Legislature: Second batch of pre-filed bills is released


The second tranche of legislative bills filed in advance of the 32nd Alaska Legislature was released Friday.

It includes a few that were bills not taken up during the last two years, such as the one from Rep. Matt Claman, which gives privileges to legislators as arms of the State to conduct marriage ceremonies. That bill is HB 62.

Claman also wants mental health education mandates by state law, with HB 60.

Rep. Chris Tuck has a bill to change aspects of voter registration laws and to change laws around poll watchers. That’s HB 66.

Sen. Mike Shower also has an election-related bill, SB 39, which would close loopholes that may allow fraud in elections.

SB 44, by Sen. Scott Kawasaki, would require the Board of Fisheries to prioritize personal use fisheries when implementing fishing restrictions to achieve a management goal. It’s an important bill because many believe Kawasaki is running for governor in 2022. He is a Democrat from Fairbanks.

The entire list of the second batch of pre-filed bills is at this link.


  1. I hope they all have a great time down there in Seattle North. Just go ahead and deplete the PFD, it will add to the the fleeing from our state that will be occurring when the new government shuts down our resource development. 1988 wasn’t nothing compared to what’s next. How much they can tax us on our property and income to pay for the bloated government is the question. Government will consume itself. And quickly. Three to five years, just like Oklahoma.

  2. Thank you, Suzanne. Your link was useful. Good resource. These are difficult times by any measure. Mr. Wilco’s snarky blithering notwithstanding. Best wishes for the New Year. -Elstun

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