Rivera recall petition accepted, will be on ballot, unless court stops it


The petition to recall Anchorage Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera has enough valid signatures to place the question on the April 6 ballot.

The only thing that can stop it now is the lawsuit that Rivera filed on Jan. 5 to get a court to dismiss the recall petition as illegitimate.

That lawsuit is expected to be heard in the courtroom of Judge Dani Crosby in the next two weeks. The surrogate plaintiff for Rivera is Dr. Peter Mjos, MD, also associated with a long-ago lawsuit against Assembly member Dick Traini, which went to the Supreme Court. Traini won three days before the election, but it was too late for him to start his campaign, which is how current Assemblywoman Meg Zalatel got on the Assembly.

Zalatel is busy in her spare time fundraising for the Rivera defense fund, and both Zalatel and Rivera voted on Tuesday to change municipal election laws, prior to the April 6 municipal election.

This story will be updated – check back.

“The 300 petition sponsors and 4999 signatories of the Rivera Recall Campaign labored diligently over the last 60 days to utilize the democratic remedy enshrined in our Alaskan constitution to remove our representatives for gross misconduct.  We are deeply disappointed by the lawsuit filed by Peter Mjos attempting to subvert our right to a legitimate and fair ballot process.  We are, however, even more disturbed that the current political leadership of Midtown – Rep. Andy Josephson, Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson, and Assembly Member Meg Zaletel are fundraising for that lawsuit in an attempt to satirize the principles of democracy and representative government,” said Russell Biggs, one of the recall petition sponsors. “Given the clear conflicts of interest that both Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera had regarding this impending recall election – and the fact that they did not recuse themselves from the highly controversial election law amendments the Anchorage Assembly approved last night – one can easily understand why the Midtown residents have lost confidence in their elected officials.”


    • After we are successful in removing Rivera, we must launch the same district-wide efforts against Meg Zaletel (again). Another goal must be to elect Bill Evans as our next major. The absolute worst thing that can happen to the Municipality is for the current majority to continue in place AND Dunbar (such an unattractive man!) to end up as our next mayor. PLEASE get to know him and then vote for Bill Evans!

      • Bill Evans is doing nothing but splitting the vote. Ask him some hard questions. If you can find him. I will be supporting Bronson. And by the way, the good judges won’t allow the recall.

  1. Fight local, think national. It starts in your neighborhood and we need to wake up. Nuke this progressive/regressive crap now. And, if you have the means, please support this website with your donations. I’m not affiliated with it at all but, it’s THE only news source in this state that supports conservative thought and expression.

    • Yes. I will continue to support Must Read Alaska. My “other” prepaid news source subscription runs out in March and I will not renew it. That “source” regurgitates WP, AP, and a lot of smarmy and biased local leftist content. Sad to see the only “newspaper” in Anchorage go that way, but I’m not sorry to cut them off for their choices. I noticed over the last few months I can get the same biased information on line without paying their hefty subscription fee. I’m exiting my local cable TV “news source” for the same reason. I would recommend checking out OANN (One America News Network) for anyone interested in national TV news and commentary, if it is available to them. That news channel seems to be up and coming and honest. The commentators are attractive and well-spoken, but maybe not as “polished” as the major network news slicksters. They do a good job and I hope they make it in the vicious and contemptible media world.

  2. Alaska courts to decide? Nothing to see here, move on

    Be interesting to see what rationale they come up with this time.

    • Hopefully you are right. Court will probably intervene – “no standing.” Or some such other BS. Bwahahaha! Snort!

  3. When a conservative files a lawsuit, there is never enough evidence to grant relief. When someone of the Left files a lawsuit, there is always enough evidence to grant relief. It isn’t any more complicated than that. Justice, Alaska style.

  4. It will be interesting to see if the Commies about to assume power in D.C. will intervein in chubby cheeks Felix’s trail by fire. My bet is that they will, Commies look after their own.

  5. Based on very recent history the courts (small case on purpose) giving something from the Conservatives an unbiased hearing (without out fear of or in step with the socialist) is like spitting into the wind. Isn’t going anywhere, hope I’m dead wrong but don’t anticipate it.

  6. Apparently fund raising support by Meg and Andy to help Felix is wrong, but fund raising by Jamie to throw Felix out is OK? This double-speak and hypocrisy has been going on at a National level for some time and the majority of voters on Nov. 3 chose a new path.

  7. The court case asking the judges to stop it should be an interesting exercise in pretzel logic, as we already have an AK Supreme opinion that a governor can be recalled for any reason whatsoever. And if that applies to a governor, it will most certainly apply to other elected officials.

    Meg ought to hang on to her money, as she’s next along with 4-5 of her co-conspirators. Cheers –

  8. Rivera and Zalatel apparently haven’t the presence of mind to know when they are dismissed.
    Please depart with decorum you two, depart indefinitely.

  9. Please explain what you mean about Dick Traini. He was term-limited in 2019 when he was replaced by Meg Zaletel.

    • Oh, you mean the Traini “tax it if it breathes” character? What we have facing us now is Traini on steroids.

  10. Most judges seem to lean left and support the socialist democrats, so good luck getting rid of this facsist assembly person.

  11. So if the communist judge doesn’t throw it out, it comes to vote… right. And because of unprecedented times, mail in ballots will be used. Why waste our time, other than giving a list of people that are enemies of the state.

  12. Peter Mjos, the same person suing the Muni to stop the Rivera Recall, also filed a lawsuit to prevent Traini from running because he actually had not term limited out per the election code. It went to the Supreme Court and Mjos lost 3 days before the election. The court decision was too late for Traini to restart his campaign.

  13. You mean the ballots send out by the crate load to every thing in the bowl with pulse ……or not.
    To be crammed into any unmonitored receptacle and tallied by paid operatives.
    That ballot?

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