Breaking: Power-grabbing Assembly looks to total-control mask mandate for Anchorage

Meg Zaletel

At a meeting whose agenda was kept vague, the Anchorage Assembly will consider a measure from Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, which essentially declares an emergency in Anchorage.

The move would remove the emergency authority that resides with the executive branch of the city: Mayor Dave Bronson, and give it to the Assembly, which would enact a mask mandate for all.

The mask mandate applies to everyone over the age of 2, with some exceptions for medical and mental illness conditions.

Some details just released in the draft ordinance follows.

The full Assembly meeting is in a small conference room in City Hall from 1-2 pm on Monday, Sept. 20.

  1. The Assembly hereby finds that a health crisis exists with the COVID-
  2. 16  19 pandemic based on the circumstances described in this ordinance, and that the
  3. 17  unforeseen rapid increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations have
  4. 18  resulted in insufficiency of services by the health care system and local hospitals
  5. 19  substantial enough to endanger the public health, safety or welfare.
  1. A substantial or high alert level occurs when either of the following two
  2. 22  criteria are met: there are more than 50 new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000
  3. 23  persons in the MOA over the past 7 days; or the percentage of positive COVID-19
  4. 24  tests in the past 7 days exceeds 8%. So long as the Municipality of Anchorage is in
  5. 25  the substantial or high alert level for community transmission of COVID-19 and at
  6. 26  any time the Municipality of Anchorage again reaches one of these levels, the
  7. 27  requirements of this ordinance shall be in effect.
  1. 29  Section 3. All individuals must wear masks or face coverings over their noses and
  2. 30  mouths when they are (a) indoors in public settings or communal spaces outside
  3. 31  the home; or (b) outdoors at large crowded public events. Unvaccinated individuals
  4. 32  are additionally encouraged to wear masks at all outdoor public gatherings,
  5. 33  regardless of size.

A face shield is generally not permitted in lieu of a mask or face covering, as face shields are less effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. However, face shields may be permitted in lieu of a mask or face covering for the following individuals, who must wear a face shield whenever a mask or face covering would be required unless it is impossible to do so:

Any individual who cannot tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability;
Individuals who are communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing;

Individuals performing an activity that cannot be conducted or safely conducted while wearing a mask (for example, a driver experiencing foggy glasses, a dental patient receiving care, an equipment operator where there is a risk of dangerous entanglement).

AO regarding Covid-19 mitigation measures Page 5 of 7

Employers must make sure employees who are present in the workplace have access to and wear masks or face coverings…

The complete draft ordinance is in this file:


  1. I will not comply!
    Jackazz Assembly!

    Please go to assembly members FB pages and post your opinions about their actions.

    • Whereas… The CDC is full of **it
      Whereas… the tests for COVID cannot distinguish between that and the common cold
      Whereas… COVID is survivable, the vaccine may not be
      Whereas… those stupid masks give me terrible infections on my face
      Whereas… a therapeutic called a vaccine cannot end a pandemic if it cannot kill a virus
      Whereas… I’ve had COVID twice, and haven’t even died, not even once
      Whereas… the assembly is full of idiots and control freaks

      I ordain… I will not comply.

      Passed and Approved

    • Totally for show, since the assembly does not have any policing powers there is not much they can do to enforce it. The policing powers are under the executive branch: the Mayor. Nice try assembly….

        • You obviously don’t either, read the Anchorage Charter lately? The mayor is the power during emergency, not the assembly. Set in stone. As well as the fact that the state is not in a state of emergency either, which completely pokes all sorts of holes in their paper bag argument.

  2. What if they passed an ordinance and no body care, followed or gave two craps? What if red blooded Americans used what ever is needed to take back their community, state and country? What if people decided they were done being sheeple?

    • Quote: “What if they passed an ordinance and no body care(d), followed or gave two craps?”

