Recall Dunleavy top operative demands governor appoint woman or person of color (BIPOC) as next Attorney General


A coalition of hard-left groups has joined with the Recall Dunleavy Committee leadership to demand that the Legislature not confirm Attorney General designee Treg Taylor.

Taylor was named to fill the position that was vacant after Ed Sniffen resigned, having been named in an inappropriate relationship claim from when he was in his 20s. Sniffen had replaced Kevin Clarkson, who was forced out for having an inappropriate relationship during his stint as AG.

The Alaska Coalition for Justice wrote to the Legislature on behalf of all Black, Indigenous people of color (known now as BIPOC) to oppose Taylor’s confirmation. It appears that part of the problem is that he is white and male.

The group is demanding the governor appoint a woman or person of color as attorney general.

Among the signers of the letter is Meda Dewitt, who runs the Recall Dunleavy dark money campaign. Other signers include representatives from the Alaska Center, Stand Up Alaska, Alaskans Take A Stand, and the Poor People’s Campaign.

In its letter, the group went on to libel Clarkson by accusing him of the crime of sexual predation because of friendly text messages he sent to another state employee, which included pictures of him cooking macaroni and cheese.

The group is angry that during his March 15 confirmation hearing in House Judiciary Committee, Taylor called former Attorney General Clarkson “a good friend,” and “an honorable man.”

Without evidence, the group wrote, “Mr. Taylor plainly announced complicity with sexual predators,” the group wrote. “While defending sexual predators, Mr. Taylor has announced his so-called sincere desire to prioritize addressing the sexual violence crisis that Alaska faces, without any concrete plans of how to do so. He is either unable or unwilling to make the connection between his former colleagues predacious, harmful behaviors that share the same root as the current sexual violence crisis that Alaska faces.”

Taylor attended the United States Air Force Academy and Brigham Young University, earning his Juris Doctorate from J. Ruben Clark Law School. His wife, Jodi Taylor, is a life-long Alaskan. They have six children.


  1. They are best ignored. What ever happened to “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”?

  2. The minute we walk away from the best qualified, best candidate, we walk into the liberal alternate reality! Let’s face it, they want a new, progressive reality, where color over content applies.

    MLK is rolling over!

  3. Why not demand that the most qualified individual be appointed? Oh yeah, because that would be too common-sense and logical. This thinking is so backwards and it’s hilarious that they think they’re not racist when they really are! They want someone to be chosen for their skin color! Who cares who the person is, as long as they have great qualifications and background for the job, will stand by their morals and uphold the law?

  4. What ever happened to the best PERSON to do the job regardless of color of gender? Am I alone in feeling frustration and anger whenever some of these WOKE people starts spouting their venom?

  5. Because of my American minority privilege I demand the state of Alaska buy me a mansion on the hillside. In doing so the state will be proving to the rest of the country and quite frankly the world that they stand with minorities in America!! So I’ll be waiting for a phone call to go and collect my keys.

  6. Didn’t take long before the very trendy acronym “BIPOC” was used. I wonder if any of those groups listed above gave money to Dunbar’s mayoral campaign. I mean, he’s accusing Bronson of taking “dark money.” One might assume that a portion of Dunbar’s donations could be considered “dark” as well.

  7. Why don’t Alaska Democrats start with themselves, why didn’t their little group swap out Dunbar for Martinez since April 2020 the Race thing is in vogue. By the way I dont see ‘no woman of color’ Dunbar picked for his mayoral campaign staff, there are plenty of Alaskan Native, Black, Asian politically qualified women who could had managed his campaign just as well as his all white staff for the last year and half.
    2022 election is coming up and Alaska Democrats better not have one white person running for reelection or election.

  8. That’s pure leftist bulls—, affarmative action is always wrong, see what it’s doing for the democrat cities like Chicago.

  9. We all need to stand up for doing what’s right and fair, hiring the best person for the job, and not selecting based on race, sex or other irrelevant criteria. These people need to be shown that they are in the minority and that Alaskans are not going to stand for this nonsense any more. Let your voice be heard and reassure your friends and neighbors that they are not alone in rejecting this sort of nonsense. This new ‘woke” nonsense has to stop. They are doing nothing but encouraging hatred and division among us. Don’t let them.

