ENI mandating vaccines for Slope work


ENI, which operates on Alaska’s North Slope, is instituting a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policy.

“Effective December 1, 2021 all employees and contractors who work in the Gulf of Mexico or the North Slope of Alaska must be fully vaccinated and will be required to show evidence of receiving an FDA approved, or FDA authorized for emergency use, Covid-19 vaccination,” wrote CEO Luca Pellicciotta to employees last week.

“To assist any employee who has a qualifying medical condition that contraindicates the vaccination, or who objects to being vaccinated on the basis of sincerely held religious beliefs and practices, the Company will engage in an interactive process to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be provided, so long as it does not create an undue hardship for the Company and/or does not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others in the workplace,” he wrote.

Employees approved for an accommodation for medical or religious reasons will be screened in accordance with the Company’s existing Covid-19 protocols, or as may be determined “to be reasonable under changing and evolving circumstances,” he said. All personnel must wear a mask anytime in a common area, indoors or outdoors, if unable to properly social distance, regardless of vaccination status.

After Dec. 1, 2021, choosing to remain unvaccinated, absent an approved reasonable accommodation, will result in your voluntary absence from work, which if continued for two consecutive hitches, will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment.

ENI operates the Oooguruk oil field, and the Nikaitchuq oilfields.


  1. Will the company take accountability for, and financially compensate, the employee and or their family IF the unthinkable happens, and that employee, who would have otherwise abstained from receiving the vaccine, succumbs to a severe reaction to that vaccine resulting in permanent damage and or death?

    This is why we CANNOT mandate vaccines because in doing so; you are in effect taking accountability for the potential unknown reaction that person may have to that vaccine; thus stealing from them their fundamental, and inherent right, to choose to accept that risk.

    I am vaccinated because I chose to be, and I do not believe I am at risk because my neighbor chooses not to be for their personal reasons.

    • The Government waived liability from the vaccine companies (first time in history), what makes you think that employment companies will be help to any liability standard?

        • The irony is Pfizers 800% profit increase last quarter. Has anyone here ever heard of a company’s profit margin going up 800% in 90 days. ?????. What a disappointment the medical community has become. Profiteering on the backs of Americans in a crisis.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how you pro vaccine personnel continue to move the goal post for vaccine success. It use to be the magic elixir that cure everything. Then it was, it helps to slow the spread. And then it was it reduces the symptoms. Now, it greatly reduce the number of hospitalizations. And since that is BS with statistics showing only twenty percent in hospital beds have COVID 19, what’s the next goal going to be moved to?

          • Now we have classifications of death, good death vs bad death. If that’s the case, then a death on your knees is the worst death.

          • Yep. He died with his boots on category. Everything is true and I don’t see any goal post being moved. If the disease was static, it would have been wiped out long ago but since it continues to evolve, early concerns have evolved with it.

      • The irony is Pfizers 800% profit increase last quarter. Has anyone here ever heard of a companys profit margin going up 800% in 90 days. ?????. What a disappointment the medical community has become. Profiteering on the backs of Americans in a crisis.

  2. This is a sad situation. I never thought that this would happen in the United States. I am being coerced into taking what I believe to be a pathogen, that will damage my natural God given immune system. If I don’t take the injection, I will lose everything…

    What ever happened to our God given Rights that so many fought and died for? We are now the physical property of Corporations and the Government. Freedom is dead, the United States is dead… now we must find a new way to survive under the heavy yolk Socialism.

    • Lose everything? Being fired from your job isn’t losing everything. I lost my job and not thinking twice about it. The venom jab is not an option. There’s always another way. If this government wants to turn good, hard working, productive members of society into bad people, then they better hold onto their a$$.

      • Brian, maybe has a couple of car payments and a house payment and we’ll lose those items to reposition if you can’t afford to make payments and loses his job. Maybe he doesn’t have the 6 month nest egg. He has to weigh his decision to refuse the shot and hit the bread line, or take the shots and enhance his natural God given immunity to help fight this pandemic. As a two-time survivor of the shot, I can tell you that it’s nowhere near the hassle of surviving the illness itself. I only wish it was more effective at stopping all the different variants that come down the pike instead of just one or two but All that remains to be seen. Cheers.

        • “As a two time shot survivor” so far. There’s no trial period this abbreviated in history. But keep talking “survivor”.
          Choosing the right path in life often comes with adversity. Being compliant, scared, self serving and free from educated decision making is easy.
          It wouldn’t matter what I owe, I certainly won’t let anyone leverage my debt against me to have that venom injected in me. All it took to leverage you Forkner, was fear and now you want company so you can feel more righteous by covering your fear with numbers of vaccinated.