      Look, it just happened 😉

  3. Why do republicans keep playing by the rules. If the communist assembly don’t follow the laws and rewrite the law to benefit their agenda why don’t the republicans leader ignore those rewritten law and start making or following the laws already on the book? If we keep playing by the old rules that’s constantly changing then we’ll never win back our country/community. As the great Dan Bogino always state it’s time to start playing by their rules. If we win back the assembly let’s start making/skirting law to benefit our side of the political agenda!

    • Agreed. The “gentlemanly” RINOs like Dan Sullivan, Mitch McConnell, and Peter Micciche have to go. We need more patriots in the mold of Marjorie Taylor Green and David Eastman

      • I’d pay those exorbitant Pay-Per-View fees to watch Dr Rand Paul disassemble Emperor Fauci of Wuhan in the verbal octagon. That’s the kind of spirit we need more of.

    • So true. Bronson hopefully can squash it, accuse them of vile divisiveness and ignoring what the people want like extremely arrogant incompassionate tyrants (liberals hate being called incompassionate), and then move on to the next thing. They are really interested in stirring things up. He should make a big move to help the hospital staffing shortages, so big that it takes over the narrative. For example, if he can get 8 million for “educating the public”, he would be better off using some of that money to hire hospital “liaisons” that can audit what’s going on in the hospitals, like little inspectors that don’t just accept verbal accounts or even reports as fact, to see how the city can help directly with staffing shortages that exist regardless of what’s going on with Covid. With the remaining money he could setup municipal contracts for private practices to increase staffing that can help the hospitals triage covid cases and offer early treatment that will help diminish the hospital inpatients. Hospitals would hate it because it would dip into their revenue and because they know they have things going on that they want to control the narrative on and it would stir the pot and give the assembly something new they have to deal with. Good luck if they decide to side with greedy hospital execs. That won’t look good to the public. So they’ll accuse Bronson of attacking “science” and use doctors that say the right things. Bronson has gotta anticipate that and make sure he’s got his experts ready because when liberals say science, what they really mean is “experts”. He’s also got to have his next move ready to go so the pigs don’t get the chase they are looking for. Requires a lot of work for his staff to avoid wrestling with these pigs, but it can be done, and hopefully the pigs will have a miserable time and not seek re-election. Hey, perhaps they’ll even move back to the left coast where they came from. Now we just need local conservatives willing to run for office.
      123 Not it!

  4. The assembly needs to get anything on a ballot that would give them an authority over what is normally a Mayoral duty. We cannot allow them to give themselves unfettered power without our say so

    • Who of the “elected”assembly persons is taking direction from: DNC, the administrator or foreign powers? Prosecute the usurpers and demand their phone and bank records. Their behavior is ultra vires and thus they lose ALL immunity. Arrest them. Their actions are malicious and they are tainted. Call a Grand Jury. Anyone having knowledge can do it. Indict.
      There are acts thus it is not a thought crime against the peace and order of Anchorage. They receive a stipend to support the will of Anchorage people.

  5. If the Assembly is proposing any emergency measure that differs in any way from the one granted to Berkowitz, it proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is all political.

  6. Going to get interesting in the next few weeks as the assembly obviously has no respect for the election process that put Mayor Bronson in office AGAINST more fascist mandates.
    The left will not stop until every local government is steam-rolled over by their authoritarian agenda coming down the pike from Fauci & the CDC/WHO puppet masters. #NewNormal

  7. Surprised? They telegraphed this a mile off.

    They are saying, in essence, the office of mayor is moot. They are mayor. Also judge, jury, executioner.

    Happy Anchorage? These are the people you keep voting back into office.

    • You are more correct than I think you realize.
      The Assembly is setting up a showdown with the Mayor. One of my reps on the Assembly said as much (between the lines). This proposed ordinance is written specifically to garner a veto.
      Even if your Assembly rep is a dedicated leftist, contact them and ask them to justify this ordinance. Ask them why they are not re-instituting the emergency declaration in place under the previous Mayor.

