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Report: At least 72 now reporting missing ballots in Anchorage; voters encouraged to go to Loussac Library, or City Hall to vote

At least 72 Anchorage voters are now reporting they have not yet received their ballots for the April 5 election. Volunteers with six of the local campaigns have put together a program to track down cases of ballots not arriving. They’ve been making phone calls and knocking on doors.

On Sunday, Must Read Alaska learned there were over two dozen, but today that number has exploded.

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The campaigns for the conservative candidates for the local municipal election have put together a Google Docs form for Anchorage voters to self-report if they have not received their ballots. The Google form goes to the campaigns, which have hired an attorney to look into the issues and make sure there is no foul play.

Voters are encouraged to share this story with their social media accounts to try to reach more people, as the volunteers are overwhelmed making calls to find out who has not gotten a ballot at their home.

If voters do share their information on the Google Docs form with the campaigns, they’ll likely be contacted and encouraged to vote at the Loussac Library or City Hall to get a replacement ballot.

On Tuesday the voting centers and drop boxes will close at 8 pm. No ballots will be collected from those boxes after 8 pm, according to the Municipal Clerk.

So far, 33,809, or 15.8 percent of registered Anchorage voters have voted in this election, a significantly lower turnout than expected.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Got to get to a first name basis with the clerk or you aren’t voting. Told ya. That is beneath resonable, professional business standards. That’s discriminatory girl standards. YAY Anchorage.

  2. We have the right of freedom of economic association. Having strangers repairing my native damsel in distress with my private info gosh knows where and with whom is not “voting”. It is a rip off. To go through “this” as a predicate for voting is unacceptable. It is off-putting in the extreme. The US postal service has proved it is not up to the task. Go back to the Constitutional way of doing it.

    • Not going to shut up sbout the assembly. They remain uninterested in representing Anchorage’s views. The assembly does not see themselves as public servants but as rulers in a ruling class. They are not rulers. We pay for meetings to speak together to ourselves then WE decide what is good and best for Anchorage and give instructions to them for them to follow. The Mayor executes our will not the rulers’ will. The assembly doesn’t execute our will nor their own will. The Msyor is the executor branch.

  3. After all is said and done i’d liked to see the city clerk personally held responsible and sued. No one should have this much arrogance and get away by such a crime in daylight. Where is the shame to at least be discreet.

  4. I was told by the election folks after I received notice via the BallotTrax system that another ballot was being mailed to me that the first ballot received would be the one counted. I called today and confirmed that my ballot has signature verification and had been scanned for voting. I recommend every voter call election central and conform if your vote has been counted. The ballotTrax system simply informed that my ballot was received and is being counted. I asked if another email would be sent after it is scanned and I was told no.

  5. Only 72? That is probably only the ones who care about the voter fraud that accompanies mail in ballots. Mail in ballots is just right along with the narrative of Anchorage to control the vote and the voter. Can you say again, FRAUD?

  6. Voter rolls should go based on PFD applications. You apply for PFD, you get a ballot. You don’t apply for PFD, you get no ballot. Its appalling to me that you could be sent a ballot either dead or not living in the state, but by god if you apply for a PFD when you are dead there will be hell to pay. On the flip side I say if they can mail you a ballot proactively as if you were likely to be able to vote, why can’t they just mail me a PFD and and I don’t have to bother applying. Why does the state paying you a dividend require all kinds of applications and proof you are a citizen when all you need to vote in Alaska is to either have lived at some point in your life or currently live in North Carolina. What’s wrong with us voting for these cooks. All of them. Probably less than a handful I would consider voting back into office.

  7. Shame what Alaska has become. We received our ballots. But were not voting for an assembly person this time. So curious where those missing ballots area is. Just can’t wait to the next ones with this rank crap.

  8. Are voters so attached to the illusion that going to the library to vote restores integrity to such an easily corrupted voting system?

    • ONE troubled ballot is significant. (Especially if it’s yours.) Dismissing the importance of the integrity of the ballot box is the first step to becoming a third world country.

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