Mask martial law ahead? Assembly tries to cut down the mayor’s power and introduce their own mask law for all over age of 2


In a move that took the Anchorage public by surprise, the Assembly today agreed to advance an ordinance that would require everyone over the age of 2 in Anchorage to wear masks while indoors in public spaces, and in some outdoor spaces as well.

It’s a direct hit at Mayor Dave Bronson, who said he will not declare any sort of mask mandate in Anchorage.

The draft ordinance by Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel was placed on next week’s agenda, without discussion or comment or discussion from any of the Assembly members, except Jamie Allard, who said it was a vast overstepping of the Assembly’s authority.

Allard said, “It’s clear that this Assembly has a savior complex, and is hell-bent on violating the public’s constitutional rights. This body will not stop until they get what they want. There is no doubt the Assembly is absolutely exceeding its authority.”

Members of the public attended the meeting, and a few of them said the fact that the Assembly did not post documents until one hour before the meeting shows the liberal majority is trying to keep public participation at bay. They also criticized the Assembly for having the meeting in a small room in City Hall, which limits participation.

It was bum-rushing a mask mandate ordinance through; if not for today’s meeting, the ordinance could not be introduced until the next Assembly meeting on Sept. 28, and not voted on for two weeks after that. Instead, today’s meeting helped the liberal Assembly jump through the first hoop. On Sept. 28, there will be brief public testimony and a vote.

A dozen or more members of the public spoke in opposition to the ordinance. One attorney, Mario Bird, said it would be grounds for recall for the Assembly members who vote for it, because it is clearly a violation of the separation of powers. He begged the Assembly to stop their actions.

The public who showed up was angry at the Assembly for the lack of transparency and the overreach, but the members on the Assembly who showed up in the room who are favoring the ordinance, sat stoically behind their masks. Only Assembly members Crystal Kennedy and Allard remained unmasked on the panel, Kennedy said she was shocked at the effort to ordain a mask mandate from the majority.

Mayor Dave Bronson is opposed to the mask mandate. It’s likely he would veto the mask ordinance, but the Assembly has the votes to override him. The mayor also has the ability to take the ordinance to court, and it’s almost certain that he will.

It looks like the Assembly is throwing gasoline on the fire of the relationship between the Assembly and the Mayor’s Office.


    • the assembly has already shown that they care nothing for local businesses or their employees now they want to rush through some virtue signaling mask mandate( that last year already proved to be ineffective at stopping or slowing the spread as the largest outbreak of the year was long after they had dictated the 2020 mandate)that will force business to confront people who refuse to play ball with the latest round of dictates which has the potential to lead to violence based broadly on political leanings

    • Totally for show, since the assembly does not have any policing powers there is not much they can do to enforce it. The policing powers are under the executive branch: the Mayor. Nice try assembly….

    • Sent to all assembly members:
      Jamie and Crystal, thank you for being the only true adults in the room when meeting with the commie9 for our citys business. Our entire community thanks you for standing strong against the commie leftist agenda that the Commie 9 present against our city on a daily basis. Stay strong, we are all supporting you both.

      Our communities are all suffering under the Commie 9 and their leftist agenda to tear our cities apart. We live in a democracy, a democratic republic and demand you do no harm, thats the reason we vote. Now we are all starting recall petitions on the commie 9 as their agenda is not in the beat interest of our cities or our communities.

      Didn’t you all take an oath of office? Should you reread that?

      Resign or recall, either way, you won’t win another term to tear our community apart and destroy us:
      Constant (host evil doer)
      Quinn-davidson (vileness itself)
      Zaletel (recall will succeed this time)
      Rivera (that recall should have succeeded, dark money won)
      Dunbar (glad dark money lost, evil on steroids)
      Weddleton (pants on fire, who will probably, as usual, respond with some lie or other)

      Where did you get these rotten ideas? Who exactly dictates all this commie mandates to you? Have to ask, did you get these commie leftist ideas from George Soros, Bezos, zuckerburg? Who feeds these lies and mandates and talking points to you? You nine together dont have the brains for this, not even collectively, you are the pupoets., who is the puppet,aster?

