Biden officials to meet with Chinese leaders in Alaska


“I will meet on March 18 with People’s Republic of China Director Yang Jiechi and State Councilor Wang Yi in Alaska to engage on a range of issues, including those where we have deep disagreements,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Twitter.

Joining Blinken in Alaska will be national security adviser Jake Sullivan. The meeting will take place on Thursday and Friday of next week.

The Wall Street Journal says the Chinese have sought to restart a relationship with the U.S. in the post-Donald Trump era.

“Beijing has lobbied the Biden administration for early face-to-face discussions to try to smooth out relations that have grown sharply more confrontational in recent years,” the newspaper wrote.

Alaska was chosen because Blinken is set to return to Washington, D.C. from a trip to Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea, and Anchorage is a refueling stopover.

Wang Huiyao, president of the Center for China and Globalisation think-tank in Beijing, told the Financial Times that the meeting “would be ‘the first step on a thousand mile journey’ as China tries to convince the US to shelve disputes over human rights in favour of areas of potential co-operation, such as climate change.”

Admiral Philip Davidson, who heads the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the US is losing its military edge, while China continues to erode decades of American-led deterrence in Asia with a rapid military expansion.

“We are accumulating risk that may embolden China to unilaterally change the status quo before our forces may be able to deliver an effective response,” he said, as reported by Financial Times.


    • They’ve already bought and paid for this corrupt senile old creep 20x over. They just want to look the guy who’s actually running things in the eye and tell him specifically what they want so they can make sure he GETS it.

    • They already own most of America what are you talking about? They own Smithfield hams, most movie theaters, countless real estate and skyscrapers plus we owe them about 50 tons of money. How much money is that you ask….50 tons. Basically we’re all just squatters or nesters might be the correct old term.

      • Great, anyone but the Scandinavian Bryce edgeman. Anytime there’s money to be made you can count him in. When are the natives and and around Dillingham Alaska going to wise up to this guy? He’s a poser.

      • Yes, his closed-air rickshaw has Michelins and a V8. And four inches of bullet proof steel to keep Trump and Dunleavy supporters from breaching the motorcade. Instead of a picture of Mao on the back, the rickshaw comes custom with Chinese flags and a photo of Walker’s soul partner taped on the stern……..Mr. Byron Mallott, wearing his Native vest. Motorcade spectators will not be allowed on the grassy knoll.

        • Luvin it! A rickshaw motorcade featuring Bill Walker, the disgraced former governor who tried selling out Alaska to the Beijing Comeez. Redemption earned without losing face. So long as he keeps his covered so the rest of us don’t get the China flu.

          • Why not just hook-up Walker’s lap-dog, Scott Kendall, to the rickshaw and have him pull the Commies around town. A junior Commie in training always impressed the Reds.

    • …….and leave your effing virus at home. Bring more Commie face diapers for Biden. He likes the red ones. And be sure to bring $$$ for Hunter. He felt stiffed last time, cause Old Joe ended up with more than his share. ……. and bring your software experts along too, so they can show the Democrat flunkies how to tamper with the new Dominion machines being built now, for 2022 and 2024 use.
      Shay-shay nee!

  1. How about a YUGE Trump Rally outside the meeting? Flags, signs, Down with CCP signs… just an idea. Muah!….

  2. Trade our commitment to Human Rights for commitment to Climate Change from the nation that is the largest human rights violator and largest polluter? This isn’t even bait-and-switch; this is a pig in a poke, that only Democrats and Communists would consider.

    Alaska’s Dear Leader, Gov. Bill Talker will no doubt facilitate this propaganda opportunity to continue his effort to sell out Alaska to the Chinese.

    • Yep. If we stop criticizing them about their genocide of the Uyghurs, they’ll go on polluting while laughing at our gullibility.

  3. NO. As an Alaskan I don’t consent to this dangerous meeting in our destabilized state at this time. I regard it as an aggression against the people of Alaska at this time as bad as the bio engineered plague. Stay out of this state all three of you.

  4. When I think of Chinese Government I think about the Concentration camps they recently made to put the Muslim population where Muslim women are being raped while their children are recieving the same Re-education training Native American children recieved in boarding schools. But, no U.S don’t see this as priority.

  5. The appeasement of China by Beijing Biden will formally take place in Alaska! History is being made.

  6. Are any of the CCP going to quarantine? Afterwards, is Blinken going to? Oh, right, diplomatic immunity protects all of them from Covid.

  7. So, The President of the United States is not meeting with the leader of communist China? Just a couple of department heads? This appears to be more of making potus look like a chump to the home crowd. Which really isn’t all that tough. All he has to do is say a few words and you know he’s not all there.
    Lord have mercy on this country.

  8. Biden’s newly installed lunatics will feel right at home in the insane asylum of Anchorage’s current leadership. Does anyone really believe our socialist panjandrums even at the State level will do anything to challenge China’s inhumanity?

