State buildings to close to public in Juneau, Anchorage


According to a memo from the governor’s chief of staff, a number of State of Alaska offices will be closed to the public this coming Monday through Thursday, Jan. 21, in an abundance of caution as unrest continues in response to the upcoming presidential inauguration.

The closures in Juneau include:

  • Juneau State Office Building
  • Alaska Office Building
  • Court Plaza Building
  • Community Building
  • Dimond Courthouse
  • Facilities Center
  • Governor’s House
  • Behrend’s House

In Anchorage, the buildings closed are:

  • Atwood Office Building
  • Linny Pacillo Office

“The safety of the public who visit state facilities and our employees is a matter of the utmost importance. Public safety conditions in the area around the listed facilities will be closely monitored up until and then shortly after the Presidential inauguration. As time progresses, and if conditions change, employees will be notified to any modifications to this policy,” the notice said, signed by Ben Stevens, chief of staff to Gov. Mike Dunleavy.


  1. Please. There aren’t enough conservatives in Juneau to fill a phone booth. It’s too hard travel to for out of town agitation

    I appreciate Dunleavy felt he had to do something, and he did what he does best. Make a meaningless gesture

  2. This is nothing more than paranoid insanity. The Left is running a gaslighting operation and everyone in the Country is such a pussy that they’re just cowering in the corner over it. It is easy for the Left, since nothing is going to happen, they just pound their chests and say that nothing happened because they shut down the whole damned Country and put more Federal troops in the DC shithole than have been there since the Civil War. Nobody from the right is going to burn or break things. Nobody from the right burned or broke things in any organized manner on the 6th. I don’t know that I’m proud that we’ve held our fire, but we have. That may change.

    • Tom Cotton just WRITING in the NY Times about calling out the National Guard to stop widespread destructive rioting by the Left caused a mass freakout at the Old Grey Lady and indifference from the ruling class. A few cranks break into Congress for a few hours and 20,000 National Guardsmen are put into the streets.

      • To protect Biden? This old dementia-ridden crook who’s been gaming the public for 47 years? He’s a fake President. And Harris was the first one stripped apart during the Democrat’s primaries in 2020. We now have a fiat Executive Branch, run as a counterfeit government. A rebellion is coming, to protect The People from criminals. It’s just a matter of time.

    • What does it say about the confidence people have in the election that the swamp needs to call out massive numbers of troops to protect the elite from the citizens?

      Where is the philosophical difference between Biden and Saddam here? Answer; there isn’t

      We’re in deep trouble. Deep.

  3. The public owns the buildings but can’t go into them. Dunleavy should get out of the office and for all I care, get out of the state.

  4. Yeah, Juneau – the epicenter for paramilitary factions and terrorist threats. I’m starting to believe the left actually believes their own politically feigned actions and pretentious appearances. Guess it’s true, if you lie to yourself long enough…

  5. Art, Actually, Ben Stevens is guarding against the “woke” Commies that break things and chant in demonic unison here is my guess. Everyone is so scared of this Bolshevism that it is really a bit funny. I believe Ben and Big Mike are making a big mistake, let them come, even if they appear to be dressed in MAGA gear for this shindig. Alaska is a small enough place that everyone will know who the protestors really are. From my vantage point it seems that Ben and Big Mike have drank the kool-aid.

  6. This is the silliest thing I have ever read here, at least apart from what is perpetrated by The Left and reported so reliably here! Is this an early April Fool’s joke? Is this some sort of misplaced symbolism? Working Alaskans really don’t need state government all that much, and this may well prove it. State employees and people who live on welfare need state government, but for the rest of us; give us our statutory PFD, and then huddle in your state buildings and lock the doors if you must; if we find a use for you we’ll get in touch. BTW, it’s great that the courthouses are closed as jury duty pays $25 per day, lunch and parking NOT included, unless you work for state, municipal or federal government where you are paid your normal salary. Civic duty pays much better if you work for government!

  7. Antifa already sent their militia to Alaska a few months ago. Basically four members showed up and drove two rental cars down 5th avenue waving signs and honking horns. It lasted almost 15 seconds. I doubt seriously they will return wearing Trump hats to try and instigate a riot.

  8. I emailed Senator Hannan about all the increased law enforcement and her proposal to bring in the National Guard. I specifically asked her if she would indeed use a branch of the military on the citizens of Juneau. I have gotten no response. When civil disobedience is coming from the Liberals its okay and police should be defunded. When civil disobedience is coming at them, its time for police and the military. Go figure.

  9. Most State of Alaska employees are working from home – telecommuting since early 2020. The office closures will have minimal impact on those remote workers. They have access to their office networks through virtual private network (VPN) software wherever they choose to work from (be it home or a tropical island with internet access).

  10. Any SUPPORT of our Legislators rally in the Valley at the LIO in Wasilla?
    I agree with a comment, let ANTIFA/BLM/Anarchist do their protests in Juneau and Anchorage. State Troopers, JPD/APD, NG, arrest each and every one of them, process and then show that all of them are ANTIF/BLM/Anarchist and prosecute to the full extent of the law and fill up the State Prisons!
    Of course ADN will not report.

  11. Wow, panic fears Dunleavy making people feel good by doing something in response to FBI prediction.
    Alaska has joined the heard of sheep

  12. I guess they think a bunch of those senior democratic nursing home people are out loose running around headed to wreck havoc on society. Remember back about 12 years ago or so when that commercial came on YouTube I Believe I’m not sure exactly where it was being aired you can see it on YouTube now though. It shows a group of senior citizens and a nursing home and this old lady says that if Romney is allowed to oust Obama, then we’re going to burn this mother f***** down. And then later a old black lady in the same nursing home said she was going to punch Romney right in the nut sack. So Democrats thought it was funny when this came out promoting more violence and downright assault. The burning down of the United States Nationwide is what they were promoting. Of course a Democrat only has memory about 20 hours long so they probably forgot this

  13. Pretty questionable when our government is afraid of the people who elected them . Maybe they need to be unelected pretty damn quick ??????

  14. Close them all, and lay off the employees who run them. We can save millions. And does nobody recall what Ben Stevens did for the handicapped olympics? That apple fell far from the tree. To think that he is advising our governor, explains a lot

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