      You have now stooped to the lowest you could (so far). With the exception of Jamie and Crystal, you seem to be competing for who can be the best communist, who can get us to comply…

      Mask mandates for 2 years olds? I’d laugh if it werent part of a bigger agenda and its not anjoke. Next, how to take away thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years?

      You commie 9 are a joke, a laughingstock and mankind will repay you for your evil, vile ways. Karma has a way When you intentionally do harm. And you nine, its intentional.

      I am not alone.

  1. I wrote AQD this morning (in whose district I sadly live) and reminded her that when I wrote her last summer in opposition to Berkowitz’s mask mandate, her response was that “the ultimate authority to make this decision lies with the mayor” (her words). I then asked her to hold the Bronson administration to the same standard. Apparently she didn’t read my message in time, or (more likely) doesn’t care what the voters of Anchorage think.

  2. When governing bodies and agencies usurp power illegally there is no obligation to comply, period.
    The assembly becomes a criminal enterprise when they function outside their protocols and authority.

  3. The former shutdowns came under the auspices of the State of Alaska Emergency Declaration under AS26.23.010-AS26.23.020. There exists no such declaration at this time, therefore, the assembly must go and have their little cry in the corner because this BS is illegal.

  4. Enough is enough! The tyrants on the Assembly must resign! These tyrants, previous Mayor and Acting Mayor violated the Color of Law with their unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates. Their tyrannical rule of terror has come to an end. Their wake of destroyed lives and destroyed businesses bear witness to their crimes. May God have mercy on their souls because the Courts won’t. The day will come sooner rather than later. Truth has set us free. Resign now and save Anchorage taxpayers the time and expense of persecuting you for your illegal actions. I fear, anyone that lives in Anchorage that doesn’t agree has buried their head in their pillow and or is suffering from Cognitive Dissonance.

  5. Until that nine minute knee on the neck thing happens in Anchorage, none of these power hungry hypocrites will stop. Let’s see how far APD will go to enforce it. Let’s wait until someone gets seriously injured, or dies, then heads will legally roll. #1800shysterlawyer

    • I fear the effort will go the way of the Newsom recall. When you have mail in voting on you side all kinds of corruption is possible.

    • You bet! Those commie9 are just trying to tear us apart, this is a distraction from their regular commie agenda. They are destroying our city and they do not care. The commirpe9 do not care about us.

      We must all, dem rep, liberal, dog owner, cat owners, fight this madness and not fight each other. The commie9, as we know from Dumbells mayoral attempt, are bought abd paid for with dark money. That would be Besos, Zuckerburg, Soros, all the worst evil players.

      We need to fight the evil darkness trying to take over without taking it out on each other.
      Lets arrest them the moment they vote against this illegal power grab.

  6. I will NOT comply. My civil rights do not end where your B.S. leftist despotism begins, Assembly members. The Anchorage Assembly are behaving more like Saddam Hussein’s Revolutionary Command Council, than an American city assembly!

  7. While we are discussing the tyrants, let’s shift to ASD School Board for a moment. Didn’t they vote to start teaching Critical Race Theory? Aren’t they killing our children with mask mandates? Maybe someone should start pouring through the curriculum and make sure they are not teaching kids porn like the Mayor did in an Ohio town. Let’s make Anchorage great again. Let’s get rid of all the Marxists.

      • You mean like the insane conspiracy theory that this country was founded on racism? Like THAT kind of “conspiracy theory”?
        Catherine, why do you radical extremists (who try to pass under the label of “leftists”) uphold EVERYTHING that is negative, deviant, denormalizing and destructive, and attack everything that is honest, decent, stabilizing and positive? What demons are in possession of you to make you so consistently evil?

        • And nice and white??
          Germany was able to talk about and thus analyze and explain its Nazi past in its history books.
          Why are Americans so fearful of coming to terms with their country’s not-so glorious past?
          The longer you shove events under the carpet or color them in a much more positive light, the worse they can become. For many citizens, the time is now to deal with these events.

          • Catherine, you disingenuous, race-baiting, so-called “wokesters” would not only throw out the baby with the bath water, you’d throw away the bathroom and the entire house in the process. All in the name of some putative and rigidly unrealistic and dogmatic sense of “justice”.

