Dan Fagan: Murkowski was denied communion over her stand on abortion



On Monday of this week, a man identifying himself as Ken called my radio talk show claiming Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was denied communion by a Catholic priest because of her support for abortion. 

The caller said the Anchorage Archdiocese was so upset with the priest over it, they transferred him from Anchorage to the small town of Soldotna, on the Kenai Peninsula. 

After the show on Monday, I contacted the Anchorage Archdiocese, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Soldotna, and Lisa Murkowski’s office in Washington D.C. to ask them if what Ken said was true.

Monday came and went, and no one called me back. That raised a red flag.   

Why wouldn’t Murkowski easily quash the story by saying it wasn’t true? The only reason I could come up with is – it may be true. 

The next day, Tuesday, I reached out to the archdiocese and Murkowski’s office once again. And for a second day Murkowski’s high paid staffers didn’t return my call or email. 

Late Tuesday, I finally reached Dominique Johnson, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Alaska by phone. Johnson raised my suspicion even more refusing to answer any of my questions saying only no comment. 

Did a Catholic priest refuse to serve Murkowski communion? 

No Comment. 

Was an Anchorage priest transferred to Soldotna after refusing to serve communion to Murkowski? 

No Comment. 

I spent enough years as a journalist to know something was up. The church and Murkowski could have made this whole story go away instantly if they simply denied the senator was ever refused communion. 

The next day, Wednesday, I posted on my Facebook page a clip of the caller Ken and his claim Murkowski was refused communion during mass in Alaska. 

Listen to the audio clip of Ken explaining what happened to Murkowski when she went forward for communion.

That’s when the flood gates opened. It turns out the incident in question not only happened, but it was common knowledge among many Anchorage Catholics.  

Here’s what I know based on information from reliable sources who asked to remain anonymous.  

Sometime in December of 2019, Murkowski was attending mass at Our Lady of the Snows in Girdwood.

Fr. Robert Whitney, based out of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Anchorage, was saying mass as a visiting priest. 

Murkowski approached Fr. Whitney during mass with her hands out ready to receive communion but was denied the wafer. Fr. Whitney instead said a blessing over the senator. Murkowski did not make a scene and went back to her seat. 

Anchorage-Juneau Archbishop Andrew Bellisario, well-known for his Leftist beliefs, was so upset with Whitney, he transferred him out of the much larger St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Anchorage to the much smaller Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Soldotna. 

Fr. Whitney, who grew up in Anchorage, must have known his withholding of communion from Murkowski because of her enthusiastic support of abortion would land him in hot water with the left leaning Bellisario. 

There’s a culture war brewing in the Catholic Church much like the one threatening America. Fr. Whitney is not shy about his conservative views even though it puts him at odds with Bellisario and the left-leaning Pope Francis. 

Conservative Catholics have been feeling like exiles in their own church under Pope Francis. It’s rare priests like Whitney have the courage to stand up to church hierarchy. 

Whitney has not returned my calls, nor has he spoken with me about any of this. My hope is Archbishop Bellisario doesn’t take further punitive action against Fr. Whitney because of the Murkowski story finally coming out. It was inevitable. 

Hopefully, Whitney’s unusual courage will motive other priests who believe strongly in the sanctity of life to stand up to Leftist church leadership and withhold communion from other politicians advancing the genocide that is American abortion. 

Whitney denying Murkowski communion makes sense considering the Catholic Church claims to be a defender of the unborn. 

It’s not just that Murkowski simply favors abortion. She is one of the most powerful and impactful players in advancing the cause of abortion. 

Murkowski justified her swing vote to defeat the repeal of Obamacare by saying she feared the effort would limit funding for Planned parenthood and mean fewer dollars for abortions. 

Murkowski’s refusal to approve Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh even further validated the senator’s allegiance to the abortion movement.

It’s understandable why Murkowski doesn’t want the story out of how a courageous priest refused to serve her communion. For Catholics, communion is the focal point and centerpiece of their faith. 

For Fr. Whitney, Murkowski’s pivotal role in advancing America’s death culture was apparently too much to overlook and ignore. He took a stand for his belief that life is sacred, precious, and worthy of protection. Fr. Whitney must have known his stand for life would come with a heavy price.

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive talk show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. He splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans.   


  1. I wonder if Lisa’s house-husband, who has never held down a job in his life, believes in a woman’s right to an abortion? If yes, that might explain the good life he’s been living with few responsibilities and lots of cash to spend on luxurious vacations and multiple homes.

  2. It is not a priest’s place to judge someone; that is for the almighty himself. A priest’s job is to guide and help those they disagree with find forgiveness and solace. There is a reason we have a clear distinction between church and state in this country. Politics do not belong in church unless they want to start paying taxes like the rest of us…

    • Poltics has already invaded the Church. Gods children including the unborn should and must be protected. By you simply saying Poltics should not be in the church you are engaging in blasemphy. Yes I’m not Catholic but I am a Christian that changed my thoughts on Abortion.

      • Matthew 5:22

        But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.

        • Taken out of context. Learn the meaning of Sacred Scripture before using it to hit someone over the head with it.

          Those who support politicians who support abortion don’t know God and don’t follow Him.

        • Chris she advocates killing the unborn. What sins do you condemn if not murder? So let unrepentant murders do whatever? You need help.

        • Satan can quote scripture with the best of them. Context of teaching is everything.

          The primary (of many) mistakes Chris is making is failing to separate basic teaching with an individual denominations ability to put their specific rules and conditions for their flock. Methodists have different criteria than Catholics than Baptists than Amish, ect ect ect.

          It’s always sad to see someone who really doesn’t understand a concept trying to argue it

          • Remember that the scriptures were written by mortal men, and many of the best ones were left out of the Canon of the Bible selectively by priests who got to pick and choose. At this point all I can say is the Bible is a history book and your face is what determines if you want to believe if it’s fact or fiction.

