Kamala Harris: We must ‘reduce population’ to combat climate change


Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday said that the United States must “reduce population” to combat climate change. In a White House transcript of her speech later, the word “population” was crossed out and the word “pollution” was inserted, to show what she the vice president was supposed to say.

Harris was speaking at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland on the topic of a clean energy economy. After several minutes of accolades for officials in the room, she launched into the topic.

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,” Harris said. The audience applauded.

The official White House transcript says, “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population [pollution], more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.  (Applause.)”

Harris also blamed weather events on climate change, including wildfires in Canada, which are believed to have been started by lightning in one case, and possibly arson in another. Canada has its own methods for handling wildfires.

According to Harris, the fact that climate change leads the news cycle is proof enough:

“So, every day, all across our nation, we feel and see the impact of the climate crisis.  I mean, if you watch the morning news, it will be the lead story.  It’s been every day for the last couple of weeks.  It is the lead story.  I think we finally, at least in our progress, come to the point that most people can no longer deny it because it is so obvious,” Harris said.

“And we have seen, around our country, where communities have been choked by drought, have been washed out by floods, and decimated by hurricanes.  Here in Baltimore, you have seen your skies darkened by wildfire smoke.  And you have seen the waters of the Chesapeake Bay rise, threatening homes and businesses that have stood for generations,” she expounded.

Read the complete White House transcript of her speech here.


  1. She should lead by example, Kamala, Biden, The Obamas, , The Clinton’s, the progressive leftists,and Rinos should take their selves to an active volcano and jump in.
    Make room for people that want to live their lives,not live to control others lives.
    Chinese government telling the Biden abomination what policy’s to enact?

  2. There she goes saying the quiet part out loud.

    The modern, ego nutcase left is a death cult. From killing and sterilizing children to limiting our ability to cook and eat, nearly everything they do is designed to cull the serfs.

    If she really believes we need to reduce the population, I nominate her to lead by example. How about committing seppuku on MSNBC to motivate others?

    • We need to reduce our country’s population by keeping the millions out that have country’s to live in.

  3. Marvelous idea, Kamala. Take yourself out and show us how progress is made. Your exit from the planet will be a big carbon relief.

    • Just imagine Kamala being able to giggle and flatulate at the same time. That feat alone trumps Biden’s ability to talk coherently while standing still.

  4. There are two ways to reduce the birth rate and in turn the replacement rate. The first is to make sure the maximum number of people are wealthy as humanly possible. Capitalism, under incessant attack by the left, does this very well in the western world (Japan and ROK also). The other way is to make sure your government is just as awful and oppressive as humanly possible, and people will also stop making babies (China, Soviet Union, NORK, etc). Even in the Muslim world, birth rates are cratering after being up for decades. The greens prefer the second path. Same end result, though. Cheers –

  5. Conspiracy theorists are the healthiest people on the planet. When Democrats and Rinos tell you something is good, never touch it. Every media in Alaska blocked us when we tried to tell you.. the sad part is that even now that you know that you were slow killed with a death shot, you’re still not going lift a finger to stop it

  6. Wow! Another clue who the mysterious white powder belonged to.
    Its pretty easy to get a little confused when making up word salads.
    Happens to people all the time but especially while telling lies then it gets confusing. Isnt that right Joe?

  7. Every leftists is a genocidal maniacal dictator in the making.
    I wonder, how will the demographics for her population reduction be determined? I wonder of “wrong think” will be a determining factor?
    Who else thought reducing population was a good idea? Stalin, Hitler, PolPot, Amin, the list of tyrants goes on and on, and all of them were leftists.

  8. And such a lovely picture of the two of them together.
    They look so happy in the midst of all the Chaos in the west wing…?
    I think Joe should appoint her Population Tzar or Pollution Tzar or whatever is intended because then the “problem” will become much worse.

  9. I’m going to focus on something else she said – “And you have seen the waters of the Chesapeake Bay rise….”
    How do you have coastal waters rise in only one location? I’m in Kenai and I do not see rising waters here. I vacation down on the Texas Gulf and I don’t see the coastal waters rising there. Hmm!

