Swamp report: Assembly prepares to award contract to member’s employer


The Anchorage Assembly is preparing to vote on a contract that would award a strategic planning contract concerning the city’s alcohol tax to a company Assemblywoman Anna Brawley works at when not attending to Anchorage Assembly business.

The grant is worth $194,000 and is intended to study uses of the alcohol tax that voters approved in 2020, which is a 5% sales tax to be used to help the inebriates and addicts get help with their addictions, serve the homeless, and provide funding for police and public safety specific to domestic violence.

While Brawley was running for the open seat against Brian Flynn, the Anchorage Daily News assisted the Democrat-leaning candidate by pointing out that Flynn is married to the city’s purchasing director, and thus would have a conflict of interest.

The newspaper downplayed Brawley’s own conflict of interest working at a consultancy that receives many major contracts from the city. Brawley said earlier this year that she stopped working on any projects related to the city and would recuse herself from any vote pertaining to the company. According to her LinkedIn account, she still works at Agnew-Beck.

Another member with an even bigger conflict of interest is Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who runs the largest homeless services nonprofit in the state.

Zaletel’s group, Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, is continuously awarded grants from the Assembly, and she makes a handsome six-figure salary at ACEH, in addition to the more than $36,000 $60,000 said she gets annually as an Assembly member.

ACEH receives close to three quarters of a million dollars from the city budget annually appropriated by the Assembly, in addition to federal and private grants.

See information about the agenda item, to be taken up Tuesday by the Assembly, at this link.

The Assembly meets at 5:30 pm on the ground floor of the Loussac Library.


  1. This is how Democrats get so rich. They have non profits, foundations, get grant monies, etc. They then gain positions of authority and direct all these funds to themselves. It’s the life of a privileged Democrat. Yet, they hate capitalism and roast those who actually earn their money.

    • She has stated her intent to recuse herself from this vote, but that has not yet happen and remains to be seen come Tuesday

    • When one does “recuse herself from this vote”, does that mean he/she is not in on the preceding discussions?
      Most lobbying, discussions and positions, made where “recusers” can be present, are held prior to the Assembly vote in a corner of city hall, away from all, but those available for short notice, inconvenient, cloistered meetings…. Daily , check your daily muni website. No voting, but all, just, being part of a discussion.
      Recusers can wave their flag of “you vote for mine and I’ll vote for….”

    • Care to address the relevant matter under discussion, “frank”?
      Or are you just going to engage in your typical non-sequiturs and diversionary BS?

      (I think we all know the answer to those questions.)

      PS: You forgot to add your usual rant about “anonymous trolls”, forgetting of course that you are near the top of the list of MRAK’s anonymous trolls.

  2. ‘$194,000 and is intended to study uses of the alcohol tax’, this sounds ridiculous on it’s face. The study should conclude that purchasing one-way plane tickets to Seattle for the assembly members would be in the best interest of Anchorage. And, how does Zaletel collect that kind of money from a “non-profit”? These shamelessly corrupt Marxists are swindling taxpayers and the local residents continue to tolerate it.

  3. Sorta kinda wish we had a real ombudsman. Instead of the hack we have. Somebody should have standing to stop this grift. Naturally, they turn around and use the funds to run for office, lather, rinse, repeat.

    • We can force a changed to elected Clerk and Ombudsman.
      Let’s set it for a city wide vote….seriously, this is the fix.

    • Correction….. What the counted ballots tabulated……..
      When you can walk into any PO Box location and scarf up a dozen on any given day. Weeks before AND days AFTER said “ Election Day “is NOT an election

    • Might be more accurate, JH, to say “you got what –you were told– you voted for”.
      What could possibly go wrong, for example, when the Clerk, who works for the Assembly, counts votes for Assembly members running for re-election, or wanting to survive recalls?
      Who can say with a straight face what inspires confidence in the fairness and honesty of municipal elections?
      Voters who justifiably distrust nearly everything else government officials say should blindly trust what the same officials say about election outcomes?
      So, a little whimpering’s okay… mourning the loss of a once vibrant city and a reasonably honest election system.
      Might be time for them to worry when the whimpering stops, no?

  4. So when will they be charged with racketeering and criminal charges?

    Or did they change the MOA charter to legalize their activities?

    • It’s not who votes but who counts the votes. I voted for Kevin Cross but that will not happen again he has been a terrible disappointment.

    • Here here! I worked on both recall campaigns for Zaletel and Rivera. I was so floored when they both kept getting re-elected. The citizens really did ask for all this. And still do.

