Rain hammers Girdwood, and the Washington Post says it’s climate change


Heavy rain in Southcentral Alaska washed out roads from Girdwood, south of Anchorage, to the Sterling Highway on the Kenai Peninsula. Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson went to Girdwood, the southernmost neighborhood of the Anchorage municipality, to survey the damage and express his appreciation to work crews working to restore the roads.

The Washington Post said the weather on the Kenai Peninsula was made worse by climate change.

“The deluge, intensified by climate change, has flooded communities south of Anchorage and transformed trickling waterways into raging rivers. Excessive amounts of snow, measured in feet, have buried the high terrain, and the long-lasting storm won’t fully relent until Wednesday,” the Post wrote, without evidence that the rainstorm had anything to do with climate change. But the climatologists said it it was so.

Girdwood is, of course, in a rainforest, as is much of the Chugach range, known as the most northern rainforest in the world.

The narrative is any change in the weather is climate change, but the Seward Highway and the Kenai Peninsula wash out in places on a regular basis.

The 1986 Kenai flood in October was easily as dramatic, but climate change was not the rage back in the day with the mainstream media:

Then there was the Seward flood in September of 1995:

And the Kenai flood of October, 2002…

The Kenai 2006 flood was also in October …

View the Kenai Borough’s gallery of annual flood photos at this link. They go through 2012.


    • Perfect. And they at barking up the proverbial wrong tree. They need to go clammer their fossil fuel and human cause hysteria to China and India. See how well that will work.

  1. Where did all the Salmon go? I guess the pictures of villages with walkways and sinking houses are fake. I am glad you could straighten me out on how fake climate change is./s

    • It’s the billionnaire buddies and the bunker fuel dumping operation to steer the clouds for ya at night… Don’t act like you don’t know…A smart gal like you keeping up with news and everything.

  2. You can deny global warming and badmouth it, but it’s happening, burning hydrocarbons is causing it, and Alaska will be devastated by it. Your precious oil facilities and pipelines will sink into the thawing permafrost, and your coastal villages will be flooded and fall into the sea.

    And then your grandchildren will curse you for your denial and your failure to act.

    • Prove it. Prove that what humans are doing is changing the weather. Prove that climate change hasn’t been happening continuously at least since the last ice age. Show your work. We’ll wait.

      • Why should I even try with you? Nothing I could show you, no matter the source, would change your mind. You don’t like it, so you deny it. Just like Trump’s election LOSS.

        Oh and by the way, the earth isn’t flat either, FYI.

        • It is hard to believe how stupid people are.

          The weather has been changing on this rock for over +3 billion years.

          I have been a practicing chemical engineer for 54 years.

          Mankind has next to no effect on the functioning of the earths surface.

          People like you do not have a clue about heat or mass transfer phenomenon.

          That bright spot in the sky has a lot to do with the earth’s thermosphere.

          • Read this today. Perfectly sums up your average leftist.

            “Their emotional attachment to ideology is why these avowed and ideological followers cannot be redeemed or coerced into reasonable positions with any logical argument. Instead, you must be re-educated to see their worth, to value their ideology… you, the person or group who stands in their way, will always be viewed as the problem.”

          • Well, it’s hard to believe that a chemical engineer wouldn’t understand the energy balance of the globe and the heat-trapping characteristics of different gas compositions. I know I sure learned all of that when I went to engineering school in the 70s. Maybe science had improved since when you graduated in the 60s.

      • After thinking about it, I decided to reply to you again in a bit more detail.

        First of all, you sound like a real bully. Second, you repeat the same condescending comments to other readers, indicating a serious lack of creativity, and in doing so apparently entertain yourself with your own cleverness.

        Now, on to the heart of the matter.

