Rep. Vance: Early treatment saves lives

Rep. Sarah Vance


Life is precious. My heart goes out to so many of you who have lost family and friends to Covid-19. I want to do everything in my power to help you navigate through this difficult season; including giving you hope for the future. 

Many of you have been asking what we can do to beat this pandemic. One thing we know to be true about Covid-19 is that early treatment saves lives. Let me say that again; early treatment saves lives!

I have been speaking with Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Dept. of Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum, and other health experts about the efficacy of early treatment for Alaskans. These conversations help guide me in making sound policy decisions to better defend your medical rights because your healthcare decisions should remain between you and your healthcare provider and not you and your politician.

It has been more than 20 months since the pandemic reached our borders. We have sought to understand this virus and how to treat it, yet we seem to be losing the battle here in Alaska, recently holding the worst case-count per capita in the nation. It is time we look to countries like India, who have successfully eradicated Covid-19 from regions of their population with the use of therapy packs.

Each home kit in India contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter. Many other countries have also seen success in reducing widespread hospitalization and death by distributing therapy packs, through their health department for early treatment of the virus for less than $3 per pack.

Early treatment has been a strong recommendation of many health professionals in the fight against Covid-19.

I have heard the arguments that certain therapies such as ivermectin, azithromycin “Z-Paks” and hydroxychloroquine are not FDA approved for treating Covid-19. But I would argue that as a sovereign state, we cannot afford to wait for the permission of a federal agency to save lives. It is our responsibility to make wise decisions for ourselves now, and for the sake of our own because no one cares about Alaskan lives like Alaskans do.

Our focus should be on treating those who are sick as early as possible, but instead, it seems we have remained solely reliant upon vaccination as the only viable means of defense. If we prioritize treating those who are sick by exercising early intervention, at the same level we are prioritizing encouragement of the healthy to get vaccinated, I believe we could see an immediate decrease in hospitalizations and death.

Just to be clear; I will defend your right to have access to the vaccines as much as I will defend your choice for early and alternative treatments. Alaskans have a right to informed consent and a right to try experimental drugs when terminally ill. 

Let’s set the politics aside and focus on saving lives.

Some of you may claim I am spreading false information. That’s OK. My challenge to you is to research the success of these countries and alternative treatment options and then decide for yourself.  I am simply interested in saving Alaskan lives.

Life is precious; do your research of available options and talk to your doctor.

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or 907-235-2921.

Rep. Sarah Vance represents portions of the Kenai Peninsula, including Homer and Anchor Point.


  1. Thank you Representative Vance! Finally, someone talking sense about COVID-19 treatments. Flush the vaccines down the drain and listen to this ladies advice. We can end this thing once and for all!

    • I agree. I believe the Feds are doing this on purpose to extend Emergency Powers. In the meantime, many Americans have paid the ultimate price for what they are perpetrating. Not allowing early treatment and forcing the vaccines regardless of the dangers, makes a person think the Feds goal is the ultimate sacrifice. A Convention of States can’t come fast enough.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter Representative Vance! I wish more of our elected officials have the guts to speak up. Give Individual Alaskan as much information as possible and let us make our decisions regarding Covid treatment and therapy. Don’t bury information that can/might be useful to the general public just because it doesn’t fit a certain political view or agenda. Once again thanks for speaking up.

  3. Rep. Vance is spot on that early use of therapeutics of Covid 19 reduces the need for hospitalization or having to endure a severe episode. Some medical authorities say up to 85% reduction. Unfortunately Covid can be quite difficult to treat once it progresses to later stages.

    A couple of questions for Gov. Dunleavy: (1) what have you done to make Covid therapeutics available in Alaska for physicians to use for their patients (2) did Dr. Zink or any of her staff attend last week’s Anchorage event that featured presentations by world class physicians about their successful use of therapeutics on their patients? If none attended, why not? We are expected to follow the ‘mandates’ of medical experts who at the same time suppress any alternative treatment information. So much for “informed consent” by our health care providers we rely on.

