Alaska women gave testimony about being sex trafficked. Take a moment to listen. The testimony affected each Representative, not just one particular political party Representative.
    HB 68 Human and Sex Trafficking

    Alaska has 229 tribal sovereign government/nations. There is no comity between every tribal government. This is why there is difficulty of justice in rural and many cities of Alaska to prosecute a perpetrator that commits crimes of sexual misconduct. A #ME TOO letter was written and distributed because one of several victims saw no other remedy to correct the wrong of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

    For over a decade I’ve been writing letters to the Alaska Congressional team, U.S. Secretary of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Attorney Generals, etc. I wrote Congresswoman Mary Peltola September 19, 2022 that there are loopholes within the three layers (federal, state, tribal) governments here in Alaska. No action to date. Alaskans need Congresswoman Peltola to take immediate action to stop lewd lawlessness criminal/civil acts that destroy many Alaska Natives and the lives of our families. Many Alaskans fear retaliation if they talk about the elephants in the room.

    Tlingit and Haida Central Council President Richard Peterson posted a video on Facebook a couple years ago regarding the charges of the former Bethel legislative aide… President Peterson had many comments from women who were sharing parts of their stories. President Peterson was speaking on social media about the elephant(s) in the room and no tolerance.

    March 20, 2021 I wrote U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland requesting a federal special grand jury investigation into the evidence of systemic corruption within Alaska judicial systems. No action.

    Alaska has a lot of Native leadership and knowledge (not just two), and has the funding to purchase and give tickets for all tribal citizens to attend the Sounds of Freedom movie.

    Sealaska Board of Director and Tlingit and Haida Central Council Executive Council Member Jacqueline Pata and former NCAI, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Native American Programs…

    Tara Katuk MacLean Sweeney. U.S. Department of the Interior Indian Affairs…

    Judicial Reform is needed. Please contact your Senators and Representatives to support bills regarding judicial review and selection of judges. Judges should have a history of following the written constitution, laws, the best interest of a child(ren) and protecting our children against on-going traumas. Please read and/or watch information SB 31 Selection and Review of Judges SB 31 Testimony Starts are 04:30:06 PM

    No person should ever use a child as a pawn for financial gain. It doesn’t matter what government jurisdiction (federal, state or tribal) that a crime of child exploitation, sexual misconduct, violations of one’s civil rights, perjury, etc., no one person should be above the law.

    Alaska is a mandatory P.L. 280 State. Alaska Attorney General has authority and jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute sexual crimes. The Governor has constitutional authority and is responsible for the faithful execution of the laws.

    Alaska needs to be a State equipped to investigate and prosecute, and work in collaboration with all governments/entities in Alaska that shall provide the assurance that truth and justice is afforded to all, and for all Alaskans to be safe within their communities.

  24. I believe the resistance in certain quarters boils down to this simple sentence:
    “God’s children are no longer for sale”
    It emphatically implies that each child has worth. Each child is worthy of protection, which clearly extends to include protection in the womb, protection from mutilation and sterilization along with off-label drug experimentation, so desired by the very people screaming the loudest against this film.

  25. The film is an expose’ of a reprehensible world-wide criminal network. It is an enacted drama based upon true events. However, it is not a documentary which is a form of journalism without actors. Another format, “docudrama,” combines a documentary with segments of dramatic re-enactments (with actors) interspersed therein. In any event, the solution to criminal conspiracy is exposing it to daylight with decency and morality.

  26. Please cite some liberal media, other than the chicken little ring wing media, which has claimed that this film is “QAnon-driven.”

    Sometimes I think people would catch on to the rabble rousing that goes on. Evidently, my faith in my fellowman is misplaced.

      • Jefferson you are wrong. No where in the Rolling Stone article does it say the movie is “QAnon driven.” The word driven doesn’t appear in the article at all.

  27. There is Part B of human trafficing. It is ruthless debt slavery practiced by common law trespass with impunity, purposeful sellout of countrymen by passage of unconstitutional bills of attainder wherein the hostile government creates debt slaves and peonage with every fine, bill of attainder though prohibited by the US Constitution. Who gets the fine? Tyranny and treasonous? We the people determine what is good for us to know. In the preambles of state constitutions they state the purpose of government is to secure the blessings of liberty. Rights impose a duty to respect the rights of other men. Fundamental alteration of our form of government is outside the delegated authority of servants through the use of promise of rewards (bills of attainder, infraction penalties, life confiscation and seizures, bills of pain and punishments) is unconstitutional to convert the US into a monarchy form or foreign emoluments, czars etc form. In 1807 Congress prohibited slavery. We are all equal before the law, no distinguishments, Property is an aggregate of assumed rights. IN Alaska do we confiscate lives? YES? or NO? NO EX POST FACTO LAWS. I can’t use force on my fellow countryman. He can keep his hat on if he wants to. If I can’t do it at home I can’t do it under guise of business, A man cannot prove his innocence. Acts of pretended legislation are 🎨 prohibited. Innocent until proven guilty. The people surrendered nothing in the US Constitution.

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