Rules are for the little people: Assemblyman Constant pokes fun of masks, jokes with buddies about masking his ‘log’ before contact


Although in the Assembly meetings, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant wears his mask like a religious icon, when he’s partying with the bros, he hugs, close talks, takes selfies and then goes on social media to joke about how his brand new friends are part of his new social “bubble.”

Constant was following the lead of Hollywood, where the Emmy Award Ceremony was a mask-free event with lots of close contact.

A series of exchanges on social media shows the extent of Assemblyman Constant’s distain for masks, which comes out when he’s not performing official duties. And, as a side benefit, reader can see he finds public testimony painful — so painful that he gets a headache. A migraine headache. He really can’t stand all the “racist” comments he has to listen to in his role on the Assembly.

Here’s Assemblyman Constant partying with a bunch of new friends, and there’s no mask or social distancing at all:

Among the group cozied up to was Sabrena Combs, a Palmer city councilwoman who is now under investigation for violations of the open meetings laws in an unrelated matter.

When people on Facebook critiqued Constant for not maintaining a six-foot distance, he joked, “I held my breath.”

Later, his friend joked, “I hear that the CDC says you can contact logs as long as you’re both wearing masks,” a sexual innuendo pun referring in part to contact logs that some people keep to be able to reach out to people in case someone gets Covid.

Combs noted the naughty intent of the comment, and there was some emoji-pounding going on about that.

Check out the exchange, which was soon taken down from Facebook, but exists here for history’s sake:

Like the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, who was caught partying and dancing without a mask over the weekend, and then excusing it away when the media asked her, Constant is in the process of making a law that everyone in Anchorage must wear a mask.

The details of the mask ordinance was revealed just one hour before a meeting the Assembly was trying to advance the ordinance that would force everyone in Anchorage to wear a mask.

Earlier this month, Constant was photographed at a wedding reception in Palmer, where neither he nor anyone else was masked, and all maintained close contact at the venue, which was both indoors and under a canopy.

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In May, Constant moved to lift the mayor’s mask mandates, and then was caught on a hot microphone saying he wanted to rob Assemblywoman Jamie Allard of being able to make the motion.


  1. What a JERK!!! What is wrong with the people of Anchorage that they vote in such hypocritical young children to run their government?

  2. So this is how homosexuals talk to each other? Okay. I Imagine this was the how Lot’s new sodomite friends talked when he took the whole plain of the Jordan, when he and Abraham divided and separated. Before Sodom got really bad.
    Homosexuality and crude language leads us to death. The darkness abiding around him probably is why Assemblyman Constant develops migraines, there is too much toxicity in his world.

    • I feel sad seeing peoples profiles including Constant who will never change and they are heading for destruction while taking a multitude of people with them.

  3. Is Constant a closet gay, or is he out? A lot of these characters view Covid like homosexual men viewed HIV in the 80’s and 90’s. “Our behavior is our own business, and no one’s going to force a condom on me. Well all go down together!”

        • Homosexual agenda is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades. Anchorage voters have only themselves to blame, allowing this clear minority of radicals to take over local government reins. Bronson and his staff will start to clean it up, but it will take years and a lot of Conservative pushback.

    • I didn’t think that he meant to imply that he was gay. Sound like just a bunch of drunk Bros with locker talk mouths. Kind of like Trump. I’m glad they were talking about logs like a flight plan log or some other kind of written log. For a brief moment I thought they were talking about a love glove.

    • These LGBTQ Alphabet people are a cult. They are also way over represented on the assembly. So much for equity! They come to a community, find it’s oppressors, give themselves special privileges and proceed to dismantle everything at their leisure. Aaaaand we are too afraid to say anything about it or we get fired. If you think you are a ‘free man’ try saying that in testimony at the next meeting.

    • “Educated??? He has a bachelor in English From cal party people go there because its by the beach.Not much of an education.. Oh and a real estate license.BFD.. That’s why he doesn’t get science. Its outside his abilities. Thank him and the rest of the Assembly Mask Stasi for increased vaccine hesitancy. Why take the shot if you gotta,mask, anyway????

  4. More proof this is all about social control. Nothing else.

    You keep re electing these clowns Anchorage. At some point you must want this.

  5. Sociopaths. Sadists. Perverts. Communists. Despots. Pathological liars. Just please stop calling them liberals. It’s just an insult to liberals everywhere.

  6. Is it asking too much for people to keep this interchange and refer to it before voting next time?

    I expect moral character from people who get my vote. Not gutter trash language and behavior.