        • Chris, why you judging Fr. Whitney, bro?

          Also, FWIW, the Catholic Catechism treats abortion very specifically and separately from everything else. Refusing community was an act of charity—since reception of communion outside a state of grace is itself a mortal sin. Anyone who is catholic knows that. Anyone who is not, well, I’m not sure why they should care about this story to begin with.

      • It’s not up to a Priest to judge Sally’s heart or sin. Only Jesus knows whats in people’s minds and hearts. God isn’t political. He’s interested in people knowing His Son Jesus Christ.

    • Respectfully, it’s not a cleric disagreeing with anyone.

      The individual is openly, notoriously, and consistently violating the articles of the faith they committed to follow in order to receive the grace of the sacrament.

      The cleric is not judging, they are appropriately engaged in counseling the individual in compliance with the proper practice of reconciliation, forgiveness, and redemption.

      This specific issue is also in-play nationally at the presidential level among the highest authorities of the church who are flummoxed at how to respond to a flagrant sinner openly flaunting both their ‘Catholicism’ and strident efforts against a fundamental morality within Catholic dogma. The President can’t have it both ways. Nor can the Senator.

      • Corinthians 5:12

        For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?

        • Chris, you are dangerously ignorant of Scripture. But at least you don’t let that slow you down.

        • Chris, you too can’t have it both ways…in your original post you complain that the good Fr. Whitney judges the senator and now you bring a quote supporting his actions. C’mon at least be consistent.

          • I was taught to judge the sin not the sinner since only God judges the sinner. And if we fail to judge the sin and not correct the sinner, then we too are stained by that sin. Any clergy that prevents a person from committing sacrilidge is charitably helping their salvation survive.

      • Yes. I will accept initially a priest, pastor, minister whatever attempting to counsel and teach the doctrine of the church rather than outright dismiss the individual. But for how long? 1 year 5 years 10 years? At some point it becomes obvious the individual has NO interest in following the doctrine of their church. At that point the church should not be supporting the individual, who is using the church to support their own agenda. In the case of politicians is is always to get elected and like Biden, to pretend they are a ‘good’ Catholic.

    • It seems to me that many social issues that people identify as political issues, originate from religion and religious beliefs. Abortion, death penalty, gender rights, racism, sexism, etc. all stem from religious beliefs. Religious institutions such as Catholic or Protestant churches are ripe with social politics, as well as power politics as to who welds power in the churches.

      • Corinthians 4:3-5

        But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by any human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself. For I am not aware of anything against myself, but I am not thereby acquitted. It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.

    • This priest was 100% correct to warn Murkowski of the spiritual danger she is in because of her actions. He is a Shepard accountable to God, not your sense of righteousness.

      • James 4:11-12

        Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

    • Chris you are missing the point (or are deliberately obtuse). You are not only a Christian in church, but your faith is who you are. You are expected to behave by the tenets of your belief. Don’t murder and protecting those, who can not defend themselves are among the cornerstones of the catholic faith. If you violate that, it is up to the priest and the faith community to point it out and for you to ask forgiveness, confess your sins and mend your ways. This priest had not only the right, but the responsibility to hold Lisa to account.
      BTW we have a distinction between church and state, so that THE STATE may not dictate what we all have to belief. The first amendment guarantees free expression of one’s religion anywhere and at all times.

      • Luke 6:37

        “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

          • And he is using scripture to gainsay the simplistic arguments of others as well as to make the point that one can quote scripture out of context, or within context, to get his point across, whatever it may be.

        • That’s great but it does not say if you do this you will make it to heaven .Jesus was asked how do I get to heaven keep my Fathers Commandments and Love my neighbour as myself .With respect to you and Luke I don’t think he was talking about abortion .

        • I like to judge a book by its cover. The cover of the book always gives a great peek on what’s the contents is inside. No one can judge a person soulfully, but if a person decides live outside of God by killing his babies. All any of us can do is bow our head and disgust and walk away vowing to isolate that person from our lives.

        • That’s right. If someone is Catholic and wants to receive communion, they must not use birth control.

        • Artificial contraception is also grave matter (if you are actually curious).
          But someone that lends huge support to the killing of 3,000 unborn babies a day in this country (repeatedly, publicly, and obstinately) and someone that uses artificial contraception are not even in the same ballpark when it comes to the magnitude of the sin and its damage.
          Also, someone that privately uses artificial contraception cannot necessarily be known by the priest unless it is repeated and publicly obstinate.

        • Technically you are almost correct. BC is not permitted by the Church for the specific purpose of preventing pregnancy. However there are many cases where Priests can and do give dispensation. The pill,, in particular, can offer many women health benefits beyond pregnancy prevention.

          That’s a decision made by the congregant, the Priest, and the physician.

          The difference here is most people using birth control aren’t openly doing it in front of the nation.

          It’s not an exact apples to apples comparison.

        • This doctrine stems from a basic error in the story of Onan being interpreted as anti birth control.
          Onan had an older brother named Er, whom died without leaving a male heir. Judah was Onan’s and Er’s father.
          Genesis 38: 8, 9, 10 – “And Judah said to Onan, Go in to your brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up seed to your brother. And Onan knew that the seed would not be his. And it happened when he went in to his brother’s wife, he wasted his semen to the ground, not giving seed to his brother. (Deut 25:5-10) And what he did was evil in the sight of God…”
          Onan’s punishment had nothing to do with contraception, and all to do with his denying his deceased brother of an lawful heir. Without an male heir, the widow of Er had no claim to Er’s estate. Onan knew this, and was being greedy, wanting Er’s estate for himself.

        • Well, God was pretty pissed when he told that one guy to make a baby but he pulled out early and spilled his seed on the ground. That could have been viewed as birth control, or any number of things. It may be a sin but I don’t think anybody’s going to be kept out of heaven because they put on a condom.

