Reinbold escorted from meeting for violating mask rule


Eagle River Sen. Lora Reinbold was seated as a spectator in the House Health and Social Services Committee, when she was called out by Rep. Zack Fields for not wearing an approved mask.

Shortly after, Speaker Louise Stutes, Rules Chair Bryce Edgmon and a security guard entered the room. Stutes told Reinbold she would have to put on a mask; she had one handy to give her. The alternative, she said, was that Reinbold would have to leave the House hearing. Reinbold left, escorted by the security guard, Edgmon, and Stutes.

Much of the incident was recorded on Gavel Alaska close-circuit television in the Capitol, but Reinbold video recorded the incident on her phone and posted it to her Facebook page.

Reinbold has been wearing a plastic face shield, which is not accepted by the Legislature’s rules for a tight-fitting mask.

This is the second time this week she has been told to either wear an approved mask or leave the room. On Monday, Sen. President Peter Micciche advised her that her face shield was not adequate. She decided to skip the Senate floor session rather than put on a mask.


  1. While I admire her for standing for rights against the Nazi Karens, this is not getting the legislature’s work done. I don’t care if the all lounge naked in a hot tub just so that they do the work that they were sent to Juneau to do and get our state back on fiscal grounds. While grandstanding and narcissism have a place, now time is not the time and the stakes are too serious for all of us. I hate masks and see overwhelming evidence that they do little good and often harm, but there is a place for compliance when the job requires.

  2. This is totally asinine. Kiss off the regulations by the left. This lady is solid in protecting my stance and many others. Protect yourself from others if you are nervous Nellys. Quit pointing fingers and focus on Alaska issues. Do what the voters want. Stop the BS!

  3. As I watched the drama doctor Phil episode between Fields and Rasmussen video of them talking behind their supposed tight fitting face masks, I noticed a lot of them having gaps around their noses, or falling down almost off their noses. This is an obvious singling out of someone they don’t agree with, so as to be rid of someone who will not side with their political views. Fields knows Reinbold is at least one republican woman in the state that will Not fall for his fake charm, I care about you, and so side with us BS, if they can’t turn them against their constituents, then they get rid of them. Plus their face masks are a joke. It’s been a year now of this nonsense, you have your vaccine, Move On Already..

  4. Covid broke her. I used to be very pro Lora, but she’s gone too far around the bend lately.

    This is theater, not genuine protest

    • Yes. The US Constitution is evidently so optional based upon the lead of the unelected security guard in Juneau in this possible state in the union today. I can see that now.

  5. Eagle River residents are lucky being represented by two elect who have their own mind (Allard and Reinbold).
    My district representation dont have their own minds (Amy, Andy, Felix, and Elvi). The face shield is adequate, the Anchorage Assembly has been allowing face sheilds. Maybe Dunleavy is giving them marching orders? Maybe he afraid to die? It sounds like his body isnt taking the cold family covid very well. Someone minister the Good News to Governor Dunleavy. They all could use someone reading bible to them all. They all going to Hell. They are witnesssing a person with No Compassion.

    The government will had gotten better responce from public to covid if the government didnt allow the public Mask Shame those not wearing a mask, it takes away the seriousness of covid, now there are more people who dont believe covid as serious, if it is serious because of mask and vaccine shamers. People will had taken it seriously if government officials didnt make containing covid government will vs. public free will and allowed the mask bullying to happen last year.

  6. These people are all clowns. Clowns who are sucking up a per diem while accomplishing nothing, except when they all momentarily come to agreement on something that robs our wallets and diminishes our liberty.
    I called Reinbold’s office a few years ago and informed that while I do not live in her district and could never vote for her as part of the legislature, I would absolutely vote for her if she ever runs for governor, and I still stand by that statement…..

  7. So a person who is hearing impaired or deaf that reads lips is put at a disadvantage because of their disability.
    Is Rep Field an expert in the field of Mask evaluations?

    • Reinhold should have lifted her skirt above her knees and asked dummy Fields, “how do you like me now, Zackie!”

  8. Punks are scared but unfortunately they’re not scarce
    Follow the science stupid not your junior high school peer pressure antics
    I pray Lora will be exonerated and the multitude of stupid people will be shamed

  9. She is getting crazier by the day; her days are numbered. She rather make a political statement than work for her constituents – it shows where her priorities are.

  10. This Senator’s fanatical obsession with masking is getting in the way of her carrying out the duties she was elected to perform. A responsible person would follow the rules, even if they didn’t like them, and get on with the more important work at hand, like how to sort out a State that is can no longer fund itself.

