Election turnout dismal in Anchorage, so far


Only 8.5% of registered Anchorage voters have voted so far in the Anchorage Municipal election, which ends April 4. As of Tuesday, 19,944 ballots had been received by the Municipal Clerk out of the 235,564 registered voters in Anchorage.

In addition to the candidates for various Assembly seats, there are 15 ballot measures, some of which can affect property taxes.

For those who don’t want to mail or drop their ballots into the drop boxes, early in-person voting began at vote centers on Monday.

Anchorage Vote Center Hours and Locations

Weekdays, Through April 3, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
Saturday, April 1, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
Sunday, April 2, Noon – 5 p.m.
Election Day, April 4, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. 

​​City Hall 
All municipal ballots are available.
632 West 6th Avenue, Room # 105
Loussac Library All municipal ballots are available. ​​3600 Denali Street, First Floor ​Eagle River Town CenterOnly Chugiak-Eagle River ballots are available.
12001 Business Boulevard, Community Room #170 (same building as the library)

In the 2022 Anchorage municipal election, 70,639 votes were cast out of 235,882 registered voters, a 29.95% turnout.

​​In the 2021 Anchorage municipal election, 75,441 votes were cast out of 236,619 registered voters, a 31.88% turnout.

In the 2020 Anchorage municipal election, 70,382 votes were cast out of 232,009 registered voters, a 30.77% turnout.

In the 2018 Anchorage municipal election, 79,295 votes of 218,388 registered voters, a 36.31% turnout.


  1. Because April Elections are designed for low turnout. You want a better turnout (which traditionally favors republicans) switch it so aligns with a national election in November. You will get a bigger turn out. But those geniuses on the assembly will not do that because it favors them.

    • It is not hard to understand, after the last voting inefficiencies, people are preferring to vote on voting day IN PERSON rather then sending in a ballot or drop it into a drop box. After the last few drop-box voting and drop-box voting, many problems can be found.

  2. I would just like to go to my local polling place and vote day of. F@%# this garbage mail ballot.

  3. I voted for Travis Szanto for assembly and no on all bonds. I vote fiscal conservative every municipal election but loose when votes are tallied but I continue to vote and just hope my fellow fiscal conservatives would show but for the most part, they don’t.
    However I do believe Travis Szanto will be a winner, he’s been campaigning door to door and has a lot of signage 😉

  4. And here I thought that moving the elections to April from November and forcing mail in voting down our throats was supposed to increase voter turnout and be cheaper.

    • Anchorage voting has been in the toilet long before RVC.

      Blame conservatives too lazy to bother. Even when it comes to their door.

      • Conservatives in Anchorage – please stay in Anchorage.
        Do not come to the Valley – conservatives in the Valley turn out to vote in droves.
        Conservatives in Anchorage are lazy and apathetic – we don’t want or need you in the Valley.
        Enjoy your commie hell because you won’t go vote in Anchorage.

  5. I voted against every bond proposition on the ballot. I have to live within my means and the MOA and assembly should do this, too. Also, the idea of moving the marijuana tax revenue out from under the tax cap is just plain wrong. Those of us who pay MOA property taxes will have to “make up the difference” for this harebrained idea. I recommend a NO vote on this and the other ballot propositions.

    Regarding the assembly seat for east Anchorage, I voted for Leigh Sloan. She will make an excellent assembly member because she is smart and hard working. I have spoken with her a number of times and would like her to represent me. George Martinez, on the other hand, is a jerk of the highest order and has no business on the Anchorage assembly.

  6. Back in 1958, my 8th grade civics teacher, Mr. Henley, told us students, “If you don’t vote, don’t gripe.” I remember that to this day, and have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. Great teachers back then made a lasting impression on me. Get out and vote people! Otherwise, put up with the status quo and blame yourselves if you are unhappy. You could have made a difference.

  7. If you disagree with mail in ballots or RCV, vote anyway. Hopefully those options will fail with the interest and input of concerned citizens, but meanwhile, exercise the options you do have.

  8. I’m getting tired voting
    but i vote despite my tiredness, and be voting up until death, and probably after death too. I presume voter turn-out will be very low as well the liberals will return to the dais with Southside exception. Voter apathy still disappointing (and my coworkers still won’t vote) but anchorage’s spiritual temperature is warmer than the drop boxes which is hopeful. I pray for the churches regular attendees to see their sin being a clique-a type of church family- excluding and not knowing how to feed a hungry or dying peoples God’s word and making churches feel like God’s place.
    If i could encourage, this not the time to give-u even if spencer, travis
    , flynn, ries lose this round. They still be needed in
    their neighborhood districts.

    • Heard it takes two stamps. If turnout was the objective the money spent on the unsafe boxes could have been spent on free postage.

    • Two stamps are required. I do not know if the USPS will bounce them back because it is votes, but I did not take any chances. Brought my ballot to one of the vote centers.
      Now, instead of being 99% sure my vote will be ignore, I am only about 50% sure it will be ignored.

