Anchorage: Get ready for a ballot crammed with 15 ballot bonds and other propositions, plus a raft of candidates


The municipal elections start Tuesday, when ballots are mailed out to all eligible voters. Tuesday is also the day when the drop boxes for those ballots are open. Ballots are due back in by 8 pm on April 4.

On the ballot, voters will decide among several Assembly seats, two School Board seats, and mind-numbing 15 ballot propositions, some of which will create more debt for the taxpayers:

Anchorage Assembly Candidates

District 1 – Seat ​B – North Anchorage

Danger, Nick​

Trueblood, John

Constant, Christopher

District 2 – Seat C – Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER

Arlington, Jim

Myers, Scott

District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage

​​​Darden, Dustin Thomas House

Brawley, Anna

Flynn, Brian

District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage

Szanto, Travis

Rivera, Felix

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage (2-Year Term)

Sloan, Leigh

​​Bronga, Karen

District 5 – S​eat I – East Anchorage

Martinez, George​​

Moore, Spencer

District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm​

Ries, Rachel

Insalaco, Mikel

Johnson, Zac

​Anchorage School Board Candidates – Areawide

​School Board – Seat C

​​Donley, Dave

Boll, Irene

School Board – Seat D​​

Cox, Mark Anthony

Holleman, Andy​​

Ballot Propositions

​+ Proposition 1: Capital Improvements for the Anchorage School District Bonds

+ ​Proposition 2: Areawide Public Safety and Transit Capital Improvement Bonds

+ Proposition 3: Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area Road and Storm Drainage Bonds​

+ Proposition 4: Anchorage Fire Service Area Fire Protection Bonds​

+ ​Proposition 5: Chugiak Fire Service Area Fire Protection Bonds

+ Proposition 6: Creation of the Chugach State Park Access Service Area​​

+ ​​Proposition 7: ​Girdwood Valley Service Area Local Housing and Economic Stability Power

+ Proposition 8: Approving Annexation of Grandeur Subdivision Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4, and Lot 5, to the Rabbit Creek View and Rabbit Creek Heights Limited Road Service Area (LRSA) and Amending the Rabbit Creek View and Rabbit Creek Heights LRSA Boundaries in Anchorage Municipal Code Section 27.30.700, Effective Retroactive to January 1, 2023​

+ Proposition 9: Approving Annexation of Spruce Terraces Subdivision to the South Goldenview Rural Road Service Area (RRSA) and Amending the South Goldenview RRSA Boundaries in Anchorage Municipal Code Section 27.30.700, Effective Retroactive to January 1, 2023​

+ ​Proposition 10: Approving De-Annexation of Cromwell Heights Block 1, Lots  1 and 2 from the Lakehill Limited Road Service Area (LRSA) and Amending the Lakehill LRSA Boundaries in Anchorage Municipal Code Section 27.30.700, Effective Retroactive to January 1, 2023

+ Proposition 11: Amending Anchorage Charter Section 13.11 to Change Management Authority for the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Trust Fund from the Treasurer to a Fiduciary Board and Establishing Primary Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities Associated with Board Management of the MOA Trust Fund

​​​+ Proposition 12: Residential Real Propery Tax Exemption Increase

+ Proposition 13: Amending the Anchorage Municipal Charter Regarding Filling Vacancies on the Assembly and in the Office of the Mayor, and to Exclude the Costs for Special Elections for These Offices From the Tax Increase Limitation (“Tax Cap”)​​

+ Proposition 14: Amending the Anchorage Municipal Charter Regarding the Marijuana Retail Tax and Dedicating Tax Proceeds to Child Care and Early Education

+ ​Special Election Proposition No. A: Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area Capital Improvement Bonds​​​

Method of voting

Anchorage is a vote-by-mail jurisdiction since the Assembly passed an ordinance to enact the method 2016. Vote by mail, drop boxes, and limited in-person voting started in 2017.

In-person centers for voting will open on Seward’s Day, March 27.

You may also mail in your ballot. Every return ballot envelope must be signed by the voter, and each signature is validated based on official signatures already on file with the State of Alaska, such as the voter’s registration document, prior election ballot envelopes, motor vehicle transactions, PFD application, etc. Election officials who adjudicate signatures are trained with techniques used to identify matches and forgeries, according to the Municipal Clerk.

If for any reason your ballot is rejected, you have a limited opportunity to “cure” your ballot, between 10-17 days after Election Day. If you go on vacation or travel after Election Day and do not know your ballot has been rejected, you’re outta luck.

You may also track your ballot, by signing up at the Municipality’s tracking system at this link.

The League of Women Voters voter pamphlet with descriptions of the ballot can be found at this link.


      • Of course. Those hawking for their pie in the sky are likely not going to be afflicted with horrendous property taxes for their wish list. This disconnect needs to be addressed. The oil boom 80s are over. Get used to it and suck it up Muni. Reasonable tax increases on the property owners for necessities are not on the plate. Want your piece of the pie? – stick it to the taxpayers. Nuff said, and disgusted.

