Poll: Nationally, Republicans extend their lead in House, but Alaska could end up in the Democrat minority


Republicans are gaining even more ground over Democrats in national congressional races, according to a new USA Today poll conducted on behalf of the mainstream newspaper by Suffolk University.

The poll found that Republicans are winning over Democrats 49-45. The same poll in July showed Democrats leading 44-40.

Undecided voters are flocking toward GOP candidates in the final stretch of the campaign, surpassing support of Democrats, USA Today wrote. The poll used a generic ballot that named parties, but not individual candidates.

If accurate, the chance of the Republican Party candidates taking control of the House of Representatives has significance for Alaska. Alaska’s current representative in Congress, Mary Peltola, is a Nancy Pelosi-style Democrat who would be in the minority in January, when the new Congress is sworn in.

Peltola is in the race to win the two-year seat and is contending with Republicans Nick Begich, Sarah Palin, and Libertarian Chris Bye. Polls are showing that only Begich has the chance of beating Peltola, and Palin appears to have run out of campaign cash for the final push. Peltola has millions of dollars from Outside interests who hope to pull her over the line to put Alaska in the Democrat column.

Alaska voted over 60 percent for conservatives in the special election in August that ended up electing Peltola to finish the term of the late Congressman Don Young. Alaska’s new ranked choice voting brought the Democrat into power in a Republican-favored state.

Other findings from the USA Today poll:

  • The abortion issue resonates more strongly with women than men, and it is contributing to an enormous gender gap among independent voters.
  • Independent women favor the Democratic candidate by 11 points, 51%-40%. Independent men support the Republican candidate by 22 points, 57%-35%.
  • Biden’s job rating has improved slightly since July. Some 44% approve of the job he’s doing as president; 53% disapprove. In July, it was 39%-56%.

Also this week, the University of Virginia Center for Politics said Republicans officially have enough Congressional races in the “lean Republican” category to take the 218 seats needed for a majority. In other words, Republicans can lose all of the “toss up” races and still take the majority in the House.


  1. If Peltola wins, it will be the fault of oth Begich or Palin voters not ranking the other second. Let’s try not to be idiots this time around, eh? Rank the Red!
    Hold your nose and do it, Begich-voters!
    Hold your nose and do it, Palin-voters!

    • Amen! I was disturbed to hear Suzanne on the radio this morning saying if it goes to round two that Peltola will win. Logically that does not make sense unless we are strategic second round ballot counting! Do we have the ballot records for special election yet to verify? Can we possibly verify who left their second choice blank?

    • > it will be the fault of Begich or Palin voters not ranking the other second..

      Assuming of course, that the numbers reported from the special election were accurate.

    • “……Let’s try not to be idiots this time around, eh?…….”
      You’re trying to school the fools who thought that Ranked Choice Voting was a great idea, Bill.

  2. Ranked choice voting was adopted to insure Murkowski retaining her office, period. The bonus benefit for the Uniparty is the Democrat will take the house seat as a downstream consequence. McConnell and Schumer are not going to relinquish their power under any circumstances. Alaska is so dysfunctional, that election outcomes are easily manipulated. It has been at least 30 years since the US has had a remotely democratic Republic for which power rested with its’ citizens to any meaningful degree. In the outside event that the GOP takes the senate or house, it will be in name only. GOP leadership at the national and state level is firmly tied into the Uniparty, and the will of the public increasingly irrelevant. By all means, rank the red and vote, but be prepared for the necessity to continue pretending that the great American experiment in self governance and individual liberty still exists.

  3. The ONLY way to send Peltola back to Bethel ……
    RANK the RED.
    I literally cannot stand Sarah Palin and did not rank her in August. But this time she will get my #2 rank……..as insurance against that little Commie woman from Bethel.

    • Correct, Judie. Republicans have to get past the Sarah Palin hatred and look at her only as an insurance policy. NB3 is always #1.

  4. If you vote for either Palin or Begich and put Peltola second you must be a Pelosi and Biden supporter.. I was hoping one candidate would do what’s for the state and join forces.