          • Come on in Brian the water is fine. There’s 140 million of us in here and it’s getting a little crowded so you better hurry. I used to be afraid, afraid I was going to get this illness and die because I have multiple things wrong with me. But because I was vaccinated, I did get sick and while I was on the verge of being admitted to the hospital, I was able to fight it off with the help of the vaccine. I basically have no immune system left because of my ailments so because of the vaccine and the good grace of God, I’m still here. I can’t explain it any other way to you. I should be dead.

          • That’s him Brian, you nailed it.
            But when he says this: “I only wish it was more effective at stopping all the different variants…” all credibility is out the window.
            He risked taking the stuff knowing it does not work. The very definition of insanity.

        • It doesn’t enhance your God-given immunity. In 10 years people will look back on this and say omg what were we thinking. Wake up people the ruin of our country is at hand. The taking of your civil rights is a declaration of war as far as I’m concerned.

    • You lived through your Polio sugar cube, Varicella scar, Tine tests, and Tetanus shots. You’ll live through this. It is your choice.

      You’re just a Luddite who can’t admit that he doesn’t understand anything about the ever-evolving sciences of virology, epidemiology, and biotechnology that combined to help develop COVID-19 vaccines. Because — if you did admit it — well — that would make you…powerless. Then, you WOULD have one more thing “they” are taking away from you, huh? No.

      “They,” in fact, is COVID-19, aka Mother Nature run amok thanks to The Former Guy and his Unvaccinated Legions. Therefore, it’s YOUR choice to avail yourself of modern vaccine technology — or not.

      • I have the power of personal responsibility for my own health.

        Breathe deep. Stretch. Dance. Eat clean. Drink clean. Sweat. Love. Live. Be active.

        These are the cures.

        Fear is the virus.

        Like with all challenges that mother nature provides, only the strong will overcome. Those who are weak of mind, and spirit rely on the material system to do the work. The shot is the proverbial “quick fix”. Without the system, the weak will not survive.

    • We would rather have our freedom than be on our knees for one moment under a demented sell-out. He and his props need a new dream. UN, NATO, WHO, NIH, CDC, LONDON,VATICAN? Ditto.

    • 1) “God given” should be hyphenated.
      2) It’s “yoke”, not “yolk”.
      3) Your “beliefs” about the vaccine contradict scientific fact.

      You are entitled to your own beliefs (silly as they may be), but you’re not entitled to your own facts (especially ones like this that may kill you if they are wrong).

      Wake up. Look in the ICU. Get the shot.

      • And your beliefs are fact???How so self righteous of you. It must be so simple for you to just believe everything you are told and then comply. Just the kind of stuff that made this Country the greatest nation on the planet, NOT!

        • Actually it did. We were told that communism was the devil. That it would spread like a cancer and destroy us all. After Pearl Harbor and for some even before that when our boys were helping the Brits and the flying tigers were fighting the Japanese in Southeast Asia, we all banded together and believed the same thing, and we defeated tyranny. That is what made America the greatest nation on the planet. But we all have to do it together. Remember the part about a country divided cannot stand? That’s kind of where we are right now, not a very great nation.

      • Hey dog, did you see that advertisement on the internet yesterday where this big box truck is parked on the street and they have an advertisement on the side of it? The advertisement says get vaccinated and then it gives the name of the mortuary that is during the advertising and then at the very bottom it says their website. When you go to that website this thing flashes up on the screen that says get vaccinated now, or we’ll see you later. Kind of crude but true.

    • Anon, well if you find youself forced into an coercive and abusive relationship sometimes it’s best to go along for the time being until you can get your ducks tidy in a row to leave. Also it leaves plenty of time for sabotage. That might just be me but it does help take the sting out of being controlled and abused. Remember, if they are doing this to you against your will, theres no more need to loyal or nice or play by the rules because they don’t.

    • Freedom is not dead. Your fundamental beliefs are being tested. My God is not dead and he says “fear not, I am in control. Come to me and I will give you peace.”

  3. The employees have the option if ALL walking out together and exposing their hypocritical mandates. If they choose not to do that, they reap what they choose not to sow.

  4. No jab. I don’t place dead baby tissue in my body by ingestion/cannibalism or “injection. The answer Is no. I’m a Christian. Also, I’m not ramming sticks with tufts of living nano worms at the base of my brain jamming jabbing the base of my brain where the blood brain barrier is thus approximating shaken baby syndrome. I’d like all the altruism and religiosity God gave me even if it interferes with your service to Lucifer lately. No more place for Lucifer and his fraudulent ways. No jab. NO stick banging against my brain. Your intent is harm. Even murderous. It is recognized as your ill will toward Alaskans.

    • No amount of religion will save you, Aleutian, when this virus digs in. Trust science, and trust the vaccine (which is of course a part of God’s Plan!).

      Oh, and when your little excursion is over, please feel free to repost your comment in ordinary, understandable English instead of this psychobabble.