  7. That’s right, Chris. Minorities ARE people. That includes the minority of Conservatives like me who live in your communist district.

  8. This is the same Sabrena Combs who recently pushed for a mask mandate here in Palmer. Fortunately common sense and science prevailed.
    The inept, woke elites and have taken root here too. Did I mention hypocritical?

  9. It’s funny how he talks about racist comments occurring during testimony, but I’ll bet he can’t provide provable examples. Suzanne, you record those meetings and testimony, right? Were any of the comments even remotely racist? Not as the left determines racism, which is when anything doesn’t meet their agenda, but real racism?

      • It’s quite sad that a supposedly grown man thinks, acts and talks like a twelve-year-old boy, isn’t it?

        • Uhhh, Karen, you are being generous. Fools who opine “racism” at every turn have a vocabulary and mentality that ends at “goo-goo.”
          About 8 months old. Leftists are all about baby-talk.

  10. Constant claims the photos were from July 2020 and were well within the rules at the time.

    Also refuses to explain why he deleted the FB string. Cheers –

    • Nice try on Constant’s part. Berky’s EO 13 was in effect in July 2020 and required ALL to wear masks in indoor settings. If he was so concerned about the virus then, why not keep your mask on for the photo? Beside the dodge of “those were the rules” doesn’t fly as he maintains that masks are needed when you leave the house. If he believed his own propaganda, he would keep his mask on.

      • I think I surprised him with the question and he winged the response.

        Constant is quite pleased with himself and his exercise of power, which has made him arrogant and dismissive of anything that disagrees. It also makes him predictable.

        I wonder what the Assembly is gonna do when everyone – including Bronson – ignores their new ordinances. Cheers –

  11. This looks similar to those leaked photos of Obama’s birthday party. All hugging, laughing, having a jolly old time. Yet us, the peasants, have to wear a mask, our restaurants/bars are only allowed 50% capacity, and must close at 10pm. Ah, the life of the liberal political elite.

  12. With his new bubble of methane gas-sucking friends, Constant’s attitude fits right in with the Anchorage swamp. The humor is so low, the swampy stench unbearable. What’s his preoccupation with racism, and correcting/imposing on other people? Please, people, pay attention and keep a list of these arrogant swamp-creatures to take to the polls. DINO, you summed it up nicely.

  13. So a public figure thinks COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have climbed to an average of more than 1,900 a day for the first time since early March is a joke?

    • Pablo: On July 22, 2020 Mayor Berkowitz announced that new capacity limits on social gatherings and businesses such as bars, restaurants, theaters and gyms, effective Friday, July 24, and the mask mandate was in force. Thank you for your comment. -sd

      • While I agree that he should practice what he preaches, I think it is important information that should have been included in your piece.

    • Pablo, are you Chris’s boyfriend? Also, are you from Alabama? If not, you are appropriating culture. I mean you’d feel upset if people yelled out “Hola! Binche!” in spanish to you everytime they saw you and they weren’t spanish. Just using that as an example so you can understand culture appropiation.

      • What culture did I appropriate? Does one have to be from Alabama to say “y’all”?

        I am born and raised here in Alaska and have family who lives in the southern US. None are from Alabama, but they do use “y’all.”

        And nothing you stated has anything to do with the fact that this piece was written to make people think that this just happened recently when in fact it occurred over a year ago.

      • I never got that…this “stay in your lane” attitude regarding cultural idiosyncrasies. If each culture insists on exclusive use of “their” identifying factors, we might as well go back to the Hatfields and the McCoys. Instead maybe we should consider that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in what used to be that melting pot of ours, before the cancel culture idiots got a hold of it.

      • Suzanne would have made a great trial attorney. Using facts to slam it back in their faces. No hung jury here at MRAK. Good one, Suzanne.

  14. Some don’t like too practice what they preach snd try too force onto others their mindsets!

    Personally, I’m seeing a bunch of bullies on the playground at school!

    And they were the bullies at school!

  15. Some don’t like too practice what they preach snd try too force onto others their mindsets!

    Personally, I’m seeing a bunch of bullies on the playground at school!

    And they were the bullies at school!

    • Jack, it took the ADN an entire year to furnish a half-a$$ report on the Byron Mallott debacle. Newspapers in the Lower 48 were covering it the same week that Mallot quit, and the same day Walker cancelled his re-election bid. ADN is cherry-picking, pos Lefty rag.

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