      • I surprised too especially when Recall Rivera had more signatures than votes to retain him. I was like either some who took time to sign didn’t take time to vote him out. Which I think it doesn’t add up if a voter is not happy enough to sign a recall petition then they would have the incentive to vote them out. Then I remember how much of a thorn the Bronson campaign manager was being reported watching, calculating, and viewing the ballots being counted during the Bronson/Dunbar race. If he wasn’t there would Anchorage really seem Bronson elected?

      • I don’t doubt scrupulous voting counting activities do happen during the ballot counting process. The late municipality clerk she was so frustrated at the constant presence of Bronson’s campaign manager. I’m like why the frustration. If one is going to try to do anything questionable. A sane and honest person will just work around someone overseeing work. If you trying to hide something and their constant observation well you going to be very nervous and frustrated as the clerk behaved. I think she was a liar but I think she isn’t a good liar.

    • There is a strong segment of Anchorage in deep denial of reality.

      Anchorage has the government they voted for. Again, and again, and again.

  5. We can’t expect anything better from Non-Christians. Humanists of Anchorage and Alaska want to see an example of people living like God don’t exist look no further than this Anchorage Assembly.

  6. This is how a non-profit works; the nonprofit has to spend everything it brings in. If there’s anything left over, it has to spend it on anything before the end of the fiscal year. Advertising, studies, hotel rooms, airfares, any excuse you can think of to spend the leftover funds collected. And if that isn’t enough, pay raises and bonuses for saving money for the nonprofit. What?? Nonprofits can’t save for a rainy day. Because there is no rainy day in nonprofits. And can anybody explain to me just what all conditions and requirements are required of a study? A $194,000 study??? Give me a break!!! Tax payers waste of money. Can anybody tell me why a nonprofit hospital has to advertise on television? Like I’m shopping around for surgery or a colonoscopy?

  7. Vote them out the next round of elections if they are in your district or keep voting them in and get the same corrupt assembly you deserve.

  8. IMHO, Anc is not as Left as we think. The elections ARE rigged. The ADN is owned by Outside Soros money. The ASSembly operates with this knowledge, knowing that they are utterly immune. The ADN writes an article laying the ground for plausible deniability, and VOILA! In incestuous circle continues.

  9. While prepping the campaigns for the next mayor and Assembly members, perhaps carpet bombing the Muni with ethics complaints on Zalatel and Brawley would be in order.

    I am impressed by how quickly Brawley got her nose in the public trough. Kind of makes you wonder how many more of the remaining 9 members are suckling off the public teat. My guess is that it is a nonzero number. Cheers –

    • Maybe the coward and King Troll who masquerades here as “frank rast” will finally, one day, grow enough spine to actually try responding to or rebutting any of the innumerable challenges to his inane and irrational posts here on MRAK.

      But I am not holding my breath, as you consistently and cowardly refused to respond to any challenges to your BS in the online comments of the ADN, before they turned that forum into a veritable gulag of one-sided censored opinions, before deleting it altogether. Can’t have the unwashed rabble and hoi polloi actually daring to speak out!

  10. Anna is totally good with the optics here.
    She already witnessed the homeless czars Rivera and Zaletel survive recall elections for their dirty deeds so she feels empowered to do as she damn well pleases.
    Not only that they also have a backup plan at Ship Creek selection center if the peasants get frisky.

  11. The Valley managed to put integrity back into their election process before the rats got into the larder. For Anchorage, it may be too late. You can’t oust the King when the King runs the election. The problems with our election system have been identified but will not be fixed. It would even save taxpayer money to return to the traditional way of voting…. Perhaps we should commission a “study “.

  12. Can Anchorage not consent to that agenda item? Community Councils resolve to not consent and present resolutions to not concentrate as added must present agenda item that evening. And, ask for an ethics review. City representatives ostensibly can ask for favors for favors but the answer may be a resounding, polite “nein”.

  13. Are you kidding? Liberals never have conflicts of interest. They also never lie, cheat or commit crimes. That assembly does not want or need a mayor (unless the mayor is one them). Together they can run the once lovely city into the toilet.
    That assembly is disgusting.

  14. You missed the mark by a wide margin on this one. Brawley hasn’t worked for Agnew Beck in over four months. Her LinkedIn page is not accurate.

    If you attended or watched Tuesdays meeting you would know this.

    Why would you not even reach out to her to confirm this basic fact, or correct it now that’s she’s on the record stating this ?

    That’s just really sloppy, or is it an intentional smear on your part ?

    Your labor of love, lol, wow.

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