        • Jesus established the Catholic Church. Jesus says whoever listens to you, listens to me. The Church says no to contraception. You’re either obedient or not. Plain and simple.

      • Not really. The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”. The Separation of Church and State doctrine was pre-Constitution in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
        The Constitution states only that the Congress cannot legislate a national religion as the United Kingdom has with the Sovereign as Head of the Church of England.This is a difficulty for Price Charles, who has married a divorced subject, and wants to be King. The Church of England apposes divorce.
        The amendment says only that Congress cannot make laws regarding the free exercise of religion. It does not define in any way what “free exercise” means.

    • WRONG.
      A Catholic priest is a human and is also entitled to his belief. He was trained in the seminary to respect the sanctity of life and be guided by a moral compass. In his position as a priest, he cannot accept the will of a mother to destroy unborn, or partially born babies. The priest was correct to not serve Lisa Murkowski, who as a born and raised Catholic, and as a US Senator, has chosen politics over the life of a potentially newborn child.
      The Priest was absolutely right not to give communion to the woman who has abandoned the preceps of motherhood and humanity!

      • Matthew 7:1-5

        “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

          • The priest was not being judgmental. He was following the letter of the law of God and the guidelines that he was taught in seminary school. The REAL problem is Lisa Murkowski herself. She campaigns on a particular political platform, but operates on a completely opposite one. She is a walking contradiction and appears to be rudderless most of the time. I know her parents, Frank and Nancy, devoted Catholics. There must be a lot of shame in the Murkowski family over Lisa’s political positions. I will not support her any longer.

    • Politics do not have a place in church? I’m sure there are many views on that. At the time of the revolutionary war churches were major community centers & in particular, Virginia’s Maj. Gen. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, was a pastor who advocated for liberty directly to his congregation. The church(s) does not and cannot run this country. However, due to the nature of religion it may often come into conflict with government or government policy & thats politics. Must the church remain silent? I don’t know about declining communion, I’ll leave that to the Catholic Church. But sometimes the church may be the only group willing to speak out & profess beliefs they believe are important. Do we really want the corporate church body to never advocate a political opinion. It might be important. Personally, if I were a pastor (which I’m not) if it were necessary to forgo or risk tax deductions to be able speak freely I would do exactly that. It would be up to the congregation if I’d continue in that position or if I’d be fired.

      • The advocating of the church into political matters is soon to take even a greater jump than you realize. Revelation 13:11-18 prophecies is in the process of fulfilling. Enforced false worship is shortly to take place.

    • It’s not politics. It is a priest’s job to safeguard the immortal soul of his parishioners when he is able. Propagating abortion is a mortal sin and to receive communion in that unrepentant state compounds that sin. By refusing her communion, he was protecting her to the degree he is able and also adhering to church teaching.

      • When she renews her baptismal vows at Easter “ do you renounce satan ? Does she ask personally or politically?

    • You are mistaken, my friend. The Catholic priest’s duty is “to keep” the Sacred sacred, and “to till” the soil of the soul. God bless Fr. Whitney for doing what every good priest is obliged to do.
      When a public figure publicly denies the tenants of the Faith, especially the destruction of life, created in the image of God then they must first, publicly retract and second, privately repent before being “in communion” with the Church. Again, God bless Fr. Whitney!

    • Not a traditional Catholic, are you?

      It is well within a Priest’s capacity to deny Sacraments if said Priest has reason to believe the supplicant is out of line with Church teachings. It’s a way to push/motivate proper, doctrinal behavior. More than the prerogative to deny, they have an obligation to do so.

      It’s not common, but not uncommon either.

    • The Catholic Church has Laws Gods Law and Church Law .If you represent the public and everybody knows You are a Catholic then the Catholic Priest has every right to deny the Blessed Eurcharist.Thou Shalt not kill what part does the Bishop or Politican not understand .The Catholic Priest will be given eternal life in Heaven The Bishop and Politican must remember Hell is forever .The Politican can support charging
      the Church taxes and still go to Communion but Catholics cannot support abortion and if they do they can’t receive the Blessed Eucharist.

      • The clergy has a right to speak against moral wrongs and it can not result in taxation. Years of clergy hiding behind that type of excuse to avoid moral corrections was a lie to avoid offending persons or members of political parties within their parish pews. That “Johnson Law” has no teeth in it regarding moral wrongs and even if it did, any priest that hid behind it rather than correct a moral wrong is a false Shepard of his church & faith.

    • If someone does not conform or like some of a Church’s tenets, than they should stop calling themselves Catholics. Abortion is one the Catholic Churches major sin, having one, (repentance) or helping someone secure one, puts a person outside the the parameters to receive communion. Murkowski must know this, and still she presents herself to receive. I’m tired of politicians saying; personally I’m against abortion, but is a woman’s right.’ Those who supported this law, are complicit in committing the crime.

    • “…….Politics do not belong in church…….”
      This ain’t politics. It’s mortal sin. And a priest, empowered with the responsibikity to forgive sin OR NOT, as well as administer the sacraments is performing his duty. I praise Father Whitney for his courage, and wish there were more priests like him.

    • He’s not “judging” her, it’s all public knowledge. No more than if a cop judges if you ran a stop sign. It says in the New Testament to take communion unworthily is take in sin and death. The priest is actually protecting her from herself until if/when she has a change of heart. Holy Communion is not a social thing, it’s the Real Presence.

    • We are called to judge those who claim to profess Catholicism.

      1 Corinthians 5:9-13

      9 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with immoral men;
      10 not at all meaning the immoral of this world, or the greedy and robbers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world.
      11 But rather I wrote to you not to associate with any one who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of immorality? or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or robber—not even to eat with such a one.
      12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the Church whom you are to judge?
      13 God judges those outside. ” Drive out the wicked person from among you.”