  9. I’m betting Biden won’t worry about human rights issues when he’s fine with making Americans suffer more as it is.

  10. this is great news. Do the posters here even work for a living? China is Alaska’s largest trading partner. We are an extraction state China buys what we produce. The Anchorage airport cargo expansion is all about China. There are around a dozen carriers using the airport involved with trade with China. China is 10 percent of Red Dog. 50 percent of Kensington Mine goes to China. Alaska just exported the most oil in 20 years, mostly to China. They stepped in when the west coast market was sagging.
    The Trump China policies set Alaska trade back 10 years. It was so failed the federal government is buying our 2019 fish. Dunleavy stood by and endorsed policies that actively hurt the Alaskan economy.
    China has the largest industrial output in the world. They use what we produce. Whether the commenters here like it or not the reality is Alaska’s economic success is tied to China. I support any effort to improve our trade relations and better the Alaskan economy.

    • We just didn’t want to deal with the devil that’s all. Why would we want to sell out? Alaska businesses aren’t looking at the big picture. Human rights violation. They ran the dalai lama out of Tibet. Just a bunch of primates flexing a little muscle based on the value of the dollar. No wonder the Japanese were so mean to them in the second big one.

  11. Too late! We the Alaskan people have settled our land November 5th 2020! Alaska is now owned by the Alaskan people! Dunleavy and the STATE OF ALASKA INC. has not rebutted our declaration which circulated in Anchorage and Fairbanks papers legal notices. Dunleavy is to replace the de facto Constitution with our Covenant. Dunleavy as the services contract administrator is to complete the eight directives issued.

    • I looked at your web page … It reads like a manifesto of sovereign citizens … the same ones who end up in jail or paying fines for infractions of whichever laws they claim is their right to flaunt.
      When I was a child I had a tree-house, and while I was in it I was king of all that I could see … until I heard supper being called.

  12. Climate change is way more important to Biden than genocide of the Uighurs or national security. So we shut up about genocide in exchange for giving China Alaska’s natural gas. Win-win for China. China’s LNG consumption rose 11% last year and they are desperate for more “in their quest to anchor its industrial growth to cleaner energy” (Wall Street Journal, March 6-7, 2021, China’s Pursuit of Natural Gas Jolts Supply; The Guardian, March 9, 2021, China breaching every article in genocide convention; National Review, March 7, 2021, What China Really Wants: A new world order)

  13. DANGER
    We better picket. They need not feel so comfortable here. We don’t want them here. They can’t have 907.

    Bob Bird at Menard in Wasilla
    2 pm this Saturday.
    We’ve got to protect Alaska.

  14. Is this the China you’re referring to?
    Trading Economics dot com: “Since 1995, China has been recording consistent trade surpluses which from 2004 to 2009 has increased 10 times. In 2019, China posted a trade surplus of USD 421.9 billion, the biggest since 2016, as exports increased 0.5 percent and imports fell 2.7 percent on weak domestic demand and trade tensions with the US.”
    This trade surplus has financed the worlds largest military, including the third largest nuclear arsenal.
    Be ready to bend over and kiss your butt goodby if we fall into the Thucydides Trap.
    If you don’t know what the Thucydides Trap is, you’ve no business commenting on world affairs.

  15. Translation: Chinese Masters are not happy with how their American Puppets are performing after stealing election for them and are coming to straighten them out in person.

  16. Biden should, in his version of ‘good faith’ go to China himself, and remain there, with his son Hunter.

  17. Yes, I was thinking the same! Let’s rally outside this meeting and show these communists they are not welcome here! I will brings signs and flags! Just say when and where. It is important many show up and show disgust over this meeting. We need the Alaska liberal commie bent press to show Alaskans are not in support of this at all!!!! China needs to be held accountable for all their crimes against humanity and these liberal communist traders within this state, and within this nation need to grow a pair and stand up against these evil tyrants, instead of taking the knee with their hands out!

  18. What a coup for the Anchorage Assembly, the sitting US President is coming from DC to meet with them. Well done comrades!

  19. Watch for Alaska’s new best friend, Communist China, offering to help with the Susitna Dam and gasline boondoggles.
    They’ll be glad to help build, even operate, the dam and its control gear. After all, they did build the world’s largest dam, without labor unions.
    They’ll probably be just as happy to help build, even operate, the gasline and its control gear with Chinese steel, labor, and infrastructure on Chinese-owned (and guarded) real estate.
    All for a reasonable sum, probably not exceeding the value of Alaska’s Permanent Fund…
    And there’ll be a promise to “buy” natural gas at whatever price China wishes.
    Alaskans will gain a clear idea about who owns and operates Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team.
    Hunter Biden might even be on its Board of Directors and make everybody wear masks… forever if Chairman Xi wishes.
    What’s not to like?

    • If we had a functioning US media, they’d be looking into those Biden family, China funded, off-shore accounts. Maybe they will once he gets Cuomo’d.

