Resolution: Alaska Republicans in House District 27 call on Anchorage judge to end interference in House election


Alaska Republicans in District 27 are telling an Anchorage Superior Court judge to step away and quit interfering in the District 27 House race.

Superior Court Judge Jack McKenna has already ruled that it’s likely that Rep. David Eastman is ineligible to hold office due to his membership in the group known as Oath Keepers, which is described by Democrat-aligned media as a far-right group.

Judge McKenna has ruled that the Division of Election can’t certify the election if Eastman wins his Wasilla district on Nov. 8, until the court case against Eastman’s eligibility is resolved.

The voting officers of the Alaska Republican Party District 27 committee passed a resolution earlier this week that says Eastman has broken no laws, and in 2020 won his district with 73.70% of the vote — more than any other candidate for the Alaska State House in a contested race that year.

Rob Youndt, chairman of District 27, is a homebuilder in the Mat-Su Valley who also serves an an elected official on the borough Assembly. But in his role as chairman of the district, he and the other officers have called on Judge McKenna to cease election interference from the bench.

The resolution points out that Eastman has not been charged with any crime, and that the lawsuit filed by the Northern Justice Project on behalf of Randall Kowalke is based on a wrong interpretation of the Alaska Constitution, which has a clause in it that prohibits anyone from serving in the Legislature if they belong to a group whose purpose is to overthrow the U.S. government. The Republicans say that the Northern Justice Project/Kowalke lawsuit has weaponized the judicial system against Americans.

At the same time, the national leader of Oath Keepers is on trial for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 rally that went rogue inside the U.S. Capitol, when a couple of hundred supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College vote that sealed the victory for President Joe Biden.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the group, took the stand in his own defense in Federal District Court in Washington, where he is charged with seditious conspiracy. But he has not been convicted and it will be many months before his case is resolved, should whatever decision the jury comes up with be appealed. Meanwhile, the Northern Justice Project/Kowalke lawsuit is attempting to tie Eastman to Rhodes.

“The public campaign to remove me from office for ‘violating the constitution’ began two years ago. At that point it was for asking for investigations into the 2020 election and for attending the president’s speech. That’s all they could accuse me of at the time. They flogged that horse for 8 months without success,” Eastman said. “They next changed to arguing the exact same thing but added Oath Keepers into it after they found out I joined years ago. Kowalke has been part of that from the very beginning, even publicly tweeting that I needed to be removed from office. Same group. Same attack. Now just flogging a slightly different horse.”

Eastman has a lifetime membership in Oath Keepers. On Jan. 6, 2021, he went to Washington, D.C. to hear President Trump speak and just hang around outside the Capitol, not as a part of Oath Keepers, just as an interested citizen. He took part in no vandalism, violence, and never went inside the Capitol. But Kowalke and the Northern Justice Project say it’s his membership in the Oath Keepers that disqualifies him from serving in the Legislature.

Earlier this year, a coalition of leftist groups led by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) tried to get Eastman expelled from the Legislature. The group has labeled Eastman a “fascist.”

“Over the course of the last month, a grassroots movement against fascism in Alaska has united around the Coalition to Expel David Eastman. This coalition, formed by the Anchorage branch of the PSL, Sol de Medianoche, Growing Alaskan Leaders, the Anchorage NAACP and several other unaffiliated community activists, has seen a growing amount of public support around one goal: expelling state House Representative David Eastman from office.”

Party for Socialism and Liberation website.

The resolution by District 27 Republicans ties the Party for Socialism and Liberation to attorney to Scott Kendall, the campaign ally of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and points out that the plaintiff, Randall Kowalke, ran against Eastman in 2020, and previously ran against Sen. Mike Shower, both without gaining much support. Since then, Kowalke left the Republican Party and declared it to be “fascist.” The resolution also ties in the Alaska Democratic Party’s efforts to have Eastman removed from office.

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The resolution by District 27 Republicans follows:


  1. How is it that that a group that advocates upholding the U.S. Constitution could somehow be legally harassed by a group like the PSL, which openly advocates the overthrow of our government?

      • Judge McKenna is a classic example of why we need a constitutional convention. Let the public decide who should be a judge instead of a handful
        of liberal lawyers and another liberal judge.

  2. McKenna is under strict scrutiny by the public for being a leftist, partisan hack judge. Both sides know what he’s up to and it’s no secret. Interfering with the constitution is not in McKenna’s best future interests.

  3. With the recent focus of the FBI with election related crimes should Judge McKenna, Randall Kowalke, and all the others mentioned above be expecting a visit?

  4. The PSL is a communist party which openly advocates for revolution and a new government. Can an admitted and untried murderer file civil suit against a person who has not committed murder and is a member of a group that tries to stop murders?

    • Hmm… I do not think Governor Dunleavy can legally do that? Just like judge McKenna, it would also set a questionable precedent of one branch of government taking out members of the other at will. I wonder if district 27 voters and the party can file a complaint against this judge and get an injunction.