        • It wasn’t FOUNDED under racism. However, the United States THRIVED by using it, in all its various forms, throughout this nation’s history. Slavery; The Trail of Tears and all other preceding and subsequent thefts of Indigenous American lands; the importation of Chinese laborers for building the Transcontinental Railroad, working in gold and silver mines in indentured and trafficked (slavery) conditions.
          Racism is the mother’s milk of the economic expansion of the United States of America.

          • Sophie, There wasn’t an importation of Chinese laborers. The Chinese had already been here from fleeing persecution from their own country. Over 40,000 in 1850 had migrated on their own to America and when most could not make it in the capitalist system, they turned west for the adventures of gold. The Irish immigrants up to this point were the primary labor force on the Rail Road. But since they demanded increasing wages by 1860 the railroad found cheaper and more reliable laborer with the Chinese immigrants.
            I don’t think anyone can agree with the government’s or individual’s treatment of the natives in this country, however it isn’t as clear cut as you make it. Pushing natives off their land isn’t a new phenomena exclusive to the United States. This has been a reoccurring event of all nations throughout man’s time on earth. Our earlier settlers tried to work with the natives but eventually hostilities became the norm. With the new comers becoming fearful of hostile attacks by the natives, the FEAR, wrongfully as usual, justified persecution, apprehension, forced displacement and annihilation.
            Slavery had been a common practice throughout history in all countries throughout the world as well, until it was outlawed and that, to date, has only been about half the countries.
            The context to which you bring these issues up matters. Shaming today’s populace over what happen generations prior to us being alive is wrong. Informing and educating from a non biased standpoint without shaming or blaming keeps history from repeating itself.
            What would you do if you were an Olympic Athlete that had one several gold medals and records in the events you ran in. Years later you found out that the shoes you wore to set records, win gold medal, make you famous and make you rich, were made in a factory of a country that used forced labor to manufacture those shoes. And that factory had over several hundred deaths from the mistreatment of it labor. Do you return everything you accomplished, return all your riches and wipe the record books free from all your accomplishments? Do you go find a crowd of people that had nothing to do with it and begin shaming and blaming them?

          • BRIAN: The TRUTH about our history must be known. This country will never be able to “breathe deep the air of freedom,” as one nation until we own everything we are. Two million Chinese left China from 1850 through 1864. Fifteen thousand were hired for work on the section of the Transcontinental Railroad from Sacramento to Promontory, Utah. Mormons built the Midwest section, while the Irish built the Eastern portion. The Chinese, being highly literate, discovered in 1867 that the white workers were paid double their wages. So, the Chinese organized a strike. They were unsuccessful because the Railroad cut off all their access to sources of food (which, unlike the white laborers, they had to forage for themselves).

      • Isn’t it interesting that every time the left does not like a piece of information or has an argument to debate it, it gets a “misinformation” label. Healthy debate only happens when all side can bring their thoughts, ideas or knowledge. In this pandemic all “inconvenient facts and science” get labeled “misinformation” and suppressed, so they do not need to be addressed. Aren’t we all adults, who can discern for ourselves what is “out there” and what has merit, without some self-appointed arbiter of facts.

        • Fact-checkers abound today. Information is thoroughly verified before being labeled as misinformation.
          Many issues have become politically divisive and certain groups are determined to maintain this pressure. When that doesn’t work, then religion is brought in, although no matter how you interpret it, God/Jesus are non-political.
          Unfortunately in the US it is virtually impossible to discuss any politically/religiously-sensitive topic without resorting to name-calling such as I have observed on this blog.
          The message is « My way or the highway ».

          • The problem is, your way is trying to discredit those you disagree with and mandating they follow government mandates, while other side isn’t mandating anything of you and want you to do your research of facts rather than believing everything the government is telling you. Which side is the aggressor?

          • Catherine, my God, how can you not see the hypocrisy and double standards inherent in your specious claims? Your so-called “misinformation” constitutes reality in many cases. Who fact checks your supposed ‘fact checkers’?

      • Usually “conspiracy theories” turn out to be truth. I bet you’re the same kind of person that would’ve turned Anne Frank into the gestapo.

        • Your comments are totally disrespectful of history and Anne Frank.
          Vaccine and mask mandates have nothing to do with the Holocaust.
          Where are the moderators on this blog???

