Notes from the trail: Candidates on parade


129,600 ballots were received by the Division of Elections by the reporting on Friday. There was quite a lot of people at the Gambell Street office of the Division of Elections.

On Saturday, candidates for Congress went to the places where they had the chance to see the people who support them most. Al Gross sign-waved in the rain in Juneau and was heading to Petersburg for election night. Sarah Palin walked the Colony Days Parade in heels with a cadre of friends, while Nick Begich was in the parade with a couple of trucks and quite a large group of people numbering about 20.

In the photo above, U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka walked the Colony Days parade with about 25 supporters and a couple of trucks.

Sarah Palin walked the entire Colony Days Parade in high heels.
Nick Begich ha a good crowd with him at the Colony Days Parade.

Endorsements: Kim Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s fiance, endorsed Sarah Palin for Congress. Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social one last plug for Palin: “Hopefully Alaska will get out today and vote for Sarah Palin in the special primary. She is a great person who will never let you down!”

Media: NewsMax story focuses on Palin’s chances.

Washington Post had yet another story on the congressional race. Here is the link.

Daily Wire has a Santa angle at this link.

CNN’s primary preview is here.

Must Read Alaska predicts that about 80 percent of the ballots received by today will be counted tonight by the Division of Elections. Check back for results by 9 pm.


    • Ken, are you a Sarah Palin Supporter? If you are mister you can forget about me letting you drive my Pink Corvette EVER AGAIN!

    • Kenny, look I think it’s fair to say that Suzanne has been consistent in her support of Kelly T. I say this because I recall that Suzanne was listed amongst Kelly’s supporters at a fund raising event. Furthermore Suzanne has made space available for Kelly to present her editorials. Unless you are a Sarah supporter the logic shared above will certainly help clear things up for you. If you are in the sheep dip tank for Sarah, just disregard everything and woohoo your way along knowing that Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend has endorsed Sarah! Who needs more then THAT!

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