Ballots never arrived at dozens of Anchorage homes


The complaints are founded: Some conservative-leaning voters in West and South Anchorage have still not received their ballots from the Municipal Clerk for the election that ends on April 5. Those ballots were supposed to be in the mail on March 15 from a post office in Washington State. They must be postmarked by April 5.

In the south Jewell Lake, Sand Lake, and Campbell Lake areas, a survey of homes on Saturday found that five of 28 households had not received ballots in neighborhoods south of Dimond Blvd. Two of those five people surveyed knew of two additional neighbors (not reached by surveyors because they were not home) for a total of seven known people not having received their ballots out of 28 surveyed.

This is the district where candidate Liz Vazquez and Kameron Perez-Verdia are vying for the District 3 Assembly seat. Perez-Verdia is the incumbent, and Vazquez is the conservative.

Dozens of midtown voters are also saying they haven’t received ballots. Volunteers have identified more than two dozen people so far who confirm they have not received a ballot.

Additionally, at least two voters who did not get ballots tried to vote at the Loussac Library and were given “questioned ballots” that had no candidates on them, only bond issues. The two reported the problem to election workers who then printed out new ballots for them.

Meanwhile, 16,750 ballots that were mailed from Washington state have not been deliverable to households. The return address for those ballots is not the Washington state post office from where they were mailed, but the post office at the Anchorage airport. Every day, election workers go to the airport post office and pick up bins of undeliverable ballots, averaging about 2,000 a day. The ballots have yellow sticky labels that say “return to sender.” Some have handwritten messages from the people living at the address, telling postal delivery workers that the addressee is no longer living there.

The ballots then go into a cage at the Anchorage Election Office at Ship Creek, and are wrapped in cellophane. No one knows whether those ballots contain the ones not being delivered to West, South, and Midtown Anchorage residents because no one takes another look at those ballots. Volunteer observers do not have access to them to see if they just have a transposed number or if there was another mistake.

What to do if you didn’t get a ballot? Those who do not have a ballot should go to the Loussac Library or City Hall and request one. But voters need to be aware that if workers give them a ballot that has nothing but the bonds on it, they should hand it back and request a ballot with their proper candidates on it.


  1. Perez-Verdia and Quinn-Davisson wouldn’t do one thing to defend the constitution. They don’t know it or don’t like it much. Vote for Niall.

  2. Don’t understand why people seem surprised when something like this happens. And waiting until the election is over and the Good Guys lose we decide to throw a tantrum and try to get it changed. Don’t have an answer but have a truckload of questions.

  3. This mail in ballot is a colossal failure to say the least as it opens many doors to fraud. We the people need to take this serious as it effects everyone’s day to day life style. The way we had been doing it in the past was best and a photo ID or witnesses should always be a must to protect us from fraud.

  4. We really need to go back to in person voting, this is ridiculous. It’s only two dozen reporting but almost 18,000 returned unbelievable. Shouldn’t those 18,000 be looked at to make sure some aren’t marked deceased or moved out of state?

    • Of if they were addressed correctly but intercepted and had “undeliverable” written on them fraudulently.

  5. Bold prediction.. Liberal candidates will sweep Anchorage Assembly and School Board Elections and then pompously declare they have received a “mandate from the voters” to enact all kinds of Leftist policies pushing Anchorage, once a great “All-American” city, further and further into the club with Seattle, Portlandia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles choked with homeless camps and crime. Schools will teach kids to always consider skin color first and elementary students will be groomed for Transgenderism because it’s “cool”. Parents will be kept in the dark since the Left doesn’t believe parents should be allowed to interfere with Leftist indoctrination in our public schools.

    Meanwhile conservatives will be shaking their heads and wondering what happened. “I didn’t even get to vote, my ballot never came!” they will cry. The Leftist Muni Machine is pulling another fast one right before your very eyes Anchorage, Time is running out to stop them. It’s your city. Get off your butts and go vote in person! Don’t let the crooked city clerk beat you again with these shenanigans go demand your ballot make sure it’s right then vote in person! If you have voted conservative in the past and haven’t received your mail in ballot you should realize the most likely reason why is the woman in the clerks office at the Election Fortress in Ship Creek. Don’t let her snd the Leftist Nine who enable her win thru apathy.