      • Nope. No easy or possibly no way to get an injunction against a Judge. But a complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commission may be in order if his decision is proven to be politically motivated. Next would be a concerted effort to oppose his retention in the next election when he is on the ballot. Lastly would be an appeal of his rulings in the Eastman case. That is problematic however. The State Supreme Ct is overwhelming left wing liberals, whom I believe would not reverse McKenna.

    • Under what authority? I’d like to see exactly where any Alaskan Governor has the authority to remove a sitting judge, regardless of what the judge has done. That authority resides with the AK Supreme Court. Our state, like our nation is led by the concept call the rule of law. We do not have a tyrant for a governor.

      • Steve-O – Governor DeSantis of Florida recently removed a State Attorney General for failing to enforce State Law. The judiciary is not above the law contrary to what many judges seem to think nowadays. Judge McKenna is blatantly interfering in a State sanctioned election. One of the checks on a lawless judge would be the Chief Executive Officer of the State – Governor Dunleavy or his Attorney General!

        • FF wrong branch of government here. The AG is part of the executive branch not the judiciary. AG’s are chief law enforcement officer, representing the state’s interest in court and legal advisers to the governor or president, so Desantis had every right to fire that person.
          The check on the judge would be to pass law that would bar judges from interfering with the Division of Elections and establish that only the voters can determine whether to keep a person in office or not.

          • That would need amending of the US and AK state constitutions, too.

            You know there is a case in play in the courts of Florida about whether DeSantis was legally able to fire the guy he did, as the guy fired was voted in.

          • Not so Maureen. I recall the wholesale firing of assistant US attorneys with every administration change under Bill Clinton, Bush, Obama….. The US attorney general is confirmed by congress not elected.

        • Different states have different laws and in Alaska, which is where we are, the governor doesn’t have that authority. It’s great that Florida and Ron DeSantis does, but last time I checked they are on the opposite side of the country from us. Before you go blaming someone for not taking action you ought to know what you’re talking about.

  5. Resolution?
    The Alaska Bar Association who effectively own and operate Alaska’s judiciary, one-third of Alaska’s government, care about a resolution?
    No, productive Alaskans are stuck with this parasite and others like it until they regain control of their election system.

    • Yes, and I want all heart doctors to be certified by beauticians. They don’t know a whit about heart doctoring, but at least we won’t have heart doctors overseeing heart doctors.

      And I want car mechanics to be overseen by librarians. Don’t want anyone knowing about car mechanics overseeing car mechanics.

      Let’s have religious folks overseen by Atheists…

      • Oh come on Maureen…that’s pathetic!
        The Alaska Bar association is a private organization which exerts undue influence on Alaska’s political scene by having the majority on the judicial council. The people really have no say and so the government, at least when it comes to judges, is certainly NOT by the people but by the bar association and their particular flavor of politics.

  6. Judges decided to become legislators during the 2020 election and used the pandemic for an excuse to overstep their power regarding election laws. It seems some judges want to keep that power.

    Eastman explained his stance over and over again: You take an oath, you keep it. That’s what it’s about for him.

    McKenna has 0 grounds to try and override voters. If he tries, I would encourage those who want to vote for Eastman to write in his name. And we’ll remember McKenna when it comes time to retain him.

  7. It’s not meddlingin a house disrict race.

    It is holding an individual legislator accountable, who belongs to a group that though they say they support the US constitution, their leadership acted in their role contrary to support of the constitution. An individual legislator who has a self reported lifetime membership to that group.

    David’s own behavior got David into a messy house race. Not the courts.

    • You seem like one of those people that blacklisted people for being in the Communist Party Maureen.
      No freedom of association?
      Why was Senator Robert Byrd, who formed is own 150 man KKK Chapter in West Virginia allowed to sit in the Senate until he died? He was so good at being a KKK member & spreading it’s propaganda that he was chosen as the Grand Cyclops (can’t make this stuff up Maureen)
      He was also dead set against Pres. Clinton allowing gay people into the military & gay marriage.
      BUT, he was allowed to keep his Senate seat for some reason?
      Oh, that’s right, he was a Democrat, almost forgot.

      • Talking about Eastman here at this time, are you lost in the past?

        I didn’t know the clan is actively trying to overthrow the US. Never heard that before. My paternal grandmother was Methodist-when she married my Catholic grandfather. Had a cross burned in her yard because of it and she was a Swedish blond hair and blue eyed white girl. In Ohio, which has always had a huge clan population.

        Seem all you want about me, won’t make your seeming true. Maybe next time just say ‘I wonder if,’ instead of ‘you seem like…’

        If this me was back then-I would be focused on Mc Carthy’s poor statesmanship, too.

        Eastman has a self reported lifetime membership to an organization that has functioned NOT as a defender of the constitution as is in their by laws, but in interferring with government proceedings to overthrow it. It will take the convictions of their leadership, which is happening, before David loses his bid.

