First in nation: Dunleavy expands vaccines to all, age 16 and older in Alaska


Gov. Mike Dunleavy today announced the Covid-19 vaccine is immediately available for all individuals who live or work in Alaska and are age 16 and older, making Alaska the first state in the nation to remove eligibility requirements.

“This historic step is yet another nationwide first for Alaska, but it should come as no surprise. Since day one, your response to the pandemic has been hands-down the best in the nation,” Dunleavy said. “I couldn’t be prouder of Alaska’s response. From being the first state to offer widespread testing, to maintaining one of the lowest mortality rates in the country, to rolling out vaccinations to every willing Alaskan, we got here by working together.”

The Pfizer vaccine is available to individuals who are 16 and older, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are available to individuals who are 18 and older. All three authorized vaccines have shown to be very effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death caused by COVID-19.

In addition, he announced, regions including Kodiak Island, the Petersburg Borough, and the Kusilvak Census Area are nearing or exceeding 90% vaccination rates among seniors. In the Nome Census Area, over 60% of residents age 16 and over have received at least one shot, and roughly 291,000 doses have been administered statewide.

“A healthy community means a healthy economy. With widespread vaccinations available to all Alaskans who live or work here, we will no doubt see our economy grow and our businesses thrive,” he said.


  1. A Vaccine by definition gives immunity to the patient , this M-RNA drug from my study only provides immunity to the Drug Maker from law suits arising from an experimental drug. Don’t listen to me, but for Your sake, please do some serious research before you take this shot.

  2. You had better do some research on this vaccine before you decided to get it for yourself or your kids, there are thousands of health care workers throughout the world warning people not to get it. This vaccine interacts with the body’s RNA. Why would you trust a “vaccine” that messes with your biological systems that is made from the most basic buildings blocks of life? Also it was fast tracked through the system and anyone who gets it is basically “a test subject “ Another interesting fact is that the vaccine is being being pushed on the world population by ultra rich individuals who are on record stating that the world needs to be depopulated in order to sustain human existence. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! I myself will not be getting this “vaccine “ As a matter of fact, I have never had a flu vaccine, and I have made it into my mid 60s so far.

    • If your concern is simply the newness of mRNA vaccines (they’ve been in development for 30 years), then just take the J&J vaccine.

      And why would Bill Gates want the world to be depopulated? What would happen to all his money if the markets crashed as millions or billions of people died? If he was really capable of engineering a global pandemic just to give everyone a spooky vaccine, wouldn’t it be smarter of him just to spend a couple billion dollars developing a real bioweapon? I mean, the vaccine is not doing a very good job of depopulating earth given that 310 million have received it without an issue…

    • Well, sir, I’ve had it and I’ll check back in with you on 10 March, 2022. I can say for sure that I won’t have had Covid by then. Will you be able to say the same?

      You do yourself a great disservice by subscribing to such anti-vax theories, and it’s especially sad when one considers the fact that those who promulgate such viewpoints do so only for the sake of their own notoriety, and their personal profit.

  3. This is idiocy. Come on people the survival rate of this plandemic covid 1984 is nearly 100 percent. You get what you deserve if you get this genetic alteration. At least the gov has not gone full commy yet and make it mandatory.

  4. Yet the Anchorage Assembly won’t relinquish the mayor’s emergency powers. They just can’t give up the control.

  5. That’s awesome. Down here in Florida, there’s still people age 65 and older that can’t get a shot. They can’t get an appointment because of a shortage of vaccine or overcrowded appointment times. It’s best if people down here go out into the small communities like Alaska and get a shot instead of waiting in a line all day only be turned away when they close. Some places make you get an appointment and that is preferred but you can’t get an appointment up to at least a month in advance.

  6. Nope doesn’t change you a bit. All it does is cause your body to make a protein to stimulate an immune response. But don’t get a shot that’s fine. Process of natural selection kills off the stupid ones first.

    • That’s not how natural selection works.
      Intelligence isn’t a quotient, weakness is.
      You must have a weak immune system or some other weakness in yourself if you feel you need this shot to survive.

    • Greg, be careful what you say please, words can come back to haunt us. You may want to read a bit about what m-RNA drugs are made of and the potential side effects, including death, yes some 1265 dead Greg. 27 in one day in Norway alone. Mercy, can you recall anything like this in the past? Any drug with that kind of record would have been pulled long ago. Plus it will not give you immunity from the China Virus however the Drug Makers will enjoy immunity from legal suits brought on by the havoc this experimental drug may sow. In addition Scientists at Sloan Kettering discovered that m-RNA inactivates tumor -suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer. This takes us back to your natural selection comment Greg… Perhaps you might want to ponder that for a moment.
      For me the legal immunity speaks volumes alone.
      Yours in Liberty

      • Robert, I don’t think you understand what mRNA is. It’s a set of instructions. Just because one type of mRNA inactives a certain protein, doesn’t mean that applies to every type of mRNA. That’s like saying I read a chili recipe once, so every recipe in the world will result in chili.

        And of course the silliness about deaths after vaccination is simply a misunderstanding of the reporting system. Yes, if you vaccinate 310 million people, most of them elderly, some will die in the months that follow. None of these reports indicate the vaccine played a role.

        • Casey, I admit that I do not understand everything about m-RNA vaccines and from your response above it is clear that you might not have much understanding of the subject either. Like many folks I read varied periodicals about certain subjects in an effort to gain understanding. Many arguments both for and against this m-RNA injection rely upon credentialed support. This leads me to believe that there is a reasonable doubt amongst many medical professionals. Furthermore, when one reads news stories about how a Giant Pharmaceutical firm, Merck, which has pulled out of the vax market , because of the efficacy of the experimental m-RNA vax (so called) vs drugs available for treating symptoms it makes me wonder why you would inject this into your body. Proving again that there are options to the experimental m-RNA shot. The death totals were reported by the CDC, and yes they were attributed to a reaction from the m-RNA shot.
          So, please get pumped up on all of the experimental drugs you want, it’s my body, my choice not too. Yours in Liberty. (BTW) Casey your real name?

