Rep. Katie Hill resigns after nude Fairbanks pic surfaces



California Congresswoman Katie Hill has resigned. The Democrat member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is in the middle of impeachment investigations of President Trump wrote her resignation letter, after photographs surfaced that showed her in compromising positions, including a photograph purportedly showing her smoking a bong pipe, and another salacious photo with her and a young female aide that was purportedly taken while the two were in Fairbanks Alaska.

[Original story: Fairbanks, Alaska has cameo role in California reps’ gal-pal scandal]

Hill cast herself as a victim in her resignation letter, although she does not address her own apparent abuse of power over her female aide, which was demonstrated by the photo circulating that showed her brushing her aide’s hair, while sitting nude behind her in a hotel in Fairbanks. Instead, she calls that a “personal moment.”

Hill’s letter:

It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.

This is what needs to happen so that the good people who supported me will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives who seem to happily provide a platform to a monster who is driving a smear campaign built upon cyber exploitation. Having private photos of personal moments weaponized against me has been an appalling invasion of my privacy. It’s also illegal and we are currently pursuing all our available legal options. However, I know that as long as I am in Congress we’ll live fearful of what might come next and howmuch it will hurt. That’s a feeling I know all too well. It’s the feeling I decided to leave when I left my marriage, and one I will not tolerate being forced upon others.

I can no longer allow my community, family, friends, staff, supporters, and especially the children who look up to me as a role model to suffer this unprecedented brand of cruelty.

For the mistakes made along the way and the people who have been hurt, I am so sorry and I am learning. I am not a perfect person, and never pretended to be. It’s one of the things that made my race so special. I hope it showed others that they do belong, that their voice does matter, and that they do have a place in this country. That is something I believe with all my heart. Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a fighter and it’s thanks to countless other fighters who supported me that we were able to stand up for the ideals we believe in. Now my fight is going to be to defeat this type of exploitation that so many women are victims to and which will keep countless women and girls from running for office and entering public life. Thank you for allowing me to turn my focus to this particular battle right now, and know that I stand with you as we continue to fight for the many important issues that brought me to Congress in the first place. I love this country, I love all of you, and I thank you for allowing me the great honor of serving you.

Hill has said that she is pursuing legal recourse against those who publish the photos. Must Read Alaska has cropped the “Fairbanks photo” to remove the faces of those who are in it. Hill has not denied it is her in any of the photos, but said that the photos were weaponized against her and an “exploitation” that will keep girls and women from running for office.

So far, there has been no word from the Democrats in leadership in the House about sanctions that may be made against Hill for violating the U.S. House’s code of conduct.

Politicos are comparing this to former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, which also became a political liability for him. But those photos did not involve someone who reported directly to him.

Weiner, whose wife Huma Abedin is the aide to Hillary Clinton, resigned effective June 23, 2011 and went on to be busted for sending more explicit photos of himself to a minor.

Another famous Democrat who had improper relations to one of his direct reports was President Bill Clinton, who managed to survive impeachment after the infamous “blue dress” incident that involved Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the White House.


    • She was in a position of power and abused that position, with two different individuals…that’s how. She had extramarital affairs with people who worked for her, if you do not understand how that is an abuse of power then I suggest you review the terms abuse of power and employer employee relationship.

        • Actually, I’m with Steve-O on this one. This was an abuse of power. Staffers need letters of recommendation from their supervisors — without that the (often free) hours they put in count for nothing. A relationship like this can ruin a staffer’s chance to advance her career.
          But there are no good guys in this story. On one hand the rep abused power and the husband is using revenge porn to get back at his wife.

        • Good point Bill, it is a crock that in 2019 we still have elected officials using their positions of power to take advantage of their subordinates.

    • House rules prohibit relations with staff menbers…like this. Plus paying said former staffer “consulting fees” with govt money. If not involving staff and taxpayer money, this wouldn’t be an issue.

      • Honestly Robert,
        This is not a thing about “public money”…
        Government employees have sex with one another all the time.
        Have you already forgotten about the General Petraeus incident? Paula Broadwell, the mentee-turned-biographer of David H. Petraeus…
        the West Point graduate and military intelligence officer who was revealed…to have had a romantic relationship with Mr. Petraeus, a former C.I.A. director and the highest-profile general from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (NYT)
        If two “intelligence officers” can have a consensual relationship then I am sure two women that are employed by the U.S. gov can also enter into this situation.
        It is pretty clear from other media sources that Katie and her husband had an “open marriage” at this point…and they were on their way out.

    • Chris,
      I agree…
      Seems B.S.
      I mean after all it was not like her partner was underage or that smoking a water pipe with Cannabis is illegal (in either AK or CA or DC for that matter)…
      As for “extra marital activities”…hell most of Congress would get yanked for this clause…
      It is far better than the “head slapping” and sexual misconduct that we have seen come out of Juneau in the last few years…especially the comments directed at underage women by high ranking officials.