  5. From The Guardian:
    “Healthy boys may be more likely to be admitted to hospital with a rare side-effect of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine that causes inflammation of the heart than with Covid itself, US researchers claim.

    Their analysis of medical data suggests that boys aged 12 to 15, with no underlying medical conditions, are four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than ending up in hospital with Covid over a four-month period.

    Most children who experienced the rare side-effect had symptoms within days of the second shot of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, though a similar side-effect is seen with the Moderna jab. About 86% of the boys affected required some hospital care, the authors said.”
    More revelations come out as time goes on and not all can be controlled, contained and suppressed by the government and mass media.
    Official sources are telling us that this is a pandemic of the “unvaccinated” but unofficial sources report that hospitals are seeing more mRNA test subjects coming in. That is in line with predictions from many scientists and medical professionals.
    Even accepted sources, like The Guardian, are starting to report on the dangers of this experimental gene therapy drug that was rushed to market without the standard testing.
    It’s just a fact that even the most zealous mRNA advocate cannot dispute…the medium and long term testing protocols were skipped and NO ONE knows what’s going to happen.
    From what we’re hearing about the immediate and short term adverse side effects of injecting a known pathogen into your body (the spike protein is a known pathogen…another indisputable fact) the longer term effects are likely to be epic.
    Strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, enhanced susceptibility to the Covid variants, suppressed immune response…the list of adverse side effects is long and growing.
    The “booster” round is going to be very interesting.
    I think we can expect to see a certain category of commenters lose membership over the long, dark winter of discontent that’s coming up fast.
    Did anyone get their blood tested as some of us requested?
    They need to look for misshapen red blood cells, unusual clumping where the RBCs stick together in long chains, other unhealthy clotting, reduced or even missing platelets and other cardiovascular defects.
    Apparently your own immune system begins to identify the spike proteins being created by your own cells as foreign invaders (exactly what they are) and those infected cells get attacked and destroyed. When it’s the cells of your cardiovascular system the effect is to weaken your veins and arteries leading to ruptures (essentially self induced strokes).
    Testing is still ongoing with both the original death injection and now the upcoming booster…with tens of millions of test subjects this should give us great research that will keep the experimenters busy for many years.
    So if you’re not risk adverse go out and get that booster shot…good for another six months of “protection” before you need to line up for another.
    The prediction from many medical professionals is that each new injection compounds your risk of adverse effects.
    I wouldn’t recommend it but the mRNA committed are rabid on this so most will do it.

    • A spike protein is not a pathogen. A pathogen is a virus, bacteria, or other microorganism that can cause a disease. A protein, of any sort, does not fit this description. A protein is simply a folded chain of amino acids. It is not an organism, it is not a virus, and it is not a bacteria. Feel free to argue your points, but try to use correct nomenclature. Otherwise you sound ignorant.

      • Pierce, sometimes, when you know the point being made isn’t technically correct and you think you are just that guy to point it out, you are the one that looks foolish.
        COVID-19 is a pathogenic virus. And the proteins that make up this virus are spike proteins.

      • Mr. Pierce, if you are or become a regular reader of this site, you will soon learn that reason, logic, science, and clear thought are not its defining attributes. Ignorance, closed-mindedness, hatred, and cruelty are more its hallmarks.

      • The COVID-19 spike protein is a potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen by Paul Alexander, PhD, Parvez Dara, MD, MBA; Howard Tenenbaum, DDS, PhD
        From COVID-Vaccinated Can ‘Shed’ Spike Protein, Harming Unvaccinated: “And this, according to AFLDS, can be dangerous. As the issues brief continues, “the spike proteins are pathogenic (‘disease causing’) just like the full virus.”
        Pierce, Mr. Know-It-All…change your search engine from Google to one that doesn’t filter out information that they don’t want you to know and get educated before you make yourself look like an idiot again. Could be a chronic condition with someone like you though…prognosis is poor…hahaha.

    • I go get a flu shot every year and it works for me. I just got my shingles shot the other day. I’ve also had a pneumonia shot and that has worked so far. I suppose this covid shot maybe come I think where they’ll just mix it in with the seasonal flu and you’ll get both of them at the same time. That’s fine. One less jab.

  6. CDC is not mandating ‘vaccination’ for their (public) employees. Neither is Pfizer. Congress exempted themselves and all staff from the vaccine mandate. UPWU (united postal workers union), a public employee entity, are exempt because they simply refused. All illegal immigrants are exempt from Biden’s mandate and they are being sent all over America, on the sly. That should say all anyone wants or needs to know about the matter. I believe the ‘promoters’ of the vaccine must be trying to justify their own mistake of volunteering for the jab by trying to convince others to make that same mistake. Remember, “misery enjoys company”. The negative side effects of the jab can be devastating. I wonder how many of these mandating executives volunteered to be “vaccinated”.