        You demand in your reply that I prove that humans are causing climate change. Well, sorry to disappoint but I can’t do that. Although I’m pretty well educated, I’m not a climate scientist. However, you are in luck because there are thousands of them around the world who have studied this problem for decades, and the vast majority have come to the same conclusion – mankind, and especially CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuel combustion are causing global warming. They can show their work. I’ll defer to their professional judgements that are based on science and physics. So, I guess you’ll need to settle for their opinions instead of mine.

        Next, to the question of why you so ardently believe what you do. Do you think that denying human-caused global warming will make the problem go away? Do you feel guilty about your contribution to it, and try to silence your guilt via evermore strident and obnoxious denials? Or do you just feel that the changes required to slow and stop the phenomena will adversely impact your comfortable life, and so you are happy to do nothing and pass on the consequences to future generations?

        Now please consider, Tamra, the upside of the mitigation steps required to slow or stop global warming; use less finite resources and more renewable ones. Who wouldn’t want this, especially in a state where the oil will eventually run dry? Use electric vehicles instead of gasoline-powered; far less maintenance, cheaper to operate, more reliable. All good! Stop digging up the countryside to excavate coal; better for nature, less lung disease for the miners. Energy sources that don’t pollute the air; cleaner, better living for all. And many, many other examples…

        Tamra, you need to open your eyes and your mind, and see that all of this is actually in your best interest. Please stop parroting what you hear on Fox, Breitbart, and all of the other nonsense news outlets. It doesn’t reflect well on you. Think for yourself. You can be better.

  3. The Washington Post and the climate change hysterics need to convince the CCP and India of this crisis.
    It’s odd that this alleged “global” climate crisis is not acknowledeged by
    the heaviest Co2 emitters. Both countries are building hundreds of new coal plants.

  4. It was a lot of rain but I remember back in 1997, I was camped in a tent in that camp ground off Muldoon, and we got the second highest rainfall in anchorage’s history. But this whole climate change /global warming Al Gore thing reminds me of a joke I heard once. The comic was in Washington DC and it was a cold winter. One for the record books and he ran out into the street with a aerosol can chock full of hydrocarbons and was spraying it all in the air trying to warm himself up. These things happen from time to time and here in Florida, the last seven or eight years have been colder on average than the previous seven or eight so global warming is happening it isn’t happening here.

    • Climate change was occurring in the 90s as well, Greg. In fact the oil companies were well aware of the contribution their products were having on a warming planet. What even a celebrity like Al Gore understands, when you still do not, is that a warming planet does not mean every weather pattern in every location on Earth will warm all the time. It’s an increasing global average temperature that is most visible in our oceans and at the poles. So Florida, for instance, will experience warming waters, and more extreme weather patterns (that includes cool weather) but not at the rate we see in Alaska. While Al Gore is not a scientist, neither are you. But at least he listens to those who know what they are talking about.

  5. I recall riding my bicycle to school in Turnagain on the morning of November 22, 1963, there wasn’t any snow on the ground that day and it wasn’t even icy. But then that was before the Political Gods deemed Climate Change was a cause celebre.

  6. Over 400 executive jets have converged at a dirty city in Scotland for their owners or the holders of the jobs having those jets as a perk to collectively wring their hands over climate change. In many cases taxpayers own and maintain those planes. Climate change is John Kerry, Al Gore, Prince Charles and Brad Pit each flying the globe to talk about the coming climate crisis and get laid. Climate change is the Juneau Assembly debating the Paris Climate Accord continually for six months, but it’s also large international banks, hedge funds and private equity managers working to shut down TAPS and the North Slope. It’s Patagonia, Sitka Gear and Nike wanting Alaska to be a park, with only park managers and Alaska Natives living here. Climate change is Alaska Democrats supporting electric buses and ferries, the Alaska Education Association, and the University of Alaska. Climate change is a religion. Climate change eschews the scientific method. Climate change has only begun to hurt Alaska. Climate change is as dishonest as Bill Walker and Joe Biden, and it’s as confused as Les Gara and Bernie Sanders.

  7. Love the article, Suzanne. I started watching a video on Bitchute that you might really enjoy regarding ‘Climate Change’.
    This woman has the science right. (As do many others that the main stream willfully ignores.)

