Sen. Mitch McConnell unleashes vicious October surprise on fellow Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka


The airwaves are full of the latest “kill shot” on Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

In this ad, the Senate Majority Leadership Fund, run by Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, makes it appear that Tshibaka actually confesses to committing fraud when she was employed by the federal government. It’s a lie, but this is McConnell’s attempt to prop up Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and this is after all, October, the witching month when the worst of the political ads hit the airwaves.

McConnell has gone against the Alaska Republican Party, which endorsed Thsibaka over 18 months ago, censured Murkowski, and asked Murkowski to leave the party.

“Mitch McConnell has obviously decided he prefers a senator who is a more dependable vote for Joe Biden than anything else. In doing that, he’s ignoring the official position of the Alaska Republican Party, which is that Lisa Murkowski has to go. These ads attacking Kelly Tshibaka are an attempt to override the views of tens of thousands of Alaska Republicans,” said Mary Ann Pruitt, consultant to the campaign.

“This is a dark money ad full of lies. Kelly Tshibaka’s job was to keep federal employees honest, and some of them filed complaints against her in retaliation. Following a full investigation, she was exonerated and was, in fact, subsequently promoted, proving how ridiculous this ad is,” Pruitt said.

“After 21 years in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski knows Alaskans can see that she’s become too liberal and sides with the D.C. insiders over Alaska residents. And her D.C. pals are coming to her defense with smear tactics like this dishonest, negative attack ad. Murkowski always tells us that she’s against dark money — except when it’s being spent to benefit her,” Pruitt said.

McConnell has attacked Tshibaka on her pro-child stance, and blamed her for the state’s high moving expenses. Now, McConnell is accusing an Alaskan of fraud — a claim that is not supported by facts and which is likely something Tshibaka could sue McConnell for.


  1. Mary Ann Pruit is a joke! She was shilling for Lisa Murkowski in her last election, in which she called on Donald Trump to step down as the Republican nominee for President. Kelly needs to be more discerning, and hire actual conservatives, not people who will be on whatever side they’re paid to be on. That’s exactly what’s wrong with Washington. Hopefully she’ll do better if elected.

  2. He is a scumbag that needed to be gone long ago like others. Kelly needs to step up her game as she is going against the most corrupt there is rhinos. Speaking of that people need to get there game straight or we are going to have a demoncrate Wake up Lisa and Nick work together and put ego’s aside our state is in trouble. just look at Anchorage.

  3. Yoo-hoo! Where is Tshibaka, where is Dunleavy? Dunleavy, Tshibaka were no-shows for Kodiak candidate, fisheries debates. Are they actually running in an Alaskan election campaign; or diving for dollars? Perhaps Mitch McConnell prefers a senator who is a dependable and “SHOWS UP.”

    • That comment is so ludicrous that I can’t even begin to take you serious. The lady that lives in D.C. is the candidate who really represents us? Lisa, who has never won a fair election?

      • Alright Wayne, the burden of proof is on you: prove that Murkowski “never won a fair election”. Not that I’m a fan of Murkowski, but I am a fan of truthful verifiable statements.

        • Lucinda. I am proud of you. Good comment, and solid request.
          Personally, I think Murkowski won the write in election fairly. Sure, she lost the primary, but came back strong and won the general. Other elections she has won might be questionable, as this one is going to be. The attack ads from the GOP are definitely skewing it. That, in my opinion, is making this less than a fair election.

    • …or one who doesn’t call her own mental health into question by creating internet videos of herself “speaking in tongues”. Maybe he just recognizes that the “militant-poo-flinging-monkey” candidate model appeals only to rightwing radicals. Reasonable adults elect the responsible, reliable candidate with clear, positive vision for their state, regardless of party, every time. Just ask Mary Peltola…

  4. This kind of BS from McConnell supporting RINOs is just one more reason I no longer donate to the national GOP. I only donate to the candidate,

    • Ive told the RNC on multiple occasions that they’ll get no more support from me until McConnell is gone. Scumbag at the highest level.

  5. Cocaine Mitch needs an attitude adjustment – I’m not suggesting a method… but primary opponent in his next election is a good start – Kentucky, where are you??? Mitch has friends calling themselves “The Alaska Freedom Fund” who are lying like crazy in their mailers, this might be a Scott Kendall group. It would be a great relief if political power brokers would learn that truth and respect are highly desirable and get many more votes than swampy lies. Swamp Murky needs to go, and I think Mitch too. I’m voting and promoting Kelly every way I can.