      • Unless some of those members of Congress had their personal physician shoot their vaccine in the trash can and fill out their card. Never know unless you validated the shot yourself. Certainly keeps fellow comrades off their behind about it as well as spetnaz media.

        • Mostly they are old people and they don’t want to die so I believe him when they say that only 20% of Congress is unvaccinated. That’s something I can wrap my teeth around.

          • Forkner, the key words here are “I believe” which doesn’t make this FACT. Isn’t it ironic how the more information we have the less it can be believed. It kind of like you have to have FAITH in what is being said from some internet space in the oblivion, which you treat like words from Mount Sinai.

          • Brian isn’t that always the way it is on here though. Everybody believes that they are in the right and we’re all just internet idiots that believe what they believe. Your argument just proves that point as does mine.

  7. How much am i worth now, if i am vaccinated? are companies willing to pay a premium for it now? wonder what the unions think, as it reduces available call outs by at least 50%

      • And something is right in your mind about leveraging food for a starving person for a vaccine??? You are truly depraved and you have lost all traits of humanity. I would like to think you are the only one that thinks like that, but I know I am wrong. Their is an entire sect of this society that have forgotten what humanity is about.

        • Brian, I went to the store last night to pick up a couple of prescriptions and the store was giving away free $20 money cards if you would go there and get the vaccination. The vaccine was free to everyone, and there was a whole line of people waiting to get their shot and the $20 store card. These people were obviously hungry, with it being towards the end of the month and the $20 card allowed them to buy supper for their family. Hunger is a very persuasive tool, but the store wasn’t using it for that. Yes they’re making money off of somebody for administering the shot, but I was glad for the people getting the shot as well as the gift card. They were doing something right for people.

      • No. When I’m hungry enough, I’ll turn to God and he’ll fill my plate 🙂 I’d love to shake your hand and look you in your eyes and offer you another solution to your fears. It’s my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He never leaves nor forsakes. His vaccine was bloodshed. His very presence casts darkness into damnation. Give him your heart and he’ll give you eternal life. I pray for you and I pray God gives you peace.

  8. Notice how they used the old switcheroo word play on this issue too?
    “After Dec. 1, 2021, choosing to remain unvaccinated, absent an approved reasonable accommodation, will result in your voluntary absence from work, which if continued for two consecutive hitches, will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment.”
    LIES. The only things voluntary about this are volunteering to be a test subject and volunteering to give up more and ever more freedom. Private companies are free to require minimum job requirements as a condition of employment, but call it what it is… GET STUCK OR GET FIRED. Hold the line people.

  9. Whidbey (the self-righteous) Thedog – I realized that I misspelled yoke as soon as I hit the comment button. There are thousands of scientist and doctors with evidence that is contrary to the “Science that your benevolent all knowing and loving Government” spews. Look at all of the evidence and then decide for yourself what is right for your body, but do not dictate to me what medical procedures I must do to my body! None of the “Vaccines” meet the criteria of a Vaccine. If it was a real vaccine, the individual that had it would be protected because their immune system would make antibodies against Covid19, that is how Vaccines work. The fact is the Sars Covid family of viruses mutates too quickly to develop a successful Vaccine with our current level of knowledge and technology.

  10. ALL Coronavirus vaccines fail. It took from January till August to get a Delta variant that is vaccine redistant. The Virus is faster mutating than any government or business Bureaucracy. By December the current vaccine will be useless. example R.1 variant.

  11. Maybe it’s time to hit back with strikes, walkouts, work slowdowns.
    Governor D. might even throw in an executive order against vaccine mandates, imposing massive fines against those who impose vaccine mandates anyway.
    Hard to see a scenario in which ENI wins by firing everybody or paying continual, massive fines.
    Could happen…

  12. To be mandated by the government or your work place to get any kind of medical treatment is an over reach into your constitutional rights!

    The jabs are EUA and no support for adverse effects or for certain health risks from any of the vaccines.

    Those of us with medically proven blood clot disorders risk death from this jab. Covid can also cause blood clots so I was able to tell my doctor I needed Lovenox in addition to other treatment. Thank God I was cognizant to tell them that at hospital! I was then offered another drug taken orally of which starts with a B used normally to treat forms of rheumtoid arthritis that also can cause blood clots! Ya right, strike 3 your Out!
    My body my choice, my freedom of choice.
    How about my God given antibodies after Covid? How about the vaccinated and spike proteins that shed and spread the virus to others, vaccinated and and unvaccinated alike!
    The non shot folks are tired of being called out, harassed and bullied for their personal choices!

    Remdesivir anti viral was used on me for 6 days to treat covid. This drug is FDA approved to treat Ebola!! It can cause kidney damage and is an EUA drug for covid! Why not Monoclonal Antibody treatment, hydroxychloraquin and or ivermectin that are all proven to work fir many different peoples?

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