Meltdown: Alaska judicial system is taking down our democracy through election interference



With the stroke of a pen, a Superior Court judge in Anchorage has thrown the democratic election process into complete turmoil in Alaska.

Judge Una Gandbhir, with just one day before the end of a 44-day election cycle, has ruled that the special primary election results for the congressional race cannot be certified until the State Division of Elections makes sure all vision-impaired voters have access to adaptive computer devices allowing them to vote privately through the internet.

The special primary election is over a 8 pm on Saturday. That’s when the ballots would normally be counted and the bulk of the results announced by 9 pm. More counting and release of results would take place on the 15th, 17th, and 21st of July. Certification is set for the 25th. The top four vote-getters would be ready to go to the special general election, to be held on Aug. 16 along with the regular primary election.

It was always confusing, but now it’s pure chaos.

But Judge Gandbhir has created a corruptible or at least highly suspect election because, if the votes are counted on Saturday night as expected, and a result between two candidates is close, that means the visually impaired voters who have yet to vote will have more information than all the other 130,000 voters who had cast their ballots without knowing who is ahead.

Here’s a sample scenario that makes fraud possible: A close race between, say, Mary Peltola and Tara Sweeney for that coveted fourth place on general election ballot, would give a few vision-impaired voters the ability to sway the election with their votes, if the results are announced Saturday. That is why the results cannot be announced — a few voters would have the possibility of deciding that fourth slot on the ballot because they would go into the voting booth with more information.

It’s outrageous. But it didn’t need to happen. The director of the Division of Elections made the decision soon after the death of Congressman Don Young that the only way to stay on a schedule that meets the statutory requirements for temporarily filling the congressional seat was to do an all-mail-in election.

Gail Fenumiai, the director, said in March that a regularly conducted primary could not be done because she did not have time to hire and train temporary election workers and deploy them around the state in all the precincts.

And so here we are, with a court case that shows that Fenumiai erred in recommending the state just turn to an all-mail election. In hindsight, it would have been better to bring back all the former election workers and stand up an election in the traditional method.

Instead, Alaska is at a crossroads where if the votes that have been cast are not counted, and are just sitting in a vault, the voters will have even less confidence in the Division of Elections than they now do. And their confidence is already shaken.

Or, if the Division of Elections counts the ballots on Saturday but does not release the results until the blind voters have had a chance to use an adaptive device, the electorate will lose all confidence. Voters will have suspicions that the results will be leaked to a chosen few, and there will be no convincing them otherwise.

The Gandbhir ruling creates the perfect storm in a year when Ballot Measure 2, with its jungle primary and ranked choice general election, has already created chaos and distrust in our election system.

In fact, an argument can be made that Ballot Measure 2 led us to this place, where we have to have a primary and a general just to fill a four- or five-month seat in Congress. Under our former system, we could have done the job with just one election, but no, Ballot Measure 2 forces Alaska into two elections for the temporary seat, and two elections for the regular seat — four statewide elections in one year, driving up costs and driving down confidence.

This becomes even more tangled because the author of Ballot Measure 2 is also working as the lawyer for the independent expenditure group for candidate Sweeney.

Yes, that old name Scott Kendall — the chief of staff for former Gov. Bill Walker, and author of so many bad ideas in Alaska — brought Ballot Measure 2 to voters with the help of millions of Outside dollars, convincing voters this would be a more civilized way to do elections.

Knowing that Kendall is involved in the congressional races, which could be decided by a handful of blind voters, is disconcerting. Giving Kendall a few more days to muck around in our elections is a scary thought. But watching a judge rule that an election cannot be certified is nothing short of election interference by the courts.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. I respect Judge Gandbhir alot. She has excellent legal analysis skill. I hope this turns out well and right.

    • I hope and pray that your comment is pure sarc, G. However much skill she exhibits (and I question that), she has inappropriately interfered and taken power not afforded to the courts. No other court in the country has challenged the legality of mail-in ballots, nor has anyone challenged – at the last second no less – mail-in ballots for physically disadvantaged voters. The judge simply is engaging in another left-wing power grab. I hope this turns out well and right also G. That will start with elections ignoring judge Una and then her getting impeached. Kendall needs imprisoned for fraud.

  2. The fookers are trying to fook the fooking system—why ain’t I fooking amazed!

  3. It seems to me and of course I could be incredibly wrong on my recollection of all and anything.

    But I have to ask – is there not a thing called braille?