    • Mitch has been accused of defrauding Kentucky skeins, via voting machines, in the past. Kentucky voters may not be fully in control of who they get.

  6. Lisa and mitch have left our nation in worse shape during their stints as Senators. Two peas in a pod “failures”. In my humble opinion.

  7. He’s out of his Punch Bowl, and decided to contaminate ours That’s why they have name for that grin. Mitch and Lisa both need to be retired. Time to head down to Parks Highway with my Vote For Kelly sign.

  8. Tell Cocaine Mitch to stay the he double hockey sticks out of Alaska. We don’t need him or Murkowski here.

  9. I had wondered why Donald Trump called Mitch McConnell a POS. Now we know. McConnell is the Republican version of John Kerry. Has a billionaire wife, lives extravagantly, loves power, wants to be president but knows he could not win, a liberal, and a coward.

  10. Mumblin’ Mitch is a swamp creature.

    I heard this ad today. Anyone who can’t recognize it as highly edited and taken out of context (whatever it actually was) rode the short bus to school, ate paste in the back of the classroom, and should it be allowed to vote.

    Also, they need a welfare check by health and human services.

  11. If the citizens of Kentucky keep reelecting McConnell, I move we sue them for the damage they have done to Alaska.

    • In theory that sounds like a good plan, but Mitch is only one vote. Yes I believe recently he is in the slime bucket and may have been all along. He is a traditionalist in that he is two-faced and his wallet in his back packet is like a rudder and always blows towards the money. Trump knew what he was talking about concerning Mitch. Trump knows a lot of things that we’re not going to find out about unless they try to send him to prison. Then if that happens look out. We’re going to find out who Hillary had to bang to stay out of jail. We may even be able to find out who killed Kennedy and where they’re keeping the aliens.

        • By your comment, are you saying that you actually believe that one of the Clinton’s aides committed suicide in the park that night by shooting himself in the back of the head? Yes I am a student of History. Like they say, to know history is to know the future. I kind of like to know about things before they happen.

          • Greg: My sources tell me it was the aliens who Hilary was banging and they know who killed Kennedy. So glad you are a student of history. It bodes well for you and the fate of Alaska.

      • Trump loves to talk. He can’t help himself. It might be disheartening, but I guarantee the entire world already knows everything he’s ever heard.

    • McConnell is no conservative. Power hungry relativist. Whatever advantages him and his narcissistic ideas goes. I agree with I.C. Rhodes above …….lol!

  12. And the nasty Turtle pokes his head up from the swamp and takes another reactionary snap at the interloper Kelly on behalf of his equally slimy fellow swamp denizen Lisa. How utterly predictable, hot utterly boring, how utterly ineffective, how utterly Turtle.

  13. Wonder what Lisa has on Mitch? After all the times she voted with the Dems and against her own party, how could ol’ Mitch endorse her? Something is fishy here.

    • Lisa doesn’t have anything on it she’s not smart enough to have anything on him. It’s what the Democratic party has on both Lisa and him. Remember Hoover stayed in the FBI for decades because he had wiretapped and spied on everyone in government and he knew where the bodies were buried. They didn’t want to risk offing him. The radical left definitely have control over some Republicans.

    • Uncle Pete, It’s because they both belong to the UNI-PARTY, the ruse about being Republican and or a Democrat is just window dressing. It’s like the Republicans are on the Allegro lane to Totalitarianism while the Democrats are on the Autobahn. U.S. Grant said something about “we have only two parties today, Patriots and Traitors”. Pretty sure most of our delegation in Congress today is with the T-party.

  14. Mitch is also the only reason we got three Supreme Court justices. Trump was more interested in insulting people when he needed the votes. Mitch pulled it together.

    • David Stevens, yes, Mitch to his credit did do the right thing a time or two, including blocking Obama’s pick of Garland. However the old adage about ” even a blind squirrel on occasion finding an acorn” might be an apt description of Mitch in general.
      BTW, princess Lisa was supportive of Garlands nomination and wanted him to be processed and approved with all haste as I recall.

  15. A lawsuit by Kelly against McConnell would have about the same chance as Trump’s $475 million “defamation” suit against CNN.

  16. The continued betrayal of DJT is an ominous portent of things to come. DJT endorsed Kelly! Why would the republican establishment turn on him?!

