Reversal: Supreme Court vacates judge’s injunction on election certification for today’s special primary


The Alaska Supreme Court today overruled an Anchorage Superior Court judge’s decision to prevent today’s special primary election from being certified.

On Friday, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Una Gandbhir, appointed by Gov. Bill Walker, had agreed with the Alaska Human Rights Commission that blind people in Alaska had not been given adequate access to voting a private ballot in this all-mail-in election. The lawsuit had been filed by the commission on behalf of an Anchorage man, with just three days left of the 44-day election for the temporary replacement for Congressman Don Young, who died in March. The commission had not offered the court a remedy to the situation.

Saturday morning, the Supreme Court took a different view and vacated the temporary injunction, reversing the order to stop the certification of the special election primary, which ends at 8 pm on Saturday.

When reached by phone, Gov. Mike Dunleavy, said, “At a time when Alaskans are being asked to cast their votes in a new electoral system and that system was made more complicated due to the untimely passing of Congressman Young, it is somewhat relieving that the Supreme Court appears to have instituted a little bit more stability and did not allow a last-minute lawsuit to disrupt an election that Alaskans already are concerned about and that has wide-ranging implications.”

The Supreme Court did not expand on its reasoning, saying it would issue the full opinion at a later date. Story and column from Friday are linked below the order:


  1. Oath integrity may have come to life look out evil doers. Oath integrity oath integrity oath integrity we need oath integrity. Thank you supreme

  2. Well, while I was commenting on the previous article, this popped up… Do the supremes realize what a public relations disaster judge Una’s decision was? Do they understand that the likely resulting constitutional convention will restore proper limits to judicial power? I’m grateful for their decision, but my angry cynicism remains. The kendall needs to migrate to Venezuela, where perhaps his skill in corruption will be appreciated. While I struggle to see it sometimes, God IS in control – and His promise of a better life is what keeps me going. First time I can remember my prayer was answered through the AK Supreme Court though.

  3. That’s all it took when you said that idiot Judge Una was appointed by child molester-enabler, disgraced former Governor Bill Walker to the Superior Court. The high court should issue an opinion that includes the language:
    “Beyond the boundaries of reasonable and fair play to all the voters who acted with conscious regard to the filing deadline.”
    Thank you, Alaska Supreme Court.

      • In an earlier iteration she served Alaska by doing a great job for truly vulnerable people. She is taught lawyers how to assist the vulnerable. In this situation the client I believe is the severely disabled US Constitution within Anchorage. To err unfortunately is human. I am relieved the injunction was vacated.

  4. Wow, the Supremes actually did something right for a change. Now if they could just reverse their ruling about the legislative requirement for signature verification on absentee ballots. Only the legislature can establish voting procedures. Not a governor. Not a judge.

  5. Surprising. With rare exceptions these judges are cut from the same cloth. The Supremes will go to great lengths to defend and affirm the actions of their Superior court colleagues. After all – they all come out of the same process and if someone is wrong it might mean that others might be wrong as well. I suspect that the Imperial Judiciary is waiting for a more decisive and important opportunity to control the outcome of an election. The judges have probably already discussed the November election with Scott Kendall.

  6. Disparaging judges reflects poorly on our society. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but anonymous insults indicates a lack of charachter.

    • Once again, we see Frankly Rancid standing up for, and malevolently defending, the corrupt and self-serving establishment. Lick those boots, Frankly! Maybe one day your masters will pat your head and throw you a bone for your faithful service.

  7. These Leftist, activist judges keep identifying themselves with their own politics. Judge Una
    proved to be another lapdog of Bill Walker, on a short leash held by Scott Kendall. So obvious!

  8. Alas; Common Sense prevails. Oh my God what a true feeling of relief, and just maybe there is a way out of the mire that we are in, at all levels!

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