      Our first obligation is to the truth as St. Aquinas states:

      “The fact that it is necessary to place truth before friends may be demonstrated with this reason. Whoever is a greater friend should be shown greater honor. Since we are friends of both the truth and the man who is our neighbor, we ought to love the truth more than our neighbor, because we must love our neighbor on account of the truth and virtue. Truth is in fact the most excellent friend to whom the reverence of honor must be shown; truth is something divine that is first and foremost found in God. And therefore we conclude that it is a holy thing to honor the truth first before our friends.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

    • The right to life is a moral issue and not a political one. A Catholic priest has every right to deny any person communion if he knows that person is in open opposition to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. Abortion is considered a mortal sin because it violates the 5th commandment of “Thou shalt not kill” and any person that participates, promotes, defends, or finances a mortal sin is guilty of the same. Politics do belong in the Church when political actions violate basic human rights. The right to life being the most basic.

    • NOT if the person in question publicly supports the evil of abortion and votes publicly to support and fund it! I wonder how much money they receive from Planned Parenthood to be able to live like millionaires on a senator’s salary. Imagine: voting to murder fellow Americans!

    • Politics? I say God bless Fr. Whitney for standing up to those whose policies allow the murder of the most innocent of all for “choice” and blood money from pro abortion “family” planning agencies. Murkowski will be trounced next time she runs to keep her senate seat and the unborn will be celebrating along with all who defend Life.

    • You are so wrong, it IS the Priests duty to stand for God or he is at odds with God for not doing it. It’s time people stand up for God not the other way around or you have no chance of eternal life. As for your other comment about separation of church and state…sorry, you’re wrong again. Separation of Church in State means The United States of America cannot have a religion they identify with in order to push their views on the country, that is what it was put in for. You are right in that politics do not belong in church so go tell Pope Francis cause he can’t shut his mouth!

    • God is the Judge at our final judgement , ie, in life did we choose Heaven/purgatory or hell. Murkowski is publicly committing mortal sin by her public support as a legislator for abortion. She has not repented – she continues to support abortion. The priest has an obligation to refuse her Holy Communion – it is blasphemous and mortal sin to receive Communion in a state of mortal sin. The priest is not condemning her to hell – but it is any priest’s obligation to give spiritual direction to anyone for their actions during their lifetime. Hitler was a baptized Catholic – by your comment it would seem that Hitler should not have been refused Communion either. Neither he nor Murkowski ever personally killed anyone but they each had control of policies that killed and, in the case of Murkowski, are still killing innocent people.

    • The Holy Communion is for those Catholics who are IN COMMUNION with the Church, who accept and live by the teachings of Christ and His Church. Catholics in name only, like politicians who fight against everything the Church teaches and who are pushing godless abortion laws on this country are not in communion with the Church and for them to present themselves to receive Our Lord is a blasphemy and every priest should deny them the opportunity to plunge their souls even deeper into the abyss of sin by receiving Our Lord unworthily.

    • Put this question in perspective. Do you think that a priest should have withheld Holy Communion from Hitler? He was, after all, a notorious public sinner. And he was supposedly a Catholic. Since then millions more babies have been aborted by torture than those who were murdered by the Third Reich.

    • This isn’t about “judging” someone. It is about recognizing that the senator’s stance is directly at odds with the clear teaching of the church and that her public support for abortion creates scandal within the church by opposing its teachings openly and notoriously. By doing so, Senator Murkowski has placed herself outside of the Church community. The denial of communion is the required, canonical response both to address the scandal created by the Senator’s actions, to recognize that she has placed herself at odds with the Church, and to pastorally encourage her to return to full communion with the faithful. This is not politics. It’s a matter of Church dogma.

    • The priest was correct in refusing giving the Holy Eucharist..
      She would have made a sacrilegious Communion.
      Jesus will not be mocked!!

    • A priest has an obligation to judge the actions, especially public actions, of his parishioners, and do the right thing for them spiritually. To give Murkowski Holy Communion would be tantamount to helping her commit another sin.

    • The first amendment states the opposite of what you claim. It states that government should not infringe on religion. Every Catholic needs to give reason for their faith and their opinions based on that faith. A Catholic does not become something else when he/she leaves church on Sunday. The Catholic should be informed politically by Church teaching. So as a Catholic who believes Church teaching, I can never vote for a pro abortion politician. That decision, is my faith and politics, being intertwined.

  3. Well, well, well…… While not aware of such a thing occurring, this member of the faithful wholly approves of the Father, whom I now hold in even greater regard and respect!!!

    Sad that the consequences of moral righteousness and catechetical propriety are wholly counter to the vows of the authority imposing them.

  4. Poltics has already invaded the Church. Gods children including the unborn should and must be protected. By you simply saying Poltics should not be in the church you are engaging in blasemphy. Yes I’m not Catholic but I am a Christian that changed my thoughts on Abortion.

  5. Here Are The 20 Republicans Who Voted To Confirm Gun-Grabbing Merrick Garland As Attorney General
    March 10, 2021

    Merrick Garland was confirmed to the office of Attorney General under president Joe Biden by a margin of 70-30 in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday.
    20 Republican senators voted to confirm Garland – who has a history of opposing gun rights and downplaying Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence – including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (TN) and Lindsey Graham (SC).

    The full list of Republicans who voted to confirm Garland can be read below:

    Roy Blunt (MT)
    Richard Burr (VA)
    Shelley Moore Capito (WV)
    Bill Cassidy (IL)
    Susan Collins (ME)
    John Cornyn (TX)
    Jodi Ernst (IA)
    Lindsey Graham (SC)
    Chuck Grassley (IA)
    Jim Inhofe (OK)
    Ron Johnson (WI)
    James Lankford (OK)
    Mitch McConnell(TN)
    Jerry Moran (KS)

    Lisa Murkowski (AK)

    Rob Portman (OH)
    Mitt Romney (UT)
    Mike Rounds (SD)
    John Thune (SD)
    Thom Tillis (NC)

  6. Not to put too fine a point on this, but …

    If those like Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Larry Craig, Dennie Hastert, John Edwards, and lots of others were to approach Father Whitney with hands outstretched for a communion wafer, the same thing would probably happen.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, rather than a gardening tool.