  17. McConnell is a traitor to America and the Constitution and he is a grave danger to this republic. He is all in with the corrupt establishment running this country into the ground. Yet, where is Dan Sullivan on all of this? Why does dear Dan continue to support Murkowski and McConnell? You will know who really cares about this nation based on their actions and what comes out of their mouths. Dan has been very silent on the issues that matter most to all Americans. When was the last time he addressed the invasion on the southern border or the billions of dollars flushed down the toilet in Ukraine? What about the attempt to federalize our national elections and try to remove the constitutional authority of the States to run their elections and codify voter fraud as legal? What about Red Flag laws designed to infringe on your 2nd amendment rights? What about the millions of people who have been either injured or killed by the clot shot they falsely call a vaccine? What about the deliberate destruction of what was a great economy? What about the deliberate refusal to look into the stolen 2020 election and review the mountains of evidence that has been collected to prove it? What about looking into how China has infiltrated our institutions and is spying on Americans including collecting our personal data? What about illegally forcing military members to take an experimental vaccine against federal law? What about the Department of Education and Teachers Unions deciding they can have their way with our children by brainwashing them with Transgenderism, CRT or SEL if you prefer, Drag Queen shows in the classroom and what ever other sick and twisted crap they can come up with for our kids? Even though our kids are failing in just about every category, as long as they know their pronoun, that is the most important. I know these issues are inconvenient Dan but they are very relevant to getting this nation back on track to being the greatest place in the world to live. Again, what you consider to be important is probably not what the people have on their minds. We have a criminal in the Whitehouse that somehow is off the GOP’s radar for impeachable offenses against this nation and our enemies are just laughing at us as some of stupidest people on the globe. Dan, please show us you are different by calling out the hypocrisy of your own party and calling for the resignation from leadership of the corrupt sellout, Mitch the Turtle!

  18. Old Mitch should take his Chi-com money and just fade away. Why?, because Mitch is a poster child for how the Chi-Com’s have infiltrated the U.S. Government. The hit ad’s in question are an attempt to make Kelly look like she has abused the system for chump change, but what of Old Mitch and his wife, the daughter of a Leading Chi-Com Industrialist? What about a reported 26 million dollar wealth transfer to Mitch from his Father in law? Huh… Imagine that. Mitch’s wife has deep roots into the CHI-COM power base, I’m not saying Mitch is corrupted, but there sure is a hell of a lot of smoke and Mitch is Lisa’s biggest source of campaign ca$h too… What was the sum Mitch pledged Lisa, 7 million? Something like that.

    I am voting Kelly for a number of reasons, and Lisa’s little spat with Trump isn’t one of them. It’s about sending a message to our National Leaders and rejecting Lisa in a pivotal Senatorial Election is a good start. Voting Lisa is a vote for a corrupted system, it’s a vote for the fool Biden and all of the power brokers in D.C. foreign and domestic. Please use your Vote wisely.

      • Gosh Greg, I’m not jealous neither am I stupid. The CCP has infiltrated the US government and CA$H to the corrupted political class is one indicator of that corruption.

        • Wayne. Any proof Chao is a threat to national security? I’m NOT a Chao or McConnell fan at all (McConnell is swamp), but we need to deal in reality.

          • Lucy, when speaking abut reality it is important to first know the facts, the cold hard truth as it were.
            I would encourage you to do some research into the infiltration of our Government, Businesses, and Media by the Chi-Coms.
            I suggest one first learn about China and what makes their policy tick. An excellent source here might be ” Bully of Asia” by Steven Mosher. Following that, another source worth reading might be “Stealth War” authored by Robert Spaulding, Rt. USAF General.
            Lots and Lots of proof out there Lucy, just not reported by CNN or any of the other main stream networks. Gosh, you think that these big media , publicly traded companies might be compromised? Quick, when was the last time you saw a story that highlighted the plight of the Uyghurs or even Tibet? Could it be that the CHI-COMS call the shots?

            I look forward to your response!

  19. Life long republican! If McConnell is afraid of here, she has my vote and support. He is a disgrace to Republicans.

  20. Greg, if Biden’s kid got a billion dollar deal with the Chi- Coms would you be suspicious? What if Trump got a 26 million dollar gift from a man whose daughter was a CCP member?
    Would you be a bit concerned?

      • Lucinda, tighten up on societal skills! When you refer to a man by his last name, you would use his title—in this case Mr. Puk. But if you are on a first name basis with him, you can simply call him by his first name: again, in this case, you would call Mr. Puk simply Oosik!