    I do remember a significant woman named Helen Keller.

    I don’t have a dog in the fight here but common sense is killing my silence.

    1. How many times does the State of Alaska Division of Elections get a “pass” on voter rights in the state and federal court system?

    2. I appreciate the transparency of MRAK as being the voice of and advocate for a faction. A fundraising faction. All a valid part of the United States freedoms.

    3. However, the broader question is not about this particular election but ALL elections and the scrutiny, accountability and fairness for each voter.

    This is simply another layer being highlighted that fundraising interests pay closer attention to the details of our governmental process when they believe it can swat the outcome toward their donors.

    That means this: stepping on the necks of vulnerable for a short term win – without even knowing if they lost already.

    Here is the kicker.

    This strategy has been in play as an option way before the trigger was ever pulled.

    The real question is: whos the kings willing to fall for the queens?

    Who are the pawns?

    Who are hoping to be knighted?

    Therein you find interesting answers to motives…

  4. This particular judge defies the laws of common sense. Further, he has muddled the waters of fair play and substantial justice to all the voters who had 44-days to prepare a ballot and cast a vote. A handful of blind mice who also had 44-days to prepare and take care of their own business. This judge makes our judicial system not just farcical, but a danger to the majority and a smear to democracy. This is a judge who is not qualified by reason of insanity.

  5. Sadly judicial interference in AK politics is northing new.

    It will continue as is until one of three things happens.

    1-we vote the way the Bolsheviks want.
    2-we stop voting altogether and let our rulers decide for us.
    3-we have a constitutional convention and seize our government back.

  6. When assigning blame, don’t forget Mike Porcaro. He was one of the big advocates for Prop/ballot measure 2. His ad firm pushed it hard.

    You voted for this crapstorm, Alaska. Hope to God we survive it.

    • You’d think Mike Porcaro would decide to invest in better programming, advertising, decisions, and staff from the business he operates out of his million-dollar (plus) home office in south Anchorage. I find it shocking that Alaskans support his afternoon radio program and his completely juvenile sidekick. We deserve much better!

    • He also refuses to allow any callers to question the jabs which is why I stopped listening to his show.

  7. You are living above the clouds when you call out a judge for voting corruption. People with disabilities needed the provision. How about waiting until after the vote and see which people with disabilities complain rather than targeting a female judge for an act of prudence. Shame on you!

  8. How have vision impaired voters exercised their right in the past

    This cycle has been a mess. From mail-only with no in-person voting, to some in-person voting, and now special computer voting?

    It does not pass the smell test.

  9. While over 60 bills were introduced dealing with Alaska’s elections, not one of consequence passed. At a time when a majority of voters in our state support election audits, requiring a photo ID to vote in person, and signature verification of ballots, the legislature could not manage to pass even one small improvement to address their concerns.

  10. Elections no longer matter; don’t surrender your guns. You are gonna need them eventually.

  11. Seven and a half weeks is not enough time for the visually impaired to figure out how to get their vote counted? Why did it take seven weeks for them to get their lawyer to file suit? Or maybe it took seven weeks for the lawyers to find a visually impaired person to use as the plaintiff.

  12. Here comes a trunk load of ballots filled out by blind voters…of course there aren’t that many blind people in the whole state?‍♂️

  13. In the judge’s effort to appear compassionate to a few whiners and complainers, this judge has commited an atrocious act of delay of democracy. Or, is it an intentional act to offset the scale of justice in a thinly veiled accomodation to assist the Left-wing radicals? The aggregate of this judge’s past rulings will probably tell the story. Lawlessness is getting a new brand at the highest level ………THE COURTS.

  14. Thanks for writing this story, Suzanne. More truth comes out of your keypad than from the bench.

  15. This judge is a fool. When did visually impaired people become so stupid that they need more that 44 days to vote. This is insulting to the intelligence of al voters

  16. Scout Kendall is a scourge on Alaska. Any candidate, or ballot measure, or political stance he backs/undertakes………should be treated inappositely by the public. His mentality is akin to putting sand in the gearbox. Putting sugar in the gas tank. Putting strychnine in your bread. This punk needs to be stopped.