    • You are being a Democrat! Democrats are raised to deflect. so not to focus on the Truth: Murder is Murder. Abortion is Murder. The clinics are nothing more than cleaned up Moloch child sacrificing alters!

      • Parents sacrificing their children to Moloch had three main motives:
        First, they were getting rid of an unwanted child.
        Second, they were currying favor from the religious authorities, who were the theocratic government.
        Third, this approval by their theocratic government brought material rewards.
        It is written that no murder shall enter the kingdom of heaven … not because that particular sin is unforgivable, but that the murderer does not see the sin, and usually can’t bring themselves to repentance.
        The women who get abortions of convenience lack empathy and don’t see the sin … can’t place themselves in their own womb to feel the child’s desire to live and not die before being born.
        Yes, upon conception, we have the desire to live. Doesn’t matter if our brain hasn’t formed to make a reasoned choice. The instinct to live is already there.

    • And your point is….?

      One sin/sinner does not create cover for another. Because Newt is has been a poor excuse for a human does not give Lisa permission to do the same.

      The issue in question is Lisa, not Newt.

      And you forgot to mention the nation’s most hypocritical Catholic, Joe Biden

  7. Garland confirmed as Attorney General by 30 RINOS(including lisa); an amazing accomplishment for someone who can’t answer whether or not illegally entering the US is a crime, because he never thought about it.

  8. It’s up to Lisa to make amends with God for supporting killing his children but I love the priest for denying her hypocritical communion. No heaven for you Lisa.

  9. It is necessary for the Church to explain its moral teachings for those who 1) willingly flaunt them and 2) want to continue to call themselves “Catholic”. A religion without discipline is unworthy of the name. It also confuses the faithful. Liberals NEVER complain when the Church disciplines racists.

  10. Say your prayers and wash your hands kids, because germs and Jesus are everywhere.

    Except apparently at Ms. Murkowski’s house.

  11. Lisa is a public and unrepentent sinner. She is not the only one. All of us sin, but to be Catholic and present yourself for Holy Communion, you must be in a state of grace, which is only possible if you have confessed your sins to a priest and been absolved. A public sinner, meaning one who has caused scandal (such as advocating murdering babies in the womb), must also address the scandal publically, repudiating their actions. If that doesn’t happen, there isn’t a priest in the world who could offer valid absolution. Simple as that. Either you are in a state of grace, or you are not, and in the case of the public sinner, it is most clear to anyone paying attention. To offer her Holy Communion when she is known to be in a state of sin is, in itself, a sin. At least one priest up here is not willing to go to hell for her sake. That’s a start.

  12. Excellent! It’s about time someone close to these leaders of Alaska start calling them out. Murkowski, life is more important to the priest than being relocated is for him.

    The Priest was showing Murkowski how far she gone into the Fire, it’s time for Murkowski to get out of the Fire and recognize Abortion is murder. The abortion clinics are nothing more than cleaned up Moloch altars for baby sacrifices.

  13. As someone on another post of mine stated and I must agree, “Maybe we need Fr. Whitney leading our Republican Party.” We surely need him now as our Republican Party, both state and national leadership, is none existant! I will support individual candidates but i will not donate any further to state or national party until they get their act together. And the way to get their attention is to dry up their funding!

    • You might mean abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, but there are a lot of horror stories. Others are also complicit when they cover up these crimes against humanity. Mainstream Media is notorious for this.

  14. God bless Fr. Whitney for having the courage to do what is right. It is so rare today for someone, especially in the Catholic clergy to have actual courage and clarity of the truths of Doctrine.

  15. Murkowski, Pelosi, Biden, all Catholics who still profess to be “Good Catholics” try and do receive holy communion. Because I was not married in the Church, I can no longer receive communion. I broke the rules and suffer the consequences. High profile politicians break the rules but still receive communion. To make matter worse, when word was getting out to Catholics about Biden presiding over the marriage of two men, the Pope came out and said that civil unions were “OK” in a bid to protect Biden.
    I truly feel satan has taken over the catholic church and I will no longer consider myself a catholic.

    • That breaks my heart. The Church is Christ’s Bride. Actions that you describe above are 100% not okay, but even worse is when good Catholics abandon Christ’s Bride to these vipers. Please pray for the Church!! She needs YOU!!

    • May I suggest that you should not leave Jesus because of Judas?
      (Even if the number of Judases is overwhelming and many are high ranking)

      • To Both Matthew and Dee. I have been disappointed in the Catholic church’s hypocrisy for years. Look at Ted Kennedy, acting all catholic like while supporting abortion. There were priest that also denied him communion but for the most part, he was granted immunity from the rules. People like Biden and Murkowski should be excommunicated from the church, not celebrated. This will never happen and for this reason I have left the church. I am a sinner and know I have my faults but I never flaunted them at the church. When I was told that I did not follow the rules and could not receive communion, I abstained. I even would walk up during communion and cross my arms on my chest to show I was not worthy just so that I could receive a blessing.
        Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed.
        I leave the church with such sadness but not for me but for the fall of the church to sin.

    • “…….. I will no longer consider myself a catholic………”
      Good luck. If confirmed, it’s like marriage; it lasts until death, even if excommunicated. It isn’t a club. Apparently, you were one of those poorly educated Catholics, you weren’t paying attention, or you’re just another human who can’t seem to understand what a vow means. You’d fit right in with Murkowski in the U.S. Senate.

  16. A priest has no place taking this action. If he judged all of his flock like he did Murkowski, his pantry would remain full of waifers.

