No, Superintendent Deena Bishop is not being considered for lt. gov. to Dunleavy


Leftist bloggers have been floating the rumor this week that Anchorage Superintendent of Schools Deena Bishop is in talks with Gov. Mike Dunleavy on the subject of her joining his team as his running mate in 2022.

Nothing is further from the truth, Dunleavy said in a conversation with Must Read Alaska today.

Bishop has been the superintendent for Anchorage for the past six years. Before that, she worked in the Mat-Su Borough School District, where Dunleavy was on the school board. That was, evidently, enough of a link for bloggers to float the theory.

But Bishop had announced she would remain with the District through the end of the school year in June, which would have made it impossible for her to campaign. After that, she said she’ll spend more time with family.

The bloggers may have forgotten that Bishop came out publicly against separate bathrooms and locker rooms for boys and girls, saying it was unenforceable and bad for kids. “I honestly don’t know how we would enforce something like that,” she said.

That question, called the bathroom bill, was put to Anchorage voters in 2018, and over 52.6 percent of Anchorage voters agreed with Bishop that boys who want to use girls’ bathrooms should be able to do so.

This year, a parent in Louden County, Virginia confronted a school board over that policy, claiming his daughter had been raped and sodomized by a boy dressed in a skirt who was using the girls’ bathroom because district policy allowed him to use the bathroom he chooses. Parents in Louden County are now demanding the superintendent’s resignation and the incident likely led to a defeat of the Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe by a Republican newcomer, Glenn Youngkin.

In this year of backlash against liberal policies, it’s doubtful that Bishop’s well-known stance on mixed-gender bathrooms in schools, or her ringing endorsement of “White Fragility” pedagogy would help Dunleavy win reelection.

Also not in the running for running mate is Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr, although she attended a bill signing this year, which certainly should be enough to fuel blogger speculation.


  1. Good God. Why on earth would anyone think that? A mask nazi who doesn’t give a flying leap through a rolling doughnut what the parents of school kids want teaming up with a conservative? And Geran Red Flag Law Tarr? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s possible to roll my eyes all the way out of my head.

  2. “……..Bishop came out publicly against separate bathrooms and locker rooms for boys and girls, saying it was unenforceable and bad for kids. “I honestly don’t know how we would enforce something like that,” she said……”
    It has been “enforced” around the world for thousands of years, and this “educator” has somehow missed it? She’s not an educator. She’s a leftist tool.

  3. To prevent sexual attacks like the one that was denied and covered up in Louden County Va, she could alert her entire staff, including the security that separate bathrooms were to be enforced. She could tell the parents and the students that separate bathrooms and locker rooms were to be enforced in Anchorage school. How hard is it to protect our female students from attacks in the bathroom??
    . The reason all of this happens in the schools is there is no discipline of students anymore. Do you think for one minute students don’t think they can bring drugs to school and nothing happens to them of consequences. Think again. My comment: Discipline is Love and Love is Discipline.

    • You would be right about little to no discipline in schools. It’s not the teachers, it’s the lawyers. Parents have learned that if there is something happening to their student at school that they don’t like, they just call a lawyer. The lawyer is in it for the paycheck and happily takes the parents money.
      Teachers have learned a long time ago that any discipline of a student would cause them to be reprimanded, lose their jobs or face legal charges. Teachers would love to control their classrooms but parents and lawyers have made that impossible.

  4. Snake Oil saleswoman she sold nothing but BS in the school district that’s why these kids are so screwed up with the left curriculum dumber is better for a socialist takeover!!!

  5. After reading the headline, my first thought was what genius thought that up. First two words of the article said who…
    “ Leftist bloggers”.

  6. I bet her adult children are wanting to protect her grandson from covid as well as from having to pay high cost preschool.
    Which is not a bad thing grandparents volunteering as babysitters for those preschool years to get parents out of the high cost of preschool. You remember at one time grandparents used to be able to care for their grandkids.
    Then the baby boomers had other ideas and changed how families looked after one another.

    • I think it’s better for family members to be looking after one another, including financially, because that’s what family do, rather than adding their relatives to government aid causing 700,000 thousand other families having to care for your one relative plus thousands of other peoples relatives.

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