          • Pay no attention to Roberts holier than thou agenda. He’s just some blowhard but thinks he knows a lot about a little when in fact he may know a little about a lot. I’m not sure where he’s coming from cautioning people about what they say. I don’t believe we need him to be our judge jury and executioner as long as we have the first amendment. He doesn’t know a thing about what the covid-19 shot does genetically or most important doesn’t do genetically and that’s where his ignorance makes him look like a fool. And yes Greg is my real name.

        • Greg, I believe that you have the freedom to do whatever you want to your body. I also believe in free speech and a fair and factual sharing of information. That said , I fail to see how the points I raised can be construed as me being a “Blow Hard”, or a fool. Perhaps you should do some reading beyond your own voluminous comments?

  7. Or you could do like my family and get sars-cov-2 antibody tests… guess what, we were exposed and are doing just fine. Maybe you’re in this boat too. mRNA vaccines are just way too risky for us to consider, even the new dead virus “traditional” vaccines on their way are too new to consider for us, for now. Natural virus attenuation is already happening, we’re on the downhill slide here people. Do what you feel is right for you.

    • Just because your family has tested positive to having covid at some point in the past doesn’t mean that they are completely immune. They may have less than 50% protection without the shot. But go ahead and do what you want it’s your life and your family.

  8. everyone in my parents’ south FL community that wanted it has been fully vaccinated as of last week…

  9. I am going to be the Guinea pig that waits and see what happens to everyone else. I hope nothing bad happens to the covid vaccinated people some months later. I dont want see mysterious secret deaths and baby mutations by the thousands because of my gut feeling was right: Hold back, stand the line, watch and wait! Just like as I responded to anything all my life if the world is pushing something so hard, and its pushing hard for covid vaccinations, it can’t be all that good, So I’d be the oddball wait it out and build up my immune system the natural way by foods high in the vitamins and minerals that build a healthy immune system.

  10. Heh, heh , heh there seems to be a shortage of suckers willing to be an unwitting participant in the Covid vaccine clinical trials! Let’s see – our military troops, healthcare workers & even, surprise!, schoolteachers all seem to be reluctant to be a guinea pig. Maybe that is why there is so much unused vaccine floating around. I am in Mexico now and from what I am hearing the vaccine will be a big flop here, too!

    • It’s not a big flop. Right now 59% of all Floridians have been vaccinated. The only problem we have here versus Alaska is there’s millions of people down here trying to get the shot and the Alaska you roll into a village with 10 or 12 people and move on to the next. I don’t know of any teachers that aren’t willing to get the shot.

    • From what I hear, the medical facilities down there are first-class! Please let us all know how your ICU experience goes.

      • Yeah we have hospitals around every corner because we have so many senior citizens down here. That’s probably why our death toll was so high because it was killing all the old people. But, only four died the other day the last time I looked so the shot is definitely turning the time.

      • Whidbey the Dawg – says the guy living in his parents basement! Mexico is just like the USA – you got the bucks, you have access to world class healthcare & don’t have to rely on mommy’s!

  11. In less than an hour after Biden was in the White House the W.H.O announced that the PCR tests for Covid were indeed giving massive amounts of false positives resulting in a hyper-inflated case count across the US. (something conservatives have been yelling for a year) Now the PCR tests have been adjusted (less amplification) and the covid counts across America have plummeted.
    This comment will be censored in 10, 9, 8, 7….

  12. Thats awesome, whats awesomer is that we live in a country where were still free to choose to take an experimental drug. What worries me is that its experimental and that the “officials” say it’s safe, when did something experimental become safe? Safe from what? Damaging health effects or my ability to seek damages?

      • So the FEDs are going to offer themselves up for litigation? LOL Its still EXPERIMENTAL and they have all announced that they will not be held responsible for its effects.
        It amazes me just how gullible people can be. You’re going to be injected with an experimental liquid (that for the first time ever has been tried in humans) killed ALL the animals it was tested on, all because you may contract a flu (contraction rate in AK = chances of drowning) and if you DO get it, you have a 99.98% chance of surviving it….AFTER you have been lied to repetitively by “officials” who are hiding behind a barbed wire N.G. protected wall during the brink of a Civil War.
        Cant spell experimental without “mental”.

        • I’m pretty sure the feds don’t want to kill off all the taxpayers or all the recipients of our taxes. It eould kind of screw up things wouldn’t it? Start some kind of mass extinction on the planet. The aliens currently working with our government may have that plan in mind I’ll give you that.

  13. Whidbey the Dawg – says the guy living in his parents basement! Mexico is just like the USA – you got the bucks, you have access to world class healthcare & don’t have to rely on mommy’s!

  14. I survived COVID just fine with healthy living, exercise, and proper diet. That’s my vaccine. I’ve been offered the vaccine 3 times and have turned them all down. Good luck to those of you who have taken it, I’ll sit back and watch.

  15. The reason Alaska has enough for everyone is because not everyone wants it. Supply and demand. The supply is there because people like me do not want or demand it.
    I will take my chances because it is no ones choice but my own. My choice is not a political football and neither is the science.

    • No the reason Alaska has plenty of vaccine is because so much of it was allocated to take care of the native population and because of the not very dense population centers. It’s easier to vaccinate 100,000 people than it is 20 million.

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