Assembly Chair attacks Jamie Allard, calling her names during official meeting


Sparks flew at the end of Wednesday’s Anchorage Assembly meeting, which was continued from an unfinished Tuesday meeting.

Assembly Chair Felix Rivera, fresh off a win against an attempted recall, verbally lit into Chugiak-Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, calling her xenophobic for comments she had made the night before about the crisis at the southern border.

He also criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for not having a statewide mask mandate in Texas and stated that illegal immigrants coming across the Texas border from Mexico have a lower rate of Covid-19 than the Texas population.

In words that were practically spit through his mask, Rivera read from a prepared written statement, saying he could not sit by any longer and that people like Allard don’t belong in Anchorage. Some speech just is unacceptable and should never be spoken, he said. Allard’s comments were an example of speech that should be sanctioned.

Allard had, on Tuesday, said she was concerned about illegal immigration in our country and the humanitarian crisis on the border. Her remarks were made during general comments from the various Assembly members.

The rule of the Assembly is that no member may denigrate another member or imply that member’s motives, but that rule didn’t apply tonight. Rivera, who just won a recall election against him, was in high dudgeon. When she called for a point of order, he cut off her mic and continued reading, and at the end of his comments adjourned the meeting.

Assembly member Chris Constant could be heard saying into his mic that Allard had not objected properly, and therefore it was her fault that the personal attack was made. No other member called for a point of order.

After his gavel went down, Allard rose from her chair, her mic still cut off, and yelled in indignation at Rivera, and also told Constant to stand down.

Allard is a first-generation American, the daughter of immigrants from Chile and Italy.

“They are both legal immigrants who came over the right way. My entire family speaks Spanish,” she said after the meeting. “I am so fed up with people using their race as a crutch.”

“Tonight I was the target of an unprecedented personal attack by the chair of the Assembly during an official meeting. Not only were his comments slanderous and baseless, but clearly demonstrated an abuse of power, and violation of the Assembly rules, by the Chair of the Assembly. He is using his position in an unethical manner,” Allard said. “I will not stand quietly by while my character is attacked in an official meeting by Felix Rivera today or any day.”


  1. Roberts Rules, or any other rules of civility and order, don’t apply to Democratic Socialists & Marxist. That’s how easy they are to identify. They are Chaos Merchants.

  2. Outrageous! Forcing a sitting member and colleague to sit through a 5 minute diatribe and denouncement of her. Who the hell do these people think they are? They want to rule us like peasants. Felix is right about one thing: enough is enough of these petty tyrants! Someone let the adults in now please.

  3. If I were you, Jamie, I would file a steady stream of personal lawsuits against this worthless wacko. I hope Anchorage citizens are happy with the result of his recall election; must be, since hardly any of them got off their butts to vote him out when they had the chance. Here’s hoping some brave citizen takes the initiative and removes him permanently from that chair and any other future ones.

  4. This man is out of control and the assembly is out of control. This is why it is so important that we get a strong conservative mayor who can put a stop to this behavior.

  5. Sounds to me like there is a bully in the assembly, not just one but several,,, what is wrong with those men ?? Not Alaskans ?? You from Texas Rivera,, you do not belong here. I left Texas because i could not get a job, not speak spanish and I am white. My mother brought my brothers up and I was the last to come. Talk about a life,, we have one,, you are so wrong poor boy bully fool abusing a woman verbally. You are an abuser and you hide behind a mask ,, shame on you bully.. Your hatred of women is enough.

  6. State wide mask mandate in Texas. What are you talking about. Even in Alaska we don’t have a state wide mask mandate. Do you even know what your taking about. Wake up look around you, anchorage is dying. You can only rule over your Afraid Sheep in your district in anchorage. Your such a want to be. Your a NOBODY to me and most of anchorage. You need to get out and go to almost any store in anchorage and see that we’re not wearing a diaper on are faces. You need to clean out your Filthy Mouth with a bar of soap buddy. Wait you got it Wrong, You don’t belong in anchorage or Alaska please leave Now.

  7. His favored FEW constituents are not the Whole Midtown district. Most of the Midtown district didnt say anything, while most wouldn’t even had watch the meeting, while most wouldnt even be following what has been occurring on the southern border from on the Mexico side and U.S. Side, while BP officers and mainstream media are muzzled not to speak.
    The same FEW favored constituent neighbors of Rivera wont even have a free country by what they can’t see, that even Rivera wont have be able to enjoy his video game hobby when America is a third world country when it will be needing the Missionaries here.

  8. Allard needs to immediately apply for a restraining order on Rivera.
    Maybe he won’t be attending meetings with her.