    • Dr Zink is too busy trying to figure how to put the pharma approved narrative square peg into the round hole of reality…

  4. FINALLY! After 20-months of living hell (lost job, lock-downs, ever incessant increased cost of living, lying politicians, lost business, lost friends, ridicule and demonization, stolen election, stolen future resource development projects, and dwindling savings – retirement accounts). This narrative by Rep Sarah Vance is refreshing, honest and delivered with a high degree of integrity.
    In addition to what she’s offered, might I also suggest:
    1) Regular daily exercise and cardio
    2) Healthier diet (low saturated fat, no more than 20g of sugar, high protein)
    3) Lose weight (portion control)

  5. Dear Gov Stands Small please fire Anne Zink and hire Dr. Ilona Farr as the Chief Medical Officer of Alaska. That would go a long way in re-establishing your Conservative Street Credentials.

  6. The democrats want us dead. I don’t want to work with them on ANYTHING. I want them to go away and start their own country since they hate this one so much.

  7. Other nations are doing kits like this with tens of millions in population and seeing shocking success. Still our political leaders push a failed vaccine and ignore effective treatments. If Dunlevy cant see what is clearly a path to helping save human life I will be very surprised.

    • Other nations have socialized medicine, pre-K, living wages, and increased taxes. So glad to see those on the right are once again looking to follow other nations into common sense. Oh, this is just this the one thing that confirms your current world view. Sigh.

      • Actually this has nothing to do with socialized medicine, or any of the other items you listed. If your statements were true then all the ventilators the state /Feds purchased or the medical personnel that was brought in would not be possible either. There is a difference between emergency preparedness and socialized medicine.
        Medical research international or otherwise has always been about peer review and adoption of practices that work. While in some countries the government per se provides early intervention kits, there is nothing in this country, other than political restraints and greed, to allow pharmaceutical companies to offer “kits” that contain already approve drugs to ward off more dire symptoms. These “kits” with a doctors prescription could then be available to all as an alternative or supplementation to the vaccine. Why not try a multi-pronged approach? Frankly kits would actually make more sense for the bottom line of insurers, as cheap and available drugs are better than the horrendous expense of ICU and hospitalization, to say nothing of the trauma and long term issues for patients and families. Insurers and health departments have always encouraged their clients to be active, take early intervention and not delay doctor visits. We have a myriad of drugs that help to intervene in early disease processes and docs always harp on early intervention. Why but why is this so different???

  8. IT’S ABOUT TIME !!! – Finally we have an Alaska Representative of the PEOPLE standing up for early treatments of Covid 19 that actually work. The vaccines are proving to be underwhelming to say the least, and dangerous according to VAERS but we still have the dweebs in Juneau doing nothing to protect Alaskans from this push to force us all into submission.
    We have politicians, appointees and administrators spewing crap daily about how effective these so called vaccines are while the totally ignoring the real emerging science on just how dangerous they are.

    See “”. We have a FRED MEYER Pharmacist (and no doubt more) refusing to fill Ivermectin prescriptions. Our Chief Medical Officer is still hustling shots for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children despite the solid studies with real science coming from people vaccinated rather that Big Pharma’s incomplete trials and their captured FDA & CDC.

    Wake up folks ! Our so called Representatives need to pull their head out of the sand and start Representing us instead of their campaign coffers. If they are too stupid to do their research or too scared to stand up then they don’t belong in Juneau. If they claim they can’t change the laws or that they don’t have the authority then what are they in Juneau for ??? Isn’t that why send them there ?

    The bottom line is we all should be able to choose if we want the shot for ourselves or our children, so Politicians and people that are standing in the way of Medical Freedom – Help Alaskans be free to make their own decisions or get out of the way.

  9. Excellent article and worthy of the state medical complex to not only consider, but actually try. Until just recently, it has almost been the mindset when one tests positive (by a faulty and soon to be defunct PCR test), to go home and come back to the hospital after you’re sick and ready to die. It’s also why so many are reticent to even go to hospitals at all now. They are forcing mass vaccination (by something not really vaccine), which will just make the virus mutate and they struggle to keep up with something more clever than them. The ‘vaccines’ should have been tightly targeted to those segments it may possibly help. The rest of us should use preventative measures and if needed, treatments that are proving to work. But–the pharma industry insists we comply to their will. And the state seems to just follow along with that demand…

  10. What about fluvoxamine, there are studies that show it works in the treatment of covid, why isn’t it being talked about?