    • You confuse judgment with prudence. Were he to offer her Holy Communion, he would be committing sacrilege. He isn’t sending her to hell, only she can do that. But, he is reminding her that she is not in communion with Jesus nor is she in the state of grace required by a communicant. That’s the truth of it. She should know better than to present herself for communion in the first place, if she really thinks she is a Catholic.

    • A good priest must. Her sin is powerfully supporting the killing of 3,000 unborn baby girls and boys a day in this country. It is repeated, public, and obstinate.
      That is very different from the average sinner in the pew that struggles daily with sin.

  17. Sick. It is not for any clergy to deny holy communion to any person. Only God knows a person’s heart, and this is yet another example of the dangers of Christian nationalism. Many of the comments on this board show planks in eyes and are unworthy of rebuttal.

    • Read up on Church Law. It is absolutely the priest’s job to deny Holy Communion to unrepentant sinners. Nothing about this has anything whatsoever to do with Christian nationalism (whatever that might be). It has to do with public scandal by an unrepentant public sinner. Anyone can read Canon Law.

    • Tom, a good priest must. Her sin is powerfully supporting the killing of 3,000 unborn baby girls and boys a day in this country. It is repeated, public, and obstinate.
      That is very different from the average sinner in the pew that struggles daily with sin.

    • I believe you are mistaken. I recall, from my days as a catholic, that he Catholic Church considers a priest as a representative of Jesus Christ, and Church doctrine is, as Tamra Nygaard pointed out earlier, to refuse communion to a non-repentant person in a state of sin (abortion/taking of human life) .
      Speaking of planks in one’s eye – look in the mirror. The world does not revolve around you’re limited interpretation of it.

  18. This is an inappropriate article naming a priest who acted
    In a private manner, not seeking publicity, nor wanting it and now you have used him as a chess piece to smite those who you wish to criticize. How sad. Let’s hope the one brave person in this article is kept from further harm.

    • Sometimes things need to be brought into the light. This isn’t just about the very public sacrilege by a sitting Senator who regularly presents herself as a Catholic. If you ask me, Dan highlights the root of the problem, ie; complicit clergy. When all the other denominations are scratching their heads wondering where all the devout Catholics are, we can point to this faithful priest. We certainly haven’t been able to point to our local hierarchy for that.

    • A priest’s actions during the Mass are public. Anyone may attend. The doors are not closed, and it isn’t a big secret. That particular priest apparently has a spine of steel. What is sad are the comments here that say he did the wrong thing, by protecting Our Lord an cleaving unto Holy Mother Church.

    • Fr Whitney is a good and holy priest who seeks no attention for himself but would only point to Christ in clarifying the truth. Like you, I hope he suffers nothing further from this revelation. However, some things just need to be brought into the light. I believe Dan’s story highlights the problem. For too long the local hierarchy has ignored the plight of the lay faithful when blatant attacks on faith and family arise in the public square. Our fellow Christians scratch their heads, wondering where our Catholic leaders are when we need them most. We have a complicit clergy! We need more priests like Fr Whitney. That’s the real story.

      And like another devout priest would famously say in regards to Lisa
      ”Clarity is charity”.

    • I agree that this article is inappropriate. It was a private matter and it’s only being posted here because Catholicism and Murkowski are hot items in the press today. But since it has been done, I pray that God will bring good out of it. Let us pray every day for our priests!

  19. The righteous left who have no regard for killing babies but who don’t want any form of capital punishment. Hipocrites who have to cancel the other side because they will always lose the battle in the field of debate. Eventually you have to come out from under the rock don’t you Lisa.

  20. Please, Catholics!! Call the Archdiocese and speak in Fr. Whitney’s defense!! He was right to deny communion privately to Lisa for her public promotion of abortion and voting in favor of abortion legislation. She’s not behaving as a Catholic public servant, and it is in the best interest of her soul that a priest make her aware of the compounding sins of both supporting abortion and knowingly taking communion with such sins on one’s soul. Unfortunately, we have a bishop who is very much a leftist communist. Not a good Catholic. And he will do anything in his power to avoid the “controversy” of holding a public figure responsible for her actions.

  21. A priest’s actions during the Mass are public. Anyone may attend. The doors are not closed, and it isn’t a big secret. That particular priest apparently has a spine of steel. What is sad are the comments here that say he did the wrong thing, by protecting Our Lord an cleaving unto Holy Mother Church.

  22. Lisa Murkowski has always been a closet Catholic. She has voted for abortion bills in the Senate since she was put in that job by her father. At the time, she was in Juneau and never seen in one of the Catholic Churches, and did try to hide the religious question. The years she voted for abortion has always been in the United States and on bills that entitle countries with aid money to the same procedure. A ball park figure of the years she has voted and the abortions that have been recorded for national and international procedures has been in the area of 60 million abortions worldwide. She is definitely a pro abortion person and never misses an opportunity to vote for abortion in any bill. Catholics are not for abortion and neither is the Catholic Church. She should not be a part of any bulletins in the churches anywhere. Evil is evil and that is what Lisa Murkowski is, acts on and projects to the public for money and votes.
    A priest has the responsibility to bring attention to problems of this nature to the person. If the person was going to make an issue of it, they need to take instruction and get back to the personal responsibility of being a Catholic. The priest did the right thing by passing her on the sacrament and just blessing her. Children that have not finished preparation for communion do not get to receive communion just because they are in line with their parents. They are blessed and not given communion till they have made preparation to have communion. I hope the Archbishop continues to protect this priest by sending him to work that he can do with a parish and people that are in need of a priest of his commitment to his vows. I thank God and the Catholic community for supporting the priest and the Archbishop. Please continue to protect this priest from the likes of Murkowski and her trashy politics.

  23. It’s so entertaining to watch people throw Bible verses back and forth in an effort to prove each other wrong and to put their superior righteousness on full display. It’s proof yet again, that Scripture, being so malleable, illogical, and impenetrable, can be twisted to support almost any point of view.