          • No, Catherine, Herman’s comments are totally on-point here, because it is YOU, and people like you, who were “good Germans” and who not only blindly and compliantly, but who GLADLY submitted to and obeyed the Nazis, and who supported them in their outrages.
            “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

          • There was a lot that went on prior to the holocaust. First came the public shaming that began the division that later turned to verbal and physical attacks. Then services like laundry, market, restaurants, hospitals, etc., denied Jewish attendance. Then law enforcement began harassing them in the streets while outspoken Jews were targeted for apprehension and removal from public influence. Employed Jews became ostracized and fired from employment. All the time the Nazi government told the public lies about Jews such as they were weaker people and more acceptable to disease and that Germany’s financial crisis was directly a result of Jewish businesses. This set the tone for public hate and support in the removal of Jews for incarceration. Later, Nazi Government rewarded neighbors for spying on Jewish families and businesses which created an environment of lies against them an later trumped up in court where bogus charges were applied to legally incarcerate them. As it continued, the legal system was completely bypassed and mass roundups and incarcerations occurred. The government trumped up blame continued to inflame the German populace, justifying in their own mind the hideous treatment being placed on the Jews. Neighbors turned in Jewish neighbors. The resisting Jews trying to hide and survive where hunted down by not just law enforcement but the Gentiles of Germany.
            Here’s an excerpt from a German who witnessed Germany in the 1930’s.
            They Thought They Were Free
            “One doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse… You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow…

            But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked … But of course this isn’t the way it happens. In between comes all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next…

            And one day, too late, your principles, if you were ever sensible of them, all rush in upon you. The burden of self-deception has grown too heavy, and some minor incident. . . collapses it all at once, and you see that everything – everything – has changed…Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves; when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed…”
            Catherine, if you can’t see some parallels here, you are blind. Tyranny and persecution are hard to hide and have repeated themselves throughout history. Nazi Germany didn’t go from peace to persecution to extermination over night. It took over a decade of subtle tyrannical laws and public pressures.

      • Ahh, and here’s Irma Grese again, I mean catherine, with her violent threats. Along with others here and your threats, I invite you to take your best shot.

        • Dear Fire,
          Why don’t you visit Auschwitz with me to comprehend the bigger picture of the Holocaust?
          That might be a healthy alternative to indiscriminate and ignorant name-calling which you persist in doing.
          Sincerely yours,

  8. This is Exhibit A to show that mask and vaxx mandates are only about power and control by the Anchorage Communists. An Executive Emergency Order by Mayor Bronson, is needed stating that mask wearing inhibits proper respiratory saturations, especially among youths, and that masks are an impediment to proper oxygen nourishment. Rather than argue against their mandate strictly on constitutional grounds, and face an override, just come out with your own EO that supports an individual’s, and parent’s, choice based on health concerns for respiratory safety. The mayor has all kinds of power over the Assembly if he knows how to use it.

    • People all around the world are wearing masks to protect others as well as themselves. It may be uncomfortable but no one is keeling over from lack of oxygen simply because they are wearing a mask.
      Wearing a mask shows that you DO care if people with health issues live or die.
      If I am to be considered a Communist just because I support mask mandates, you must be an anarchist.

      • Yes, and people all over the world are being lied to through propaganda daily. “Wearing a mask shows that you care.” Exactly, it is just a show.
        Did you hear about the Emmys? Only the servants wore masks. Know that that shows? It shows elitism. This is the problem we face. COVID is just a symptom of a deeper sickness in humanity.

      • Catherine, People wear the mask for compliance and fear. I highly doubt that people are looking out for one another in numbers that would justify your statement. If you think otherwise, you live in a small secluded self absorbed world. The real world is faltering because people don’t care about any one other than themselves and the fear capitalizes on that.

  9. They are truly seriously deficient in common sense, and understanding of human nature. People will mask up of their own accord if their constitutional rights are left intact and they are simply doing it out of concern for their neighbor. Instead, the idiocy running Anchorage are going to to (try to) force people to comply with their orders, which will backfire, and good luck enforcing that. I do put on a mask when I go into places that are confined and indoors. I do it out of my own free will and to protect those around me from me. Well, now I won’t. Yes I will join the rebellion snd good luck forcing me to wear a mask. There won’t be enough space in the local jail for all of us.