  9. With higher interest rates those bonds are going to kill us. The dopey voters will approve them all I’m sure then complain about their huge tax increases.

    • Few of the dopey voter think they will pay the taxes. And they don’t care.

      Everyone should remember that the Teacher’s Union and the public employees will have near 100 percent turnout. Conservatives START 3000 votes behind.

  10. I’m wintering out of state during this election and requested my absentee ballot in February. It’s now March 29, and I still haven’t received it, even though the MOA Election website says my ballot was mailed out. I’ve never missed a vote, even when in remote areas in the military. Now I fear due to the SNAFU of the MOA elections office, and the overall mail in voting scheme that my vote will not only not be counted, it won’t even be accepted due to the mailing timeline.

    No on all bonds, no on the marijuana proposal, no on Fee Licks.

    • That’s actually pretty funny. Gave me a chuckle.
      The real question is not turn out. It is what percent of ballots were rejected before 100% mail in voting.
      the bonus question is what percentage of the voters who have no idea about local politics (uninformed) were voting before 100% mail in voting?

  11. The tally will go up as soon as the unmonitored drop boxes start being filled at night by the box loads. Why do you think that the openings are so large.

  12. Mailed my ballot in, and it was received in the tracking system but they rejected my signature.
    Had to mail in my “curing” paperwork. Which has undoubtedly already been roundfiled.

    Voted no on the bonds, voted for Flynn.

    • I wonder.
      Would your signature have been rejected if you were voting in person and showing a photo ID?
      Asking for a friend.

  13. Gee the turnout is low.
    Is it any wonder why?
    Confidence in the election system is in the toilet, and this 100% mail in voting is doing nothing to assuage anyone’s fears. Frankly, no voter has any assurance that their vote counted, end of story. Too many “suspicious” things happening with the elections lately, and that is diminishing voter enthusiasm.
    Want to see better turn out, secure the elections. If something odd is identified, investigate it instead of sweeping it under the rug, or pretending nothing is questionable.
    And, get rid of mail in voting. People protect the things that are valuable to them, and elections/votes are valuable. At least the outcome of elections are valuable. Yet… ballots show up at doorsteps whether requested or not, the voter rolls are questionable (and often wrong), and dropping your ballot into a box is proof that… well, that you dropped your ballot into the box. Nothing more. Personally, I have a higher level of trust in the Dominion vote counting machines than I do mail in ballots. And, Dominion ranks a few notches below gas station sushi on my trust scale.
    Want to see better turn out, do something to increase the public’s confidence in the elections.

    • I agree. However, these are the current rules of the game. You gotta play it and win to be able to change the rules.

  14. One has to wonder if people are too busy figuring out how to move out of Anchorage. They may have just decided to vote with their feet.

  15. Nope. My signature are not the same every time. If I showed up with my photo IDs.. I don’t think there would be a problem. They would discard my ballot right away. One of myIDs is US passport. Showing that I’m a citizen another is my carry permit from Texas, updated with myAK address

  16. “NO votes on the April ballot represent zero confidence in our current Assembly and their inability to manage a city. They must be told in the most emphatic way possible that we have zero confidence in the majority of Assembly members. I do have empathy for them. It’s not easy living a life of ” what is up is down and what is down is up.”

  17. Remember the ballet box gets stuffed at the end of the vote and late at night while everyone is asleep. The demos are bidding their time so wait for it.

  18. Anchorage appears to be happy being ruled by gay progressive zealots.

    You’re not doing a damn thing to change it.

  19. Why am I seeing so many political videos for Zac Johnson who purportedly is receiving a lot of outside money and who is supported by a big lefty on the assembly. Zac has some explaining to do but hasn’t defined himself. Rachel Ries is defined by the conservative company she keeps. Take back the assembly from the wolves. Vote Ries

  20. The voter turnout is VERY disappointing! In a Q&A for the assembly candidates, they were asked if they supported the vote by mail process. Of course Felix is in support of it; but his REASON was laughable! He stated voter turnout has INCREASED every election since mail in voting. I don’t believe this to be the case. There’s something very special about going to vote in person. At least I felt/feel that way.

  21. Voting in person defines our Republic. Ranked choice voting is another cop out. People who perceive up as down, and down as up are the very people who are promoting bassakwards government and politics. I personally waited to put in my ballot because i wanted to see the lies about and justifications for our propositions. Not to worry, we’re voting.

  22. Wow, that many voted, eh? You certainly don’t want the ignoramuses voting simply because they’re franchised to vote! On the bright side, things aren’t as bad as things could be were more “we the people” voting!

  23. I get a kick out of people who rent that think they do not pay property taxes for Bond isues… good thing their land lord pays the taxes for them out of the goodness of his heart. …. Too bad we the people cannot accept the majority rules part of Democracy (some Summa Cum Laude GED graduates confuse democracy with belonging to the Democratic party.) Some of these folks spent 5-6 years in High School.. Did very well with their GED classes afterward as well…. our current Muni elections have a 8.5% voter turnout (of those registered to vote) so far…

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