  8. So, the leaky vaccine is worthless, and stops nothing from being spread from the COVID vaccinated super-spreader now mutating COVID host…………. got it, thanks for the clarification.

  9. I wonder if the point is to essentially shut the public out of meetings again, as the Kabal has lost the momentum in light of recent listening sessions. The charter grants all emergency power to the mayor and enforcement of this ordinance will fall to the executive. I suppose Chris, Meg, Forrest and John can stand at the entrance to Costco and make people put on masks……

  10. What a bunch of morons. This is a coup attempt to take powers away from a fully elected MAYOR. Hope the Gov and Attorney general are paying attention.These people must be removed from office by Law Enforcement Officials now for violations to the constitution they swore to uphold.. The masks don’t work. They are telling the Unvaccinated to get the shot to protect the ones who have the shot that was suppose to protect them but doesn’t.

  11. I have just written an e-mail to my Assembly representatives. It was a simple one line question:
    If the pandemic is so dire, explain why you are not re-implementing the emergency declaration that was in place under the previous Mayoral administration?
    Simple question.
    I do not expect a simple answer. And, I intend to challenge any avoidance/sidestepping/outright BS that I get in return.

    • I sent a email to all of them giving them info on the virus. Only heard back from one. Giving me a link to top covid myths. My link was from one of many professional Dr’s and scientists. Please look up Dr. Christian Parks testimony in Michigan. She is smart, well-educated and informed, def a must watch. She kicks butt.

  12. So, the police department works for the mayor. If the Assembly approves the mask mandate, will or can it even be enforced??

    • What do you call the head of the police department? The Chief of Police.. What body approves the mayor’s appointments of the Chief of Police and other municipality executives? The Assembly. That’s right Therefore, Municipality IS NOT an autocracy. In fact, it is chartered under the STATE OF ALASKA…which is WHAT? The 49th State. Of WHAT? The United States Of America. Which is WHAT? A republican form of government (aka individualist-collectivist democracy) set forth in a written Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  13. The assembly is using no undisputable science, no mathematical analysis, no logic, no common sense, and no brains. They are angry people, angry and the world, and only want to destroy anybody that logically disagrees with them because they are unable to dispute very basic facts presented to them. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

  14. The weakness here is that the Assembly has effectively NO power to enforce this ordinance. The Assembly does not have “executive” powers and does not have people to execute the law. Frankly, the Assembly is trying to do something that is very unpopular and which will galvanize hostility against themselves and from which they cannot derive a benefit — unless they think that their display of virtue signaling is valuable. Passage of this ordinance will only further damage the standing of the Assembly in the eyes of the public. Perhaps enough Assembly members will realize that and drop the idea.

  15. Notice how nowhere in the ordinance does it say, “whereas masks have proven effective in preventing infections…”

    They can’t say that Because there is no proof masks work.

  16. This will only generate even MORE contempt for the Assembly. It won’t do a darn thing to reduce infections. How do I know? Because we already tried it for a full year and it didn’t work then either.

  17. Simply ignore the fascist edicts of tyrants. Mass peaceful non compliance in protest. Believe in science, the science of natural immunity & . At least read the notice on the box the masks comes in that says it doesn’t protect you from getting Covid. Masks for toddlers is child abuse. Small children need to see smiling faces. I want to here a public statement from the Chief of Police about Police enforcing this like the police do in Australia.

    • Ever notice how the radical extremist authoritarian majority on the Anchorage Ass-embly did not appear until just after mail-in voting was implemented? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  18. Demand a forensic audit! These people most likely have not won any election. Until people stand up and demand fair elections, they will keep running our lives.

  19. They do not care what we think or care. They consider themselves overlords of us peasants. You can’t vote them out as people are stupid and corrupt elections. So what is the answer? I live in a area where no republican has a chance of winning mountain view to many on gov teat and strategized placement of refugees. Which is what they are doing again. When does it finally happen when enough is enough.