    • No she doesn’t. Her “peer-reviewed” articles have been retracted. Her research does not stand up to critical review. Her best audience is made up of lay-people on social media who don’t know anything of the science. Doesn’t it get old being wrong all the time?

  8. I think this weather event was caused by all the greenhouse gases emitted in Glasgow, Scotland. I heard there were over 400 private jets and an endless stream of commercial airliners in and out. Add to this hundreds of gasoline powered SUVs and buses running constantly. What was the event? The Climate Change summit attended by Biden.

  9. Even if a story has no link to the weather, the leftist media will create one and then decry global warming/climate change.

  10. Some scientists say that global warming is a trend and the results is a nice age as it shuts off the conveyor belt system in the Atlantic current due to freshwater runoff. I talked with an elder once in Gamble and he told me that as a kid he used to sit on the beach and watch giant icebergs head down the Bering strait as big as court houses and they all look like they were that blue ice which means they’ve been around for a while. That isn’t happening anymore in fact some years the walrus hunt has been ruined because lack of ice flows. Yeah it’s warming up and the sea levels are rising just like it did 10,000 years ago but it’s just a cycle. The only difference is rich people and their mansions on the coast might be treading water in the future.

  11. And lest we report back to WaPo that the entire town of Fairbanks was flooded in 1967 after a giant rainstorm, and adaptive measures were taken then in the Chena Flood Control project. Alyeska/Girdwood in different years gets buried…and the major damage here was a section of road where a culvert failed; not a bridge; a culvert

  12. In 1980 ish it rained for a month it was funny camping out with visqueen….ahaha….who knew it was global weather change….ahaha…LOL!

  13. To Rebecca and Nom… there seems to be a generation of people who feel as if they’ve lived through it all and can fix what they deem correctable. I have slides from my grandfather of downtown Anchorage in 1954 or 1955 (remember the record snowfall of ’55?) of the Fur Rondy sled dog races. Nothing but grayish slush on the street and, near the curb where Stewart’s Photo would later set up shop, were kids wearing rain boots. Years ago I’d searched for race day temperatures and found this: “On Feb 20 – 23, 1953, the temperature was listed as “warm”; Women’s race on February 16, 1953, temperature listed as “38°”; January 1, 1953 Preliminary race, temperature: 38°; January 9, 1955 Prelim race, temperature: 40°. I think we can all agree that the population of Alaska was markedly less than in the global warming/climate change frenzy of today. So, Rebecca and Nom… what caused those blazing temps back in the 50’s? Apparently, all of those polluters must have left the state prior to the record snowfall of ’55 or, you’re grossly misinformed as to the cause of “global warming”. Keep your climate change term as I can adjust my climate with the thermostat on the wall. That degree of vague doesn’t wash.

    • I remember going for walks with my Dad that year 55-56 and walking to kindergarten in my snowsuit. I refused to go in and stayed outside until the other kindergardners came out. Then I walked home. There was much more snow then even with haarp and the ships and submarines faking the weather for warfare and profit. It’s an industry. They really enjoy it. They have all kinds of private corporate secrets. They are proud of their skills. They laugh at the stupid people who believe the current popular “narrative.” Taught in the schools.

  14. What exactly is the end goal denying climate change? We know it’s happening. We don’t know the extent or schedule, but we know humans are contributing a warming planet, and that affects weather patterns, thus changing the natural climate. At what point does the outrage at science and sticking heads in the sand no longer pay off?

    • Prove it, please. Prove that humans are affecting the weather. Prove that “science” claims anything of the kind. Please show your work. We’ll wait.

      The climate has been changing continuously since the last ice age. I, for one, am glad it’s a bit warmer than it was 10,000 years ago, but your mileage may vary. I don’t think any humans caused the end of the ice age, and I don’t see any evidence, other than conjecture by people who make money doing so, that humans are causing any changes in the weather now.