  10. RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” <– Saul Alinsky

    Let the totalitarians on the assembly pass this abusive absurdity. Hire enforcers. LOTS OF THEM. Have those enforcers spend 100% of their time amongst the leftists and their children (or cats, or sex dolls or whatever it is these psychopaths love).

    May I recommend a few:

    1. Meg Zalatels #communityHouse
    2. Berkowitz Establishments (Snow City, Spenard Roadhouse, South, etc )
    3. A squad dedicated to Mx. Constant.
    4. Anchorage Public Health HQ
    5. Sullivan Arena Homeless Center

    We have radicals trying to control our lives, and they’re damn good at it. They are winning. Start playing by their rules.

    Mr. Bronson? Mr. Dunleavy? Where are you!?!?!?!?

    Who is organizing protest? Where and When? It’s time to get serious about this.

    • I’ve wondered why folks in Anchorage have not taken a page from small town Appalachia and start bird dogging these “assembly members”. It’s generally legal, unpleasant for the bird and usually effective.

      • Did you just say you want everybody to start stalking assembly members which is illegal? You can’t advocate doing something that some backwater inbred place in the mountains are doing hypothetically. Why not act like an adult.

        • You see where all this heading, right?
          Read Ken Burns (famed documentarian), he’s a ProgComm like you, thoughts on the body politic and where this country is compared to the Civil War.
          If ya’all keep pushing – who do you really think will win?

        • Except the fact that vaccines don’t actually reduce Covid. It reduces symptoms, which makes some vaccinated folks asymptomatic, so they spread it more without knowing.

          Guess what? People get sick. Yes, some even die. We will not be a healthy society if we continue to fear these simple facts. This life is temporary and there is no use in hiding from risk.

          The real virus, is fear.

        • Catherine, the problem lies in the fact that there is not only little or no scientific evidence that any of those measures help to reduce COVID transmission, there is abundant and growing evidence that they in fact do NOT reduce its transmission. Further, you are stomping on people’s freedom, and abilities to make a living in many cases (including my own), by demanding that everyone else conform to your exaggerated fears and paranoia.
          In short, Catherine, I will ask you once again: why do you chose to serve evil?

        • Riiiight!?
          Because tyranny works so much better Comrade! NOT!
          Since we have been there, tried that and it didn’t work, maybe we should give self-determination and natural immunity a shot.

        • This is the line you hear from those of whom believe in nothing greater than themselves, fearing what comes after this life.

        • People like Catherine loaded the jews onto rail cars.
          The nazis de-humanized jews by calling them dirty disease spreaders – that’s how it all started.
          The authoritarian impulses of people like Catherine is truly frightening.

  11. Masks are the western world’s modern day Birka. The totalitarians in Juneau have had this in place for months, it will never end. However, very few merchants are playing mask police which is encouraging. I think many are seeing the light and know this is all BS.

  12. Where are all the community organizations? You know, the ones that, on a regular basis, ask us to give. Maybe these organizations should speak out. One that comes to mind, chamber of commerce??
    Give me a break.

  13. Where are all the community organizations? You know, the ones that, on a regular basis, ask us to give. Maybe these organizations should speak out. One that comes to mind, chamber of commerce??
    Give me a break.

  14. So, what happens to us non compliance folks?

    Are you gonna arrest us? And overwhelm the judicial system of real crime going on in Anchorge? Shove us all in a cell so we can spread more virus and bacteria?
    Or give us a ticket? For not wearing a mask ? What’s the charge?
    Then we go too court and fight it!
    Let’s take more taxes!

    I guarantee, the muni will pay more in taking us all non-masking ppl too court! If they fines! Push it

  15. Where is the ACLU silent as usual doesn’t fit there narrative but it does. This does affects minority’s, as they are major at risk for vax. Alaska use to be great but fell to the cali a ss and pacify coast. We are just about out numbered People keep voting stupid no matter where they live. But it doesn’t help when the republican party are dumb also. Also mail in voting and dominion machines hmm. Surprised our Mayor got it. Teed off dumbar who thought he had a sho win. All I can say watch Australia and parts of Europe and see the revolt that is going on with these insane actions. Coming to a town near you as they say!