    • With respect, nothing seems to protect property owners from having their assessments increased to offset any fixed exemption.
      In other words, could we be looking at something where productive residents may give their government approval to raise property taxes while hiding what they’re doing behind a fictional exemption, a shell game if you will, you pay more, but it kinda looks like you’re saving sometrhing?
      Since it’ll cost a small (okay, a large) fortune to challenge the increased assessment before an unelected panel of hard-working folks who make the rules and have the most to gain from a higher assessment, the property owner is in practicality, screwed.
      Seems like a sad sign of the times to be so suspicious of government “gifts” but, counterintuitive as it seems, may we suggest voting NO, or HELL NO if it’s an option, on Prop 12?
      No right or wrong answer, your thoughts?

    • Those exemptions should be eliminated. All they do is shift the tax burden to those with more expensive real estate. You want to live in a community, this is how you pitch in for all the goods/services you enjoy. If you don’t want the goods/services, vote NO on the bonds. If you vote YES on expanding these exemptions and YES on all the bonds, you’re a greedy, self-centered, progressive who wants someone else to pay for your slice of the pie.

      If you’re a Senior, you already have the $150,000 exemption; personally, I think it’s enough.

  1. Prediction: at the end of the process, Anchorage drifts further left and approves a boatload of bond measures you can’t afford.

    I remember Anchorage in the 80s. Greatest place on earth. Anchorage today: Portland starter kit.

  2. What is prop 12? I might have to vote yes on that one everything else is a no including all incumbents.

    • Suggest voting NO because nothing seems to protect taxpayers from mil-rate increases or inflated assessments to recover property-tax revenue lost from exemptions.

  3. I vote no on all bonds before even reading what the bond was about because property taxes go up to the point where the taxes almost costs more than the mortgage payment.

  4. And get ready for another manipulated, corrupt and illegitimate so-called “election”, due to the untransparent and intermediated fraud of mail-in voting.
    But every radical leftist troll here, such as Whidbey and Bill Yankee, will kneejerkedly support mail-in voting, because it favors their side, the side that is willing to go to ANY lengths, any corruption, any fraud, in order to gain and exercise power over others.

    • Unless we have more non union voters to stop this then it is already over. We need tens of thousands of voters to counter the union vote. Just watch after the vote the unions will get big raises and more benefits. People aren’t hurting enough to go to the polls and vote.

  5. “when ballots are mailed out to all eligible voters” you sure about this?
    Also I gotta ask, is Nick Danger a private detective? Maybe he can figure out where the ballots actually go.

  6. “If for any reason your ballot is rejected, you have a limited opportunity to “cure” your ballot, between 10-17 days after Election Day. If you go on vacation or travel after Election Day and do not know your ballot has been rejected, you’re outta luck.”
    Guess what almost never happened when in person voting was the norm? That crap.

  7. Not too mind numbing… Everything involving money or more government, especially “Creation of the Chugach State Park Access Service Area​​”, may we suggest NO
    …or HELL NO if that’s an option.
    School Board elections seem irrelevant, Board members do what they want, spend what they want, are accountable to no one for anything, the education industy cancer’s metastatic, FUBAR’d some say with good reason, so apart from disenrolling children from this filth ASAP, who cares?
    Assembly seat votes counted by the Municipal Clerk who works for the Assembly… what could possibly go wrong there?
    Throw in a little (or a lot) of ballot harvesting, more tough love from the same plantation owners who just laid down the law to SEAL Team Shaw, it’s just business as usual, no?

  8. When government has printed all the money they can and have blown through it all, they start borrowing with “bonds” to put taxpayers on the hook for their further largesse. These bond packages are examples of the idiocy of those that are in power.

  9. Bonds are just another way to redistribute wealth the “progressives” inflict on us. Property owners, the ones who will pay, should be the only ones voting on bonds.

    • Logically, it should never have been enacted. To change such an important function of a representative republic should have been brought forward to the voters. Just as the change from a November election of the Assembly to this April charade was not brought forward to the voters. It started with Marky Mark and his fun bunch to where we now have a rubber-stamping junta that imposes its will on the citizens of the Municipality. My gut tells me within 5 years, 10 at most, we’ll be back to having a sales tax in the MOA, with no relief in property tax. And body mutilation on demand within the ASD.

      • Between our dysfunctional Politburos in both Anchorage and Juneau and Biden cutting off the natural gas supply of Anchorage, I am definitely looking at moving out of state.

  10. ASD- where did all of the Covid money go? Why do you ALWAYS need more than the property taxpayers already give?

    Vote NO on all bonds. Always.

  11. How do we find chugiak fire service area candidate options for write-in? Help for someone not on social media?

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