Nikki Haley is endorsing Sarah Palin for Congress, but Alaskan of the Year Perry Green is all-in on Nick Begich


Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has endorsed Sarah Palin for Congress for Alaska’s one seat, now vacant since the death of Congressman Don Young. Haley is the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who is interested in running for president in 2024.

Haley is returning the favor to Palin, who backed Haley in 2010 for governor. Palin’s endorsement rocketed Haley forward to the front of the pack, after she had been trailing in the polls in the gubernatorial race.

Back home in Alaska, Alaska legend Perry Green has now endorsed Nick Begich III for Congress. Green, who has endorsed Congressman Don Young for his entire career, was honored as Alaskan of the Week by Sen. Dan Sullivan in 2019.

Perry Green is world champion poker player, and founder of Green Furrier.

Green, a fur trader from Anchorage who has traveled the state to buy furs in villages and has rock-star status in rural Alaska, is also known as a world class poker player. He has played in the World Series of Poker in the 1970s, and has won several coveted bracelets, starting in 1976. His family business is David Green Master Furrier. He also has a long history of charitable giving and community service, always serving on boards of nonprofits and helping to raise funds for charities, especially those who serve military families.

Begich and Palin are two out of 50 people who, at this point, will appear on the special election primary ballot on June 11 to temporarily replace Congressman Don Young, and both will be vying for the regular primary on Aug. 16 for the two-year seat. The winner of the temporary seat serves until the winner of the regular seat is sworn in next January.

The election calendar:

April 4: Last day to withdraw as a candidate for the special primary election.

May 12: Voter registration cutoff for special primary.

May 20: Ballots mailed out to voters for special primary.

May 27: Absentee voting centers open across the state for special primary for in-person voters.

June 11: Election Day for special primary. Mail-in ballots must be have June 11 postmark on them to be accepted. Top four candidates proceed to the special general election.

June 25: Target date for certifying the special election.

Aug. 16: Special election regular election, concurrent with regular election primary for two-year seat.

Nov. 8: Election Day


  1. Palin is one of the most out of touch candidates in this race of over 50 in a primary gilded with integrity uncertainty coupled by this endorsement by a bureaucrat who has become irrelevant to the cause of freedom. The outside influence on keeping congress controlled by everyone but its true constituency begins in Alaska with a special election. Let’s see who’s asleep at the wheel.

  2. Can someone remind me
    Did we vote for mail in elections or did someone decide that’s what us serfs want?

  3. She can get all the endorsements she wants, but many of us will never forget her oil production killing ACES, her stabbing Sean Parnell in the back and endorsing CCP candidate for governor, Bill Walker, or her asininely publicly calling for innocent Ted Stevens to resign from his Senate seat, “for the good of the state” she said…..and she did this one week before his re-election attempt against Mark Begich, who won by a squeaker, and later became the deciding vote for ObamaCare.
    Yeah, during these troubled times, we really need her treachery representing us in Washington D.C……NOT

    • Tim, very good comments. All true and exact. Nikki Haley has no real knowledge of the disasters we Alaskans saw Palin cause for Alaska. Palin is nothing more than a cult of personality and a falling star. I am voting for Nick Begich.

      • Nikki Haley doesn’t have to live up here with me and Alaskans. Easy to make endorsements for the crazy girl from across the country. I’ve been trying to escape her for years, and I finally got lucky. And you people who think Sarah resides in Alaska……
        I’ve got a cactus farm to sell you in AZ.

  4. Of course, all of the out of stater Establishment creatures that don’t understand anything about Alaska politics are going to flock to Palin. Nick Begich III all the way!

  5. How difficult is it to find endorsements when you have to go all the way to the other side of the country to get someone to say you’re ok?

  6. There existed a lot of vilification and slander directed at Sarah Palin, along with a great deal of misquoting, during her time as governor and during the runup to the 2008 presidential election. The continual ethics complaints filed by the cabal behind Andree McLeod racked up a $500,000.00 tab that Palin had to personally come up with resulted in Palin’s resignation as governor. If the rest of us continue to let these self entitled leftists run our elected officials out of office, we are going to be living under tyranny.

    • Robert, Robert, Robert: While you and I agree on many things, this is not one of them. Most of the charges against Governor Palin were truth, so not slander. Did she not use her office to be vindictive against her former brother-in-law? Did she not introduce, push, and sign the oil-killing ACES tax act? Didn’t she betray Sen Ted Stevens based on the lies of a pedophile? And after she was out of office, didn’t she support Walker for Governor? How did that work out for the state? We should let the out of state individuals who love her so much have her as their representative. Many Alaskans had enough of her in her brief tenure as Governor.

      • Well stated Colin. Perhaps we can find another occupation for Sarah Palin. I hear Vanna White is looking to retire? Bingo!

  7. I greatly admire Nikki Haley and thought she was a great Ambassador to the UN. However, Tim above has it right about Gov. Palin. I’m strongly leaning toward Mr. Begich. 😝 My goodness that last name is tough for me to support.

    • Why is he detested Lucinda? Care to let us know? Is it because he deals in furs? Please explain, if you are unable to make your case then please stop slandering a good man.

  8. Nick Begich III is – supposedly – a Republican.

    Can anyone name another Begich who is a Republican?

    I would also be curious what Nick III thinks about his dad’s theories about HAARP and the US govt controlling our minds.

  9. Nikki Haley is a swamp creature. Her endorsement of Palin makes me wonder if Palin will be a good choice. I’m torn on who to vote for at this point. I also wonder if Begich can overcome his family name.

    • Nikki Haley quit as UN Ambassador because John Bolton wanted her to be more hawkish and Trump wouldn’t rein him in. Rather than go along and swim in the swamp, she left.

  10. This is a bad endorsement for Palin & she should distance herself from it. Nikki Haley is an ignorant, war mongering neocon who has been groomed by the New World Order crowd for her entire political career.

  11. Gee, thank goodness AMR doesn’t censor! The triggered haters are revealing themselves as armchair politicians salivating for the kill. I know whose political opinions to scroll past!

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