    • I guess there are many people that don’t like the side-effects (strong anti-depressant), though it has proven to be quite effective early on.

    • “”

      If you go to the section labeled “I-mask-prevention and early outpatient treatment protocol for Covid-19” you will find that dosages of fluvoxamine are included in the treatment plan.

  11. Representative Vance makes a good point regarding early treatment. From my research of the subject in Japan Doctors prescribe Ivermectin to be taken immediately after the patient reports symptoms. Generally the patient feels much better after the first dose and recovers within days.
    Representative Vance mentions India, I think she makes reference to Uttar Pradesh the most populated state in India where these “kits” were handed out. From what I’ve read U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) has made a remarkable reversal in the number of their Covid Cases by using these kits. However, people that I personally know who have family in U.P. tell me that the Government there is OVER REPORTING the success of their “kits”. My take is that the measures used in India however are exponentially superior to the protocols used here. For what it is worth, I have watched people sick with Covid (confirmed by test) who have had access to Ivermectin recover within a day or so vs the rest of us who struggle for a much longer period of time with the Chi-Com/ Fauci Bioweapon AKA Covid-19.
    BTW I wonder why our esteemed Medical Establishment is so against the use of Ivermectin? Wanna make a guess? Oh, check out Pfizer profits in the second quarter or 2021. Also note the increase of sales for their drugs that treat Blood Clots and Cardiomyopathy.

  12. Since the beginning has it not been true that they diagnose and send you home to see how you fare, and generally in about seven days you may or may not need a hospital?

    I follow medical professionals who identified this as a problem at the beginning. What could the reasons be to have this type of policy? hmmm

    • You are correct, if you went into the hospital in the beginning and your blood oxygen was over 91%, they sent you back home and basically said call us when you’re dying. Treatments have developed since then and they have a effective shelf life of 3 days after symptoms begin. After that if your systems begin shutting down then it’s too late for the therapy. Down here there was the famous news coverage where a woman went into the emergency room and was laying on the floor with a blanket over her while she waited her turn to be seen. She got the therapy and the next day was bouncing around like an Easter Bunny. But she got the therapy early on and that’s the key.

  13. Wonder if any of those packs Sarah references might be available in Canada or are they no longer selling meds to American travelers? Costco on Dimond will NOT fill a prescription for Hydroxy… or Ivermectin!!

    • I know of someone in Canada who couldn’t get ivermectin until he paid a stranger in India or somewhere like that to send him some. There’s a phamacy in Georgia that filled my prescription, but I had to pay cash, about $7 per 3mg pill. treatment was 15 pills.

  14. Now if you guys can do something about Providence, Alaska Regional, and numerous pharmacies refusing requested treatment, then we have something to talk about. Take a look at the Right to Try legislation passed by congress and signed in 2018. Ivermectin is being denied yet it is in clinical trials for use against COVID, which means it is covered by right to try. While you’re at it, take a look at UVC, which is used to sanitize volumes of air and surfaces, particularly in hospitals and airline cabins. Barber shops use it to sanitize hair cutting tools. If we’re gonna have to live with this, we need more tools in the kit other than a vax that doesn’t work, masking and lockdowns. Cheers –

    • Sweeney, if you are commenting on the Mainstream Medical response to this Chi- Com flu, then yes I agree if but wonder if you meant , wickedness, or avarice or pride to the MAX as people suffer.

  15. We need all therapies in the Covid arsenal. Even if one is vaccinated, they can still get Covid and the early treatments work for them as well. The vaccine mitigates, no guarantee of prevention, and post vaccine infection is pretty random. Thank you Representative Vance for your common sense and determination.

