Ashley Hayek on STAND podcast: America First Patriots are a force more powerful than any elite few

Ashley Hayek


The Joe Biden Administration has unabashedly waged an all-out war on America-first values by decreasing energy independence, increasing the national debt, and forcing Americans to shoulder the consequences.

We’ve all wondered: Can Biden’s harmful policies be reversed in time to save our country? According to Ashley Hayek, political strategist and executive director of America First Works, they can.

On a recent episode of STAND with Kelly and Niki Tshibaka, Hayek addressed America’s concerns, particularly surrounding energy policies and the national debt. 

“This administration, on day one, when [Biden] signed an executive order ending the Keystone Pipeline, made it very clear that this would be a war on American energy.” Hayek explained, “The fact that we are buying oil from Venezuela, which is a hostile country, is an insult to every single American, every single American worker. It’s offensive and it’s incredibly wrong.”

Hayek, executive director of America First Works, also addressed the fact that China has risen to an uncomfortably high level of control over American life, dominating our agricultural lands, manufacturing, and owning much of our national debt. 

“We have all these problems, and all we’re doing is importing more problems … Not growing our country’s profit.”

However, despite the concerning state of the economy and Biden’s attack on energy policies, Hayek proposed several solutions to the issues we are experiencing. First, she recommended new presidential leadership, stating throughout her interview that Biden repeatedly has made it clear that he will not enact America-first policies. 

“America should be first, always. Period,” Hayek argued.

Second, Hayek advised everyday Americans to get involved at the local level to prompt grassroots-led change. This includes presence at Assembly meetings, school board involvement, and voting in municipal elections. “There is nothing you can do that is too small that will help America,” she said.

Lastly, Hayek proposed changes to the way America generates its economy, recommending that the government stop giving handouts and start incentivizing people to work again, claiming: “It’s only going to get worse if we don’t rein in spending, reduce regulation, and allow for some growth in the country.”

If we want to see the change, we have to be the change. There is nobody coming to save us; the only ones who can save America are Americans. 

If you want to hear more about Ashley Hayek’s solutions for the problems America is witnessing, you can watch her full interview on STAND on Youtube, Rumble, or your podcast streaming platform. Visit to find out more.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.


  1. When she says America does she mean traditional White America or America 2.0 globo_homo DIE ? That’s the only question these days.

    • She means the America where all citizens are equal before the law and the law, government, and bureaucracies cannot interfere with citizens inalienable rights.

    • Some areas of America are stagnant. Some folks like it that way. The small town feel, where the bomb pop man still drives through neighborhoods ringing his bell. The south is one of those places. Many states still recognize Confederate Day. Not in a slave history way, but for their families they lost. Flags still fly year round regardless of the moaning from the woke. People live their lives the way they see fit.

    • You’re either an American or your not there is no grey area in between. By raising that question you are continuing to further divide this country along racial and social-economic lines. That is the problem today too many people are looking for the government to solve the problems but it is not the governments responsibility to do that.

  2. See! Hayak would agree with me when I been saying both Alaska’s local leadership and residents need to stop taking all forms of government assistance from appropriations, grants, and public assistance. Government should be small. It was meant to be small. Very little government should be paying for.
    We can start with eliminating Social security, Medicare, and Unemployment so workers don’t have to make the deductions. You know how much what was deducted from me 550+ dollars that could been added to my net pay year to date. My great grandparents didn’t pay social security, Medicare, and unemployment. They worked to pay for what was needed.

  3. We the people are the general public the electorate who operate in the private not receiving stipends from the public trust funds or are bound by written oaths to defend the actual diction of the foundational law of the land, the US Constitution we dictated and adopted. We did not authorize public employees to suspend or pause or tamper with our US Constitutional rights.

  4. Jen, Not true, social security started in the 1930s under FDR. It proved to be a resounding success as our economy and nation multiplied. The problems on
    Y started when the federal government with the house nd senate approval decided they should be allowed to borrow from the fund!! Those IOUs were never repaid!! Thu the quandry as new workers funds were used to pay for the SS recipients ( retirees) who had to qualify by o many quarters paid in!! I started taking my SS early so I could go back to college and learn a new trade!! Unforturely when I finally got licensed as an RN I was apparently too old to be hirable by the local hospitals. I timed out on my licensure so went back to my old trade s an electrician and currently trying to start a cont4acting business in GlenAllen.


    • Social security made people dependent on the government instead of learning how to invest for their own retirement. IF we weren’t being taxed on everything (which is illegal), people would have enough money from their years of working to live comfortably in their “golden years.” Social Security was a farce from the beginning to assist in bringing this nation down and it is succeeding.


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