    • i agree about the aspect of bringing stuff on yourself Maureen. Some us think of Democrats, Communists, Marxists, and stupid people the same way. Watch the RED WAVE as it flushes you all down the drain. Eastman was elected by HIS constituents. That’s called democracy.

      • The constitution says you can’t be for the overthrow of the government and be a legislator. That’s called democracy, too.

        • You are correct that would be the 14th amendment section 3. Yet and I quote: “But Congress may by a vote of two thirds in each house remove such disability. “So it isn’t absolute! I believe it also requires proof of a conviction of that individual.
          Do you include the PSL in that traitorous group of organizations? Communists have long sought the reshaping of our country.
          Since there is no proof it appears to me that you are upset that Mr. Eastman didn’t fold under the pressure and resigned.

    • Maureen, there is a way to hold individual legislators to account. It is called the ballot box. Maybe you should have a chat with Cathy Giessel, Bill Walker or our always favorite Gabrielle Ladoux. You clearly do not like David Eastman, but he has not been convicted or even been accused of a crime. To tar and feather him simply because of association is denying the residents of his district the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to be represented by him. In my opinion the DOE should tell the judge he has no jurisdiction and ignore him. Since there is no criminal complaint and Mr. Eastman has not been criminally charged there is no basis for all this.

      • Except there is also a particular way legislators against the US are to be dealt with.

        There is a constitutional complaint, thus it is in court.

        I read your comment that I clearly don’t like Eastman.I have been quite concerned with his behavior while a legislator. You know kinda like love the sinner, hate the sin?

        • Sorry that’s funny…”love the sinner, hate the sin”. If you really believed that then you would show respect to Mr. Eastman as a person by not wholesale condemning him on innuendo and hearsay. The man has done nothing wrong and is free to associate with whomever he likes. If one follows your train of thought then all NRA members are guilty of mass murder if some nut turns out to have been a member….or how about members of the AARP?
          No this is an attempt to overthrow a duly elected representative of the people through malicious litigation, which is neither constitutional nor democratic.

  8. The current crop of Marxist idealists is so deficient in brain power that they honestly believe that anyone who is not a socialist or communist is a fascist. In any even, Oath Keepers is not an insurrectionist group, by any stretch of the imagination. It is a patriotic group, dedicated to following the Constitution, which, ostensibly, all members of Congress swear to do.

  9. Yet another reason to vote for the Constitutional Election. If these black-robed politicians want to be politicians, let them run for office, with term limits. Cheers –

  10. I failed to realize I was an oath keeper, when I raised my right hand and swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and Domestic. Back in 1972 when I became a United States Marine, after over 20 years of Military Service I still hold that believe sacred, and have no respect for a left wing , most luckily draft dodging liberal, who if ever in the Military swore that same oath , but has conveniently forgotten it. Yes. we desperately need a constitutional convention the legal system has become our Rulers not our Representatives

    • YOU’RE RIGHT!! Everyone who has ever served in the military is one.. just because we didn’t join the particular group. OATH KEEPERS, we are STILL an oath keeper. It’s anyone who served in any of the Armed Services. This maybe a surprise to many..Especially Democrats who are pushing to deny Eastman’s Elected office. To those who were draft dodgers back during the Viet Nam days, and still keep your stand today,(Democratic theory) needs to re-think their real intentions..We who served are still serving to the best of our ability and ONE of those is our value of our VOTE.

  11. If we follow judge McKenna’s assessment to it logical end, then ANY resident of Anchorage could immediately file to have Forrest Dunbar removed from the assembly.
    As was reported in MRAK 7/25/2020, as a sitting assembly member, mayoral candidate and National Guard officer Mr. Dunbar praised and encouraged his female relatives, who actively participated in the violent riots in Portland, where the federal courthouse was attacked and destroyed and police officers injured. He even encouraged his mother to join. His association and support with know rioters alone would per judge McKenna’s violate state statue and in this case the 14th amendment, as he gave comfort and support to individuals attempting to over-throw the federal government.

  12. Same MO they use against all conservative candidates that swear an oath to the Constitution. The end goal is to destroy the Constitution, thereby destroying your rights under it! These leftist groups are funded by Soros and other leftist billionaires, they start these innocent sounding NGO’s whose sole purpose is to attack our Constitutional Republic by any means necessary. The real insurrection was on January 6th, when a national election was stolen from the American people and a puppet was installed to destroy our economy and attack our rights. The FBI and other government agencies conspired against innocent Americans who wanted accountability for the numerous anomalies shown by poll workers and election officials that signed affidavits to expose the fraud they uncovered. FBI operatives infiltrated the Trump supporters to instigate violence and paint them as violent people. Were there a few citizens that got carried away, probably. But when you see the video clips of BLM and FBI agitators removing barricades and inviting people into the Capitol, that is entrapment. Dave Eastman is an innocent man that has committed no crime! The Oath Keepers committed no crime but were framed by government operatives that infiltrated the group. This judge is an activist that should be removed from the bench. This is why Alaska needs a Con-Con right now! Vote yes for a Constitutional Convention for Alaska!

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