  10. I agree with every above comment. Using racism to address racism is: logically stupid; doesn’t work; and is terribly divisive – unless of course that is what you want! I’m also very frustrated with character assassination by inference and innuendo. Show us the evidence, and quit whining and screaming about s*xual predators when you have no evidence other than what appears to be false witnesses who have ulterior motives. Elections have consequences folks – leftists, you lost the Alaska Governorship, be nice. Far more good will be done by being nice than all of this screaming – which only gets you bad publicity.

  11. Couldn’t agree more with you, let us hope this mentality is the silent majority.

  12. I personally know the Taylor family. If every family operated like this one there would be zero problems with families. They are fine neighbors and a credit to the community. Treg is an accomplished attorney and an outstanding choice for the Attorney General position.

  13. Like an Amy Coney Barrett or Clarence Thomas?! Of course not. Intellectual diversity is not tolerated by these fascist thugs.

  14. Let’s focus on finding the most qualified human and ignore the haters, racists and misandrists.

  15. I agree. Because of their methodology, their ideal becomes irrelevant for lack of principle.

  16. The RDC can KMA. As Caterina posted, they are irrelevant and shouldn’t be dignified with an answer even.

  17. Its like the reoccurring downs syndrome kids that get voted prom king and queen each year.
    Political correctness and virtue signaling will be the end of us unless we take a stand against this madness.

  18. Where did the extra rights of the “hard left” come from? Why not the extra rights of the Independents? I do not consent to the hard left usurping our Alaskan form of government. Governor must do the choosing.

  19. Well then I nominate Melody Jackson, formerly known as AKA Deaskhoo Tlingit Raven!
    Give this leftist the best of both worlds!

  20. But in all seriously, Governor Dunleavy.
    We wouldn’t want to deprive these snowflakes of anything.
    My feeling is they are not going to be very happy with the results

    • Time for the Alaskan Republican party to start promoting its own “Candace Owens,” the kind that make white liberals cry.
      Two can play the race game – someone needs to pressure the Alaska democrat leadership and staff about replacing their white selves with Alaska Natives, Blacks, and Asians. Just to see how far the Alaska democrats will go with their critical race theory.

  21. All I’m saying is that Democrats love authority right?
    Give them some.
    Find a strong woman to be a district attorney.
    I bet you can find a native one too if you look.

  22. Amen
    Your so right, best qualified person. Wait that means man or women of any Color.
    Red, Yellow, Black or White.
    Stop this Stupid woke crap

  23. I am not BIPOC. The The Alaska Coalition for Justice has no right to demean me with such a racist title. I’m Yupik, Norwegan, and German in heritage, and All American … All Alaskan in nature and self identity.
    The Alaska Coalition for Justice is just another racist gang flying false colors … calling good bad, and bad good. How long before they start burning actual crosses on our front lawns, and not just figuratively in our hearts?

  24. Calling someone white is racist. I never saw a white person outside of a morg or in a zombie flick. I did see a black person though. African black with no anglo blood at all mixed in.

  25. Identity politics is no good. It should all be based on experience and merit, leave color out of it. We got a VP in DC from identity politics and look how that’s working out. We don’t even know where Kamala is at. She’s not at the border, that’s for sure.

  26. One word. Just say NO and throw the email or letter in the trash and give it ZERO acknowledgement. This is how you deal with race baiting bullies… The entire left is an insane Zoo anyway.

  27. If they are qualified then they should get the job- You can’t hire based on race, sex or any other identities just as you can’t deny based on the same.
    But they do need to be qualified! Let’s stop using this card as a requirment because your feelings are hurt!

  28. “Indigenous people of color”
    Exactly how much color do I need, to be considered a part of this racist description.
    Do they have a colour shade chart on hand for me?

  29. Why does anyone listen to these fringe groups as they shake their tiny fists of fury?

    Demand all you want, but know that your coalition of 100 people have no more say in politics than 100 random people chosen from the phone book.

    Screaming loudest doesn’t make you right. It makes you a toddler kicking your feet on the floor at Carrs because mommy wouldn’t buy you a treat.

    Knock it off and act like grownups.

  30. They have zero right to demand anything, ignore them and let the most qualified person get the job and that’s what Dunleavy’s done.

  31. Scott Kendall running this operation behind the scenes……..and in the shadows …….lurks Bill Walker.

  32. So, Gerry just usurp Alaska’s form of government? I think the pervasive amoral behavior espoused by the far left gives proof through the night that far left has intense integrity problems themselves.

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