  9. Pathetic children pretending to be relevant. And yet, the city is in their hands. We can do better. Anyone but these clowns would do better. Anchorage, I cry for you.

  10. “Assembly member Chris Constant could be heard saying into his mic that Allard had not objected properly, and therefore it was her fault that the personal attack was made. No other member called for a point of order.”

    West Tank Farm? It was her fault that she was being personally attacked by the Assembly Chair? What I find amazing (maybe not) is that no other assembly person called for a point of order to stop that personal attack by Rivera which was against their own rules of “order”. DISTRICT 4 – Midtown voters should be proud of their assembly representative they voted to not RECALL.

  11. Another example of what is wrong with this group of public servants no longer representing Anchorage. The cure is legislative. Going to court is is spending money to put the problem in the judicial branch who can’t legislate no jurusdiction. A Formal Notice to Cure is the first step to put the Assembly on notice. ANYONE who is aware if this breakdown in this government has standing to demand from the legislature in urgent inquiry/investigation stating WHO WHEN WHERE AND WHY. Motion to immediately remove.

  12. Too bad Mr. Rivera’s mask does so poorly filtering his lies and vitriol. Clearly it has little use. But at least it spares us the displeasure of looking at him as he vomits his hatred and innuendo. This scene illustrates the future for us all. The coming civil war will be ugly. I used to think that, being a military town, Anchorage would be spared the Rwandan-style slaughter that so many other American cities will endure, but as we approach D-Day, I’m not so sure anymore. It is becoming clear that the future is Darwinian. The recurring cycles and ignored lessons of the Old Testament remain recorded despite repeated pressures to erase them from history. Cleansing is necessary. It is a universal feature of human society. Edward Gibbon was correct in his theory of the fall of the Roman Empire; Christianity brought a surrender of the society to Hell in favor of the resurrection of the individual soul because we cannot save the world from itself. It is fubar. Snafu. Hopeless. Dead, and ripe to be resurrected from the ashes by the survivors.

  13. Felix must be impeached. His behavior does not represent the standards appropriate to the seat.

  14. ” and at the end of his comments adjourned the meeting.”……How very brave of him to close the meeting and courageously flee immediately after finishing his unhinged diatribe.
    You people in Anchorage will continue to be ruled over with an iron fist by this Politburo until you’ve had enough, and descend by the thousands (peaceably) upon city hall, …..and demand a change.
    That y’all have not done this just shows that you haven’t yet had enough, and are still okay with being ruled over by a small oligarchy of tyrants who are consumed with an insatiable lust for power and who take great delight in ruling over you…..

  15. Sounds like the entire district #4 people didn’t get the correct ballots with the recall or the people were too stupid to read what they were voting for or against in the recall Rivera question. This smells of fraud because no WAY can they have gotten a whole lot of signatures to get the recall petition on the ballot! Felix needs to be kicked of the assembly!

  16. This is what happens when you attempt to take out a “rata” like Rivera and fail to complete the job.
    Commie agitators like Felix after surviving a recall will not “play nice”. One better hope that this Bronson fellow wins next month or you can kiss Anchorage goodbye. Felix and his Bolschevik Bully Buddies are just getting started…

  17. Sounds like the people of midtown just don’t care about their city. A recall effort was made, time was spent, money was wasted. All for nothing. What did the voters in that district think? Well we’ll sign the petition that’s it? The signature gatherers should have made it back to those same door and “ballot harvest” or as the democrats puts it “help a neighbor return their ballot for them” might not be a legal strategy but we need to figure out how to work more collectively like the democrats have been doing for years. It’s sad to see how the assembly is treating Jamie Allard and I’m also tired of the race card being used as a crutch too. Man are we going backwards or what.

  18. I have been around Liberals for a long time (lived most of my life in the Seattle area) and know how they operate. Liberals are very thin skinned and cannot take criticism. They have media privilege in that they are never questioned or called out. They have their minion followers who worship and follow without question. When a Liberal like Rivera is feeling the heat, they become very angry and their only defense is name calling. Its all they know how to do. Again, with media privilege he will not be called out in the mainstream media. What ever happened to the #Metoo movement? They should come to Ms. Allard’s defense.

  19. When politicians resort to cheap shots of name calling, it is a sure sign that they are losing their influence. This stream of propaganda needs to stop. A lie told a thousand times is still a lie. Stop listening to the lies. Start doing research. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Get out and campaign for change and vote for BRONSON!

  20. Reminder: altruism is still welcomed within public service. Not much evidence of it at this time among those taking their turn at excluding Anchorage guidance in the Alaska city of Anchorage containing over one half of the state of Alaska’s population. Breakdown in administration of the guaranteed republic!