    • I am sorry Stacey, You are incorrect about unequal water levels in different locations.
      Water has risen much higher in some areas as well as the lines have gotten longer between speeches.
      If you listen closely it is detectable to the trained ear.

    • But if we keep saying “rising sea levels,” it will become true. See how “Russian collusion” worked? Stated often enough, the average American cannot say for sure if it was true or not regarding Trump, despite millions spent to prove it…completely false and discovered to be funded by the Clinton Foundation. “White Supremacy” is stated so often, we believe it is a systemic problem in America, when reality amounts to a few men in their basements posting missives for all to read.
      But “Sea levels”! See? I feel smart now.

    • The globalists are total nits when it comes to logic and truth. Of course, her audience were local Chesapeakans who may buy her rhetoric but those of us who listen to true scientists know sea levels are not rising.

    • They make most of this stuff up. There is zero science involved and it is only a created narrative. Illusory truth effect. Power, money and control.

      • Right on, honey, and don’t let anybody tell you that you are dumb. You’ve got it: it’s all about power, money, and control.

        In today’s world you can’t trust anybody–absolutely no one–and that includes scientists, judges, police, politicians, neighbors, “friends,” family, and ministers. We are “safer” all alone! Primal fear is key to survival!

  10. That’s always been a communist’s whisper among one another reducing their opposition by death sentence. More people have been starved or shot under a communist’s government. Get this the communist’s country never improved even after reducing its population. Actually problems just worsened.

  11. Just like Whidbey stated above it matters not what words she intended she is right….

    And that alone is why she is in the Whitehouse in the first place. Remember that!

  12. With undercover videos, The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposed that Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts by recording doctors, executives and procurement personnel. Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General at the time, charged the journalists with crimes although the recordings were taken in public places where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    Planned Parenthood sued also, claiming that the videos were deceptively edited. A Circuit Court ruled that the videos were not deceptively edited and could be used in evidence although judges didn’t allow much of it to be shown. The journalists have been tied up tied up in courts for many years.

    Through depositions, CMP has exposed many of Planned Parenthood’s statements to the press to be false and contradicted by testimonies of many who didn’t want to add perjury to their crimes. It was also exposed that Planned Parenthood was selling maternal blood samples without the knowledge or consent of the mothers.

    Not surprisingly, Kamala Harris declined to investigate Planned Parenthood although selling human organs and other body parts is a felony.

  13. I’m confident that after spraying the stratosphere with a magic dust and dimming the sun all our problems will be resolved.

  14. Climate change is here and it ain’t “free!” Only the spiritually calloused and cold hearted will fare well. So teach your kids to take what they want and fight to keep what they get. Brotherly love is for the dead and the dying. Stealth and guile are the tricks of the trade for survival; hone up on your skills, and trust nobody! (Surely, the goody-goodies will start squealing, but in the long run “shingles doesn’t care.”)

  15. There’s lots of good reasons to reduce the population in the United States, or at least try and control it. Climate change…err global warming isn’t one of them. Keeping illegal aliens out of the country would be a good reason to reduce or try and control population, but this current administration seems hellbent on trying to increase pollution and population caused by illegal aliens.

    • Illegal aliens looking for greener pastures come to the U.S. to fatten up thus encouraging more offspring and once settled in, send for other relations, feeding off tax payers sending money back to host countries. Oh I forgot, they don’t believe in birth control.
      Study’s also show that the poor are the largest populators.
      So you’re correct on this one.

      • Greener pastures, where they live on taxpayer funded benefits while contributing nothing to the economy.
        Gee… no wonder they want to come to the US.

      • Reproduction rate has more to do with the level of education than level of income, although the two generally go hand in hand they are not mutually exclusive.

        • Even less is the level of education (sic) nowadays correlated with the level of intelligence, if not in fact in a directly inverse relationship.

  16. Ok miss VP – I want you to fly to India and China and convince them to have net zero population growth.

  17. If you took 8 billion people and put them on St Lawrence Island each person would have approximately 6 Sq feet of space. Do the math. Over population is really not one of the big problems we have.

  18. They are going to get us in a nuclear war and that should pretty much solve the problem. When your skin is melting off Whidbey remember who you voted for. Your a pos. Nothing more nothing less.

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