Report: Another UFO over the Arctic last February?


A report from says that just three days before a Chinese spy balloon appeared over the U.S., and before four other unidentified objects were intercepted in North America, an unidentified flying object was seen over the Arctic Circle, with fighter jets being sent to take the object down. It was a different UFO than the one shot down north of Prudhoe Bay on Feb. 10.

Ross Coulthart, reporting for NewsNation, raises question whether the country has been given the full story about the series of UFOs, also sometimes referred to as unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs.

Some incidents were reported publicly, including the well-known one involving the giant Chinese spy balloon that floated across the entire continent and was finally shot down by U.S. fighter jets while over the Atlantic Ocean east of South Carolina.

But evidently the Feb. 10 Arctic UFO was not the only one in the neighborhood in February.

“Three days before a Chinese spy balloon appeared over the U.S., an unidentified object was seen over the Arctic Circle, with fighter jets being sent to take the object down, sources told NewsNation,” the reporter wrote.

“The defense and intelligence sources said eight or nine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) were detected over the Arctic Circle, and fighter jets were sent up in an unsuccessful attempt to intercept them,” the report said.

Read what happened at this link.

Coulthart is an Australian investigative journalist who specializes in writing about UFOs.


  1. Every time the Biden Administration is being even more incompetent it pulls out the “UFO” story. It wasn’t talking about UFO’s during Trumps, Obama, Clinton nor Bushes presidency. I doubt it. This government likely wants Americans forget what is happening desperate leaders will use any distraction.

  2. They send an F22 to shoot down an American radiosonde weather balloon over Prudhoe and call it “another chinese spy balloon” and they expect us to believe this? I am ashamed for my government that they would so insult our intelligence.

  3. You think these alerts are what Amir Tsarfati’s Telegram channel posted today are related and not UFO’s “Americans are not being told the truth – your bases and your soldiers are being attacked a few times a day by Iranian proxies! Iran is at war with America. You have aircraft carries and B-1 bombers nearby yet they attack you non-stop without any response!” Cause Iran and America military sky encounters is more believable and realistic than a UFO.

  4. The ‘UFO’ was probably a 200 dollar science project balloon a bunch of nerdy high school kids in Seattle made. Then they got a laugh when the USAF sent out 100 million dollar jets that couldn’t take it down. Our military is a joke.


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