  21. Rivera is your typical, liberal bully.
    He makes up his own set of facts as he goes along.
    Ms. Allard is correct about our situation at the southern border. We are over run with illegal immigrants. The ones that are caught have been tested and have a high rate of COVID. Additionally, they have other diseases that need to be treated. They are a drain on our already weakened economy. I know what I am talking about. Until my retirement, I was a practicing physician near the New Mexico border. It is not xenophobic to tell the truth, as Ms Allard did. Rivera is the problem here. He has again abused his Chairmanship and shown himself to be a liberal bully.

  22. Pay attention to what Felix said. “You don’t belong here”. He is clearly signaling his intent to sideline her and anyone who thinks like her.

    Anchorage had its chance to remove his. It didn’t. Most voters didn’t even bother to vote.

    Once Dunbar is appointed mayor, Anchorage is going to become a hell on earth worse than Ethan ever imagined. The sickness killing Anchorage will infect the rest of Alaska like a cancer.

    Load up, stock up, get out if you can.

  23. Assembly Chair Rivera, I doubt you read MRAK but just incase your narcissistic personality disorder drives you to seek out any written work containing your name I’ll use this opportunity to share what I expressed to you in email last night. After watching your five minutes of self importance I need to point out a simple geography lesson. Anchorage is not in Texas. Your authority resides in the Municipality. Since you mentioned Texas and condemned their their lack of mask mandates allow me to point out that as of yesterday the 7 day rolling average of COVID cases per 100,000, a “benchmark” your sycophant Assembly Constant regularly espouses as his COVID line in the sand, for Texas is 12.9.
    For Anchorage, with 13 months of mandates and masks is 21.5.

    I would also point out Anchorage has a COVID death rate of 56 per 100,000 under your watch while the MatSu without mandates has 34 per 100,000. That means your mandates have been successful in killing people at a 65% greater rate than our neighbors 45 miles away by road system.

    Unlike you, I’m sure Governor Abbott of Texas is aware Anchorage is not in his State perhaps you could reach out to him for guidance. That is if you are not too busy watching reruns of the movie Lincoln.

  24. Until Alaska, and the nation, pass substantive Voter Integrity Laws, Fascists like Rivera will continue to infect our government. We desperately need a bona fide audit of Dominion Voting machines or the Left will continue to advance their agenda.

  25. I have one word for Mr. Felix da Kat..Puto!…. and this is coming from an ex Tex-Mex who speaks the Lingo, and I know of what I speak…Ese ?

  26. Sigh… would think our Assembly was being chaired by a 6 year old with a persecution complex….oh, wait……

  27. Goodness – I didn’t realize my septic tank was leaking!

    Then I saw & heard Rivera – need to fix my septic tank soon.

  28. Wow! Unbelievable. The only one “stoking fear, hatred, and division” is Rivera. Allard has the right to speak. I’m surprised he didn’t call to have her hauled out in chains! You know that he and his minions would love that kind of power. I was hoping this bully would pass out from oxygen deprivation during his immature scolding. What a jerk!

  29. All you people who voted against recalling Rivera… what do you have to say for yourselves? Please explain how this man is worthy of his role on the Assembly, when he pulls this kind of stunt?

    Please. Explain your vote. I’m fascinated to see how your tiny little mind works.

  30. Briefly, electing Dave Bronson will help, but not enough. Assembly members Weddleton, Petersen, Zaletel, and Verdia stay silent shows their complacency to the lack of Assembly decorum.
    Those Members voted and support the Chair in his position and refuse to challenge his behaviors. They deserve fiery challenges as well.

  31. Wow. Mrs. Allard is an army vet and the daughter of immigrants and this is how Felix displays his brazen ignorance. Absolutely NO interest in granting her a shred of respect. Let’s call it what it is: He’s fueled by hatred to fight against anything remotely traditionally deemed normal. AQ-D, Chrissy Constant and Felix are there to push non-existent racial division, LGBTQ agendas and victimhood in general.. Maybe it’ll take Rome being burned to the ground before those that still support this ass hat and his fellow s–t puppets (thank you Mr. Lahey) to snap out of it.

  32. What a pompous asshole!
    He is all over the place from a movie ( Lincoln) to degrading a duly elected Republican Governor. To attacking a sitting member of city council.
    This poor excuse to represent Anchorage seems to be having a problem even reading what someone else wrote. Would that be because you can’t breathe because of you’re self made mask? I would watch your back Felix.

  33. Who in the world are these people in Rivera’s district that voted to keep this man in office? It is truly astounding. The results are so baffling I cannot help but believe it had to be ballot stuffing.

