‘Election by ballot’ supporters turn out for Rep. Eastman hearing


A Nesbett Courthouse hearing room was filled Tuesday with Alaska supporters of Rep. David Eastman, who is defending his right to be a member of a group dedicated to defending the U.S. Constitution, and still be able to serve as a lawmaker in the Alaska Legislature.

The crowd, some wearing shirts that read, “Elections by ballot, not by bench” had gathered to make a point to Anchorage Superior Court Judge Jack McKenna, who was weighing procedural questions. The complainants, who are trying to have the courts and the state Division of Elections disqualify Eastman over his membership in Oath Keepers, are attempting to keep the trial in Anchorage, rather than move it to Palmer, as requested by Eastman. Palmer is closer to where Eastman and the lead complainant, political activist Randall Kowalke, lives. Kowalke and the leftist Northern Justice Project that represents him also want the judge to make the decision, rather than to have a jury trial. Those decisions are pending.

The Oath Keepers is a national group with tens of thousands of members, mostly from law enforcement and military backgrounds. The leader of the organization, Stewart Rhodes, is associated with the Jan. 6, 2021 incident at the U.S. Capitol, where a rally got rowdy and some of the zealous Trump supporters went inside the Capitol and disrupted the certification of the 2020 election of Joe Biden to the presidency. Rhodes, and four co-defendants are on trial this month for committing seditious conspiracy by plotting to use violence to stop the transfer of power from President Trump to Biden. The evidence against Rhodes is mounting in his trial, which will resume Monday, but its unknown how many people knew what Rhodes was up to in the events leading to the Jan. 6 disruption. Oath Keepers is a loosely knit group of patriots who have sworn allegiance to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

McKenna has already ordered the Division of Elections to delay certification of House District 27 election results pending the result of the trial that he has already granted. But he also decided that Eastman could remain on the November ballot. The trial itself is currently scheduled for Dec. 12, although court dates often change.

The case is 3AN-22-07404CI at this link.


  1. Simply amazing that one person, an unelected judge, can decide the fate of a bonafide candidate who chose to exercise his 1st Amendment Freedom to lawfully assemble at a certain place for peaceful protest. Simply amazing!

    • Paul, I believe it was old Lord Acton who noted something about power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely. You see Paul, in this State we have four Democrats, or rather four members of the Alaska Bar Association who pick our Judiciary. It’s not a stretch to see how badly the Democrats need to beat the J-6 drum this year for their political survival is it? And you really thought that the Judiciary wasn’t political?
      Do yourself and Alaska a favor, vote yes on 1, if only to end this corrupt stranglehold on Justice.

  2. Why do is see this case headed to the Supreme Court.. Why is this even being held in Los Anchorage?? Should be in Palmer.

  3. This was open and shut and should have been dismissed. We have the most corrupt judiciary in the country and are a laughingstock.

  4. A government building is a sacred building just like a church we are suppose to treat it with utmost respect. Oath takers who become oath breakers desecrate our government buildings cheaping it all up. Jesus expects us to back him the citizens can only vote. Oath breakers so help me GOD you swore. Your playing with fire oath breakers. Citizens vote Christian

    • Disagree. Governments and their buildings ought to be treated with precisely the same level of contempt they treat the rest of us with. Sacred? Hardly. Things have changed little since Twain observed that there is no distinctly American criminal class except congress. And we all know how to deal with criminals. Cheers –

  5. What he did in DC hopefully will be revealed. What he did as MY REPRESENATIVE at the end of this session is DEPLORABLE. He Promised—OATH—He would vote for a full PFD At the last vote of the Session he voted against OUR FULL PFD in the Budget. That vote cost every Alaskan $2,000. Oath keeper in DC—-Oath Breaker in Alaska. Vote for Stu Graham, a Good Man. He’s running against Eastman. Vote Stu Graham, he is on the Wasilla City Council, former Air Force. His only Special Interest is US. WE NEED STU GRAHAM.

  6. I too am very skeptical of any group of anti-American terrorists who continuously disrespect the founding concepts of our country, and attack patriots who adhere to their oath of office. David Eastman is among the damn few in Alaska state government worthy of your trust. The organization Alaskans need to fear, is the DNC, anyone associated with it, and the courts hired to protect it!

    • “I too am very skeptical of any group of anti-American terrorists who continuously disrespect the founding concepts of our country, and attack patriots who adhere to their oath of office.” You perfectly summed up Eastman’s Oath Keepers and the other Capitol floor poopers! The January 6 insurrectionists are domestic terrorists.

      • Quite the revisionists aren’t you two? Anything you disagree with is hate speech. Anyone who protests becomes a terrorist (parents at School Board meetings, for instance). You guys really aren’t gonna enjoy playing under your new rules. Cheers –

      • As usual for a radical leftist extremist, Lucinda, you have both truth and reality turned upside-down and on their heads.
        Is there ANY perversion — moral, intellectual, political, social, sexual — that is not a bridge too far for you radical leftist extremists?

  7. Here’s what our Constitution requires:

    § 4. Disqualification for Disloyalty
    No person who advocates, or who aids or belongs to any party or organization or association which advocates, the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States or of the State shall be qualified to hold any public office of trust or profit under this constitution.

    Since there is no evidence that Eastman did any of these things, nor did Oath Keepers do these things, this entire case is nothing more than left wing bullshit. It does not matter what an individual member of oath keepers did.

    However, it is clear Dahlstrom violated the Constitution when she tried to take a job in the Parnell administration.

    Article 2, Sec. 5:

    5. Disqualifications
    No legislator may hold any other office or position of profit under the United States or the State. During the term for which elected and for one year thereafter, no legislator may be nominated, elected, or appointed to any other office or position of profit which has been created, or the salary or emoluments of which have been increased, while he was a member. This section shall not prevent any person from seeking or holding the office of governor, secretary of state, or member of Congress. This section shall not apply to employment by or election to a constitutional convention.

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