  16. Obviously to most, ivermectin works, and is dirt cheap with no side effects. To make it available, it would take the wind out of the vaccine efforts and get our economy rolling again. For whatever reason, this coincides with big government’s big plan for our country. Since we have to prove that we have had the shot in order to do certain things, such as travel or work, shouldn’t it also be public information the number of congressmen who have taken the shot? They are exempt from this big experiment. That should be a red flag, figuratively and maybe literally.

  17. If Alaska has the worst Covid case per capita why hasn’t Dunleavy fired Dr. Zink who is leading the state’s Covid response? She has been a disaster from the beginning of the pandemic and is only now beginning to understand the importance of treating Covid early. Adios, Doctor – too little, too late!

  18. Sarah was sitting 10’ from me at the event. We both saw and heard the same information. We both walked away with the same conclusions. I dare say that all 1200 attendees did also.
    I also along with Sarah contacted Dunleavy before and after the event trying to pursued him and his administration to look at and evaluate the information presented by experts who have been following the science. But so far this tall man insists on falling on his face.
    The reasonable thing to do here is being resisted at levels that bring us to a realization that God only knows what evil and greed is lurking in the closets of these tyrant minded idiots.
    One might also look at Dunleavys friends who allow him radio time that is protected from real information and questions. Mike pacarro is completely in the pocket of Dunleavy! Listen to the podcast Monday November 1 . Representative Makarty called in and wanted to talk about the Saturday event, to which Paccoro states were not talking about that! You can count on it that when Dunleavy calls in this Friday at 5 pm pacarro certainly will not talk to this cowardly tall man about the most important things this state is facing right now!!! How about talking about the things like the forensic audit on the 2020 election Kevin Myer refuses to do, or the subject of hospitals and pharmacies refusing to give wanted and prescribed meds to patients!! We can’t wait around for this governor and his friends to finally drop their pride and realize they are public servants.

  19. Finally there is a sane and reasonable representative, Thankyou Sarah.
    She must be the only one not bought off by the big pharma mafia complex.
    The Governor should have been pro active. Ordering that these home kits be distributed a year ago. And ordering to prevent private businesses from mandating experimental medicine. This is a civil rights issue and disastrous public health policy.
    Early treatment is very effective everywhere it is being done. The vaccines do not stop the spread of virus, and the misuse has created mutations that make the vaccines near useless. They were designed for a virus that no longer exists. Just as flu vaccines are modified every year.
    There has never been a vaccine which that creates actual immunity to a Corona virus, full stop. The CDC changed the definition of vaccine on August 31s, 2021 to reflect this.

  20. Well said! One thing I would add:

    “…are not FDA approved for treating Covid-19…” I’m not a doctor, but as far as I understand, “off-label” use of an approved drug, that is, using an approved drug to treat a problem other than that for which it was originally approved, is perfectly legitimate. It is something that doctors routinely do. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any issues for prescribing either Ivermectine or hydroxychloroquine as early treatment for Covid. *MAYBE* there won’t be any benefit from either drug, but IIRC, both drugs have been proven to be very safe when taken as directed, and as long as you aren’t taking any other medications, like Warfarin, that are known to have negative interactions with these drugs. In other words, there is literally nothing to lose by trying these meds for most people. So why is there such a push to keep these meds away from Covid patients? It makes no sense.

  21. Thank you Rep. Vance! I do hope Governor Dunleavy is listening. I have Ivermectin in hand, as do many of my family and friends. Some of used theirs already. Positive results are undeniable.

  22. Wow! giving out those packs would be relatively cheap. An executive order to prevent pharmacists from vetoing treatment meds would be even cheaper- may even make money on fines to pay for those packs!

  23. You’re right about my health should be between me and my Doctor, however the CDC & federal government tells the doctor what he can do or say. So until that’s fixed you really can’t do anything.

  24. A wise American said “an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.”
    Not getting virus in the first place is even better than early treatment.
    Alaskans should get vaccinated and wear masks.

  25. The second sentence makes sense. The remainder is just a vapid comment.
    Ivermectin offers EXCELLENT prophylaxis, while the vaccine does NOT confer immunity nor does it prevent transmission. Regardless of your vaccination status, get some Ivermectin.

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