    One way or the other, if she keeps up with these antics designed to provoke, it will be her undoing.

  11. Fauci today is heard saying “ when you don’t have the science you go with your gut”
    Any chance that what the CDC is propagating is that which has passed through the gut and is now in the toilet

  12. A catch-22?
    Lora refuses to wear a face cloth, she gets booted from committees….
    she wears one her supporters may abandon her…
    This is by design from the calculating progressive members to silence one way or the other a serious thorn in their side. So my suggestion to her: wear a mask that spells “Tyranny”.

  13. Here is my message to Lora Reinbold: You are a terrible distraction … wear a mask AND get to work!

  14. Thank God King Edgmon is there to hinder budget reform, Spending Caps, PFD Distributions and election reform.

    Like where would Alaska be if it wasn’t for the Kings vast medical knowledge being used to supress any meaningful dialog on the pertinent issues of drawing down a$2.4 Billion Deficit??

  15. Senator Reinbold seems to walk funny, like someone who’s wearing all the cojones in the Senate.
    Every so-called senator could have declared himself a populist, a Constitutionalist by walking out with Senator Reinbold
    … and having a good ole mask-fired weenie roast right on the capital steps.
    Imagine how silly and ineffectual Senate “leadership” would have looked, what productive Alaskans might have done when they found out their politicians, just for a moment, gave more of a damn about them than about Getting Money.
    Peoples House Speaker Stutes, Rules Chair Bryce Edgmon, and a Security Guard had to save the Peoples Imperial Senate from a girl!
    Way to go, Girl!

  16. Masks are so STUPID they don’t work.
    All of the afraid people wearing a masks Go Home
    Now we can get something done. She’s been compliant with her shield
    Yes I would Vote for her too if she ran as governor.
    Stop the madnesses

  17. The world has its own Heresy, as the Church does. We are all witnessing the world’s heresy example by Micciche, Stutes, Edgmon, and the security employee right here.

  18. Wear the mask , do your job you were voted to do, wear your other masks elsewhere, quit wasting time..

      • There are certain acceptable societal norms and sadly at this time masking is one of them. Anchorage threw enforcement of these norms to the side and now allows open defecation and sex acts on the sidewalks. Do we approve of that? Fairbanks never forced masking but will arrest you for indecency in public. I disagree with masking as well, but if REQUIRED will comply to the minimal standard the same as wearing a shirt and shoes where required.

  19. Zack needed the heat taken off of him so he made a distraction. She had been fine for the entirety of almost a year up until now? It says right on the box that they grab their false sense of security out of right there: Will not prevent Covid-19.

  20. Until Leg Counsel changes the rules, sadly she has to wear a mask, like I have to in a Docs office. Don’t like it but to be seen, I do.
    I found out yesterday she is refusing testing, another leg counsel requirement.
    She is loosing support by her fellow conservatives because of these actions. She is on the Leg Counsel, change the rules! All legislators are eligible to receive the vaccine if they wish. I am sure her and some others will not take the vaccine, but the majority will so no real danger of the CCP Virus spread.

    • Lora was ELECTED by the people, not hired by the masters of the Leg Counsel. Nothing in the Constitution changes that.

  21. Just an excuse so they can all continue NOT to work…AGAIN! They didn’t solve didly! And now their work stacked up. Everyone stay home if they are so afraid, the ones that aren’t are SICK of being bothered by it. The Spanish flu was over in less time! They should have to pay me to put up with all of their bs EVERY day while they run conspiracies against one another and pack up like Lord of The Flies, distracted from the entire purpose they are in Juneau to begin with. 50 + year old grown children.

  22. Heard the pathetic interview on Fagans’s show this morning. “Just wear the mask.” “They don’t hurt you.” “Everyone else is, so just do it.” “I wear my mask in the store and rip it off as soon as I’m out.” “I wear my mask, and it has a flag on it.

    Why not just hold your breath! If you researched the data from other than main stream media you would realize that many doctors (those with morals) tell the truth, that being you exhale to get rid of the toxins in your body. But maybe it’s better to slowly poison yourself so your cool,,,so you fit in,,,so no one looks at you funny. Maybe you should remove that flag from your mask and replace it with a yellow star, since that worked so well for a certain group in WW2. After all, it was a government “requirement”. Laura has more,,,gonads than all the politicians in the state, combined.

    Reinbold for Governor!

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