Red wave: Fairbanks goes conservative, with David Pruhs winning city mayor by decisive margin


Early results are promising for conservative candidates in the local elections in Fairbanks, where conservatives won handily on Tuesday, and where missing precincts favor conservatives. Unofficial results:

Fairbanks City Mayor

  • David Pruhs – 56.59%
  • Valerie Therrien – 42.77%

City Council Seat C

  • Sue Sprinkle – 43%
  • Richard Croteau – 38.30%
  • Sean MacDonald – 17.90%

City Council Seat D

  • Aaron Gibson – 49.87%
  • Crystal Tidwell – 49.40%

Borough Assembly Seat B

  • Brett Rotermund – 52.64%
  • Kuba Grzeda – 46.87%

Borough Assembly Seat C

  • Mindy L. O’Neall – 84.93%

Borough Assembly Seat I

  • Barbara Haney – 51.03%
  • Liz Reeves-Ramos – 48.40%

School Board Seat C

  • Brandy Harty – 49.64%
  • Les Nichols – 49.49%\

School Board Seat D

  • Melissa Burnett – 53.49%
  • Kaneisha Radgosky – 45.93%

The results of the Fairbanks election so far match the efforts of Interior Republicans, an independent group that handed out hundreds of cards listing their preferred candidates for the election.


  1. The Red Wave is coming again in November.
    And again in 2024.
    Cheating, stealing, and lying in elections, as was done in 2020, is going to crush the Democrats.

  2. Congratulations, Mayor Pruhs. You earned it. You deserve it. Conservatives are going to start kicking some hind end………finally.

    • Now, let’s see if the Fairbanks city assembly fights their new mayor in every way, shape and form possible, as has happened to Mayor Bronson in The Democratic People’s Republic of Kampuchea-Anchorage.

  3. Am reluctant to have much hope until I see some actual results.

    Giessel, Walker, Bishop, Stutes, Palin, Murkowski, Merrick, and on and on. All “Republicans”. Right up until they vote.

    Trust, but verify.

  4. People are waking up to woke. Get rid of this disease called liberalism as it’s bringing down our society, ruining the lives of children, and bankrupting us.

  5. Pruhs has a tendacy to coddle folks He is NOT tough enough as many friends who are big R repubs Government

  6. Very true. And his ego is huge. Actually, the votes aren’t as great as MRA says. Good on the assembly though, if they hold up, except seat C is HORRIBLE, and had a good write in candidate, which I did; no opposition otherwise. I don’t trust aftermath votes. City council is 1 down atm. School board split. So it’s not what it’s made out to be here. She doesn’t mention the propositions or ballot measures or whatever they’re called. 1 good, 1 bad.

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