    Judgement is a mainstay of the Catholic faith, and indeed of many religions. One Father judges the other and metes out punishment. One commenter judges another for their incorrect theological interpretation. Endless arguments persist over questions that can never be definitively settled. Why? Because it’s all based on religious fantasy and contrived theology. None of it can ever be objectively proved.

    If you dare, pick up a few books by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens and give them a read. You will come away enlightened, questioning everything you thought you knew and believed about your faith.

    • I don’t put a lot of weight in the Catholic way of life. They’re past pretty much somebody’s up the water. I like to go by actual events rather than faith for my judgment. Yes I remember who the first pope was and this doesn’t reflect on him. But I do remember one of the popes that changed the Sabbath, and I also remember one of the popes who initiated Friday the 13th simply because he was friends with the King of France when he owed the crusaders tons of money. So apparently the pope was okay with execution if your friend owes a bunch of guys some money. Then the pope decides he can change his mind about birth control first you can’t use it and then you can. I kind of like my religion to be a little bit more said in stone than what the Catholics have displayed.

    • We had this conversation before Whidbey. Let me refresh your memory … condensed version:
      “I commented:
      Christians like to believe that God blesses America because we’re such a wonderful godly nation. No, God blesses America because He has a purpose for America to fulfill. Trump could be viewed as a symbol for that, in that he’s definitely not a “godly” person, just as America isn’t the “godly” nation it likes to believe it is. Yet, we have been greatly blessed.
      Whidbey replied:
      Sir, with all due respect, I would direct you to books by Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens. Free yourself, and be liberated.
      I countered:
      You forgot Dennett. There’s four, not three “Horsemen”. Those four are considered heirs to Voltaire, but they’re closer to plagiarists. None of them has displayed an original thought, just a regurgitation of trail-worn arguments.”
      Remember now? You never learned the first time, so let me say it again, as plainly as I can.
      Referencing Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens … while forgetting Dennett … and their Correlation with Voltaire may indicate that you have read them, but not assimilated them.
      You’re no scholar, never have been, never will be. Neither am I, and don’t pretend to be.
      My strong suite is in the Bible, which is the only place I dare say I generally know what it means, from what it says. 58 years of rather casual reading doesn’t make me a scholar, but it gives me a seat at the table.

    • You’ve made a significant number of posts that seemed difficult to appreciate from my perspective however, you are absolutely correct here. I find it mildly entertaining that so many will go out of their way to add nonsensical references to these kinds of biblical exchanges, mostly heaping more nonsensical babble atop a perspective that is already too muddy.

      The definition of the word faith is belief in a particular concept despite the absence of objective evidence. That’s a problem that gets worse when you ask yourself things like ‘on what day did God create the fossils’? …or worse yet that if scientific evidence indicates that people have been here for between 100k-250k years and during that entire time have acted horrifically to one another (insert old testament reference of your choice here) then God must’ve sat back and enjoyed watching his human experiment kill and torture each other for eons until 2k years ago when He let a bunch of those same people kill his own kid, too… as if the concept of vicarious redemption might at some point make sense to someone.

      And then to have ‘students’ of such nonsense log on and equate their scholarly mutterings to something valuable is akin to saying I have a degree in The Avengers or Superman. Absolute crazy babble.

      I am the spawn of one of these families of nonsensical babblers and I am the only one of the brood that recognizes that in the fullness of time humans have collectively figured out what causes wind, waves, planetary movement, how we fit in the universe, etc. and we no longer have to ascribe things like seismic activity to a seriously chapped omnipotent deity or worse yet, perform mountain top guttings of the occasional virgin such that crops might come in alright next year.

      In a couple hundred years some historian will be teaching a class on how it wasn’t that long ago that their ancestors believed in Hominen the Monkey God. Some even believed a dead magical jew was going to come back and wreak havoc on everyone in an event called Armagedon. Despite there being about 1000 religions in the world everyone was an atheist regarding all but their own and it would’ve been preposterous for a dead magical jew follower to consider that the Hominen Monkey God follower were anything but daft.

      When Hitchens died the world lost a brilliant thinker and a gifted speaker.

      • Well, Clam, I too am the sole apostate in my large and pious family. I credit my conversion in equal measure to the authors I mention, and to the many religious hypocrisies and atrocities I’ve witnessed during my life.

        I still maintain an appreciation for many of the good things that religion has to offer, such as music, art, tradition, consolation, and compassion. But I now fully reject, and view as ridiculous, all other theological components such as sin, judgement, salvation, redemption, resurrection, and eternal life.

        There remains, however, one religious dictum that I appreciate and try to follow, from Matthew 7:12 – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

        The universal application of that one single idea would make this world a much better place in which to live.

      • “The definition of the word faith is belief in a particular concept despite the absence of objective evidence.”

        The Hebrew word for faith is אמונה (emunah – Strong’s #530) and is an action oriented word meaning “support”. This is important because the Western concept of faith places the action on the one you have faith in, such as “faith in God”. But, the Hebrew word אמונה places the action on the one who “supports God”. It is not a knowing that God will act, but rather I will do what I can to support God.

        Faith and Trust work together … Ancient Hebrew Research Center: “While the word “trust” appears 134 times in the King James Version of the Bible. There are several different Hebrew words behind the English. The English word “trust” is an abstract (cannot be sensed by the five senses), but Hebrew is a concrete oriented language where each word is associated with something that can be sensed by one or more of the five senses. Each of these Hebrew words has their own nuance of meaning that can aid in interpreting the passages they are found in.”

        The translators were working from only the Greek texts, not regarding the Aramaic Peshitta. Thus, they inadvertently diminished the meanings.

        This is what facilitates your misconceptions of meanings in the Bible. The foundation of your arguments is built on sand.

        • Second para is also Ancient Hebrew Research Center, but as the text was blinking in and out at the time, I posted it while I could.