    • Get off the propaganda machine. The USPS was gutted by Trump to stop mail ballots. Not Hunter Biden, not Hillary Clinton, it was Trump! A MAGA loyalist was installed to run the USPS and he’s still there. Didn’t Fox News tell you that or did they skip all news that could make conservatives look bad?

  6. Flood the voting centers until Tuesday! Pray for God’s intervention in this election! The assembly are the ones screwing this up! They can’t win fairly! Get out and VOTE!

    • What assures voters that the in-person voting process is any less corruptible than the mail-in vote process?
      Same mob manages both, same Assembly Clerk who works for the Assembly members running for re-election oversees both.
      All the money and power at stake in these so-called elections, no checks and balances to keep the mob reasonably honest, what could possibly go wrong?
      Your thoughts?

      • There are a few things that make it more difficult to cheat with in-person voting:
        You only have 1 day for the majority of votes to be collected instead of 3 weeks with ballots floating “hither and yon”.
        You have to present ID to vote in-person.
        Votes will be processed immediately by the voter feeding it into the machine, instead of sitting around, minimizing the chance to “get lost”.
        One can speculate that the reasons above are why our assembly decided to go to a mail-in vote. It suppresses turn-out and gives more weight to the union vote. It further marginalizes voting as just another task, instead of each voter taking an active part in governing the city or state.

  7. Just be a good little citizen. Keep your eyes down, mask on even if not required, and keep shuffling along. Everything’s fine. They said so. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  8. And now thanks to our Lt. Governor, we are going to be doing this statewide!!! What a bunch of hoohaa! Between this and RCV our state is going to be a mess. Conservatives NEED to get this information out to every last person in the state and make sure that every person votes early, in person, at the Division of Elections or wherever early voting takes place in their area. Otherwise our votes will not count!

  9. Yet another reason for complete loss of confidence in Anchorage’s even more easily corruptible mail-in voting system…

  10. If you want to track the ballot you cast- or see if someone else cast your ballot for you- you can do it here:

    • With respect, what assures the voter that what the voter sees there is true?
      Remember, observers are allowed nowhere near the actual workings of this process.
      No observer knows how the proprietary Dominion or the Bell and Howell ballot sorting and counting machines work.
      No observer knows whether what is reported reflects accurately what is counted.
      So… where do voters go from here?

      • Demand a copy of Dominion Manual. Demand an audit. Television interviess wifh Post Office and WA Everitt Printer. Demand that printer be sued for specific performance. If Perez- Verdia actually worked for you he would already be doing these things of his own volition. He is not. He receives a generous stipend from us but doesn’t venture for you. Niall Sherwood Williams has taken blows for your rights for you. No one else has. He will do this for you. Won’t you vote for him for this town and your interests?

      • That’s an issue, for certain. But wouldn’t it be interesting if a bunch of people who never got their ballot checked that website only to find out that someone voted for them? That was kind of where I was going with that.

  11. I didn’t get a ballot for the Assembly yet.
    I refuse to wait in line at the Library.
    Have work to do.

  12. Where the Hell is the Cowardly Lion, AKA Gov.Dunleavy , when these types of election irregularities are going on?

  13. Based on everything I read here, there is enough to stop the mail in election today & go to a regular go and vote redo. No matter how it turns out now it’s not going to be helping voter confidence at all. We have to remember this is not some kind of game. It’s serious business. A lot of people have died upholding our right to the election process.

    • Dave, there is almost certainty that if Dunbar, Weddleton, Zalatel Perez-Verdia, Bellamy and Lessens lose, they will use the missing ballots as grounds to challenge the election results. In essence built-in “reasonable grounds for appeal”. But if they win, it will take a law-suit to make them redo it.

    • Yeah so stop following people who cast doubt on elections. You people are so simple, Trump was shouting that the election was rigged MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION. It was always a lie.

  14. It isn’t just a West and South Anchorage issue. I’m in East Anchorage and did not receive a ballot, either. I’m no fan of vote by mail.

  15. Think of this. Your mail-in ballot is being entrusted to a union worker and we all know they are predominately Democrat. And based on all the campaign contribution requests I receive, my mailman knows which side I’m on. While I received my ballot and it was received by the Muni, those who didn’t might have a more activist mailman who might be inclined to put one of those yellow stickers on and voila! One more conservative vote gone!

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