  17. The Director of the Division of Elections needs to removed from her position by the Governor or Lt. Governor ASAP! Under her watch Alaskan elections have become a corrupt circus! I believe she was also responsible for bringing Dominion Voting machines into Alaska. Who influenced her to do that & was there money involved? If we a had an honest Dept. of Justice perhaps she would already be under investigation by the FBI. This latest snafu is a very big deal! It needs to be thoroughly investigated. There is more to this story than just a misguided Judge’s ruling. How much more can the public stand?

  18. You’re telling me blind people have never voted before? They’re still filling out a paper ballot – what’s the difference?

  19. Alaska Bar Asso, where is your investigation into the ethics of this lawsuit and judge Una’s “ruling”??? This is a prime example of why people despise lawyers (until they need one of course…). This could have and should have been challenged as soon as the ballots were mailed – in time to make appropriate changes to allow Braille ballots and/or certified voting assistance, as has been the practice with in-person voting. I’ve had enough of dictators – it’s past time for a constitutional convention. I have no doubt the dictators will try to game the convention too, but I have more faith in the people of Alaska than I do in the current malodorous corruption I see. Stockyards smell better.

    • This judge was hand-picked to the bench by the pedophile-enabler Bill Walker. Does that answer your question ?

  20. Are there not touch screens available at the in-person voting places?

    This reminds me of 2010’s election, where a judge changed the rules on election day so that people didn’t have to spell write-in candidates’ names correctly despite the letter of the law.

  21. Be at peace, Madam Editor; Judge Gandbhir’s ruling simply legalizes ballot harvesting.
    Gandbhir’s ruling means hundreds of thousands of blind voters are entitled to different accommodations from what they’ve used in every election since statehood.
    In the true tradition of democracy, Gandbhir’s ruling helps those hundreds of thousands of blind Alaskans, living and dead, citizen and alien, to vote for the correct choice.
    Best of all, in these economic hard times, Gandbhir’s ruling means ballot harvesting is now an officially approved Alaskan institution, foreseeably a booming, recession-proof, state wide industry.
    What’s not to like?

  22. This has little to do with the visually impaired and more to do with how the leftist corruption machine operates. Typically, a George Soros funded “Human Rights” group will wait to the last minute and go to a leftist appointed judge to stop the show so they can get the necessary time to manipulate the election. It is the same playbook across the USA. I’m surprised one of the corrupt Clinton lawyers hasn’t shown up yet to interject some sham of an argument to hold it up as long as possible. Alaska needs clear election laws that prohibit mail-in voting, machines and frivolous lawsuits that are designed to interfere with the election process.

    • If you are against mail-in voting, you are depriving Alaskan military members serving overseas from voting. Or Alaskan civilians temporarily living abroad.
      Not cool and certainly not representative of American democracy.

      • You are so very wrong, Catherine. Absentee voting is NOT the same as wholesale mail-in voting, the latter being expressly designed for manipulation and corruption of the electoral process by unprincipled, power-mad, sociopathic radical leftists.

  23. Lt. Governor Kevin Meyer is Alaska’s chief election official……
    (907) 465-3520
    (907) 269-7460

  24. GEE, I wonder if manipulated voting machines had anything to do with Ballot Measure 2 passing ??? I wonder if we have been having Selections instead of Elections, hmmm ????

  25. US Constitution Article I, Section 4, Clause 1:

    The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

    Seems easy enough to understand to me. I don’t know what rose colored glasses this judge wears, or what sort of mushrooms she puts in her salad, but The US Constitution clearly gives each state Legislature the authority to make election laws of its choosing. Our court needs to butt out.

  26. It would be nice if all emoluent holders followed the rules adopted by the state in Alaska Masons Manual. Determine where and how you obtained the delegated authority before acting. Do you have lawful standing and subject matter authority personally and jurisdictionally to take the action? The stipend receivers never do this any more.

  27. I’ve called the division of elections. 2020 had more registered voters than eligible voters. They haven’t cleaned our voting rolls and the machines have been proven to be compromised.
    I’m not voting for Dunleavy, elections are part of his admissions failures. Corruption all throughout Alaska and the judiciary is part and parcel.

  28. Voting rolls are administered by the Lieutenant Governor. Why not ask him to clean them up before September 3 before all records of deception are purged and shredded?

  29. Mail-in voting and attaching PFD registration to voter registration is how the left is stealing elections. Military has always had absentee voting for decades.

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