  20. Jake Sullivan orchestrated the Libyan, Syrian and Myanmar’s civil wars from 2012-2016 and Secretly negotiated the Iran Nuclear deal behind the backs of the American people…This corporatist bureaucratic merchant of death war criminal is coming to Alaska to meet with CCP henchmen to decide how to best start our second civil war using 5th generational warfare (propaganda/Information war) and strip the American people of their liberty and replace it with a totalitarian statist oligarchy…

    This should be a call to action for every single conservative / libertarian and anti war liberal in the state to protest and disrupt this meeting

  21. I noted the most Important comment earlier,,,,,,,,,,

    Where are they

    “China Joe” and “Mandarin Murkowski” Signs must be proudly displayed!

    Get media attention on the impending sell out!

    NOW we know WHY Walker announced for Governor,,,,,,,,
    Why he may run in 2022
    he has to deliver for the Chinese!!!!


  22. My guess, Biden is looking to sell Alaska to the Chinese to pay off his globalist buddies for stealing the election. Dunleavy should not even allow the Chicoms to step on Alaskan soil until they stop the inhuman torture of political enemies in China and the unwilling Human Organ Trafficking for money.

    • Rickshaw motorcade route and agenda:
      Tour downtown office buildings for real estate investment opportunities.
      Tour JBER and get high res photos of F-22s.
      Make offer on purchase of Alaska RailRoad.
      Lunch with Bill Walker. Take-out.(Chinese, of course).
      Visit ADN newsroom to brief reporters on art of high-gain propagandizing.
      Visit local chapter of Antifa and BLM.
      Presentation of awards.
      Make formal bid on Alaska Gasline Project (with 75% ownership clause and 100% control and management clause).
      Erect Mao Statute after canceling and dismantling Capt. Cook’s statue on the waterfront.
      Visit malls and make more real estate purchase offers.
      Dinner with Bill Walker. More Chinese grub.
      Unilateral discussions on trade imbalance, intellectual property theft,
      Taiwan sovereignty, man-made island expansion in South China Sea, human right violations, Hong Kong autonomy, and Tibetian autonomy.
      Written Proclamation of Friendship between Beijing and Washington, DC. (Stationary courtesy of Wohan Laboratory.)
      Late-night entertainment at re-opened Bush Company. Private dances. Open- bar hosted by Hunter Biden. Clothing optional. Masks required.
      Adjourn. Tsi Chien!

  23. Why Anchorage? Are they embarrassed about the fenced off, guarded WH that just screams the public hates me. Will they wear masks? Produce negative Covid tests?
    Quarantine? WHO will meet with them to discuss WHAT.

  24. My ATT billing account had a contact email address related to it that is not mine. The email domain was/is Now I cannot access my att billing account after I reported it to a few weeks ago. But it is a “hichini” DNS or ISP. I am no expert on any of that.

    I just was trying to figure out how to locate my husband’s lost or stolen phone.

    I am not a huge conspiracy theory person. But I do know that some things are weird.

    Like Pt Capital being promoted by Alice Rogoff- after President Obama spent so much time in Alaska – or to correct myself – so much time at her house in Bootlegger’s Cove.

    Seeing that I was one of the Sitnasuak Board members that voted in favor of a loan to PT Capital early on, these things I read make me a little nervous.

    I was supporting an investment in PT Capital specific to the presentation we received that was to invest in the hotel there and the related services.

    Maybe I am feeling overly paranoid. But there seems to he quite a lot of strangeness taking place.

    Hoping for the best.

  25. So where are Alaskans going to be in Anchorage on this day protesting the hell out Beijing Biden and his Chicom comrades? Or are they just going to stay home and complain about it instead, without making their voices actually heard? Remember, what you tolerate you authorize. Time and place for gathering?


    The PT Capital loan I referred to in my comments had nothing to do with the Anchorage Daily News. I was not on the Sitnasuak Board in 2013 – and it is disturbing that this is the first I heard about this proposed loan in Craig Madred’s updated 3/18/2021 article – link included in this comment post.

    I also did not know that PT Capital had pursued managing a portion of the AK Permanent Fund.

    My comment in this article thread was because I found a Bejing-based PT Capital CEO on LinkedIn, who was educated at Cornell University, I believe.

    It tied together, for me when I read this article, because of my ATT billing account having a email address which is not my email address, and instead is a dns out of Bejing – alibaba 420 or something or another.

    There was another article about PT Capital by Mr. Madred I found somewhere that discussed PT Capital buying a hotel in Greenland or Iceland where China and/or ATT thereafter was conducting 5G testing because of the cold temperatures. Or something like that.

    I just know that:

    ** I didn’t authorize my ATT billing information to be controlled by anyone in Bejing.

    ** I was not on the Sitnasuak board in 2013 and did not know about the proposed loan to PT Capital for Alice Rogoff endeavors.

    ** In whatever year it was that I voted to approve a PT Capital loan (2017 maybe) it was specific to an Alaska-based hotel project – nothing else.

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