  34. Start a recall on him again. Clearly he is unfit mentally to hold the position he holds. He is the reason my family avoids shopping in anchorage anymore.

  35. So now the clown show is bickering about Texas. Go home, Felix. You too, Constant. You’ve cowboyed in and made our town a trash heap. Just go back to wherever it was you came from and leave us our peace.

  36. Sure would be nice to have adults in charge again. Guess that won’t happen so long as we have mail-in voting and the folks counting are in the bag for this idiot.

  37. Your average leftist is little more than a toddler, often in the throws of a tantrum. Yes, their techniques may be more adult and refined, but it is still a tantrum they are throwing.
    Sir Felix demonstrates this clearly.
    When a toddler hears something they do not like, they try to drown it out, and prevent others from hearing it.
    When a toddler does not get the object of their desire, they destroy something of the person in their way.
    When the rules get in the way of a toddler, they change the rules, or ignore them.
    When challenged about why they are breaking the rules, they have some excuse why it does not apply.
    Is there anything about Rivera’s behavior that is not 100% toddler?

  38. The tramp steamer is at the dock, waiting to load this miserable cabal out of here and back to San Fran/Cali. Your vote in the runoff for Bronson is the fuel. Keep pumping good folks. This miserable bunch on the Assembly needs to voted out in good time.

  39. You gave them mail in ballots which means you gave them everything. What did you think they would do? Honor honest votes?

    Get real. You have the city you let happen. I pray you can take it back, but you gave them this power over you. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  40. I gave them nothing of my soul. They are raping me of my lifetime values and the principles I grew up with.

  41. Lawrence, you must have just moved here (or don’t live here at all), otherwise you would know that the residents of Anchorage did not vote on the mail-in ballot. This was instituted through an ordinance by the assembly some years ago. The same is true for moving the municipal elections to April instead of leaving it with the state and federal election in November. The residents had no say in this matter.

  42. The remarks about Felix are all spot on. I will remark about Ms Kennedy and her silence during this fiasco: Where is your conscience?

  43. The city of Anchorage needs to come out of hiding and step up to protect the future of
    the greatest city in America.

    This Assembly and its personal agenda needs to be cleaned up and out just as was done with the last Mayor. Dunbar, Rivera and the others need to be replaced immediately.
    No person should have ever be attacked in such a way in a meeting environment as important as

    In addition this Acting Mayor thing albeit very short lived should have no voice in any matters
    as potentially harmful as putting further restrictions on this city. Or any matters of change period.
    This will all be coming to an end very very soon!!

  44. Rivera is just a piece of work. He has the audacity to verbally attack someone and then tell them that they’re the kind of people that are not wanted in Alaska??!!!???

    This has gone far beyond any reasonable conversations – the left is making it known that they will attack, assault and pillage anyone who does not share their same ideologies, and this is scary.

    They’ve been gifted an opportunity to bring change, to bring hope, and to encourage a sense of community to this city that we all call home – and now we’re being told that we have to think like them, do what they say and abide by their goverernance because if not there will be hell to pay.

    WAKE UP people. This isn’t a conspiracy theory or the left vs the right. A true politician would like for ways to bridge the gap and hear all voices of the constituents they preside over – regardless of their political affiliations. Get involved and stay involved.

  45. Thank you Suzanne for shining the light of day as you do here. This truly shows what the behavior must be like where the light isn’t shone. Sad day for political discourse. When issues can’t be discussed on their merits, immaturity falls back on denial, deflection, and attack on character.
    We owe a debt of gratitude to you, and to those who step into this fray for us. Stand firm, the battle is not against flesh and blood.

  46. The people in his district should file a class action law suit against the Muni for not having the option to recall him on their ballots at the Lusac Library.

  47. Rivera should have been limited to only addressing the validity of the reason for recall instead of giving a campaign speech full of lies on the recall ballot. But since elections are being controlled by the left wing Marxists and the Union cronies that support them there is little hope for fair ballots, let alone fair elections.

  48. I have never seen so much support for the removal of one person in all my 41 years of living in Anchorage as I have seen with Rivera. There is no way that this man wasn’t just recalled, but recalled to the tune of record breaking levels!
    The overwhelming contempt for Felix Rivera and support to remove him was so incredible and in the bag, many joked that this would be a wonderful opportunity to test the validity of our elections.
    Anchorage, your votes are being manipulated plane and simple.
    Its so incredibly ridiculous that we need to just refrain from the assembly meetings altogether.
    Any mandates, rules or regulation they pass in their private Mickey Mouse Club will simply be ignored.

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