      • Tamra, this has been proven over and over again. You ignore it. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility but your own to be informed. Be better.

        • Is that why you can’t prove it now? Claiming it is not the same as proving it. Shall we chat about the hockey stick graph? How about all the government funding available for “scientists” who can claim they know all about global warming, which has morphed into climate change, which used to be the coming ice age. Hype is not the same as proof. Now, cite even one peer reviewed scientific study that proves people are causing the climate to change. Just one.

    • No one denies that there are warming and cooling trends nor do I sense an “outrage at science” in anyone’s commentary. Your idea, John, of “climate change” doesn’t match up with every scientist on the planet. As it’s been written in previous comments, no amount of money – usually other people’s money – isn’t going to stop it.
      With that being said, how are our heads in the sand any deeper than yours is? Because we disagree doesn’t automatically make you right and the rest of us wrong.

      • Climate change science is settled. It’s not my idea. It is the entire collective community of scientists that have collaborated and agreed upon the root cause of the current warming trend. The future is not known, but we do know that humans are the cause of the current warming trend.

        You aren’t in a position to agree or disagree. It’s not an opinion you get to weigh in on. You either listen, or you don’t. Ignorance is a choice.

        • Science should never be “settled”, John. Again, what makes us more ignorant than you? Your side is even pointing to farting cattle. Isn’t Little Greta Thurnburg campaigning for your same views? If science was “settled”, why did the term Global Warming get conveniently switched to Climate Change? Within your parameters, you should have walked away then. And, you’re wrong; it’s not the “entire collective of scientists.” It’s only the ones that you choose to listen to.

          • It’s settled, the same way our understanding of gravity is settled. Or the tides changing, or any other concept of physical science that we understand today. Until new information comes along that challenges our understanding, it’s settled.

            You can hint at Greta Thurnburg, which just gives a face for you to criticize. Or you can admit you have no understanding the science you question, while she at least does have an understanding of it. Along with every other climatologist on the planet.

            When you say she is wrong, or suggest I am wrong, you are implying your fact free opinion is right, while every scientist in the field is wrong.

            You better present your cutting edge research now, or accept that you will always be wrong. There is no alternative when you refuse to accept the facts, and hint that some miracle is going to save you.

        • John, you will never persuade most of those who visit this site, as their beliefs are based on politics and instead of facts. But keep trying! I know I do.

    • Didn’t we used to have dinosaurs and palm trees in Alaska before the evil white man invented the combustion engine?

  15. No John. It’s a misimpression which you hold dear. (But, it isn’t true. Plant life and forests love carbon). Forests hate the aluminum etc dumped upon us day and night – especially so at night from billionnaire’s jet emissions programs tho. Also the sludge disposed of in grid patterns in international high seas is the most toxic dumped anywhere in the world also done at night in the new industry of harnassing the weather, making it rain projects to purposefully change the weather to keep rain away from agricultural areas like California. It takes very big bucks and guys with uniforms working together to fool people into thinking its cow farts and family cars. Simply another lie to cling stupidly to. Sorry about ending a sentence with a preposition.

  16. And climate change wasn’t the rage either thousands of years ago when the ice fields and glaciers were big enough that the earliest Americans trekked here on foot, where now ocean covers their trail. Our climate is always changing. There are always weather events. If it were not so devastating to our economy, the staged antics of the left would almost be comical. They are all control freak fools. Our country is at the top already in environmentally responsible practice in all of our resource extraction and use. Why are not the hypocritical leftists raising cane at China, India, and other countries that do little or nothing to be ‘environmentally responsible? Power, money and control. Their motives have nothing to do with ‘climate change’ or real concern of ‘caring for our environment’.

  17. To the progressives/leftists/children (sorry to repeat myself), there are only two reasons for anything. Racism and climate change.
    Those reasons are used to stop anything they do not like, ridicule anyone they do not like, or propel a tantrum on a global scale.

