Glen Biegel: It’s time to put up or shut up about Anchorage Assembly and School Board



It’s the day of reckoning: Tuesday, April 5, 2022. I need your vote for Anchorage.

No, not for me, but for those who will stand in front of the monolithic block of leftists who run our city on the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage School Board.

America has always been a country where we welcome diverse opinions, views, and cultures. We kept that view of self-determination because we believe in the infinite value of each individual, our individual liberty, and limited government.

What we see now from the left is shocking: Critical Race Theory, Defund the Police, Cancel Culture (if you speak out, you lose your job), stopping debate by screaming down opponents (have you taken a look at college campus activities lately?), weak on crime, weak on education, going $67 million over budget for the Anchorage School District, and upending our strong mayoral form of government with a liberal Assembly supermajority.

It’s time to vote. Right now, today, this very minute. We have a good group of common-sense candidates running who can help to restore the balanced approach that Anchorage has enjoyed in the past:

Rachel Ries and Mark Anthony Cox for School Board. These are area-wide seats. Vote for both of them.

Kevin Cross, Liz Vazques, Kathy Henslee, Stephanie Taylor, and Rany Sulte for Assembly.

You should see one of these candidates on your ballot. They are the ones who represent balance.

And if you are a private sector union member, do you really support the leftist candidates? Are you for radical environmentalists killing jobs, Big Tech controlling speech, endless mask mandates, travel restrictions, and vaccine passports? Well, I guess I never knew you. You don’t think independents, conservatives, and liberty minded-folks are on your side? You couldn’t be more wrong. We ARE your side.

This is not time to shut up, give up, or put up with failure. It’s time to show up, Anchorage.

This is the last day to vote. When you mark your ballot today, you can drop it off at the secure drop boxes; mailed ballots have to be postmarked today. If it’s late in the day, you will have to take it in person to the Airport Post Office and be sure you have a postal worker cancel it with today’s date on it.

Glen Biegel is a talk show host and cyber security professional in Anchorage.


  1. I believe after today a lot of conservative losers will be complaining about stolen elections and mail-in ballots

    • I believe that as well, “Frank”, because the stupid, unnecessary, convoluted, untransparent and manipulation-prone mail-in voting system forced on us by the Marxist Nine has inevitably led to election corruption and stolen elections in Anchorage. That is a fact.
      The faith of many, including myself, in the integrity of the voting process in Anchorage is at or near zero.

  2. Voted by mail checked it’s not there. Get up and go vote in person do your duty citizens thats all we can do. Into GODs hands with the oath breakers. But we the people need to do out part to stop this evil. let’s all go vote immediately oath integrity needs it’s citizens. Can you imagine mocking GOD so help you GOD.

  3. Where is Glen Biegel still a talk show host? I haven’t heard him on radio for several years. I really miss that guy. He articulated his conservative views and explained complex issues better than anyone else I’ve ever heard in Anchorage.

    • Correct
      We have a Louisiana salesman touting the voters to vote his way. Anyway looks like another few years of private school for our kid. HRA is doing the job our tax dollars can’t.

  4. Absolutely. Either vote to change, or shut up.

    If Anchorage keeps the incumbents, Anchorage deserves the poop storm it will bring.

    Stop whining and vote.

    Thank God I live in Juneau. However warped, it’s saner than Anchorage.

  5. Anchorage if you do not get off your butts and take care of the Marxist communists that have taken up shop in your city no one can help you. It’s up to YOU.
    You going to let them steal it again or are you going to stand up for the city you live in (like many others in the nation have) to take down members in office that are radical leftists?
    If you don’t, nothing will ever change and Anchorage will sink like a stinky Seattle stone or has become.
    Get out and VOTE!!!

  6. If our assembly is supported by the community why were there only 5 including the midtown assembly member on the corner of New Seward and Northern Lights? There were 15-20 people on the corner supporting other campaigns Stephanie Taylor and Kathy Henelee as well as others! Interesting huh?

  7. Political candidates have been replaced by homeless waving signs on street corners. Vote the bums out

  8. The apparent ease with which Anchorage’s election system can be corrupted seems too frightening to discuss, no?

  9. Kind of a small gripe but I don’t understand why you guys think leftists are *for* big tech companies. We are as upset about them as anybody if not more so. They work arm in arm with cops to surveil us AND treat their workers like garbage. Among other things, obviously.

  10. Ah in east anchorage the campaigns spent about 100$ a vote. Everyone I spoke with hated Dunbar…lol. It’s over and it’s business as usual.

    I guess it’s time to retire in an unincorporated borough. I flat don’t have the patience anymore.

  11. The people that made this town what it is are either dead or dying of old age. The last vestiges of their spirit reside only in one part of town. Before, poor and working class people strived upwards to be something. Now they either strive to find the next chemical or otherwise be distracted. Prosperity and a free mind are luxuries of a shrinking (and aging) middle class. The Left has created a system of dependency and deceit that no one who works 60-80 hours a week in Anchorage can undo. There is an “ignorance tsunami” coming. You cannot stand in its way. You cannot stop it. You must seek higher ground.

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