  16. Show this ordinance the same respect The Assembly showed the mayoral election ordinance following the resignation of the disgraced Mayor Berkowitz

  17. They will pay for this politically.
    If they had any Democratic elders worth listening to their advice, they advice these youngsters let the public cool-down. I think these youngsters don’t even like the Democratic Party as much as they dislike the Republican Party. They want a One-Party governance, One-Party Rule.

  18. You know! I respect Mister Eugene Haberman. I am sorry ALL Alaska’s leaders are not like him. He is so stable and consistent. He never changes. He is emotionally stable. He follows the Public Process and Rules. I be very happy if All Alaska’s leaders had Eugene’s temperament.

    • And by “this crazy talk”, you are of course, Sophie, referring the insanely unscientific and completely authoritarian move by the nine radical extremists on the municipal Assembly to usurp power from the mayor and to ram through their beloved mask mandate, correct?

    • I have never yet seen Suzanne endorse violence of any sort. But YOU SOPHIE, on the other hand, I have read your statements of ending medical treatment for unvaccinated people and for putting unvaccinated people in camps. YOU are threatening the lives of me and my family, Sophie. YOU threaten the lives of millions of children and their parents. I have read others write how unvaccinated people need to be “ended” and “let them die.”

  19. Advice to the few surviving Anchorage businesses:

    Move to The Valley before it’s too late.

    Please remember to turn off the lights and the heating system before departing.

  20. “The mayor also has the ability to take the ordinance to court, and it’s almost certain that he will.” Taking a page from the big guy in Juneau, talking about taking a case to court that will not win and end up being a waste of tax payers money.

  21. I am not sure why the Assembly does not re-institute the Declaration of Emergency that was in place under the previous Mayoral administration. Per the proposed mask ordinance, it is obvious the situation is much worse now than it was in 2020.
    I recommend everyone contact their representative on the Assembly and demand an answer. Why this partial measure, when a full emergency declaration, identical to the one issued under the Berkowitz administration is needed.

    • Emergency Orders can only be issued by the Mayor, and must be reaffirmed by the Assembly after 30 days. Read the city charter. And, we, the majority, voted for Bronson not the socialist Dunbar.

  22. There are a few ways to deal with this if their new mandates come to fruition.
    1. Compliance
    2. Non-compliance
    3.Extreme compliance
    I will choose 3 and wear the most disturbing mask I can come up with everywhere with the goal of making others uncomfortable being around me. If even a small portion of people do this you will see results.

  23. This is pure politics. The assembly’s favorite leftist lost the mayoral race so they are going to do to Bronson what the Democrats did to Trump. The next few years, or so, will be marked by leftists on the assembly doing everything in their power to destroy Bronson’s chance at re-election. Pathetic.

  24. Since when do a city’s Assembly members pass laws? If brains were gasoline, these boobs couldn’t drive a pissant’s go-cart around a BB. Very scary place, that Anchorage, Alaska.

  25. As the ordinance is written, it puts all of the enforcement on the businesses. The businesses hate to play the heavies in these circumstances. BTW, any business is free to institute a mask mandate or even shut down if they want to, they do not have to wait until the government mandates something. Since they are all still open and not requiring masks, i would say they don’t really care. Are they really going to enforce it?

  26. The Anchorage Assembly needs someone to remind them of the laws, their powers, and who they work for… us, citizens of Anchorage.
    Here is where it will get worse…. if they somehow enact this mandate again, I for one, will take every single dollar I spend-out to the valley. I will not enter a business that chooses to enforce such a mandate, and I will encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Last year I complied, and I still supported local businesses that were able to remain open- I have had enough. If the businesses do not refuse to enforce the mandate, (If it unlawfully passes) then I will not be a customer. It is time to take back our freedom and resist the stronghold that our government- both big and small local!- want to have over us. The story changes daily- making it pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that the vaccines don’t work, the unvaccinated are not the problem, masks don’t work, this is very obviously about control. When assembly members are out partying without masks in the valley and then want to force a total mask mandate in Anchorage…. that says it all.

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