      • What of Jared? The brilliant deal he negotiated between Arabs and Jews? The one where unlike Obama , Kerry and Biden did not insure that the Iranian Mullahs get the Bomb? That deal?
        As for torturous Lucy, I asked you about the fate of the Uyghurs, have you had time yet to pull yourself off of the Mind Numbing Teet of the Chi-Com Infiltrated press yet to discover what torture and slave labor really looks like?
        Probably not , I’m afraid that you ae a mind numbed democrat.
        Oh, and my name is Oosik Puk, not Puk. I am offended, Lucinda, that you would be so culturally insensitive! To say nothing of being a speciesist!

  21. I was hoping to see a link to the ad in question, but I understand that we don’t post pornograpgy on public forums!

    I only recall a youtube ad popping up 3 out of 4 spots that starts out with Kelly’s pic with “Fraud” overlaid. I just think, “There goes that ad push from outside interests again” and click skip.

  22. I recall that the basis of the ‘ad’ is that Kelly has somehow ‘cheated’ the taxpayers of a multitude of funds, through moving costs, employment wages, etc.


    The sentence that caught my attention was that it accused Kelly of seeking a further ‘gravy train’ by attaining the Senatorial seat she seeks.

    Is this not an admission that the Senatorial seat that Lisa currently holds is also her own ‘gravy train’?

    Just asking.

  23. So, lets look at Lisa! She didn’t approve of Kavanaugh, and would have voted no, but that might have hurt her being a conservative. Once she knew he’d be elected she voted present! She voted for the energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, and she has done much for Alaska, but Lisa has worked across the aisle to make sure Alaska is taken care of. She didn’t vote in the first impeachment trial of Trump. She’s playing both sides and she plays for LISA~~~ Give it some thought. McConnel wants her because she will vote for him as the Leader,, which he’s not, he’s killing the country, but don’t worry about his direct shipping company from China. He needs Lisa, he brings nothing to the floor, he’s killing us. He smears Tshibaka, all of those negative adds come from good old Mitch. These people are NOT for the working man of Alaska. She is big with the teachers union who want to corrupt your kids and destroy the family. She voted against school choice, and most of her beneficiaries are environmental groups! If you vote for her, you choose to watch Alaska turn into the swamp.

  24. God help us if we don’t at least take the house. The democrats know the investigations are coming, they are desperate, and desperate people cheat, we all saw Colorado mailed out 30k registration cards to illegals, do you really think that was the only incident? It’s very easy to flip a distric, sometimes 50 to 100 votes can flip a distric, wake up America, or we are done

  25. There appears to be a conflict regarding the merits or lack for Senator Mitch McConnell. His voting record and congressional behavior speak to the fact he clearly is invested in the “Statist” position, which is clearly defined as one supporting a status quo of current power. That being said, ‘Mr.’ McConnell has done nothing to support or enfranchise the ‘MAGA Movement’ since its inception. A blind person can see this as a true reflection of the man and his mindset.

  26. Hopefully Tshibaka can withstand the McConnell lies and the voters see thru his bs and elect her to the senate where she can help remove McConnell from leadership. An honest Republican leader would spend his millions to help republicans beat democrats. Dump McConnell.

  27. So now we’re mad at Mitch McConnell for supporting Lisa Murkowski? He’s suddenly a traitor to his party? I absolutely despise the guy, but I have to give him a little credit. He’s in a tough spot. The GOP has so thoroughly radicalized its base that it’s getting a bunch of substanceless, radical candidates through the closed primary process. These candidates do great in a closed primary where the majority of voters are receptive to their radical, divisive message. Unfortunately, they don’t fare so well in general elections where the majority of voters are more moderate and looking for a candidate with substance and vision.
    Tshibaka has embraced the MAGA “Poo-Flinging-Monkey” model and it’s made her popular within that crowd. What McConnell and other MAGA-labeled “RINOs” recognize (and the 2020 election clearly proved) is that the majority of American’s are disgusted by Donald Trump and want nothing to do with him, his political gimmicks or those involved with either. If McConnell wants the GOP to win elections, he knows it desperately needs to start fielding quality candidates with vision, substance, and integrity – who can unite voters. He supports Murkowski and other non-MAGA candidates because they’re the best hope the GOP has of regaining some power in these midterms.

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