Rogan O’Handley, aka @DC_Draino, is keynote speaker for Anchorage, Settlers Bay event by AK Young Republicans


When it comes to social media influencers in the political realm, DC Draino stands out above the crowd with millions of Americans who follow his conservative commentary.

Alaskans can meet Rogan O’Handley (aka @DC_Draino) at an event hosted by Alaska Young Republicans on June 2, at the Egan Center. Also keynoting the event will be National Young Republicans Co-Chair Hayden Padgett. There’s also an event planned for Settlers Bay Lodge in the MatSu Valley on June 1.

O’Handley is a millennial who is known across the conservative political landscape for his outspoken, commonsense views on a range of political issues and current events, as well as his criticism of progressive movements and politicians.

O’Handley quickly gained a massive following on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where he shares his analysis of politics and culture. He has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and is a Turning Point USA ambassador.

Here is the link to purchase tickets to the Mat-Su event

Here is the link to puchase tickets to the Anchorage event.  

O’Handley has over 2.3 million followers of his Instagram account, 691,000 followers on Twitter, even after having been banned under the previous regime, and 246,000 followers on Facebook, even though he is shadow banned by Facebook hall monitors.

After graduating magna cum laude with two bachelor degrees in political science and criminal justice from Northeastern University and a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School, O’Handley planned to be an entertainment industry lawyer. But soon he found out that in California, if you support Trump or even conservatives in general, you lose friends, jobs, and opportunities.

O’Handley left his L.A. law practice and moved from progressive Southern California to the Free State of Florida.

“As Trump basked in his win, O’Handley watched as California shifted further left. Antifa started running around Berkeley. The state’s fiscal policies ballooned into skyrocketing tax rates. Leftism wasn’t just hit or miss, but pervasive. The successful lawyer started to feel some serious cognitive dissonance between his belief system and the place he dearly loves,” the Federalist wrote in 2020 about the transformation that O’Handley experienced.

“When Obama was in office, you could support him, you could do anything. On Facebook, people were unfollowing me because I supported Trump,” O’Handley told the reporter. When he saw some political memes on Instagram, he thought it was a brilliant way to communicate messages, and so he started his Instagram account under a pseudonym “DC Draino,” a tip of the hat to the “Drain the DC swamp” conservative slogan.

He gets frequent meeting invites to Mar a Lago for events with Trump and recently had private dinner with Trump to discuss the current landscape of the country and in anticipation for the 2024 election cycle.

An example of DC Draino commentary can be found in this classic Monday post that adds context to the mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville:


  1. DC Draino is a required reading every day in our small conservative corner of the otherwise leftist enclave of Homer.

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