Dunbar complaint against Bronson gets set aside by election commission for now


The Alaska Public Offices Commission chose not to have an expedited hearing for a frivolous complaint made by mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar against his runoff opponent Dave Bronson, based on a number of allegations about improper campaign finance practices.

Dunbar’s complaint is a classic campaign strategy to tie up an opposing candidate’s time and resources fighting a complaint. Dunbar’s finance manager said the series of mistakes she identified were the worst campaign finance abuses she had ever seen. She said the same thing about former Rep. Lance Pruitt’s financial reports during his race last year, but this is a tactic to distract a campaign from the job of getting in front of voters and to burn up money with lawyers.

The APOC panel said the Bronson campaign should address any of its minor reporting issues in amendments to its filed financial reports, which the campaign said it would be pleased to do. Some of the supposed errors were things like a donation being reported on one day, rather than another, but it was due to software calculations being made in another time zone. These are minor matters that can be fixed in an amended filing.

The afternoon hearing on the matter at APOC may have been a disappointment to the Dunbar campaign because it burned up just as much of their time and resources as it did Bronson’s.


  1. I have no doubt that Dunbar will win, the Democrat institutional hold over our city is strong and Republicans would rather do nothing than resist Democrat efforts to cheat. I recently was notified that my vote wasn’t counted because the signature didn’t match which I know isn’t true unless the signature verifier lied. Vote in person or your vote won’t count, then again our legitimate votes can’t compete with Democrat fraud anyway. This city is dead.

  2. And Dunbar’s campaign finance manager is white. the man saying we need to promote people of color couldn’t even find two women of color from within his supporters to be his campaign manager and finance manager. There were plenty of qualified Alaskan Native and Black liberal political women whom he could had chose year and half ago for those positions. He could even been told to step aside for Martinez.

    Alaska Democrats want change, they start within themselves, stop promoting the white liberals over a black/brown liberal within the democrat party.

  3. At least we get this picture of Dunbar instead of the one at that outdoor event with the guy in the obscene shorts. That one just turns my stomach, especially with children nearby. Hopefully Bronson can wrap this thing up quick.

  4. Past time to vote out the commies Anchorage… When one can’t win a beauty contest, sling mud, and trust some of it will stick. Your hand stinks Dunbar – you grabbed the wrong mud pile. Why is it I’m not surprised?

  5. This is an old, tired political ploy. Forrest Dunbar and his followers have used this tactic several times in the past. They find this distraction quite entertaining; we do not. There is nothing to see here, folks. Nothing at all. VOTE FOR BRONSON. Thank you.

  6. Dunbar better be careful. He may draw scrutiny on his own campaign, which I am sure is not exactly lily white. No campaign finance is perfect, including his.

  7. Can we get a photo of Dunbar slipping off his high heels and slapping them on the desk during another hissy fit?

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