  20. Let’s face the facts! We have viruses and bacteria?

    Remember the AIDS,SaRs -COVID,herpes
    By the way all relationships of of bugs!

  21. Looking for a veto so they can blame every new case on Bronson and create serious division. Politicking and Bronson should just call them out for it and veto it with a smirk while shaking his head. Then he should ask them if they actually want to do something productive or are they just interested in winning political games and avoiding responsibility by designing a strategy to point fingers at someone for every single new case when masks at best only prevent a few cases. If they would actually look at the data, they would notice that workers in convenience stores and grocery stores aren’t all getting covid from customers that aren’t wearing masks. We are a diverse community with lots of perspectives and we need to allow the perspectives to work together. And remind them that Anchorage voted for Bronson knowing how he was going to handle covid. So either get serious with real ideas that Anchorage people can agree with, or stop these divisive gestures and grow up. Don’t they find the divisiveness and blaming exhausting?
    They should be reminded as well that the biggest reason why the hospitals’ quality of care is getting impacted is because of staffing shortages and masks are not going to prevent that from being a problem. We went crazy with mask mandates almost exactly a year ago and the case numbers continued to climb without even a dip. And even if the amount of covid cases were cut in half, that would only reduce the load on the hospitals by 5-10% because still the majority of the people in the hospital are there for non-covid issues. So this method of trying to blame all of the issues on one man is deceptive, childish, vile and entirely unproductive and taxing on the public.
    They should be reminded too that REI has been requiring masks at some level this entire time, as have other businesses. There isn’t a ban on masks. They can do whatever they want. But it would be misinformation to tell all businesses that covid is spreading in stores because contact tracing has proven that to not be the case. If that were true, then grocery store clerks should have all gotten covid from those “wreckless deniers” that haven’t been wearing masks. Where it is spreading is in people’s homes and in private office settings.
    The professional field that has actually been studying for decades and decades the best methods for working and existing in toxic environments with disease and hazardous materials, Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology, has determined that masks are the least effective thing to do to protect people. Look up the “Hierarchy of Controls”. It’s right on CDC’s website and PPE is on the very bottom. The best thing to do is to ventilate and dilute or even better is kill or filter out the pathogens in the air in the environment. … oh but that’s no fun. How will I know who to hate if I can’t use masks to determine who to blame for all the troubles we are having.

  22. I’m thinking a SILENT, peaceful protest…with all participants gathered, with Guy Fawkes (V is for Vendetta) masks on. No shouting, no violence, just absolute, unnerving silence. Set a date, give people time to acquire/make their Guy Fawkes masks and proceed. It may get national attention if the crowd is big enough, and will expose the legislature for the petty, power-hungry tyrants they are.

  23. That picture of Meg Zaletel is very unflattering. All she needs is a pointy hat to be in costume for this halloween.

  24. So, whwn are Anchorage residents going to rebel against this totalitarian edict? A lot like the Marxist control in Germany. FEAR FEAR FEAR!!

  25. If the mayor has the authority to exercise emergency orders, just like the last one and just like we have been told by assembly members, then he can just call an emergency situation based on this ordinances criteria, and in that EO this mayor can state there is NO mask mandate. Simple, done.

  26. Mayor Bronson needs to instruct his Chief of Police to not enforce this mask mandate and any officer caught doing so will receive severe discipline. This assembly needs to be put in it’s place before they get more emboldened and mandate a vaccine ID.

  27. So one leg decides that it will just take away the structural support from the other leg and assure us all that it will still be stable. They don’t even have the self awareness of a toddler to know this is precisely how tyranny works and WHY the rule of law was designed to prevent it. The infamous plastic bag ban fiasco that has all the thoughtful sincerity of a baby with colic defines this abomination of an Assembly. NOTHING has ANYTHING to do with ACTUALLY serving PEOPLE. It is their degenerate political agenda.

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