    • question please……Did Mike really push this ballot measure? I ve only listened to his show a few times…but He is stuck on himself for sure. they rate 15th Place behind DAN FAGAN for sure

  5. “……..Alaska’s current representative in Congress, Mary Peltola, is a Nancy Pelosi-style Democrat who would be in the minority in January, when the new Congress is sworn in……..”
    Yeah, but she’s so nice! And she’s a minority. That’s all that counts, right?

  6. Polls are Fake News! They’re almost as unreliable as the elections! Make sure you question whoever wins any race–it must be fraud.

    • Yep! Just like the “Russian hacking” of the 2016 presidential election, as repeatedly and endlessly trumpeted by the DNC, Hillary, and the corrupt corporate media.

    • Polls are fake news.
      Historically, the polls favor the democrats by several points when compared to the actual voting. If a poll is showing 49%D, 46%R, the race is a dead heat.
      And, I agree. Regardless of who wins, if there is anything questionable about the election, audit it.

    • absolutely scary. Valley went to hand count!! that real conservative actions..poor Anchorage so many are stuck in reverse

  7. If only the congress candidates would exhibit unity – like District 16 – we wouldn’t look like a bunch of JACKASSES.

  8. Even if you vote Bye 1st or 2nd, as long as Palin-Begich are ranked ahead of Peltola in sufficient numbers, then conservatives have the majority. When it gets down to just two candidates, Bye-Palin-Begich (ranked in any order) combined just need 50% + 1 against Peltola. They surpassed that threshold in the first round last time. In theory, very doable. In reality . . . I’m not convinced that enough Begich and Palin supporters have changed their mind since August to make a difference. Unless a significant number of voters sat out the primary but turn out to vote and rank conservatives in the general, then we likely get a re-run of August results. While I have a definite preference between the two R candidates, the other’s policy positions beat Peltola by a mile in my estimation. While I have concerns about what both R candidates MIGHT become, neither reaches the stated policy positions that Peltola ALREADY admits to holding. I’m a bit perplexed at widespread refusal to rank the other conservative second. Whatever your concern with the second candidate, is it really a bigger issue than giving the House to Pelosi?

    • AJK, Wise words indeed, I hope others will listen and GET OUT THE VOTE! Vote like your life depends on it, because in this election it very well may. You have a demented tool in the White House a stable of Corrupt politicos downstream from him all straining in the harness to ruin our Economy and take away our FREEDOMS, not to mention bumbling towards WWIII. Make sure that everyone within your sphere gets out and votes!

    • If you vote Bye 1st or 2nd you are splitting the Republican vote and ensuring a Peltola/Pelosi win. Bye cannot beat Peltola, so he will be eliminated and his 2nd choice votes will go to Begich or Palin. You’re taking a risky bet on which one will have the votes to beat Peltola. If you vote Begich #2 but Palin is closer to Peltola, Dems win. If you vote Palin #2 but Begich is closer to Peltola, Dems win. The only chance Republicans have is to rank the red #1 and #2 for House. Senate Tshibaka #1.

  9. Alaska is turning into a Purple State mostly owned by the Federal Government. A large part of our GDP is Federal government spending. Alaskans needs elected officials that can work across the aisle and cooperatively with whomever is in the White House

    • h so your saying we should just become more dependent on the federal government by electing a representative that will help the state suck the teat of the feds? Wonderful! I guess i’ll keep living in Alaska if uncle Joe and Chuck Schumer sends us checks to sit and do nothing.

      • Alaskans don’t do anything except hold their hands out wanting bailouts. From commercial fisherman to loggers to the natives… please help me I had a bad year. Hilarious group of welfare recipients that call themselves self reliant. Classic…

  10. . May have but Murkowski just guaranteed at least majority of the Native vote. In announcing she is voting Peltola

  11. As much as I despise Palin’s self-serving entry into the race at the last minute, even she would be a better congressional candidate than Peltola. Now that I understand the current dynamics better, I intend to rank Begich first, and Palin second. It is a serious mistake to rank Peltola at any level.

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