        • Now would be a good time to get ahold of the translators and tell them some cut and paste guy on the internet says they collectively botched the whole faith vs support thing.
          Style points for the passive aggressive twist at the tail though. The Lord works in mysterious ways and tonight he’s using peckish quips.

          • I have been reading your many opinions on many subjects.
            The one common chord is that you mock everyone, and everything.

      • Obviously, not a person of faith. Faith is believing in what is unseen not what you can tangibly touch. God does not enjoy torture and killing but did send his one and only son Jesus Christ into this ugly world to set an example which unfortunately is ignored by allot of sinful people. Just as Jesus exists, so does Satan. Satan does enjoy the torture and killing as he seeks whose life he can destroy. Jesus came to save, Satan to destroy. Satan has no power over Jesus Christ and will be permanently cast down in chains one day soon. Praise be to the King, Jesus Christ!

        • Sir, with all due respect, I question the actual depth of your faith, and indeed that of most “Believers”.

          Here’s how it generally works. First, your are born into a family of professed faith, and you are indoctrinated from your earliest days in the ways and teachings of the religion. You go along with it, not really understanding. You begin to see everyone outside of the faith as heathens who will be eternally damned. You feel a bit superior to them.

          Then, as you age, Doubt begins to creep in when you observe illogic and inconsistency. But you rationalize it away, afraid of the potential fallout if you express it amongst your cohort. Peer pressure is such a powerful thing…

          And finally, you actually lose whatever little faith you have or had. But in spite of that, you double down, firmly establish your bona fides as an upstanding member of the Faith, preen about in your righteousness, and proselytize with increasing zeal in a fruitless attempt to convince yourself of your faith.

          Very few of the purportedly pious actually believe what they claim in their creeds.

          Fewer still would die for the faith that they profess, and almost all lose their faith at some point in their lives, whether they admit or not.

          And actually zero will receive the Eternal Life that they pursue as a result, because it does not exist.

    • Once someone enters public office, their lives are an open book. The public needs to know whom they’re voting for, or against. Lisa volunteered, and she is our business … her political persuasions, her personal agendas, what she had for breakfast … all the way to whenever she quits occupying any public office.

    • Thank you, someone I agree with. This is just gross, attacking her by using her faith for political gain.

    • It’s not really about “her Catholic Faith”. It’s about killing babies. Murkowski does much evil on behalf of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain. Kudos to the priest.

    • Sam if you profess to be a Catholic you must be against abortion .If she believes abortion is okay that’s her decision.The Catholic Church teaches Thou Halt not Kill that what abortion is and it is a very serious sin .She cannot receive the Blessed Eucharist.The Priest is 100% right he is trying to save her soul .The Bishop should be removed and the priest promoted to Bishop .

  24. Murkowski is batting a thousand.

    1. Protect her payouts from Planned Parenthood at all costs as she supports murdering innocents.
    2. Impeach a President with no evidence or due process. Otherwise known as bearing false witness!
    3. Voting against woman athletes and protecting very confused and mentally damaged people who identify other than biology dictates. This would be perpetrating a lie and discriminating against women.

    Alaska, 2022 is our chance to ensure Lisa does not waste that Senate seat any longer. It is time to place a conservative Republican in that seat that will represent the American people and not pander to special interests. We need to show up by the thousands to defeat the Measure 2 monstrosity that needs to be repealed.

  25. Wow….and I was just going to say she seems like a Fake, for believing and acting as she does, and then choosing to attend a Catholic Church as if she is one. “Surprise”

  26. Gutless Catholic Church allowed the rare courageous priest to be punished for doing Gods work
    Catholics in this state ought to be outraged because of what the archbishop did to this priest
    Why aren’t you? My conclusion is that you are gutless, good for????????????????????

  27. […] at The Catholic Thing A Welcome Vatican Instruction – Richard P. Maggi at Crisis Magazine Abp. Bellisario Transfers Priest for Denying Pro-Abort Senator Communion – Must Read Alaska Oh No He Didn’t! – One Mad Mom Pope in Iraq Apologized to Victims, […]

  28. This priest did the right thing. He is true to the faith. She is in Mortal Sin and should not receive the Sacrament. She promotes Murder. No judgment. Just pure fact. Let her go to a Lutheran Church. I’d protect this priest with my life if i was there.

  29. We do all understand that this so called “wafer” is truly the body and blood of Christ, correct? Because of this fact, this priest is acting out of compassion and care for the soul of this Senator.
    We don’t know what the Senator’s “:beliefs” are, but we assume she is a Baptized Catholic and would have been taught about this Sacrament. Therefore, if she he lines up for Holy Communion while actively promoting abortion, it is the Senator herself that needs to revisit Catholic teachings. It is not the Church that is interfering with her life, but rather the Senator that is using Holy Communion as an opportunity to display her complete disrespect and ignorance for Christ’s Church and this sublime Eucharistic gift which is how Christ remains with us until the end of time, as promised.
    No one is “entitled” or truly deserving of the Eucharist. It is a Sacrament for those who are in the state of Grace. Otherwise, as 1 Corinthians 11 states (New Jerusalem Bible): “Everyone should examine himself and only then eat of the bread or drink from the cup; because a person who eats and drinks without recognizing the body is eating and drinking his own condemnation.” If only all priests cared so profoundly and selflessly for the souls of his parishioners and loved Jesus with this depth.

  30. Malachi
    Any person that approaches to receive the Holy Eucharist, the the Body Blood Soul and Devinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and is in a state of mortal sin, they approach to commit an even more serious sin. Any Priests, Bishop, Arch-bishop, Cardinal or Pope who administers the Holy Eucharist to a person whom they know to be in a state of mortal sin become complicit in this sin and causes serious damage to
    their own soul also.
    The course of action taken by this priest was correct, he prevented this lady from inflicting more damage to her soul, and protected his own soul also. Avoiding completely the occasion of sin.
    May God bless this priest and give the Church more like him.

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