    • This defense worked well for president Clinton. He is still a relevant political hero in the Democrat party. And, Hillary is still revered even though she knew all along what a cad and abuser her husband was/is, while leading the defense.

      • Ask the women whom he raped. Nobody will touch him with a 10 foot pole now. Hillary is just a angry old woman, slobbering all over the White House door, and can’t get in.

    • So if it was a white male Republican with a Nazi tattoo, smoking a bong with a underling he had control over it would have been ok?

  1. Congresswoman Katie Hill is a Democrat so she didn’t have to resign. If it was good enough for ex President Clinton, it’s good enough for her.

  2. Katie Hill said “Now my fight is going to be to defeat this type of exploitation that so many women are victims to and which will keep countless women and girls from running for office and entering public life. Thank you for allowing me to turn my focus to this particular battle right now,” Katie Hill does not understand that she IS the exploiter, she IS the predator, she IS the perpetrator, she IS NOT the victim. Until she realizes that she is the problem she cannot help anyone, including herself.

  3. It’s okay to blame the “abusive husband” and others attempting to “weaponize” innocent personal photos without repenting for abusing her position, authority or misuse of government funds if you’re a woman caught in a “setup”.

  4. She was getting her rocks off in a compromised situation that could have made her a risk in governing our nation if it was held as compromising information by competing adversary. Thank you all for your new found concern for victims of sexual exploitation and use of power to gain access to sexual gratification.

  5. We have instructed, in recent years, that the folks of the Left, like Elliott Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and Bubba Bill Clinton himself are “higher functioning” individuals who have special “needs” that must be allowed and indulged. This woman fits this model. It is unfortunate that Representive Hill is stepping back from this situation.

  6. Is there any record or documentation of history of her husband abusing her? Or, did she supposedly suffer in silence under his alleged abuse until this revelation? If so, then it will appear only to be a contrived defense. In any event, how would it justify her indiscretion with her tax-payer-paid employee?

  7. Republican mindset: conspiring with Russia and withholding aid while asking for investigations of political opponent is a-Ok … but sex.. Sex is bad. We must remove anyone who has had sex from office.

    • Iceman,
      I agree…
      It seems that the religious sector on the right is trying to return our society back to one with “Puritan Values” of the 17th century…maybe that is what they think by MAGA?

    • You do realize she is resigning because she admits she did wrong and because she doesn’t want anymore of her dirty laundry to be aired right? She isn’t the first person in a position of authority to go down this road, but she is throwing in the towel early, probably because there is a lot more there there.

      This isn’t about sex, it wasn’t about sex for the disgraced former Congresswoman. It was about power, the fact that the “woke” crowd looks past it when it serves them just shows the hypocrisy. Keep defending the indefensible social justice warriors, put you hypocrisy on your sleeve and wear it proudly!!!

    • It was Ukraine. He was investigating dirty Biden and his crooked son. You know, national interest and all that. Sex has manipulated so many countries throughout history. That is why it is not approved of, because it can be and usually is abused. We did remove Ted Kennedy. Johnson took himself out of the game. Clinton’s legacy will be laughed at for eons. Obama visiting those YMCA in Chicago is a concern. But enough about the weird sexual politics of some Dems.

    • NO. Even conspiring with Russia is bad, but only if it isn’t Trump. That is the mindset. Sheep.

  8. It is not the fact that she had these affairs and ‘wife swapping’ where the sexual abuse comes into play. It is the fact that she had an affair with a staff member. Where the abuse comes into play is the rest of the congresswoman’s staff. If her ‘girlfriend’ does something wrong, how is that person supposed to go to the congresswoman and report her girlfriend? What about the rest of the staff working under conditions that they have to be careful what they say and do around the girlfriend. It creates an atmosphere of fear and loathing. It affects the productivity and general atmosphere of the work place. It has a stifling in the work place. That is where the sexual harassment and abuse comes into play.

  9. I know where I work (an international billion dollar company) they actually have a online class you had to sign on to, it was about what can and can not do at work with co-workers and people you supervise. Then take a test about the various scenarios it covered. In politics having sex with your subordinate including them in three-way sex with your husband plus having those pictures surface! Put a fork in it. I’m not judging anybody about morals but a little bit about common sense.

  10. A roll in the hay with a Democrat only requires two-bit enticement. Subsequent payment for post-romping is where things get pricey. Lawsuits, media scrutiny, emotional torment, not to mention tickets to the local clinic. A pound of flesh ends up costing a ton of unhappiness.

    • Pat Meehan. Trent Franks. Joe Barton. Tim Murphy. Dennis Hastert. Blake Farenthold. Vance McAllister. Scott DesJarlais. Chris Lee. Mark Souder.

      Kate Hill. John Conyers Jr. Al Franken. David Wu. Anthony Weiner. Eric Massa.

      Anyone know these two lists?

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