  18. John Seymour… I think your last reply to me all but proves my point. Your replies taken as a whole seals it.

  19. Oh? I feel bad for the damage. IN Seward in a maritime environment they have very expensive frequent massive repairs in a tidal drainage compromised zone. The federal advocates have been continuously helpful. Millions are spend each decade in the neighborhood of Girdwood to stabilize the drainage. That will continue no doubt. Tidal zone south of the Anchorage neighborhood of Girdwood has inadequately been “mapped” hydrologically though “ordered” by federal BLM Adminstrative Judges. It’s the sort of thing Ted Steven’s would have strong armed through for Alaska.

  20. Humans are nature placed on the earth by God. The earth is their home. Some silly elitists, the one percent disapprove and believe the earth must be depopulated by diseases and famines. They have been working together in their family pods to arrange this for generations. Their values though proud are the exact opposite of America’s founding fathers. SHAME ON THE ELITES.

  21. Suzanne no one cares what the Washington post publishes. That paper isn’t even suitable for starting a fire. They dream up crap snd publish it. Even mentioning the name of that rag contaminates your grey matter.

    My god it rained for a hundred days and a hundred nights and it’s prince Charles fault. Enough already.

  22. The only thing that the climate could do that would indicate climatic abnormality is not change.

    The entire defense of the ‘crisis’ Borg can’t be, and isn’t, ‘change’, but ‘how much change’. Far more indeterminate variables. And like every single crisis syllabus hinged, truthfully, around human control, those ethereal parameters are entirely arbitrated by whoever has been given the authority to do so. PRECISELY like ‘safety’. Like ‘life’, there is the innate element of adversity and risk.

    But like this virus propaganda campaign, it is suggested that ALL risk should be eliminated by the decree of a fallible, political establishment. Because we don’t know who is a COVID risk, we will induce FORCE by threat and coercion until you comply (the blinders Dems don to hide those brazen historic tyrannical contrasts defines them).

    The excuse? SAFETY, ‘saving lives, because we care’. But a clearly arbitrary mortality impetus in the face of other threats: Influenza 2018~25% of the COVID deaths in 2020, but without anyone knowing or caring, life went on, unmolested. That is TREMENDOUS contrast. How about the countless alcohol induced traffic fatalities over the years? And unlike viral infections, intoxication is WILLFUL vice.

    An answer to the mortal dangers of this threat was established in the 18th Amendment, but itself subsequently abolished. You vax/gun control/climate crisis Nazis on board with resurrecting Prohibition – in the name of saving lives? “It’s for the children”, ad hominem etc… Doubtful, your vices are your ‘rights’, right? Guess COVID death is a worse dead than a DUI dead.

    It’s all brazen political control strategies. Climate variables, convenient to crisis mongering because of the ”unforeseeable’, is the same subroutine using a different subject.The Left, with a far less legitimate motive than they wield, operate under the premise that all things must be regulated, if there even be an imagined premise that can be realized, when a human being is the target.There is some truth behind this, the potentially injurious nature of an unregulated people, this is the point of governance.

    But far greater is the necessity toward regulation of the ‘regulators’ exhorting the EXACT same oppressive abuses on human beings they justify as response to that human nature constrained to parameters THEY define (and notoriously constrict over time). They are the very reason the American constitutional doctrine was created – not parchment or history lessons, a very present and prevalent tenet that CANNOT BE LEGALLY INFRINGED. The VERY FIRST order of response to EVERY power acquiring proposition that places burden upon the People is “how can this be, or become, and insidious means to violate the constitutionally protected sovereignty of the individual citizen?”.

    The ‘climate’ simulacrum is a beneficial crutch toward despotic globalist agenda because of the shared fluidic nature of it. That’s inarguable. Therefore any fabricated perception of threat must also inarguable? BS. “Because it is theoretically demonstrable, we must react”. Another agenda using the exact same playbook is ‘gun CONTROL’. “Second verse, same as the first”.

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